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Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
0000FBE0 ....Ê1..elementa
0000FBF0 ttributeTypeType
0000FC00  is not derived 
0000FC10 from System.Attr
0000FC20 ibute.Element is
0000FC30  not a construct
0000FC40 or, method, prop
0000FC50 erty, event, typ
0000FC60 e or field.targe
0000FC70 tTypeValue is no
0000FC80 t a System.Int32
0000FC90 sValue is too la
0000FCA0 rgeWith AllowHex
0000FCB0 Specifier only A
0000FCC0 llowLeadingWhite
0000FCD0  and AllowTraili
0000FCE0 ngWhite are perm
0000FCF0 itted.Not a vali
0000FD00 d number styleVa
0000FD10 lue too large or
0000FD20  too small.Input
0000FD30  string was not 
0000FD40 in the correct f
0000FD50 ormatValue is no
0000FD60 t a System.Int64
0000FD70 Input string was
0000FD80  not in the corr
0000FD90 ect format: s.Le
0000FDA0 ngth==0.Input st
0000FDB0 ring was not in 
0000FDC0 the correct form
0000FDD0 at: Has Negative
0000FDE0  Sign.Input stri
0000FDF0 ng was not in th
0000FE00 e correct format
0000FE10 : Has Positive S
0000FE20 ign.Input string
0000FE30  was not in the 
0000FE40 correct format: 
0000FE50 nDigits == 0.Inp
0000FE60 ut string was no
0000FE70 t in the correct
0000FE80  format: no spac
0000FE90 e between number
0000FEA0  and currency sy
0000FEB0 mbol.Input strin
0000FEC0 g was not in the
0000FED0  correct format:
0000FEE0  No room for clo
0000FEF0 se parens.Input 
0000FF00 string was not i
0000FF10 n the correct fo
0000FF20 rmat: Did not pa
0000FF30 rse entire strin
0000FF40 g. pos =  s.Leng
0000FF50 th = Value is no
0000FF60 t a System.UInt3
0000FF70 2.Negative numbe
0000FF80 rValue is not a 
0000FF90 System.UInt64.Va
0000FFA0 lue is not a Sys
0000FFB0 tem.Byte.Value t
0000FFC0 oo large.Value i
0000FFD0 s not a System.S
0000FFE0 Byte.Value is no
0000FFF0 t a System.Int16
00010000 Value is not a S
00010010 ystem.UInt16.Val
00010020 ue is not a Syst
00010030 em.CharThe value
00010040  of index is les
00010050 s than zero, or 
00010060 greater than or 
00010070 equal to the len
00010080 gth of s.s conta
00010090 ins more than on
000100A0 e character.cult
000100B0 uretypedestinati
000100C0 onsourceIndexCan
000100D0 not be negatived
000100E0 estinationIndexC
000100F0 annot be negativ
00010100 e.countsourceInd
00010110 ex + count > Len
00010120 gthdestinationIn
00010130 dex + count > de
00010140 stination.Length
00010150 startIndex< 0len
00010160 gthMust be great
00010170 er than the leng
00010180 th of the string
00010190 .Count cannot be
000101A0  less than zero.
000101B0 Illegal enum val
000101C0 ue: .Cannot exce
000101D0 ed length of str
000101E0 ing.startIndex +
000101F0  length > this.l
00010200 engthInvalid val
00010210 ue '{0}' for Str
00010220 ingComparisoncom
00010230 parisonTypevalue
00010240 Count cannot be 
00010250 negative, and st
00010260 artIndex + count
00010270  must be less th
00010280 an length of the
00010290  string.startInd
000102A0 ex > this.length
000102B0 Cannot be negati
000102C0 ve and must be< 
000102D0 0startIndex + co
000102E0 unt > this.lengt
000102F0 hCannot be negat
00010300 ive, and should 
00010310 not exceed lengt
00010320 h of string.Cann
00010330 ot be negative, 
00010340 and should point
00010350  to location in 
00010360 string.Cannot be
00010370  negative, and s
00010380 hould be less th
00010390 an length of str
000103A0 ing.< 0 || >= th
000103B0 is.Length< 0 || 
000103C0 > this.Lengthsta
000103D0 rtIndex - count 
000103E0 + 1 < 0totalWidt
000103F0 holdValueoldValu
00010400 e is the empty s
00010410 tring.formatargs
00010420 Index (zero base
00010430 d) must be great
00010440 er than or equal
00010450  to zero and les
00010460 s than the size 
00010470 of the argument 
00010480 list.Input strin
00010490 g was not in a c
000104A0 orrect format.va
000104B0 luesCannot be ne
000104C0 gative and must 
000104D0 be less than or 
000104E0 equal to length 
000104F0 of string.startI
00010500 ndex + count > v
00010510 alue.lengthidxne
00010520 wLengthnewLength
00010530  as to be <= len
00010540 gthptrValue does
00010550  not refer to a 
00010560 valid string.Non
00010570 -negative number
00010580  required.Value,
00010590  startIndex and 
000105A0 length do not re
000105B0 fer to a valid s
000105C0 tring.Value is n
000105D0 ot a System.Sing
000105E0 le.Value is not 
000105F0 a System.DoubleD
00010600 ouble doesn't su
00010610 pport parsing wi
00010620 th '{0}'.AllowHe
00010630 xSpecifierHow di
00010640 d this happen?Un
00010650 known char: Unkn
00010660 own charscale mu
00010670 st be between 0 
00010680 and 28Value {0} 
00010690 is greater than 
000106A0 Decimal.MaxValue
000106B0  or less than De
000106C0 cimal.MinValueOv
000106D0 erflow on adding
000106E0  decimal numberO
000106F0 verflow on subtr
00010700 acting decimal n
00010710 umbers ()The val
00010720 ue '' is not val
00010730 id for this usag
00010740 e of the type Mi
00010750 dpointRounding.m
00010760 odedecimals[0,28
00010770 ]Value is not a 
00010780 System.DecimalIn
00010790 valid character 
000107A0 at position {0}I
000107B0 nvalid exponentN
000107C0 o digits foundCl
000107D0 osing Parenthese
000107E0 s not foundDecim
000107F0 al.TryParse does
00010800  not accept Allo
00010810 wHexSpecifiersty
00010820 leError in Syste
00010830 m.Decimal.Parse7
00010840 9228162514264337
00010850 5935439503351GFa
00010860 lseTrueObject is
00010870  not a Boolean.V
00010880 alue is not equi
00010890 valent to either
000108A0  TrueString or F
000108B0 alseString.infoT
000108C0 his isn't a 64bi
000108D0 ts machine.point
000108E0 erIncompatible D
000108F0 elegate Types.me
00010900 thodtype is not 
00010910 a subclass of Mu
00010920 lticastdelegateI
00010930 nvokemethod retu
00010940 rn type is incom
00010950 patiblemethod ar
00010960 gument length mi
00010970 smatchmethod arg
00010980 uments are incom
00010990 patibletype is n
000109A0 ot subclass of M
000109B0 ulticastDelegate
000109C0 .Couldn't bind t
000109D0 o method ''.targ
000109E0 etenumTypeenumTy
000109F0 pe is not an Enu
00010A00 m type.The value
00010A10  parameter is no
00010A20 t the correct ty
00010A30 pe.It must be ty
00010A40 pe String or the
00010A50  same type as th
00010A60 e underlying typ
00010A70 eof the Enum.typ
00010A80 eCode is not a v
00010A90 alid type code f
00010AA0 or an EnumAn emp
00010AB0 ty string is not
00010AC0  considered a va
00010AD0 lid value.The re
00010AE0 quested value wa
00010AF0 s not found.The 
00010B00 requested value 
00010B10 '{0}' was not fo
00010B20 und.Object must 
00010B30 be the same type
00010B40  as the enum. Th
00010B50 e type passed in
00010B60  was {0}; the en
00010B70 um type was {1}.
00010B80 X2x2X4x4X8x8X16x
00010B90 16Invalid type c
00010BA0 ode for enumerat
00010BB0 ion.0, Enum unde
00010BC0 rlying type and 
00010BD0 the object must 
00010BE0 be the same type
00010BF0  or object. Type
00010C00  passed in was {
00010C10 0}; the enum und
00010C20 erlying type was
00010C30  {1}.Format Stri
00010C40 ng can be only "
00010C50 G","g","X","x","
00010C60 F","f","D" or "d
00010C70 ".indexOnly sing
00010C80 le dimension arr
00010C90 ays are supporte
00010CA0 d.Collection is 
00010CB0 read-onlyarrayDe
00010CC0 stination array 
00010CD0 was not long eno
00010CE0 ugh. Check destI
00010CF0 ndex and length,
00010D00  and the array's
00010D10  lower bounds.Va
00010D20 lue has to be >=
00010D30  0.Array was not
00010D40  a one-dimension
00010D50 al array.Index h
00010D60 as to be between
00010D70  upper and lower
00010D80  bound of the ar
00010D90 ray.Value must b
00010DA0 e >= 0 and <= In
00010DB0 t32.MaxValue.ind
00010DC0 ex1index2index3I
00010DD0 ndex has to be >
00010DE0 = lower bound an
00010DF0 d <= upper bound
00010E00  of the array.el
00010E10 ementTypelengths
00010E20 Type must be a t
00010E30 ype provided by 
00010E40 the runtime.Arra
00010E50 y type can not b
00010E60 e voidArray type
00010E70  can not be an o
00010E80 pen generic type
00010E90 lowerBoundsArray
00010EA0 s must contain >
00010EB0 = 1 elements.Arr
00010EC0 ays must be of s
00010ED0 ame size.Each va
00010EE0 lue has to be >=
00010EF0  0.Length + boun
00010F00 d must not excee
00010F10 d Int32.MaxValue
00010F20 .Each value has 
00010F30 to be >= 0 and <
00010F40 = Int32.MaxValue
00010F50 .indicesvalue do
00010F60 es not support I
00010F70 Comparable.compa
00010F80 rer is null and 
00010F90 value does not s
00010FA0 upport IComparab
00010FB0 le.index is less
00010FC0  than the lower 
00010FD0 bound of array.i
00010FE0 ndex and length 
00010FF0 do not specify a
00011000  valid range in 
00011010 array.value does
00011020  not support ICo
00011030 mparableComparer
00011040  threw an except
00011050 ion.length < 0in
00011060 dex < lower boun
00011070 dindex + length 
00011080 > sizesourceArra
00011090 ydestinationArra
000110A0 yDestination arr
000110B0 ay was not long 
000110C0 enough. Check de
000110D0 stIndex and leng
000110E0 th, and the arra
000110F0 y's lower bounds
00011100 (Types: source={
00011110 0};  target={1})
00011120 Must be in the I
00011130 nt32 range.keysT
00011140 he comparer thre
00011150 w an exception.c
00011160 omparisonCompari
00011170 son threw an exc
00011180 eption.No ICompa
00011190 rable or ICompar
000111A0 able<{0}> interf
000111B0 ace found.matcha
000111C0 ctionconverterEn
000111D0 umeration has no
000111E0 t started. Call 
000111F0 MoveNextEnumerat
00011200 ion already fini
00011210 shedEnumeration 
00011220 has not started.
00011230 Enumeration has 
00011240 already endedThi
00011250 s collection is 
00011260 read-only.TypeNa
00011270 meError loading 
00011280 ''filterinterfac
00011290 eTypeArgument mu
000112A0 st be an interfa
000112B0 ce.'this' type c
000112C0 annot be an inte
000112D0 rface itselfInte
000112E0 rface not foundn
000112F0 ametypescan only
00011300  be called in ge
00011310 neric typeDerive
00011320 d classes must p
00011330 rovide an implem
00011340 entation.not a g
00011350 eneric type defi
00011360 nitiontypeArgume
00011370 ntsThe type or m
00011380 ethod has {0} ge
00011390 neric parameter(
000113A0 s) but {1} gener
000113B0 ic argument(s) w
000113C0 here provided. A
000113D0  generic argumen
000113E0 t must be provid
000113F0 ed for each gene
00011400 ric parameter.ty
00011410 peNameAssembly q
00011420 ualifed type nam
00011430 e is requiredCla
00011440 ssNameMessageHel
00011450 pURLStackTraceSt
00011460 ringRemoteStackT
00011470 raceStringRemote
00011480 StackIndexHResul
00011490 tSourceInnerExce
000114A0 ptionDataExcepti
000114B0 on of type '{0}'
000114C0  was thrown.{0} 
000114D0  {1} at<unknown 
000114E0 method>  {0} <0x
000114F0 {0:x5}> {1} <0x{
00011500 0:x5}>  [0x{0:x5
00011510 }] in {0}:{1} Ex
00011520 ceptionMethod:  
00011530 --->   --- End o
00011540 f inner exceptio
00011550 n stack trace --
00011560 -[,] ( FieldObjI
00011570 nsufficient stat
00011580 e.Object fields 
00011590 may not be prope
000115A0 rly initializedT
000115B0 ypeObjThis opera
000115C0 tion is not supp
000115D0 orted for this t
000115E0 ype.ArgIterator 
000115F0 does not support
00011600  Equals.No remot
00011610 ing information 
00011620 was found for th
00011630 e object.Nullabl
00011640 e object must ha
00011650 ve a value.colla
00011660 tion.core.bincol
00011670 lation.tailoring
00011680 .binMono INTERNA
00011690 L ERROR (Should 
000116A0 not happen): Col
000116B0 lation tailoring
000116C0  table is broken
000116D0  for culture {0}
000116E0  ({1}) at 0x{2:X
000116F0 }zh-CHSzh-CHTjak
00011700 ocjkCHScjkCHTcjk
00011710 JAcjkKOcollation
00011720 .{0}.bincollatio
00011730 n.cjkKOlv2.binMO
00011760 DyesMONO interna
00011770 l error. Failed 
00011780 to get TailContr
00011790 action. start = 
000117A0 {0} end = {1} st
000117B0 ring = '{2}'Comp
000117C0 areInfo Internal
000117D0  Error: Should n
000117E0 ot happen. {0} {
000117F0 1} {2} {3} {4} {
00011800 5}CompareInfo In
00011810 ternal Error: Sh
00011820 ould not happen.
00011830  '{0}' {2} {3} '
00011840 {1}' {4} {5}sort
00011850 key1sortkey2Sort
00011860 Key - The Rabin-
00011870 Miller test can 
00011880 not be executed 
00011890 in a way such th
000118A0 at its results a
000118B0 re provableconfi
000118C0 dencebitNum out 
000118D0 of range01234567
00011900 Set length less 
00011910 than radixcharac
00011920 terSetThere is n
00011930 o such thing as 
00011940 radix one notati
00011950 onradixOperation
00011960  would return a 
00011970 negative valuebi
00011980 1 out of rangebi
00011990 2 out of rangex 
000119A0 out of rangeNo i
000119B0 nverse!blobblob 
000119C0 is too small.Inv
000119D0 alid blob header
000119E0 Invalid blob.Unk
000119F0 nown blob format
00011A00 .rsainvalid hex 
00011A10 charLength must 
00011A20 be a multiple of
00011A30  2Keypair was di
00011A40 sposedno private
00011A50  key to exportMi
00011A60 ssing mandatory 
00011A70 DSA parameters (
00011A80 P, Q or G).Missi
00011A90 ng both public (
00011AA0 Y) and private (
00011AB0 X) keys.rgbHashi
00011AC0 nvalid hash leng
00011AD0 thno private key
00011AE0  available for s
00011AF0 ignaturergbSigna
00011B00 tureinvalid sign
00011B10 ature lengthcoul
00011B20 dn't compute sig
00011B30 nature verificat
00011B40 ionparameters[{0
00011B50 }][{1}][{2}].xml
00011B60 .monokeypairsCou
00011B70 ld not create us
00011B80 er key store '{0
00011B90 }'.Improperly pr
00011BA0 otected user's k
00011BB0 ey pairs in '{0}
00011BC0 '.Could not crea
00011BD0 te machine key s
00011BE0 tore '{0}'.Impro
00011BF0 perly protected 
00011C00 machine's key pa
00011C10 irs in '{0}'.def
00011C20 aultKeyPairKeyVa
00011C30 lue<KeyPair>{0}.
00011C40 <Properties>{0}.
00011C50 .<Provider Name=
00011C60 "{0}" Type="{0}"
00011C70  />{1}..<Contain
00011C80 er Name="{0}" />
00011C90 {1}.</Properties
00011CA0 >{1}.<KeyValue I
00011CB0 d="{0}" >{1}..{0
00011CC0 }{1}.</KeyValue>
00011CD0 {1}</KeyPair>{1}
00011CE0 message too long
00011CF0 bad hash length 
00011D00 for invalid Priv
00011D10 ateKeyInfoinvali
00011D20 d versioninvalid
00011D30  algorithmmissin
00011D40 g algorithm OIDi
00011D50 nvalid private k
00011D60 ey formatmissing
00011D70  versionnot enou
00011D80 gh key parameter
00011D90 sinvalid Encrypt
00011DA0 edPrivateKeyInfo
00011DB0 invalid encrypti
00011DC0 onAlgorithminval
00011DD0 id parametersinv
00011DE0 alid saltinvalid
00011DF0  iterationCounti
00011E00 nvalid Encrypted
00011E10 Dataprivate keyM
00011E20 issing private k
00011E30 ey to decrypt va
00011E40 lue.public keyMi
00011E50 ssing private ke
00011E60 yMissing Exponen
00011E70 tMissing Modulus
00011E80 Private/public k
00011E90 ey mismatch<RSAK
00011EA0 eyValue><Modulus
00011EB0 ></Modulus><Expo
00011EC0 nent></Exponent>
00011ED0 <P></P><Q></Q><D
00011EE0 P></DP><DQ></DQ>
00011EF0 <InverseQ></Inve
00011F00 rseQ><D></D></RS
00011F10 AKeyValue>IV is 
00011F20 too small ({0} b
00011F30 ytes), it should
00011F40  be {1} bytes lo
00011F50 ng.Unkown Cipher
00011F60 ModeOFB isn't su
00011F70 pported by the f
00011F80 rameworkCTS isn'
00011F90 t supported by t
00011FA0 he frameworkinpu
00011FB0 tBufferinputOffs
00011FC0 etinputCountOver
00011FD0 flowObject is di
00011FE0 sposedoutputBuff
00011FF0 eroutputOffsetIn
00012000 valid input bloc
00012010 k size.Bad {0} p
00012020 adding. Invalid 
00012030 length {0}. Erro
00012040 r found at posit
00012050 ion {0}.invalid 
00012060 block lengthinva
00012070 lid datainvalid 
00012080 PFX version1.2.8
00012090 40.113549.1.7.1i
000120A0 nvalid authentic
000120B0 ated safeinvalid
000120C0  MAC1.
000120D0 6unsupported HMA
000120E0 Cmissing MAC sal
000120F0 tinvalid MAC ite
00012100 rationInvalid MA
00012110 C - file may hav
00012120 e been tampered!
00012130 1.2.840.113549.1
00012140 .
00012150 k
00012160 ey encryptedunkn
00012170 own authenticate
00012180 dSafe1.2.840.113
00012190 549.
000121A0 .2.840.113549.1.
000121D0 13549.
000121E0 40.113549.1.5.61
000121F0 .2.840.113549.1.
00012220 .113549.
00012230 1.2.840.113549.1
00012240 .
00012250 13549.
00012260 2.840.113549.1.1
00012280 549.
00012290 840.113549.1.12.
000122A0 1.6MD2DESMD5RC2S
000122B0 HA1RC4TripleDESu
000122C0 nknown oid Unkno
000122D0 wn private key f
000122E0 ormatinvalid saf
000122F0 eBaginvalid safe
00012300 Bag id1.2.840.11
00012310 3549.
00012320 1.2.840.113549.1
00012330 .
00012340 0.113549.1.12.10
00012350 .
00012370 2.840.113549.1.1
00012390 113549.
000123A0 nsupport certifi
000123B0 cate typeunknown
000123C0  safeBag oidinva
000123D0 lid safeBag attr
000123E0 ibutes idinvalid
000123F0  PKCS12 attribut
00012400 es idinvalid att
00012410 ribute id1.2.840
00012420 .113549.1.9.201.
00012430 2.840.113549.1.9
00012440 .21invalid attri
00012450 bute value idC=O
00012460 =OU=CN=L=S=STREE
00012470 T=DC=UID=E=dnQua
00012480 lifier=T=SN=G=I=
000124A0 EInput data cann
000124B0 ot be coded as a
000124C0  valid certifica
000124D0 te.Missing key a
000124E0 lgorithm paramet
000124F0 ers.raw-----BEGI
00012500 N {0}----------E
00012510 ND {0}-----Inval
00012520 id X.509 extensi
00012530 on.     Invalid 
00012540 extensions forma
00012550 tUndefined lengt
00012560 h encoding.Tag: 
00012570 {0} {1}Length: {
00012580 0} {1}Value: {0}
00012590  oidasn1Only int
000125A0 eger can be conv
000125B0 ertedtimeyyMMddH
000125C0 HmmZ1920yyyyMMdd
000125D0 HHmmssZ{0}{1}{2}
000125E0 {3}{4}:{5}{6}yyy
000125F0 yMMddHHmmsszzzIn
00012600 valid ASN1Invali
00012610 d contentTypeInv
00012620 alid contentInva
00012630 lid EncryptedDat
00012640 aInvalid version
00012650 missing Encrypte
00012660 dContentInfomiss
00012670 ing EncryptedCon
00012680 tentInfo.Content
00012690 Typemissing Encr
000126A0 yptedContentInfo
000126B0 .ContentEncrypti
000126C0 onAlgorithmIdent
000126D0 ifiermissing Enc
000126E0 ryptedContentInf
000126F0 o.EncryptedConte
00012700 ntdatadata isn't
00012710  a correctly enc
00012720 oded RSA public 
00012730 key0123456789ABC
00012740 DEF://fileftpgop
00012750 herhttphttpsmail
00012760 tonewsnntp:\\dig
00012770 itcharacter%patt
00012780 ern?<>%"{}|\^`;/
00012790 ?:@&=+$,%23\/Rel
000127A0 ative file path 
000127B0 is not allowed./
000127C0 /uriStringURI sc
000127D0 heme was not rec
000127E0 ognized, nor inp
000127F0 ut string is not
00012800  recognized as a
00012810 n absolute file 
00012820 path.URI scheme 
00012830 must start with 
00012840 alphabet charact
00012850 er.URI scheme mu
00012860 st consist of on
00012870 e of alphabet, d
00012880 igits, '+', '-' 
00012890 or '.' character
000128A0 .///////@Invalid
000128B0  URI: invalid po
000128C0 rt numberInvalid
000128D0  URI: The hostna
000128E0 me could not be 
000128F0 parsed..Invalid 
00012900 path.Unexpected 
00012910 end of stream. E
00012920 lement stack con
00012930 tent is {0}White
00012940 space is expecte
00012950 d.Expected '{0}'
00012960  but got {1}XML 
00012970 name start chara
00012980 cter is expected
00012990 .Valid XML name 
000129A0 is expected.Insu
000129B0 fficient close t
000129C0 ag: {0}CDATAInva
000129D0 lid declaration 
000129E0 markupDOCTYPEInv
000129F0 alid declaration
00012A00  markup.This par
00012A10 ser does not sup
00012A20 port document ty
00012A30 pe.End tag misma
00012A40 tch: expected {0
00012A50 } but found {1}a
00012A60 mpquotaposltgtGe
00012A70 neral non-predef
00012A80 ined entity refe
00012A90 rence is not sup
00012AA0 ported in this p
00012AB0 arser.Invalid at
00012AC0 tribute value ma
00012AD0 rkup.xml:space'-
00012AE0 -' is not allowe
00012AF0 d inside comment
00012B00  markup.{0}. At 
00012B10 ({1},{2})does no
00012B20 t implement righ
00012B30 t interfacedicti
00012B40 onarykeycapacity
00012B50 index larger tha
00012B60 n largest valid 
00012B70 index of arrayDe
00012B80 stination array 
00012B90 cannot hold the 
00012BA0 requested elemen
00012BB0 ts!Cannot copy s
00012BC0 ource collection
00012BD0  elements to des
00012BE0 tination arrayAn
00012BF0  element with th
00012C00 e same key alrea
00012C10 dy exists in the
00012C20  dictionary.Vers
00012C30 ionComparerHashS
00012C40 izeKeyValuePairs
00012C50 not of type: out
00012C60  of syncCurrent 
00012C70 is not validthis
00012C80  is a read-only 
00012C90 collectionThe gi
00012CA0 ven key was not 
00012CB0 present in the d
00012CC0 ictionary.itemco
00012CD0 llectionCollecti
00012CE0 on was modified;
00012CF0  enumeration ope
00012D00 ration may not e
00012D10 xecute.GetKeyFor
00012D20 Item(item)listcT
00012D30 he initial capac
00012D40 ity can't be sma
00012D50 ller than zero.I
00012D60 ndex is less tha
00012D70 n 0 or more than
00012D80  or equal to the
00012D90  list count.Capa
00012DA0 cityMust be more
00012DB0  than count.Does
00012DC0  not specify val
00012DD0 id index.Can't b
00012DE0 e less than 0.St
00012DF0 art index and co
00012E00 unt do not speci
00012E10 fy a valid range
00012E20 .Index must be >
00012E30 = 0 and <= Count
00012E40 .Less than 0 or 
00012E50 more than list c
00012E60 ount.Must have o
00012E70 nly 1 dimensions
00012E80 .List has change
00012E90 d.Enumerator not
00012EA0  startedEnumerat
00012EB0 or endedCan't ad
00012EC0 d or remove from
00012ED0  a fixed-size li
00012EE0 st.Can't modify 
00012EF0 a readonly list.
00012F00 bitsArray rank m
00012F10 ust be 1index is
00012F20  greater than ar
00012F30 ray.LengthUnsupp
00012F40 orted typeEnum n
00012F50 ot startedEnum E
00012F60 ndedobjThe eleme
00012F70 nt cannot be fou
00012F80 nd.CollectionBas
00012F90 e.OnValidate: In
00012FA0 valid parameter 
00012FB0 value passed to 
00012FC0 method: nullNeit
00012FD0 her 'a' nor 'b' 
00012FE0 implements IComp
00012FF0 arable.CompareIn
00013000 fonegative capac
00013010 ityloadFactorloa
00013020 d factorSize is 
00013030 too bignull keya
00013040 rrayIndexarray i
00013050 s multidimension
00013060 alarrayIndex is 
00013070 equal to or grea
00013080 ter than array.L
00013090 engthNot enough 
000130A0 room from arrayI
000130B0 ndex to end of a
000130C0 rray for this Ha
000130D0 shtableLoadFacto
000130E0 rKeyComparerHash
000130F0 CodeProviderKeys
00013100 ValuesequalityCo
00013110 mparerKeys and v
00013120 alues of uneven 
00013130 sizetableKey dup
00013140 lication when ad
00013150 ding: Hashtable.
00013160 Enumerator: snap
00013170 shot out of sync
00013180 .should never ha
00013190 ppennot enough s
000131A0 paceParentTablec
000131B0 olNeeds a non-ne
000131C0 gative numbergro
000131D0 wFactorQueue gro
000131E0 wth factor must 
000131F0 be between 1.0 a
00013200 nd 10.0, inclusi
00013210 veSortedList is 
00013220 Read Only.Key no
00013230 t found and Sort
00013240 edList is fixed 
00013250 size.capacity to
00013260 o smallarray is 
00013270 multi-dimensiona
00013280 larrayIndex is g
00013290 reater than or e
000132A0 qual to array.Le
000132B0 ngthNot enough s
000132C0 pace in array fr
000132D0 om arrayIndex to
000132E0  end of arrayind
000132F0 ex out of rangeK
00013300 ey '{0}' already
00013310  exists in list.
00013320 SortedList::inte
00013330 rnal error () at
00013340  [arriSortedList
00013350 .Enumerator: sna
00013360 pshot out of syn
00013370 c. is not a supp
00013380 orted mode.attem
00013390 pt to modify a k
000133A0 eyIList::Add not
000133B0  supportedIList:
000133C0 :Clear not suppo
000133D0 rtedIList::Inser
000133E0 t not supportedI
000133F0 List::Remove not
00013400  supportedIList:
00013410 :RemoveAt not su
00013420 pportedThis oper
00013430 ation is not sup
00013440 ported on GetVal
00013450 ueList returnini
00013460 tialCapacity<fil
00013470 ename unknown> a
00013480 t <unknown offse
00013490 t>offset  in fil
000134A0 e:line:column :{
000134B0 0}:{1}eskipFrame
000134C0 s{0}   {1}  in {
000134D0 0}:line {1}   {0
000134E0 } {0}.{1}( ByRef
000134F0  {0}This Calenda
00013500 r is read-only.I
00013510 nternal: M_EraNa
00013520 mes not initiali
00013530 zed!MONO_DISABLE
00013550 ONoptionsOffsets
00013560  and lengths mus
00013570 t not be less th
00013580 an zeroOffset1 i
00013590 s greater than o
000135A0 r equal to the l
000135B0 ength of string1
000135C0 Offset2 is great
000135D0 er than or equal
000135E0  to the length o
000135F0 f string2Length1
00013600  is greater than
00013610  the number of c
00013620 haracters from o
00013630 ffset1 to the en
00013640 d of string1Leng
00013650 th2 is greater t
00013660 han the number o
00013670 f characters fro
00013680 m offset2 to the
00013690  end of string2N
000136A0 ow allowed Compa
000136B0 reOptions.source
000136C0 prefixsuffixComp
000136D0 areInfo - Positi
000136E0 ve number requir
000136F0 ed.Culture ID {0
00013700 } (0x{0:X4}) is 
00013710 not a supported 
00013720 culture.Culture 
00013730 name  is not sup
00013740 ported.This inst
00013750 ance is read onl
00013760 yCulture "" is a
00013770  neutral culture
00013780 . It can not be 
00013790 used in formatti
000137A0 ng and parsing a
000137B0 nd therefore can
000137C0 not be set as th
000137D0 e thread's curre
000137E0 nt culture.Numbe
000137F0 rFormatDateTimeF
00013800 ormatzh-hanszh-h
00013810 antzh-chszh-chtI
00013820 nvariant Languag
00013830 e (Invariant Cou
00013840 ntry)IVLiven_US_
00013850 POSIXAMPMMM/dd/y
00013860 yyydddd, dd MMMM
00013870  yyyyHH:mmHH:mm:
00013880 ssMMMM ddyyyy MM
00013890 MMdddd, dd MMMM 
000138A0 yyyy HH:mm:ssddd
000138B0 , dd MMM yyyy HH
000138C0 ':'mm':'ss 'GMT'
000138D0 yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T
000138E0 'HH':'mm':'ssyyy
000138F0 y'-'MM'-'dd HH':
00013900 'mm':'ss'Z'An ar
00013910 ray with exactly
00013920  13 elements is 
00013930 neededAn array w
00013940 ith exactly 7 el
00013950 ements is needed
00013960 SunMonTueWedThuF
00013970 riSatSundayMonda
00013980 yTuesdayWednesda
00013990 yThursdayFridayS
000139A0 aturdayJanFebMar
000139B0 AprMayJunJulAugS
000139C0 epOctNovDecJanua
000139D0 ryFebruaryMarchA
000139E0 prilJuneJulyAugu
000139F0 stSeptemberOctob
00013A00 erNovemberDecemb
00013A10 erSuMoTuWeThFrSa
00013A20 erayyyy'-'MM'-'d
00013A30 d'T'HH':'mm':'ss
00013A40 .fffffffKFormat 
00013A50 specifier was in
00013A60 valid.hh:mm ttH:
00013A70 mmh:mm ttADA.D.#
00013A80 $NaN-Infinity-â€
00013A90 °Infinity+234567
00013AA0 89The value spec
00013AB0 ified for the pr
00013AC0 operty is less t
00013AD0 han 0 or greater
00013AE0  than 99The curr
00013AF0 ent instance is 
00013B00 read-only and a 
00013B10 set operation wa
00013B20 s attemptedThe v
00013B30 alue specified f
00013B40 or the property 
00013B50 is a null refere
00013B60 nceThe value spe
00013B70 cified for the p
00013B80 roperty is less 
00013B90 than 0 or greate
00013BA0 r than 15TextInf
00013BB0 o - strAn Isolat
00013BC0 ed storage opera
00013BD0 tion failed.Inpu
00013BE0 t or Encoding is
00013BF0  a null referenc
00013C00 e.The stream doe
00013C10 sn't support rea
00013C20 ding.BinaryReade
00013C30 rCannot read fro
00013C40 m a closed Binar
00013C50 yReader.Stream i
00013C60 s invalidbuffer 
00013C70 is nullindex is 
00013C80 less than 0count
00013C90  is less than 0b
00013CA0 uffer is too sma
00013CB0 llToo many bytes
00013CC0  in what should 
00013CD0 have been a 7 bi
00013CE0 t encoded Int32.
00013CF0 Invalid binary f
00013D00 ile (string len 
00013D10 < 0)outputencodi
00013D20 ngStream does no
00013D30 t support writin
00013D40 g or already clo
00013D50 sed.BinaryWriter
00013D60 Cannot write to 
00013D70 a closed BinaryW
00013D80 riterbufferchars
00013D90 pathPath is empt
00013DA0 yPath contains i
00013DB0 nvalid charsOnly
00013DC0  blank character
00013DD0 s in pathCannot 
00013DE0 create  because 
00013DF0 a file with the 
00013E00 same name alread
00013E10 y exists.Only ':
00013E20 ' In path*The Pa
00013E30 th does not have
00013E40  a valid formatP
00013E50 ath contains inv
00013E60 alid charactersP
00013E70 attern contains 
00013E80 invalid characte
00013E90 rsDirectory '' n
00013EA0 ot found.Pattern
00013EB0  is invalidsearc
00013EC0 hPatternPath is 
00013ED0 invalidDirectory
00013EE0  not foundFailed
00013EF0  to read past en
00013F00 d of stream.sour
00013F10 ceFileNamedestFi
00013F20 leNameAn empty f
00013F30 ile name is not 
00013F40 valid.The file n
00013F50 ame is not valid
00013F60 .{0} does not ex
00013F70 ist{0} is a dire
00013F80 ctory{0} already
00013F90  existsDestinati
00013FA0 on directory not
00013FB0  found: {0}{0}" 
00013FC0 or "{1}Could not
00013FD0  find a part of 
00013FE0 the path "{0}".f
00013FF0 ileNameI/O Error
00014000 FileLoad_FileNam
00014010 eFileLoad_Fusion
00014020 Log: {0} : {0} -
00014030 ---> {0}Unable t
00014040 o find the speci
00014050 fied file.FileNo
00014060 tFound_FileNameF
00014070 ileNotFound_Fusi
00014080 onLogCould not l
00014090 oad file or asse
000140A0 mbly '{0}' or on
000140B0 e of its depende
000140C0 ncies. The syste
000140D0 m cannot find th
000140E0 e file specified
000140F0 .File name: '{0}
00014100 ' ---> {0}[Unkno
00014110 wn]handleInvalid
00014120 .accessInvalid h
00014130 andle.bufferSize
00014140 Enum value was o
00014150 ut of legal rang
00014160 e.Enum value for
00014170  FileAccess was 
00014180 out of legal ran
00014190 ge.Enum value fo
000141A0 r FileShare was 
000141B0 out of legal ran
000141C0 ge.shareName has
000141D0  invalid charsAc
000141E0 cess to the path
000141F0  '{0}' is denied
00014200 .Append access c
00014210 an be requested 
00014220 only in write-on
00014230 ly mode.Combinin
00014240 g FileMode: {0} 
00014250 with FileAccess:
00014260  {1} is invalid.
00014270 Could not find f
00014280 ile "{0}".Stream
00014290  has been closed
000142A0 The stream does 
000142B0 not support seek
000142C0 ingAttempt to se
000142D0 t the position t
000142E0 o a negative val
000142F0 ueStream does no
00014300 t support readin
00014310 gStream does not
00014320  support writing
00014330 offsetdestinatio
00014340 n offset is beyo
00014350 nd array sizeRea
00014360 ding would overr
00014370 un bufferThis st
00014380 ream does not su
00014390 pport readingnum
000143A0 BytesMust be >= 
000143B0 0Buffer too smal
000143C0 l. numBytes/offs
000143D0 et wrong.asyncRe
000143E0 sultInvalid IAsy
000143F0 ncResultThis str
00014400 eam does not sup
00014410 port writingarra
00014420 y too small. num
00014430 Bytes/offset wro
00014440 ng.originInvalid
00014450  SeekOriginAttem
00014460 pted to Seek bef
00014470 ore the beginnin
00014480 g of the streamC
00014490 an't seek back o
000144A0 ver pre-existing
000144B0  data in append 
000144C0 modeThe stream d
000144D0 oes not support 
000144E0 writingvalue is 
000144F0 less than 0FullP
00014500 athOriginalPathI
00014510 llegal character
00014520 s in path.index 
00014530 or count is less
00014540  than 0.index+co
00014550 untThe size of t
00014560 he buffer is les
00014570 s than index + c
00014580 ount.MemoryStrea
00014590 mCannot expand t
000145A0 his MemoryStream
000145B0 New capacity can
000145C0 not be negative 
000145D0 or less than the
000145E0  current capacit
000145F0 y Position canno
00014600 t be negativePos
00014610 ition must be no
00014620 n-negative and l
00014630 ess than 2^31 - 
00014640 1 - originoffset
00014650  or count less t
00014660 han zero.offset+
00014670 countThe size of
00014680  the buffer is l
00014690 ess than offset 
000146A0 + count.Offset o
000146B0 ut of range. Att
000146C0 empted to seek b
000146D0 efore start of M
000146E0 emoryStream.locE
000146F0 xpanding this Me
00014700 moryStream is no
00014710 t supportedCanno
00014720 t write to this 
00014730 MemoryStreamCann
00014740 ot write to this
00014750  stream.Access t
00014760 o the path is de
00014770 nied.Cannot crea
00014780 te a file that a
00014790 lready exist.Cou
000147A0 ld not find file
000147B0  "{0}"Too many o
000147C0 pen filesCould n
000147D0 ot find a part o
000147E0 f the path "{0}"
000147F0 Access to the pa
00014800 th "{0}" is deni
00014810 ed.Invalid handl
00014820 e to path "{0}"C
00014830 ould not find th
00014840 e drive  '{0}'. 
00014850 The drive might 
00014860 not be ready or 
00014870 might not be map
00014880 ped.Could not cr
00014890 eate file "{0}".
000148A0  File already ex
000148B0 ists.Path is too
000148C0  long. Path: {0}
000148D0 Invalid paramete
000148E0 rWrite fault on 
000148F0 path {0}Sharing 
00014900 violation on pat
00014910 h {0}Lock violat
00014920 ion on path {0}D
00014930 isk full. Path {
00014940 0}Directory {0} 
00014950 is not emptyEncr
00014960 yption failedPat
00014970 h {0} is a direc
00014980 torySource and d
00014990 estination are n
000149A0 ot on the same d
000149B0 eviceWin32 IO re
000149C0 turned {0}. Path
000149D0 : {1}path1path2I
000149E0 nvalid pathArgum
000149F0 ent string consi
00014A00 sts of whitespac
00014A10 e characters onl
00014A20 y.The specified 
00014A30 path is not of a
00014A40  legal form (emp
00014A50 ty).UNC paths sh
00014A60 ould be of the f
00014A70 orm \\server\sha
00014A80 re.The specified
00014A90  path is not of 
00014AA0 a legal form.Pat
00014AB0 hname is longer 
00014AC0 than the maximum
00014AD0  lengthTimeouts 
00014AE0 are not supporte
00014AF0 d on this stream
00014B00 .EndRead already
00014B10  called.EndWrite
00014B20  already called.
00014B30 Empty path not a
00014B40 llowedpath conta
00014B50 ins invalid char
00014B60 actersThe minimu
00014B70 m size of the bu
00014B80 ffer must be pos
00014B90 itivestreamCanno
00014BA0 t read streamStr
00014BB0 eamReaderCannot 
00014BC0 read from a clos
00014BD0 ed StreamReaderi
00014BE0 ndex + count > b
00014BF0 uffer.LengthCan 
00014C00 not write to str
00014C10 eamStreamWriterS
00014C20 tringReaderCanno
00014C30 t read from a cl
00014C40 osed StringReade
00014C50 rsbCannot write 
00014C60 to a closed Stri
00014C70 ngWriterreader i
00014C80 s nullwriter is 
00014C90 nulldest_bufferi
00014CA0 ndex + count > d
00014CB0 est_buffer.Lengt
00014CC0 hThe stream is c
00014CD0 losedThe positio
00014CE0 n is larger than
00014CF0  Int32.MaxValue.
00014D00 The length of th
00014D10 e buffer array m
00014D20 inus the offset 
00014D30 parameter is les
00014D40 s than the count
00014D50  parameterAn att
00014D60 empt was made to
00014D70  seek before the
00014D80  beginning of th
00014D90 e streamInvalid 
00014DA0 SeekOrigin optio
00014DB0 nUnable to expan
00014DC0 d length of this
00014DD0  stream beyond i
00014DE0 ts capacity.Stre
00014DF0 am does not supp
00014E00 ort writing.The 
00014E10 buffer parameter
00014E20  is a null refer
00014E30 enceThe current 
00014E40 position is at t
00014E50 he end of the ca
00014E60 pacity of the st
00014E70 reamThe length c
00014E80 annot be greater
00014E90  than the capaci
00014EA0 ty.Argument valu
00014EB0 e {0} is not val
00014EC0 id.Module file n
00014ED0 ame '' must have
00014EE0  file extension.
00014EF0 Persistable modu
00014F00 les are not supp
00014F10 orted in a dynam
00014F20 ic assembly crea
00014F30 ted with Assembl
00014F40 yBuilderAccess.R
00014F50 unAssembly was a
00014F60 lready saved.A m
00014F70 odule-only assem
00014F80 bly can only con
00014F90 tain one module.
00014FA0 Default Dynamic 
00014FB0 ModuleThe invoke
00014FC0 d member is not 
00014FD0 supported in a d
00014FE0 ynamic module.Em
00014FF0 pty name is not 
00015000 legal.Empty file
00015010  name is not leg
00015020 al.fileName '' m
00015030 ust not include 
00015040 a path.Could not
00015050  find file 'Dupl
00015060 icate file name 
00015070 'Duplicate name 
00015080 'Elements of the
00015090  parameterTypes 
000150A0 array cannot be 
000150B0 nullparameterTyp
000150C0 esConstructorBui
000150D0 lder ['']Method 
000150E0 '' does not have
000150F0  a method body.T
00015100 he type is not y
00015110 et created.&Cann
00015120 ot create an arr
00015130 ay type of a byr
00015140 ef typeCannot cr
00015150 eate a byref typ
00015160 e of an already 
00015170 byref typeCannot
00015180  create a pointe
00015190 r type of a byre
000151A0 f typemReturn ty
000151B0 pe can't be a by
000151C0 ref typereturnTy
000151D0 peParameter  is 
000151E0 nulldelegateType
000151F0 Method body shou
00015200 ld not exist.Met
00015210 hod cannot be in
00015220 voked.Anonymousl
00015230 y Hosted Dynamic
00015240 Methods Assembly
00015250 localTypeUser de
00015260 fined subclasses
00015270  of System.Type 
00015280 are not yet supp
00015290 orted.localTryin
000152A0 g to emit a loca
000152B0 l from a differe
000152C0 nt ILGenerator.m
000152D0 ethLdtoken, Ldft
000152E0 n and Ldvirtftn 
000152F0 OpCodes cannot t
00015300 arget DynamicMet
00015310 hods.methodInfoO
00015320 nly Call and Cal
00015330 lVirt are allowe
00015340 dMethod is not V
00015350 arArgs method an
00015360 d optional types
00015370  were passedThe 
00015380 label is not val
00015390 idThe label was 
000153A0 already definedL
000153B0 abel not markedM
000153C0 ethod '{0}' over
000153D0 ride '{1}' but i
000153E0 t is not virtual
000153F0 Method '{0}.{1}'
00015400  does not have a
00015410  method body.Met
00015420 hodBuilder [::In
00015430 valid argument a
00015440 rray lengthMono.
00015450 CompilerServices
00015460 .SymbolWriterThe
00015470  assembly for de
00015480 fault symbol wri
00015490 ter cannot be lo
000154A0 adedMono.Compile
000154B0 rServices.Symbol
000154C0 Writer.SymbolWri
000154D0 terImplThe type 
000154E0 that implements 
000154F0 the default symb
00015500 ol writer interf
00015510 ace cannot be fo
00015520 undDuplicate typ
00015530 e name within an
00015540  assembly.classN
00015550 amevoid nopbreak
00015560 ldarg.0ldarg.1ld
00015570 arg.2ldarg.3ldlo
00015580 c.0ldloc.1ldloc.
00015590 2ldloc.3stloc.0s
000155A0 tloc.1stloc.2stl
000155B0 oc.3ldarg.sldarg
000155C0 a.sstarg.sldloc.
000155D0 sldloca.sstloc.s
000155E0 ldnullldc.i4.m1l
000155F0 dc.i4.0ldc.i4.1l
00015600 dc.i4.2ldc.i4.3l
00015610 dc.i4.4ldc.i4.5l
00015620 dc.i4.6ldc.i4.7l
00015630 dc.i4.8ldc.i4.sl
00015640 dc.i4ldc.i8ldc.r
00015650 4ldc.r8duppopjmp
00015660 callcalliretbr.s
00015670 brfalse.sbrtrue.
00015680 sbeq.sbge.sbgt.s
00015690 ble.sblt.sbne.un
000156A0 .sbge.un.sbgt.un
000156B0 .sble.un.sblt.un
000156C0 .sbrbrfalsebrtru
000156D0 ebeqbgebgtbleblt
000156E0 bne.unbge.unbgt.
000156F0 unble.unblt.unsw
00015700 itchldind.i1ldin
00015710 d.u1ldind.i2ldin
00015720 d.u2ldind.i4ldin
00015730 d.u4ldind.i8ldin
00015740 d.ildind.r4ldind
00015750 .r8ldind.refstin
00015760 d.refstind.i1sti
00015770 nd.i2stind.i4sti
00015780 nd.i8stind.r4sti
00015790 nd.r8addsubmuldi
000157A0 vdiv.unremrem.un
000157B0 andorxorshlshrsh
000157C0 r.unnegnotconv.i
000157D0 1conv.i2conv.i4c
000157E0 onv.i8conv.r4con
000157F0 v.r8conv.u4conv.
00015800 u8callvirtcpobjl
00015810 dobjldstrnewobjc
00015820 astclassisinstco
00015830 nv.r.ununboxthro
00015840 wldfldldfldastfl
00015850 dldsfldldsfldast
00015860 sfldstobjconv.ov
00015870 f.i1.unconv.ovf.
00015880 i2.unconv.ovf.i4
00015890 .unconv.ovf.i8.u
000158A0 nconv.ovf.u1.unc
000158B0 onv.ovf.u2.uncon
000158C0 v.ovf.u4.unconv.
000158D0 ovf.u8.unconv.ov
000158E0 f.i.unconv.ovf.u
000158F0 .unboxnewarrldle
00015900 nldelemaldelem.i
00015910 1ldelem.u1ldelem
00015920 .i2ldelem.u2ldel
00015930 em.i4ldelem.u4ld
00015940 elem.i8ldelem.il
00015950 delem.r4ldelem.r
00015960 8ldelem.refstele
00015970 m.istelem.i1stel
00015980 em.i2stelem.i4st
00015990 elem.i8stelem.r4
000159A0 stelem.r8stelem.
000159B0 refldelemstelemu
000159C0 nbox.anyconv.ovf
000159D0 .i1conv.ovf.u1co
000159E0 nv.ovf.i2conv.ov
000159F0 f.u2conv.ovf.i4c
00015A00 onv.ovf.u4conv.o
00015A10 vf.i8conv.ovf.u8
00015A20 refanyvalckfinit
00015A30 emkrefanyldtoken
00015A40 conv.u2conv.u1co
00015A50 nv.iconv.ovf.ico
00015A60 nv.ovf.uadd.ovfa
00015A70 dd.ovf.unmul.ovf
00015A80 mul.ovf.unsub.ov
00015A90 fsub.ovf.unendfi
00015AA0 nallyleaveleave.
00015AB0 sstind.iconv.upr
00015AC0 efix7prefix6pref
00015AD0 ix5prefix4prefix
00015AE0 3prefix2prefix1p
00015AF0 refixrefarglistc
00015B00 eqcgtcgt.uncltcl
00015B10 t.unldftnldvirtf
00015B20 tnldargldargasta
00015B30 rgldlocldlocastl
00015B40 oclocallocendfil
00015B50 terunaligned.vol
00015B60 atile.tail.inito
00015B70 bjconstrained.cp
00015B80 blkinitblkrethro
00015B90 wsizeofrefanytyp
00015BA0 ereadonly.{0} {1
00015BB0 }<Module>type_fu
00015BC0 llnameInterface 
00015BD0 must be declared
00015BE0  abstract.Enumer
00015BF0 ation type is no
00015C00 t defined.Parent
00015C10  does not have a
00015C20  default constru
00015C30 ctor. The defaul
00015C40 t constructor mu
00015C50 st be explicitly
00015C60  defined.Interfa
00015C70 ce method must b
00015C80 e abstract and v
00015C90 irtual.methodInf
00015CA0 oBodymethodInfoD
00015CB0 eclarationmethod
00015CC0  body must belon
00015CD0 g to this typeCo
00015CE0 uld not load typ
00015CF0 e '' from assemb
00015D00 ly '' because th
00015D10 e parent type is
00015D20  sealed.' becaus
00015D30 e it is an enum 
00015D40 with methods.Typ
00015D50 e is concrete bu
00015D60 t has abstract m
00015D70 ethod This metho
00015D80 d is not impleme
00015D90 nted for incompl
00015DA0 ete types.Unable
00015DB0  to change after
00015DC0  type has been c
00015DD0 reated.Empty nam
00015DE0 e is not legalIl
00015DF0 legal nameType i
00015E00 s not genericcon
00015E10 structor not fou
00015E20 ndtype is not Ty
00015E30 peBuilder but ty
00015E40 pe is not a gene
00015E50 ric typemethod d
00015E60 eclaring type is
00015E70  not a generic t
00015E80 ype definitionme
00015E90 thod declaring t
00015EA0 ype is not the g
00015EB0 eneric type defi
00015EC0 nition of typeme
00015ED0 thod {0} not fou
00015EE0 nd in type {1}fi
00015EF0 eld not foundAmb
00015F00 iguous matching 
00015F10 in method resolu
00015F20 tionName cannot 
00015F30 be null.Empty na
00015F40 me is not validS
00015F50 tring cannot hav
00015F60 e zero length.Na
00015F70 me cannot be emp
00015F80 ty.resources.dll
00015F90 assemblyFileName
00015FA0  can't be the em
00015FB0 pty stringPath c
00015FC0 an't be emptyIt 
00015FD0 is illegal to in
00015FE0 voke a method on
00015FF0  a Type loaded v
00016000 ia ReflectionOnl
00016010 y methods.Name c
00016020 an't be emptyres
00016030 ourceNameversion
00016040 assemblyNameasse
00016050 mblyName cannot 
00016060 have zero length
00016070 .The assembly na
00016080 me is invalid._N
00016090 ame_CodeBase_Ver
000160A0 sion_PublicKey_P
000160B0 ublicKeyToken_Ha
000160C0 shAlgorithm_Stro
000160D0 ngNameKeyPair_Ve
000160E0 rsionCompatibili
000160F0 ty_Flags_Culture
00016100 Info, Version=, 
00016110 Culture=neutral,
00016120  PublicKeyToken=
00016130 null, PublicKeyT
00016140 oken=, Retargeta
00016150 ble=YesThe publi
00016160 c key is not val
00016170 id.referencedefi
00016180 nition_HashAlgor
00016190 ithmForControl_H
000161A0 ashForControlNo 
000161B0 properties provi
000161C0 ded.ctor.cctor)]
000161D0 The Binary forma
000161E0 t of the custom 
000161F0 attribute is inv
00016200 alid. = typeof (
00016210 Cannot add a han
00016220 dler to an event
00016230  that doesn't ha
00016240 ve a visible add
00016250  methodCannot ad
00016260 d a handler to a
00016270  non static even
00016280 t with a null ta
00016290 rgetCannot remov
000162A0 e a handler to a
000162B0 n event that doe
000162C0 sn't have a visi
000162D0 ble remove metho
000162E0 dObject doesn't 
000162F0 match targetStat
00016300 icAddEventAdapte
00016310 rFrameAddEventFr
00016320 ameFlags={0}, Tr
00016330 yOffset={1}, Try
00016340 Length={2}, Hand
00016350 lerOffset={3}, H
00016360 andlerLength={4}
00016370 {0}, CatchType={
00016380 1}{0}, FilterOff
00016390 set={1}The handl
000163A0 e is invalid.The
000163B0  field handle an
000163C0 d the type handl
000163D0 e are incompatib
000163E0 le.This method s
000163F0 hould not be cal
00016400 ledThis non-CLS 
00016410 method is not im
00016420 plemented.Filter
00016430  Criteria is not
00016440  valid.{0} ({1})
00016450  (pinned){0} ({1
00016460 })AssemblyNameNa
00016470 meSignatureMembe
00016480 rTypeGenericArgu
00016490 mentsCould not f
000164A0 ind constructor 
000164B0 '{0}' in type '{
000164C0 1}'Could not fin
000164D0 d method '{0}' i
000164E0 n type '{1}'Coul
000164F0 d not find field
00016500  '{0}' in type '
00016510 {1}'Could not fi
00016520 nd property '{0}
00016530 ' in type '{1}'C
00016540 ould not find ev
00016550 ent '{0}' in typ
00016560 e '{1}'Unhandled
00016570  MemberType {0}C
00016580 annot resolve me
00016590 thod because it'
000165A0 s declared in a 
000165B0 generic class.Me
000165C0 thod is not a bu
000165D0 ilder methodType
000165E0  name can't be e
000165F0 mptymetadataToke
00016600 nToken 0x{0:x} i
00016610 s not valid in t
00016620 he scope of modu
00016630 le {1}Token 0x{0
00016640 :x} is not a val
00016650 id {1} token in 
00016660 the scope of mod
00016670 ule {2}FieldMemb
00016680 erInfoMethodBase
00016690 stringTypesignat
000166A0 ureNon-static fi
000166B0 eld requires a t
000166C0 argetCannot set 
000166D0 a constant field
000166E0 Object type  can
000166F0 not be converted
00016700  to target type:
00016710  valLate bound o
00016720 perations cannot
00016730  be performed on
00016740  fields with typ
00016750 es for which Typ
00016760 e.ContainsGeneri
00016770 cParameters is t
00016780 rue.[*]Inflating
00016790  non MethodBuild
000167A0 er objects is no
000167B0 t supported: Inf
000167C0 lating non Const
000167D0 ructorBuilder ob
000167E0 jects is not sup
000167F0 ported: Inflatin
00016800 g non FieldBuild
00016810 er objects is no
00016820 t supported: par
00016830 ameters do not m
00016840 atch signaturefa
00016850 iled to convert 
00016860 parametersLate b
00016870 ound operations 
00016880 cannot be perfor
00016890 med on types or 
000168A0 methods for whic
000168B0 h ContainsGeneri
000168C0 cParameters is t
000168D0 rue....methodIns
000168E0 tantiationThe me
000168F0 thod has {0} gen
00016900 eric parameter(s
00016910 ) but {1} generi
00016920 c argument(s) we
00016930 re provided.Cann
00016940 ot create an ins
00016950 tance of  becaus
00016960 e Type.ContainsG
00016970 enericParameters
00016980  is true.Cannot 
00016990 create an instan
000169A0 ce of {0} becaus
000169B0 e it is an abstr
000169C0 act classVoid , 
000169D0 ...StaticGetterA
000169E0 dapterFrameGette
000169F0 rAdapterFrameGet
00016A00  Method not foun
00016A10 d for 'Set Metho
00016A20 d not found for 
00016A30 'allCan't produc
00016A40 e MetadataToken 
00016A50 for member of ty
00016A60 pe Must specify 
00016A70 one or more para
00016A80 meters.Pointer d
00016A90 eserializatioon 
00016AA0 not supported.Th
00016AB0 e classes in the
00016AC0  module cannot b
00016AD0 e loaded.TypesEx
00016AE0 ceptionskeyPairA
00016AF0 rraykeyPairFilek
00016B00 eyPairContainer_
00016B10 publicKey_keyPai
00016B20 rContainer_keyPa
00016B30 irExported_keyPa
00016B40 irArrayinvalid k
00016B50 eypairUnable to 
00016B60 invoke an invali
00016B70 d target.Excepti
00016B80 on has been thro
00016B90 wn by the target
00016BA0  of an invocatio
00016BB0 n.Number of para
00016BC0 meter does not m
00016BD0 atch expected co
00016BE0 unt.delegatingTy
00016BF0 pe must be non-n
00016C00 ullculture is nu
00016C10 llStream was not
00016C20  readable.Stream
00016C30  is not a valid 
00016C40 .resources file,
00016C50  magic=0x{0:x}Sy
00016C60 stem.Resources.R
00016C70 esourceReaderThi
00016C80 s .resources fil
00016C90 e requires reade
00016CA0 r class System.R
00016CB0 esources.Runtime
00016CC0 ResourceSetThis 
00016CD0 .resources file 
00016CE0 requires set cla
00016CF0 ss This .resourc
00016D00 es file requires
00016D10  unsupported set
00016D20  class version: 
00016D30 PADMalformed .re
00016D40 sources file (pa
00016D50 dding values inc
00016D60 orrect)Stream is
00016D70  not a valid .re
00016D80 sources file!  I
00016D90 t was possibly t
00016DA0 runcated.Deseria
00016DB0 lized object is 
00016DC0 wrong typeResour
00016DD0 ceReader is clos
00016DE0 ed.Enumeration h
00016DF0 as not started. 
00016E00 Call MoveNext.Re
00016E10 sourceSet is clo
00016E20 sed.{0} (0x{1:x}
00016E30 ): {2} {3}{4}{5}
00016E40 External excepti
00016E50 onHandle is not 
00016E60 allocatedObject 
00016E70 contains non-pri
00016E80 mitive or non-bl
00016E90 ittable data.Han
00016EA0 dle is not pinne
00016EB0 d.GCHandle value
00016EC0  cannot be zeroG
00016ED0 CHandle value be
00016EE0 longs to a diffe
00016EF0 rent domaintType
00016F00  is not a delega
00016F10 tedUnsupported M
00016F20 arshalAsAttribut
00016F30 e foundActivatio
00016F40 n attribute does
00016F50  not implement t
00016F60 he IContextAttri
00016F70 bute interface__
00016F80 CrossContextNove
00016F90 ll.Zenworks.Zmd.
00016FA0 Public.UnixServe
00016FB0 rChannelNovell.Z
00016FC0 enworks.Zmd.Publ
00016FD0 ic.UnixChannelch
00016FE0 nlChannel {0} is
00016FF0  not securable w
00017000 hile ensureSecur
00017010 ity is specified
00017020  as trueChannel 
00017030  already registe
00017040 redType '' not f
00017050 ound is not a va
00017060 lid channel type
00017070  does not have a
00017080  valid construct
00017090 ortrueAn instanc
000170A0 e of provider ''
000170B0  could not be cr
000170C0 eated: MONOCADCa
000170D0 n't create a nam
000170E0 ed channel via c
000170F0 rossappdomainPro
00017100 cessMessageInDom
00017110 ainEither obj or
00017120  ctx must be nul
00017130 lIContextPropert
00017140 yCan not add pro
00017150 perties to defau
00017160 lt contextContex
00017170 t is FrozenConte
00017180 xtID: A context 
00017190 property did not
000171A0  approve the can
000171B0 didate context f
000171C0 or activating th
000171D0 e objectAnother 
000171E0 property by this
000171F0  name already ex
00017200 istsA property w
00017210 ith the name  wa
00017220 s not foundctorM
00017230 sgctxSynchroniza
00017240 tionflagInitialL
00017250 easeTime propert
00017260 y can only be se
00017270 t when the lease
00017280  is in initial s
00017290 tate; state is R
000172A0 enewOnCallTime p
000172B0 roperty can only
000172C0  be set when the
000172D0  lease is in ini
000172E0 tial state; stat
000172F0 e is Sponsorship
00017300 Timeout property
00017310  can only be set
00017320  when the lease 
00017330 is in initial st
00017340 ate; state is __
00017350 Activator__CallS
00017360 iteActivationAtt
00017370 ributes__Activat
00017380 ionType__Context
00017390 Properties__Acti
000173A0 vationTypeName__
000173B0 Uri__MethodName_
000173C0 _TypeName__Metho
000173D0 dSignature__Args
000173E0 __CallContextkey
000173F0  was invalid__Re
00017400 motingData__Gene
00017410 ricArgumentsRequ
00017420 ested service no
00017430 t found. No rece
00017440 iver for uri Can
00017450 not cast from cl
00017460 ient type '' to 
00017470 server type 'Met
00017480 hod  not found i
00017490 n The remoting i
000174A0 nfrastructure do
000174B0 es not support o
000174C0 pen generic meth
000174D0 ods.]]__OutArgs_
000174E0 _ReturnThe enume
000174F0 rator is positio
00017500 ned before the f
00017510 irst element of 
00017520 the collection o
00017530 r after the last
00017540  elementfIsMarsh
00017550 alledDo not use 
00017560 RemotingSurrogat
00017570 eSelector when d
00017580 eserializatingRe
00017590 sponsereturnobje
000175A0 ct must be Marsh
000175B0 alByRefstub is n
000175C0 ot used in MonoG
000175D0 etTypeGetHashCod
000175E0 eType not found:
000175F0  uritypeInfochan
00017600 nelInfoenvoyInfo
00017610 objrefFlagsAttem
00017620 pt to redirect a
00017630 ctivation of typ
00017640 e '' which is al
00017650 ready redirected
00017660 .Channel templat
00017670 e 'Provider temp
00017680 late 'mode attri
00017690 bute is required
000176A0 onoffremoteonlyI
000176B0 nvalid custom er
000176C0 ror mode: Elemen
000176D0 t  not allowed i
000176E0 n this context/c
000176F0 onfiguration/sys
00017700 tem.runtime.remo
00017710 tingError in ele
00017720 ment application
00017730 lifetimechannels
00017740 channelserverPro
00017750 vidersclientProv
00017760 idersproviderfor
00017770 matterclientserv
00017780 icewellknownacti
00017790 vatedsoapInterop
000177A0 interopXmlTypein
000177B0 teropXmlElementp
000177C0 reLoaddebugchann
000177D0 elSinkProvidersc
000177E0 ustomErrorssyste
000177F0 m.runtime.remoti
00017800 ngapplication/ch
00017810 annels/channel/s
00017820 erverProvidersch
00017830 annels/channel/s
00017840 erverProvidersap
00017850 plication/channe
00017860 ls/channel/clien
00017870 tProviderschanne
00017880 ls/channel/clien
00017890 tProviderschanne
000178A0 lSinkProviders/s
000178B0 erverProvidersch
000178C0 annelSinkProvide
000178D0 rs/clientProvide
000178E0 rsurlElement '' 
000178F0 is not valid in 
00017900 system.remoting.
00017910 configuration se
00017920 ctionleaseTimesp
00017930 onsorshipTimeout
00017940 renewOnCallTimel
00017950 easeManagerPollT
00017960 imeInvalid attri
00017970 bute: Invalid ti
00017980 me valueSInvalid
00017990  time value: DHM
000179A0 MSInvalid time u
000179B0 nit: refdelayLoa
000179C0 dAsClientChannel
000179D0 idid attribute i
000179E0 s requiredrootur
000179F0 l attribute is r
00017A00 equired in clien
00017A10 t element when i
00017A20 t contains activ
00017A30 ated entriesobje
00017A40 ctUriSingleCallS
00017A50 ingletonwellknow
00017A60 n object mode ''
00017A70  is invalidclrxm
00017A80 lassemblyType an
00017A90 d assembly attri
00017AA0 butes cannot be 
00017AB0 specified togeth
00017AC0 erEither type or
00017AD0  assembly attrib
00017AE0 utes must be spe
00017AF0 cified attribute
00017B00  is requiredRemo
00017B10 teActivationServ
00017B20 ice.remFieldSett
00017B30 erFieldGetterIt 
00017B40 is not possible 
00017B50 marshal a proxy 
00017B60 of a remote obje
00017B70 ct.x_.remCannot 
00017B80 get the real pro
00017B90 xy from an objec
00017BA0 t that is not a 
00017BB0 transparent prox
00017BC0 y.Cannot create 
00017BD0 channel sink to 
00017BE0 connect to URL {
00017BF0 0}. An appropria
00017C00 te channel has p
00017C10 robably not been
00017C20  registered.Cann
00017C30 ot create channe
00017C40 l sink to connec
00017C50 t to the remote 
00017C60 object. An appro
00017C70 priate channel h
00017C80 as probably not 
00017C90 been registered.
00017CA0 Uri already in u
00017CB0 se: http://schem
00017CC0 as.microsoft.com
00017CD0 /clr/assem/http:
00017CE0 //schemas.micros
00017CF0 oft.com/clr/ns/h
00017D00 ttp://schemas.mi
00017D10 crosoft.com/clr/
00017D20 nsassem/%2C%20%3
00017D40 _SERIALIZERnoTyp
00017D50 e  is not marked
00017D60  as Serializable
00017D70 .serializationSt
00017D80 reamserializatio
00017D90 nStream supports
00017DA0  seeking, but it
00017DB0 s length is 0__M
00017DC0 etadataTypes__Me
00017DD0 tadataTypesModul
00017DE0 e__TypeMetadataG
00017DF0 etTypeFromHandle
00017E00 WriteAssembliesW
00017E10 riteAssemblyWrit
00017E20 eTypeDataWriteOb
00017E30 jectDataWriteVal
00017E40 ueGetAssemblyIdA
00017E50 ssemblyWriteInva
00017E60 riantCultureToSt
00017E70 ringToBinaryTick
00017E80 sUnsupported pri
00017E90 mitive type: Unh
00017EA0 andled typecode 
00017EB0 in enum  from In
00017EC0 valid format. Ex
00017ED0 pected BinaryEle
00017EE0 ment.MethodCall,
00017EF0  found Invalid f
00017F00 ormatInvalid for
00017F10 mat. Expected Bi
00017F20 naryElement.Meth
00017F30 odResponse, foun
00017F40 d Unexpected bin
00017F50 ary element: Inv
00017F60 alid binary form
00017F70 atSerializable o
00017F80 bjects must be m
00017F90 arked with the S
00017FA0 erializable attr
00017FB0 ibuteField "" no
00017FC0 t found in class
00017FD0  Couldn't find t
00017FE0 ype 'System.Runt
00017FF0 imeTypeSystem.Ru
00018000 ntimeType[]Could
00018010  not find type '
00018020 {0}'.[]Unknow ty
00018030 pe tagvalue is n
00018040 ull.membersmembe
00018050 rs[{0}]members [
00018060 {0}] is not a fi
00018070 eld.Type {0} in 
00018080 assembly {1} is 
00018090 not marked as se
000180A0 rializable.Unini
000180B0 tialized Strings
000180C0  cannot be creat
000180D0 ed.There are som
000180E0 e fixups that re
000180F0 fer to objects t
00018100 hat have not bee
00018110 n registeredThe 
00018120 object with ID  
00018130 could not be res
00018140 olvedThe object 
00018150 with Id  has not
00018160  been registered
00018170 objectIDThe obje
00018180 ctID parameter i
00018190 s less than or e
000181A0 qual to zeroarra
000181B0 yToBeFixedThe ar
000181C0 rayToBeFixed par
000181D0 ameter is less t
000181E0 han or equal to 
000181F0 zeroobjectRequir
00018200 edThe objectRequ
00018210 ired parameter i
00018220 s less than or e
00018230 qual to zeroobje
00018240 ctToBeFixedThe o
00018250 bjectToBeFixed p
00018260 arameter is less
00018270  than or equal t
00018280 o zeromemberName
00018290 memberAn object 
000182A0 with Id  has alr
000182B0 eady been regist
000182C0 eredThe obj para
000182D0 meter is null.An
000182E0  object with ID 
000182F0  was included in
00018300  a fixup, but it
00018310  has not been re
00018320 gisteredCannot p
00018330 erform fixupThe 
00018340 constructor to d
00018350 eserialize an ob
00018360 ject of type  wa
00018370 s not found.No s
00018380 urrogate selecto
00018390 r was found for 
000183A0 type The impleme
000183B0 ntation of the I
000183C0 ObjectReference 
000183D0 interface return
000183E0 s too many neste
000183F0 d references to 
00018400 other objects th
00018410 at implement IOb
00018420 jectReference.Ty
00018430 pe '{0}' has mor
00018440 e than one metho
00018450 d with the follo
00018460 wing attribute: 
00018470 '{1}'.An error o
00018480 ccurred during (
00018490 de)serialization
000184A0 Null argumentnam
000184B0 e is nulltype is
000184C0  nullValue has b
000184D0 een serialized a
000184E0 lready.name is n
000184F0 ull.No element n
00018500 amed  could be f
00018510 ound.type is nul
00018520 l.certRawDataCer
00018530 tificate instanc
00018540 e is empty.[Subj
00018550 ect]{0}  {1}{0}{
00018560 0}[Issuer]{0}  {
00018570 1}{0}{0}[Not Bef
00018580 ore]{0}  {1}{0}{
00018590 0}[Not After]{0}
000185A0   {1}{0}{0}[Thum
000185B0 bprint]{0}  {1}{
000185C0 0}Unable to deco
000185D0 de certificate.K
000185E0 ey size not supp
000185F0 orted by algorit
00018600 hm.<></SHASystem
00018610 .Security.Crypto
00018620 graphy.SHA1Crypt
00018630 oServiceProvider
00018640 System.Security.
00018650 Cryptography.SHA
00018660 1System.Security
00018670 .Cryptography.Ha
00018680 shAlgorithmSyste
00018690 m.Security.Crypt
000186A0 ography.MD5Crypt
000186B0 oServiceProvider
000186C0 System.Security.
000186D0 Cryptography.MD5
000186E0 SHA256System.Sec
000186F0 urity.Cryptograp
00018700 hy.SHA256Managed
00018710 SHA-256System.Se
00018720 curity.Cryptogra
00018730 phy.SHA256SHA384
00018740 System.Security.
00018750 Cryptography.SHA
00018760 384ManagedSHA-38
00018770 4System.Security
00018780 .Cryptography.SH
00018790 A384SHA512System
000187A0 .Security.Crypto
000187B0 graphy.SHA512Man
000187C0 agedSHA-512Syste
000187D0 m.Security.Crypt
000187E0 ography.SHA512RS
000187F0 ASystem.Security
00018800 .Cryptography.RS
00018810 ACryptoServicePr
00018820 oviderSystem.Sec
00018830 urity.Cryptograp
00018840 hy.RSASystem.Sec
00018850 urity.Cryptograp
00018860 hy.AsymmetricAlg
00018870 orithmDSASystem.
00018880 Security.Cryptog
00018890 raphy.DSACryptoS
000188A0 erviceProviderSy
000188B0 stem.Security.Cr
000188C0 yptography.DSASy
000188D0 stem.Security.Cr
000188E0 yptography.DESCr
000188F0 yptoServiceProvi
00018900 derSystem.Securi
00018910 ty.Cryptography.
00018920 DES3DESSystem.Se
00018930 curity.Cryptogra
00018940 phy.TripleDESCry
00018950 ptoServiceProvid
00018960 erTriple DESSyst
00018970 em.Security.Cryp
00018980 tography.TripleD
00018990 ESSystem.Securit
000189A0 y.Cryptography.R
000189B0 C2CryptoServiceP
000189C0 roviderSystem.Se
000189D0 curity.Cryptogra
000189E0 phy.RC2RijndaelS
000189F0 ystem.Security.C
00018A00 ryptography.Rijn
00018A10 daelManagedSyste
00018A20 m.Security.Crypt
00018A30 ography.Rijndael
00018A40 System.Security.
00018A50 Cryptography.Sym
00018A60 metricAlgorithmR
00018A70 andomNumberGener
00018A80 atorSystem.Secur
00018A90 ity.Cryptography
00018AA0 .RNGCryptoServic
00018AB0 eProviderSystem.
00018AC0 Security.Cryptog
00018AD0 raphy.RandomNumb
00018AE0 erGeneratorSyste
00018AF0 m.Security.Crypt
00018B00 ography.KeyedHas
00018B10 hAlgorithmSystem
00018B20 .Security.Crypto
00018B30 graphy.HMACSHA1H
00018B40 MACSHA1MACTriple
00018B50 DESSystem.Securi
00018B60 ty.Cryptography.
00018B70 MACTripleDESRIPE
00018B80 MD160System.Secu
00018B90 rity.Cryptograph
00018BA0 y.RIPEMD160Manag
00018BB0 edRIPEMD-160Syst
00018BC0 em.Security.Cryp
00018BD0 tography.RIPEMD1
00018BE0 60System.Securit
00018BF0 y.Cryptography.H
00018C00 MACHMACMD5System
00018C10 .Security.Crypto
00018C20 graphy.HMACMD5HM
00018C30 ACRIPEMD160Syste
00018C40 m.Security.Crypt
00018C50 ography.HMACRIPE
00018C60 MD160HMACSHA256S
00018C70 ystem.Security.C
00018C80 ryptography.HMAC
00018C90 SHA256HMACSHA384
00018CA0 System.Security.
00018CB0 Cryptography.HMA
00018CD0 2System.Security
00018CE0 .Cryptography.HM
00018CF0 ACSHA512http://w
00018D00 ww.w3.org/2000/0
00018D10 9/xmldsig#dsa-sh
00018D20 a1System.Securit
00018D30 y.Cryptography.D
00018D40 SASignatureDescr
00018D50 iptionhttp://www
00018D60 .w3.org/2000/09/
00018D70 xmldsig#rsa-sha1
00018D80 System.Security.
00018D90 Cryptography.RSA
00018DA0 PKCS1SHA1Signatu
00018DB0 reDescriptionhtt
00018DC0 p://www.w3.org/2
00018DD0 000/09/xmldsig#s
00018DE0 ha1http://www.w3
00018DF0 .org/TR/2001/REC
00018E00 -xml-c14n-200103
00018E10 15System.Securit
00018E20 y.Cryptography.X
00018E30 ml.XmlDsigC14NTr
00018E40 ansform, System.
00018E50 Security, Versio
00018E60 n=, Cultu
00018E70 re=neutral, Publ
00018E80 icKeyToken=b03f5
00018E90 f7f11d50a3ahttp:
00018EA0 //www.w3.org/TR/
00018EB0 2001/REC-xml-c14
00018EC0 n-20010315#WithC
00018ED0 ommentsSystem.Se
00018EE0 curity.Cryptogra
00018EF0 phy.Xml.XmlDsigC
00018F00 14NWithCommentsT
00018F10 ransform, System
00018F20 .Security, Versi
00018F30 on=, Cult
00018F40 ure=neutral, Pub
00018F50 licKeyToken=b03f
00018F60 5f7f11d50a3ahttp
00018F70 ://www.w3.org/20
00018F80 00/09/xmldsig#ba
00018F90 se64System.Secur
00018FA0 ity.Cryptography
00018FB0 .Xml.XmlDsigBase
00018FC0 64Transform, Sys
00018FD0 tem.Security, Ve
00018FE0 rsion=, C
00018FF0 ulture=neutral, 
00019000 PublicKeyToken=b
00019010 03f5f7f11d50a3ah
00019020 ttp://www.w3.org
00019030 /TR/1999/REC-xpa
00019040 th-19991116Syste
00019050 m.Security.Crypt
00019060 ography.Xml.XmlD
00019070 sigXPathTransfor
00019080 m, System.Securi
00019090 ty, Version=2.0.
000190A0 5.0, Culture=neu
000190B0 tral, PublicKeyT
000190C0 oken=b03f5f7f11d
000190D0 50a3ahttp://www.
000190E0 w3.org/TR/1999/R
000190F0 EC-xslt-19991116
00019100 System.Security.
00019110 Cryptography.Xml
00019120 .XmlDsigXsltTran
00019130 sform, System.Se
00019140 curity, Version=
00019150, Culture
00019160 =neutral, Public
00019170 KeyToken=b03f5f7
00019180 f11d50a3ahttp://
00019190 www.w3.org/2000/
000191A0 09/xmldsig#envel
000191B0 oped-signatureSy
000191C0 stem.Security.Cr
000191D0 yptography.Xml.X
000191E0 mlDsigEnvelopedS
000191F0 ignatureTransfor
00019200 m, System.Securi
00019210 ty, Version=2.0.
00019220 5.0, Culture=neu
00019230 tral, PublicKeyT
00019240 oken=b03f5f7f11d
00019250 50a3ahttp://www.
00019260 w3.org/2001/10/x
00019270 ml-exc-c14n#Syst
00019280 em.Security.Cryp
00019290 tography.Xml.Xml
000192A0 DsigExcC14NTrans
000192B0 form, System.Sec
000192C0 urity, Version=2
000192D0 .0.5.0, Culture=
000192E0 neutral, PublicK
000192F0 eyToken=b03f5f7f
00019300 11d50a3ahttp://w
00019310 ww.w3.org/2001/1
00019320 0/xml-exc-c14n#W
00019330 ithCommentsSyste
00019340 m.Security.Crypt
00019350 ography.Xml.XmlD
00019360 sigExcC14NWithCo
00019370 mmentsTransform,
00019380  System.Security
00019390 , Version=2.0.5.
000193A0 0, Culture=neutr
000193B0 al, PublicKeyTok
000193C0 en=b03f5f7f11d50
000193D0 a3ahttp://www.w3
000193E0 .org/2002/07/dec
000193F0 rypt#XMLSystem.S
00019400 ecurity.Cryptogr
00019410 aphy.Xml.XmlDecr
00019420 yptionTransform,
00019430  System.Security
00019440 , Version=2.0.5.
00019450 0, Culture=neutr
00019460 al, PublicKeyTok
00019470 en=b03f5f7f11d50
00019480 a3ahttp://www.w3
00019490 .org/2001/04/xml
000194A0 enc#sha256http:/
000194B0 /www.w3.org/2001
000194C0 /04/xmlenc#sha51
000194D0 2http://www.w3.o
000194E0 rg/2001/04/xmlds
000194F0 ig-more#hmac-sha
00019500 256http://www.w3
00019510 .org/2001/04/xml
00019520 dsig-more#hmac-s
00019530 ha384http://www.
00019540 w3.org/2001/04/x
00019550 mldsig-more#hmac
00019560 -sha512http://ww
00019570 w.w3.org/2001/04
00019580 /xmldsig-more#hm
00019590 ac-ripemd160http
000195A0 ://www.w3.org/20
000195B0 00/09/xmldsig# X
000195C0 509DataSystem.Se
000195D0 curity.Cryptogra
000195E0 phy.Xml.KeyInfoX
000195F0 509Data, System.
00019600 Security, Versio
00019610 n=, Cultu
00019620 re=neutral, Publ
00019630 icKeyToken=b03f5
00019640 f7f11d50a3ahttp:
00019650 //www.w3.org/200
00019660 0/09/xmldsig# Ke
00019670 yNameSystem.Secu
00019680 rity.Cryptograph
00019690 y.Xml.KeyInfoNam
000196A0 e, System.Securi
000196B0 ty, Version=2.0.
000196C0 5.0, Culture=neu
000196D0 tral, PublicKeyT
000196E0 oken=b03f5f7f11d
000196F0 50a3ahttp://www.
00019700 w3.org/2000/09/x
00019710 mldsig# KeyValue
00019720 /DSAKeyValueSyst
00019730 em.Security.Cryp
00019740 tography.Xml.DSA
00019750 KeyValue, System
00019760 .Security, Versi
00019770 on=, Cult
00019780 ure=neutral, Pub
00019790 licKeyToken=b03f
000197A0 5f7f11d50a3ahttp
000197B0 ://www.w3.org/20
000197C0 00/09/xmldsig# K
000197D0 eyValue/RSAKeyVa
000197E0 lueSystem.Securi
000197F0 ty.Cryptography.
00019800 Xml.RSAKeyValue,
00019810  System.Security
00019820 , Version=2.0.5.
00019830 0, Culture=neutr
00019840 al, PublicKeyTok
00019850 en=b03f5f7f11d50
00019860 a3ahttp://www.w3
00019870 .org/2000/09/xml
00019880 dsig# RetrievalM
00019890 ethodSystem.Secu
000198A0 rity.Cryptograph
000198B0 y.Xml.KeyInfoRet
000198C0 rievalMethod, Sy
000198D0 stem.Security, V
000198E0 ersion=, 
000198F0 Culture=neutral,
00019900  PublicKeyToken=
00019910 b03f5f7f11d50a3a
00019930 Security.Cryptog
00019940 raphy.X509Certif
00019950 icates.X509Subje
00019960 ctKeyIdentifierE
00019970 xtension, System
00019980 , Version=2.0.5.
00019990 0, Culture=neutr
000199A0 al, PublicKeyTok
000199B0 en=b77a5c561934e
000199C0 0892.5.29.15Syst
000199D0 em.Security.Cryp
000199E0 tography.X509Cer
000199F0 tificates.X509Ke
00019A00 yUsageExtension,
00019A10  System, Version
00019A20 =, Cultur
00019A30 e=neutral, Publi
00019A40 cKeyToken=b77a5c
00019A50 561934e0892.5.29
00019A60 .19System.Securi
00019A70 ty.Cryptography.
00019A80 X509Certificates
00019A90 .X509BasicConstr
00019AA0 aintsExtension, 
00019AB0 System, Version=
00019AC0, Culture
00019AD0 =neutral, Public
00019AE0 KeyToken=b77a5c5
00019AF0 61934e0892.5.29.
00019B00 37System.Securit
00019B10 y.Cryptography.X
00019B20 509Certificates.
00019B30 X509EnhancedKeyU
00019B40 sageExtension, S
00019B50 ystem, Version=2
00019B60 .0.5.0, Culture=
00019B70 neutral, PublicK
00019B80 eyToken=b77a5c56
00019B90 1934e089X509Chai
00019BA0 nSystem.Security
00019BB0 .Cryptography.X5
00019BC0 09Certificates.X
00019BD0 509Chain, System
00019BE0 , Version=2.0.5.
00019BF0 0, Culture=neutr
00019C00 al, PublicKeyTok
00019C10 en=b77a5c561934e
00019C20 089System.Securi
00019C30 ty.Cryptography.
00019C40 SHA1Managed1.2.8
00019C50 40.113549.2.52.1
00019C60 6.840.
00019CA0 ripleDESKeyWrap1
00019CB0 .2.840.113549.1.
00019CD0 .
00019CF0 3549.3.2OID must
00019D00  have at least t
00019D10 wo partsInvalid 
00019D20 OIDOID > 127 byt
00019D30 esPart of OID do
00019D40 esn't fit in Int
00019D50 32Can't read on 
00019D60 streamCan't writ
00019D70 e on streamLengt
00019D80 hPositionnot in 
00019D90 Read modenegativ
00019DA0 e(offset+count)b
00019DB0 uffer overflowno
00019DC0 t in Write modei
00019DD0 nner stream was 
00019DE0 diposedThis meth
00019DF0 od cannot be cal
00019E00 led twice.Crypto
00019E10 Stream was dispo
00019E20 sed.SeekSetLengt
00019E30 hError occured d
00019E40 uring a cryptogr
00019E50 aphic operation.
00019E60 Unexpected error
00019E70  occured during 
00019E80 a cryptographic 
00019E90 operation.Null K
00019EA0 eyWrong Key Leng
00019EB0 thKeyWeak KeySem
00019EC0 i Weak KeyThis i
00019ED0 s a known weak, 
00019EE0 or semi-weak, ke
00019EF0 y.xmlStringPQJYX
00019F00 SeedPgenCounter<
00019F10 DSAKeyValue><G><
00019F20 /G><Y></Y><J></J
00019F30 ><Seed></Seed><P
00019F40 genCounter>AA==<
00019F50 /PgenCounter><X>
00019F60 </X></DSAKeyValu
00019F70 e>Cannot export 
00019F80 private keystrNa
00019F90 meDSA requires S
00019FA0 HA1missing keyIn
00019FB0 valid character 
00019FC0 in a Base-64 str
00019FD0 ing.inputCount i
00019FE0 nputCount < 0Fro
00019FF0 mBase64Transform
0001A000 HMAClegacyHMACMo
0001A010 deHashAlgorithmo
0001A020 ffset + countNo 
0001A030 hash value compu
0001A040 ted.outputOffset
0001A050  + inputCountinp
0001A060 utOffset + input
0001A070 CountKey can't b
0001A080 e changed at thi
0001A090 s state.Key is t
0001A0A0 oo small ({0} by
0001A0B0 tes), it should 
0001A0C0 be between {1} a
0001A0D0 nd {2} bytes lon
0001A0E0 g.Couldn't acces
0001A0F0 s random source.
0001A100 DPDQInverseQExpo
0001A110 nentModulusCould
0001A120 n't decode XMLMi
0001A130 ssing D paramete
0001A140 r for the privat
0001A150 e key.Missing so
0001A160 me CRT parameter
0001A170 s for the privat
0001A180 e key.Incomplete
0001A190  private key - m
0001A1A0 issing CRT.canno
0001A1B0 t export private
0001A1C0  keyrgbDataNo RS
0001A1D0 A key specifiedN
0001A1E0 o public key ava
0001A1F0 ilable.Missing h
0001A200 ash algorithm.No
0001A210  key pair availa
0001A220 ble.key is nullI
0001A230 V length is inva
0001A240 lid ({0} bytes),
0001A250  it should be {1
0001A260 } bytes long.Key
0001A270  is too small ({
0001A280 0} bytes), it sh
0001A290 ould be {1}, {2}
0001A2A0  or {3} bytes lo
0001A2B0 ng.System.Securi
0001A2C0 ty.Cryptography.
0001A2D0 DSASignatureDefo
0001A2E0 rmatterSystem.Se
0001A2F0 curity.Cryptogra
0001A300 phy.DSASignature
0001A310 FormatterSystem.
0001A320 Security.Cryptog
0001A330 raphy.RSAPKCS1Si
0001A340 gnatureDeformatt
0001A350 erSystem.Securit
0001A360 y.Cryptography.R
0001A370 SAPKCS1Signature
0001A380 Formatterblock s
0001A390 ize not supporte
0001A3A0 d by algorithmIV
0001A3B0 IV length is dif
0001A3C0 ferent than bloc
0001A3D0 k sizeKey size n
0001A3E0 ot supported by 
0001A3F0 algorithmCipher 
0001A400 mode not availab
0001A410 lePadding mode n
0001A420 ot availableTran
0001A430 sformBlockTransf
0001A440 ormFinalBlockInv
0001A450 alid input lengt
0001A460 hThis is a known
0001A470  weak key.esdRea
0001A480 dpathListUnrestr
0001A490 ictedUnknown fla
0001A4A0 g '{0}'.Invalid 
0001A4B0 flag '{0}' in th
0001A4C0 is context.;Inva
0001A4D0 lid enum {0}File
0001A4E0 DialogPermission
0001A4F0 AccessAccessOpen
0001A500 SaveAppendPathDi
0001A510 scoveryInvalid p
0001A520 ath characters i
0001A530 n path: '{0}'Inv
0001A540 alid filename ch
0001A550 aracters in path
0001A560 : '{0}'Absolute 
0001A570 path information
0001A580  is required.Iso
0001A590 latedStorageCont
0001A5A0 ainmentAllowedUs
0001A5B0 erQuotasecurityE
0001A5C0 lementFlagsInval
0001A5D0 id flags {0}Refl
0001A5E0 ectionPermission
0001A5F0 FlagMemberAccess
0001A600 ReflectionEmitTy
0001A610 peInformationNoF
0001A620 lagsAllFlagsCrea
0001A630 teSecurityPermis
0001A640 sionFlagPublicKe
0001A650 yBlobAssemblyVer
0001A660 sionStrongNamepu
0001A670 blicKeyUIPermiss
0001A680 ionClipboardUIPe
0001A690 rmissionWindowWi
0001A6A0 ndowClipboardZon
0001A6B0 eSecurityZoneAll
0001A6C0  codeApplication
0001A6D0 TrustFullNameDef
0001A6E0 aultGrantPolicyS
0001A6F0 tatementTrustedT
0001A700 oRunPersistExtra
0001A710 Info$originmembe
0001A720 rshipConditiongr
0001A730 oupPermissionSet
0001A740 NamePermissionSe
0001A750 tclassCodeGroupI
0001A760 MembershipCondit
0001A770 ionSystem.Securi
0001A780 ty.Policy.Descri
0001A790 ptionFileCodeGro
0001A7A0 upFirstMatchCode
0001A7B0 GroupNetCodeGrou
0001A7C0 pUnionCodeGroup2
0001A7D0 .0.5.0FullTrustL
0001A7E0 ocalIntranetUSER
0001A7F0 NAME;USERSystem.
0001A800 Net.DnsPermissio
0001A810 n, System, Versi
0001A820 on=, Cult
0001A830 ure=neutral, Pub
0001A840 licKeyToken=b77a
0001A850 5c561934e089Safe
0001A860 PrintingInternet
0001A870 SkipVerification
0001A880 ExecutionNothing
0001A890 EverythingSystem
0001A8A0 .Drawing.Printin
0001A8B0 g.PrintingPermis
0001A8C0 sion, System.Dra
0001A8D0 wing, Version=2.
0001A8E0 0.5.0, Culture=n
0001A8F0 eutral, PublicKe
0001A900 yToken=b03f5f7f1
0001A910 1d50a3aSystem.Di
0001A920 agnostics.EventL
0001A930 ogPermission, Sy
0001A940 stem, Version=2.
0001A950 0.5.0, Culture=n
0001A960 eutral, PublicKe
0001A970 yToken=b77a5c561
0001A980 934e089System.Ne
0001A990 t.SocketPermissi
0001A9A0 on, System, Vers
0001A9B0 ion=, Cul
0001A9C0 ture=neutral, Pu
0001A9D0 blicKeyToken=b77
0001A9E0 a5c561934e089Sys
0001A9F0 tem.Net.WebPermi
0001AA00 ssion, System, V
0001AA10 ersion=, 
0001AA20 Culture=neutral,
0001AA30  PublicKeyToken=
0001AA40 b77a5c561934e089
0001AA50 System.Diagnosti
0001AA60 cs.PerformanceCo
0001AA70 unterPermission,
0001AA80  System, Version
0001AA90 =, Cultur
0001AAA0 e=neutral, Publi
0001AAB0 cKeyToken=b77a5c
0001AAC0 561934e089System
0001AAD0 .DirectoryServic
0001AAE0 es.DirectoryServ
0001AAF0 icesPermission, 
0001AB00 System.Directory
0001AB10 Services, Versio
0001AB20 n=, Cultu
0001AB30 re=neutral, Publ
0001AB40 icKeyToken=b03f5
0001AB50 f7f11d50a3aSyste
0001AB60 m.Messaging.Mess
0001AB70 ageQueuePermissi
0001AB80 on, System.Messa
0001AB90 ging, Version=2.
0001ABA0 0.5.0, Culture=n
0001ABB0 eutral, PublicKe
0001ABC0 yToken=b03f5f7f1
0001ABD0 1d50a3aSystem.Se
0001ABE0 rviceProcess.Ser
0001ABF0 viceControllerPe
0001AC00 rmission, System
0001AC10 .ServiceProcess,
0001AC20  Version=
0001AC30 , Culture=neutra
0001AC40 l, PublicKeyToke
0001AC50 n=b03f5f7f11d50a
0001AC60 3aSystem.Data.Ol
0001AC70 eDb.OleDbPermiss
0001AC80 ion, System.Data
0001AC90 , Version=2.0.5.
0001ACA0 0, Culture=neutr
0001ACB0 al, PublicKeyTok
0001ACC0 en=b77a5c561934e
0001ACD0 089System.Data.S
0001ACE0 qlClient.SqlClie
0001ACF0 ntPermission, Sy
0001AD00 stem.Data, Versi
0001AD10 on=, Cult
0001AD20 ure=neutral, Pub
0001AD30 licKeyToken=b77a
0001AD40 5c561934e089IPer
0001AD50 missionLevelevid
0001AD60 enceNo assembly 
0001AD70 data.Invalid tag
0001AD80  {0}, expected {
0001AD90 1}.Couldn't pars
0001ADA0 e version from '
0001ADB0 {0}'.System.Secu
0001ADC0 rity.Policy.Perm
0001ADD0 issionRequestEvi
0001ADE0 denceRequestOpti
0001ADF0 onalDeniedCannot
0001AE00  run because of 
0001AE10 policy..defaultc
0001AE20 onfigurationmiss
0001AE30 ing <configurati
0001AE40 on> root element
0001AE50 mscorlibmissing 
0001AE60 <mscorlib> tagse
0001AE70 curitymissing <s
0001AE80 ecurity> tagpoli
0001AE90 cymissing <polic
0001AEA0 y> tagSecurityCl
0001AEB0 assesFullTrustAs
0001AEC0 sembliesInvalid 
0001AED0 XMLStrongNameMem
0001AEE0 bershipCondition
0001AEF0 Invalid XML - mu
0001AF00 st be StrongName
0001AF10 MembershipCondit
0001AF20 ionMissing Root 
0001AF30 CodeGroupNamedPe
0001AF40 rmissionSetsSecu
0001AF50 rityClassCan't s
0001AF60 ave AppDomain Po
0001AF70 licyLevel.backup
0001AF80 All_CodeMy_Compu
0001AF90 ter_ZoneLocalInt
0001AFA0 ranet_ZoneIntern
0001AFB0 et_ZoneRestricte
0001AFC0 d_ZoneTrusted_Zo
0001AFD0 neSystemSystem.D
0001AFE0 ataSystem.Direct
0001AFF0 oryServicesSyste
0001B000 m.DrawingSystem.
0001B010 MessagingSystem.
0001B020 ServiceProcesset
0001B030 Invalid tag.Attr
0001B040 ibutesStrongName
0001B050  -  name = {0} v
0001B060 ersion = {0}0.0S
0001B070 ystem.Security.P
0001B080 olicy.Zoneinvali
0001B090 d zoneNoZone isn
0001B0A0 't valid for mem
0001B0B0 bership conditio
0001B0C0 nZone - m_userTo
0001B0D0 kenm_nameToken-N
0001B0E0 ame mismatch.Tok
0001B0F0 en doesn't match
0001B100  a user.m_typem_
0001B110 acctTypem_isAuth
0001B120 enticatedstateIn
0001B130 valid tag {0}Unk
0001B140 nown version '{0
0001B150 }', expected ver
0001B160 sions between ['
0001B170 {1}','{2}'].Inva
0001B180 lid permission t
0001B190 ype '{0}', expec
0001B1A0 ted type '{1}'.i
0001B1B0 nvalid nameseCan
0001B1C0 't create an ins
0001B1D0 tance of permiss
0001B1E0 ion class {0}.ta
0001B1F0 gInvalid XML str
0001B200 ingDuplicate att
0001B210 ribute : child&l
0001B220 t;&gt;&quot;&apo
0001B230 s;&amp;="/>Inval
0001B240 id XML attribute
0001B250  nameInvalid XML
0001B260  attribute value
0001B270 A security error
0001B280  has been detect
0001B290 ed.PermissionSta
0001B2A0 te{0}Type: {1}{0
0001B2B0 }Method: {1} {2}
0001B2C0 .{3}{0}State: {1
0001B2D0 }{0}Granted: {1}
0001B2E0 {0}Refused: {1}{
0001B2F0 0}Demanded: {1}{
0001B300 0}Failed Permiss
0001B310 ion: {1}{0}Evide
0001B320 nces:{0}.{1}Fram
0001B330 e: {0}{1}.AppDom
0001B340 ain: {0}{1}.Asse
0001B350 mbly: {0}{1}.Ass
0001B360 ert: {0}{1}.Deny
0001B370 : {0}{1}.PermitO
0001B380 nly: {0}{1}Polic
0001B390 y doesn't grant 
0001B3A0 the minimal perm
0001B3B0 issions required
0001B3C0  to execute the 
0001B3D0 assembly.Policy 
0001B3E0 doesn't grant th
0001B3F0 e right to execu
0001B400 te the assembly.
0001B410 monoEnterpriseen
0001B420 terprisesec.conf
0001B430 igMachinesecurit
0001B440 y.configUserInva
0001B450 lid metadata for
0001B460 mat.Unknown meta
0001B470 data format.us-a
0001B480 sciiUS-ASCIIArgR
0001B490 ange_Arraybytesc
0001B4A0 harIndexcharCoun
0001B4B0 tbyteIndexArg_In
0001B4C0 sufficientSpaceA
0001B4D0 rgRange_StringIn
0001B4E0 dexArgRange_Stri
0001B4F0 ngRangebyteCount
0001B500 ArgRange_NonNega
0001B510 tivebytecount is
0001B520  less than the n
0001B530 umber of bytes r
0001B540 equired�fallba
0001B550 ckbytesUnknownRe
0001B560 entrant Fallback
0001B570  method invocati
0001B580 on occured. It m
0001B590 ight be because 
0001B5A0 either this Fall
0001B5B0 backBuffer is in
0001B5C0 correctly shared
0001B5D0  by multiple thr
0001B5E0 eads, invoked in
0001B5F0 side Encoding re
0001B600 cursively, or Re
0001B610 set invocation i
0001B620 s forgotten.asci
0001B630 ius_asciiusansi_
0001B640 x3.4_1968ansi_x3
0001B650 .4_1986cp367csas
0001B660 ciiibm367iso_ir_
0001B670 6iso646_usiso_64
0001B680 6.irv:1991utf_7c
0001B690 sunicode11utf7un
0001B6A0 icode_1_1_utf_7u
0001B6B0 nicode_2_0_utf_7
0001B6C0 x_unicode_1_1_ut
0001B6D0 f_7x_unicode_2_0
0001B6E0 _utf_7utf_8unico
0001B6F0 de_1_1_utf_8unic
0001B700 ode_2_0_utf_8x_u
0001B710 nicode_1_1_utf_8
0001B720 x_unicode_2_0_ut
0001B730 f_8utf_16UTF_16L
0001B740 Eucs_2unicodeiso
0001B750 _10646_ucs2unico
0001B760 defffeutf_16beut
0001B770 f_32UTF_32LEucs_
0001B780 4UTF_32BEiso_885
0001B790 9_1latin1This En
0001B7A0 coding is readon
0001B7B0 ly.I18N, Version
0001B7C0 =, Cultur
0001B7D0 e=neutral, Publi
0001B7E0 cKeyToken=0738eb
0001B7F0 9f132ed756I18N.C
0001B800 ommon.ManagerPri
0001B810 maryManagercodep
0001B820 ageValid values 
0001B830 are between 0 an
0001B840 d 65535, inclusi
0001B850 ve.GetEncodingSy
0001B860 stem.Text.CPCode
0001B870 Page {0} not sup
0001B880 portedSystem.Tex
0001B890 t.ENCEncoding na
0001B8A0 me '{0}' not sup
0001B8B0 portedbyteCount 
0001B8C0 is less that the
0001B8D0  number of bytes
0001B8E0  producediso-885
0001B8F0 9-1StartIndex ca
0001B900 nnot be less tha
0001B910 n zero.Length ca
0001B920 nnot be less tha
0001B930 n zero.capacity 
0001B940 must be greater 
0001B950 than zero.maxCap
0001B960 acitymaxCapacity
0001B970  is less than on
0001B980 e.Capacity excee
0001B990 ds maximum capac
0001B9A0 ity.StartIndex a
0001B9B0 nd length must r
0001B9C0 efer to a locati
0001B9D0 on within the st
0001B9E0 ring.m_StringVal
0001B9F0 uem_MaxCapacitym
0001BA00 _currentThreadCa
0001BA10 pacity must be l
0001BA20 arger than lengt
0001BA30 hShould be less 
0001BA40 than or equal to
0001BA50  MaxCapacityThe 
0001BA60 old value cannot
0001BA70  be null.The old
0001BA80  value cannot be
0001BA90  zero length.siz
0001BAA0 ecapacity was le
0001BAB0 ss than the curr
0001BAC0 ent size.utf-32B
0001BAD0 EUTF-32 (Big-End
0001BAE0 ian)utf-32UTF-32
0001BAF0 utf-7Unicode (UT
0001BB20 cdefghijklmnopqr
0001BB30 stuvwxyz01234567
0001BB40 89+/Arg_InvalidU
0001BB50 TF7utf-8Unicode 
0001BB60 (UTF-8)Insuffici
0001BB70 ent Spaceunicode
0001BB80 FFFEUnicode (Big
0001BB90 -Endian)utf-16Un
0001BBA0 icodeObject is n
0001BBB0 ot synchronizedm
0001BBC0 illisecondsTimeo
0001BBD0 uttimeout out of
0001BBE0  rangeMutex is n
0001BBF0 ot ownedSynchron
0001BC00 ization ErrorNul
0001BC10 l ThreadStartNeg
0001BC20 ative timeoutThr
0001BC30 ead creation fai
0001BC40 led.Thread was b
0001BC50 eing abortedThre
0001BC60 ad interruptedca
0001BC70 llBacktimeouttim
0001BC80 eout < -1Timeout
0001BC90  is too big. Max
0001BCA0 imum is Int32.Ma
0001BCB0 xValueThread Sta
0001BCC0 te Errorcallback
0001BCD0 Due time too lar
0001BCE0 gePeriod too lar
0001BCF0 gedueTimeperiodT
0001BD00 imer-Schedulerwa
0001BD10 itHandlesToo man
0001BD20 y handlesnull ha
0001BD30 ndlenull element
0001BD40  foundwaitHandle
0001BD50 Attempted to rea
0001BD60 d or write prote
0001BD70 cted memory. Thi
0001BD80 s is often an in
0001BD90 dication that ot
0001BDA0 her memory has b
0001BDB0 een corrupted. i
0001BDC0 s an open generi
0001BDD0 c type(unknown)N
0001BDE0 o constructor fo
0001BDF0 und for {0}::.ct
0001BE00 or({1})Type '{0}
0001BE10 ' doesn't derive
0001BE20  from MarshalByR
0001BE30 efObject.Default
0001BE40  constructor not
0001BE50  found..ctor() o
0001BE60 f CreateInstance
0001BE70  cannot be used 
0001BE80 to create this t
0001BE90 ype ({0}).Cannot
0001BEA0  create an abstr
0001BEB0 act class '{0}'.
0001BEC0 assemblyRefassem
0001BED0 blyRef.Name cann
0001BEE0 ot be empty.file
0001BEF0 ://assemblyStrin
0001BF00 gassemblyString 
0001BF10 cannot have zero
0001BF20  lengthrawAssemb
0001BF30 lyThe Name of As
0001BF40 semblyName canno
0001BF50 t be null or a z
0001BF60 ero-length strin
0001BF70 g.The Name of As
0001BF80 semblyName canno
0001BF90 t start with whi
0001BFA0 tespace, or cont
0001BFB0 ain '/', '\'  or
0001BFC0  ':'.An applicat
0001BFD0 ion exception ha
0001BFE0 s occurred.appli
0001BFF0 cationIdentityFu
0001C000 llName, Culture=
0001C010 neutralValue doe
0001C020 s not fall withi
0001C030 n the expected r
0001C040 ange.ParamNamePa
0001C050 rameter name: Ar
0001C060 gument cannot be
0001C070  null.Argument i
0001C080 s out of range.A
0001C090 ctualValueOverfl
0001C0A0 ow or underflow 
0001C0B0 in the arithmeti
0001C0C0 c operation.Sour
0001C0D0 ce array type ca
0001C0E0 nnot be assigned
0001C0F0  to destination 
0001C100 array type.Index
0001C110  was out of rang
0001C120 e. Must be non-n
0001C130 egative and less
0001C140  than the size o
0001C150 f the collection
0001C160 .Destination arr
0001C170 ay is not long e
0001C180 nough to copy al
0001C190 l the items in t
0001C1A0 he collection. C
0001C1B0 heck array index
0001C1C0  and length.byte
0001C1D0 ArrayValue must 
0001C1E0 be positive.star
0001C1F0 tIndex + length 
0001C200 > value.LengthOb
0001C210 ject must be an 
0001C220 array of primiti
0001C230 ves.srcdstsrcOff
0001C240 setdstOffsetOffs
0001C250 et and length we
0001C260 re out of bounds
0001C270  for the array o
0001C280 r count is great
0001C290 er than the numb
0001C2A0 er of elements f
0001C2B0 rom index to the
0001C2C0  end of the sour
0001C2D0 ce collection.Th
0001C2E0 e position is no
0001C2F0 t valid.inArrayo
0001C300 ffset < 0offset 
0001C310 + length > array
0001C320 .LengthoutArrayo
0001C330 ffsetIn, length,
0001C340  offsetOut < 0of
0001C350 fsetIn + length 
0001C360 > array.Lengthof
0001C370 fsetOut + cOutAr
0001C380 r.Length > outAr
0001C390 ray.Lengthoffset
0001C3A0  < 0 || length <
0001C3B0  0Value is great
0001C3C0 er than Byte.Max
0001C3D0 ValueValue is gr
0001C3E0 eater than Byte.
0001C3F0 MaxValue or less
0001C400  than Byte.MinVa
0001C410 lueValue is equa
0001C420 l to Double.NaN,
0001C430  Double.Positive
0001C440 Infinity, or Dou
0001C450 ble.NegativeInfi
0001C460 nityValue is gre
0001C470 ater than Byte.M
0001C480 axValue or less 
0001C490 than Byte.Minalu
0001C4A0 eValue is equal 
0001C4B0 to Single.NaN, S
0001C4C0 ingle.PositiveIn
0001C4D0 finity, or Singl
0001C4E0 e.NegativeInfini
0001C4F0 tyValue is less 
0001C500 than Byte.MinVal
0001C510 ueValue is great
0001C520 er than Char.Max
0001C530 Value or less th
0001C540 an Char.MinValue
0001C550 This conversion 
0001C560 is not supported
0001C570 .Value is less t
0001C580 han Char.MinValu
0001C590 eValue is greate
0001C5A0 r than Char.MaxV
0001C5B0 alueValue is gre
0001C5C0 ater than Int16.
0001C5D0 MaxValueValue is
0001C5E0  greater than In
0001C5F0 t16.MaxValue or 
0001C600 less than Int16.
0001C610 MinValueValue wa
0001C620 s either too lar
0001C630 ge or too small 
0001C640 for an Int16.Val
0001C650 ue is greater th
0001C660 an Int32.MaxValu
0001C670 e or less than I
0001C680 nt32.MinValueVal
0001C690 ue is greater th
0001C6A0 an Int32.MaxValu
0001C6B0 eValue is greate
0001C6C0 r than Int64.Max
0001C6D0 Value or less th
0001C6E0 an Int64.MinValu
0001C6F0 eValue is greate
0001C700 r than Int64.Max
0001C710 ValueValue is gr
0001C720 eater than SByte
0001C730 .MaxValueValue i
0001C740 s greater than S
0001C750 Byte.MaxValue or
0001C760  less than SByte
0001C770 .MinValueValue i
0001C780 s greater than S
0001C790 Byte.MaxValue or
0001C7A0  less than SByte
0001C7B0 .MinalueValue is
0001C7C0  greater than UI
0001C7D0 nt16.MaxValue or
0001C7E0  less than UInt1
0001C7F0 6.MinValueValue 
0001C800 is less than UIn
0001C810 t16.MinValueValu
0001C820 e is greater tha
0001C830 n UInt16.MaxValu
0001C840 eValue is greate
0001C850 r than UInt32.Ma
0001C860 xValue or less t
0001C870 han UInt32.MinVa
0001C880 lueValue is less
0001C890  than UInt32.Min
0001C8A0 ValueValue is gr
0001C8B0 eater than UInt3
0001C8C0 2.MaxValueValue 
0001C8D0 is greater than 
0001C8E0 UInt64.MaxValue 
0001C8F0 or less than UIn
0001C900 t64.MinValueValu
0001C910 e is less than U
0001C920 Int64.MinValueco
0001C930 nversionTypefrom
0001C940 Base is not vali
0001C950 d.The string was
0001C960  being parsed as
0001C970  an unsigned num
0001C980 ber and could no
0001C990 t have a negativ
0001C9A0 e sign.String ca
0001C9B0 nnot contain a m
0001C9C0 inus sign if the
0001C9D0  base is not 10.
0001C9E0 Could not find a
0001C9F0 ny parsable digi
0001CA00 ts.Additional un
0001CA10 parsable charact
0001CA20 ers are at the e
0001CA30 nd of the string
0001CA40 .Null object can
0001CA50  not be converte
0001CA60 d to a value typ
0001CA70 e.Cannot cast to
0001CA80  destination typ
0001CA90 e.Cannot cast to
0001CAA0  DBNull, it's no
0001CAB0 t IConvertibleVa
0001CAC0 lue is not a con
0001CAD0 vertible object:
0001CAE0   to Value {0} i
0001CAF0 s outside the va
0001CB00 lid range [{1},{
0001CB10 2}].ticksParamet
0001CB20 ers describe an 
0001CB30 unrepresentable 
0001CB40 DateTime.H:m:s.f
0001CB50 ffffffzzzH:m:s.f
0001CB60 ffffffH:m:s tt z
0001CB70 zzH:m:szzzH:m:sH
0001CB80 :mzzzH:mH ttH'æ™
0001CB90 ‚'m'分's'秒'yy
0001CBA0 yy/M/dTM/yyyy/dT
0001CBB0 yyyy'年'M'月'd
0001CBC0 'æ—¥yyyy/d/MMMMy
0001CBD0 yyy/MMM/dd/MMMM/
0001CBE0 yyyyMMM/d/yyyyd/
0001CBF0 yyyy/MMMMMMM/yyy
0001CC00 y/dyy/d/Myyyy/MM
0001CC10 MM/dyyyy/d/MMMMM
0001CC20 MM/d/yyyyd/MMM/y
0001CC30 yyyMMMM/yyyy/dd/
0001CC40 yyyy/MMMyy/MMMM/
0001CC50 dyy/d/MMMMMM/yy/
0001CC60 dd/MMMM/yyyy/MMM
0001CC70 /dd/yy/MMMMMM/d/
0001CC80 yyMMMM/d/yyd/MMM
0001CC90 /yyMMMM/dd/MMMyy
0001CCB0 /yyValue is not 
0001CCC0 a System.DateTim
0001CCD0 edDgGfFmMrRstTuU
0001CCE0 yYInvalid format
0001CCF0  character.Inval
0001CD00 id DateTimeKind 
0001CD10 value.kindString
0001CD20  was not recogni
0001CD30 zed as a valid D
0001CD40 ateTime.Order of
0001CD50  month and date 
0001CD60 is not defined b
0001CD70 y {0}Order of ye
0001CD80 ar, month and da
0001CD90 te is not define
0001CDA0 d by {0}Order of
0001CDB0  date, year and 
0001CDC0 month defined by
0001CDD0  {0} is not supp
0001CDE0 ortedOrder of mo
0001CDF0 nth, year and da
0001CE00 te defined by {0
0001CE10 } is not support
0001CE20 edGMTformatsThe 
0001CE30 DateTimeStyles v
0001CE40 alue RoundtripKi
0001CE50 nd cannot be use
0001CE60 d with the value
0001CE70 s AssumeLocal, A
0001CE80 sersal or Adjust
0001CE90 ToUniversal.The 
0001CEA0 DateTimeStyles v
0001CEB0 alues AssumeLoca
0001CEC0 l and AssumeUniv
0001CED0 ersal cannot be 
0001CEE0 used together.In
0001CEF0 valid format str
0001CF00 ingfile time is 
0001CF10 not validTformat
0001CF20  is not one of t
0001CF30 he format specif
0001CF40 ier characters d
0001CF50 efined for DateT
0001CF60 imeFormatInfoThe
0001CF70  UTC date and ti
0001CF80 me that results 
0001CF90 from applying th
0001CFA0 e offset is earl
0001CFB0 ier than MinValu
0001CFC0 e or later than 
0001CFD0 MaxValue.dateTim
0001CFE0 e.Kind equals Ut
0001CFF0 c and offset doe
0001D000 s not equal zero
0001D010 .dateTime.Kind e
0001D020 quals Local and 
0001D030 offset does not 
0001D040 equal the offset
0001D050  of the system's
0001D060  local time zone
0001D070 .offset is not s
0001D080 pecified in whol
0001D090 e minutes.offset
0001D0A0  is less than -1
0001D0B0 4 hours or great
0001D0C0 er than 14 hours
0001D0D0 .The UtcDateTime
0001D0E0  property is ear
0001D0F0 lier than MinVal
0001D100 ue or later than
0001D110  MaxValue.DateTi
0001D120 meOffsetMinutes 
0001D130 zzzUn-ended quot
0001D140 eInvalid Format 
0001D150 String00% at end
0001D160  of date time st
0001D170 ring%% in date s
0001D180 tring\ at end of
0001D190  date time strin
0001D1A0 gDelegateUnexpec
0001D1B0 ted proxy type.D
0001D1C0 ivision by zeroD
0001D1D0 LL not found.Can
0001D1E0 not load class b
0001D1F0 ecause of missin
0001D200 g entry method.u
0001D210 ser-dirs.dirs$HO
0001D230 .localXDG_CONFIG
0001D240 _HOME.configXDG_
0001D250 DESKTOP_DIRDeskt
0001D270 usicXDG_PICTURES
0001D280 _DIRPictures/usr
0001D290 /shareInvalid Sp
0001D2A0 ecialFolderInter
0001D2B0 nal error occurr
0001D2C0 ed.Attempt to ac
0001D2D0 cess a private/p
0001D2E0 rotected field f
0001D2F0 ailed.Invalid fo
0001D300 rmat.Value canno
0001D310 t be null.Array 
0001D320 should be exactl
0001D330 y {0} bytes long
0001D340 .Argument of Sys
0001D350 tem.Guid.Compare
0001D360 To should be a G
0001D370 uid.bpnArgument 
0001D380 to Guid.ToString
0001D390 (string format) 
0001D3A0 should be "b", "
0001D3B0 B", "d", "D", "n
0001D3C0 ", "N", "p" or "
0001D3D0 P"Invalid format
0001D3E0  for Guid.Guid(s
0001D3F0 tring).Array ind
0001D400 ex is out of ran
0001D410 ge.Cannot cast f
0001D420 rom source type 
0001D430 to destination t
0001D440 ype.Operation is
0001D450  not valid due t
0001D460 o the current st
0001D470 ate of the objec
0001D480 tValue is too sm
0001D490 all.Cannot acces
0001D4A0 s a class member
0001D4B0 .Attempt to acce
0001D4C0 ss a private/pro
0001D4D0 tected method fa
0001D4E0 iled.Cannot find
0001D4F0  requested field
0001D500 .Field '{0}.{1}'
0001D510  not found.Canno
0001D520 t find the reque
0001D530 sted class membe
0001D540 r.MMClassNameMMM
0001D550 emberNameMMSigna
0001D560 tureMember {0}.{
0001D570 1} not found.Can
0001D580 not find the req
0001D590 uested method.Me
0001D5A0 thod not found: 
0001D5B0 '{0}.{1}'.Invali
0001D5C0 d handle'{0}' ha
0001D5D0 s more than one 
0001D5E0 attribute of typ
0001D5F0 e '{1}Duplicate 
0001D600 AttributeUsageAt
0001D610 tribute cannot b
0001D620 e specified on a
0001D630 n attribute type
0001D640 .fromNoninstanci
0001D650 atedbindingFlags
0001D660 Cannot specify b
0001D670 oth Get and Set 
0001D680 on a field.Canno
0001D690 t specify both G
0001D6A0 et and Set on a 
0001D6B0 property.Cannot 
0001D6C0 specify Set on a
0001D6D0  field and Invok
0001D6E0 e on a method.Ca
0001D6F0 nnot specify Set
0001D700  on a property a
0001D710 nd Invoke on a m
0001D720 ethod.namedParam
0001D730 eters cannot be 
0001D740 more than named 
0001D750 arguments in num
0001D760 berMust specify 
0001D770 binding flags de
0001D780 scribing the inv
0001D790 oke operation re
0001D7A0 quired.Construct
0001D7B0 or on type 'The 
0001D7C0 best match for m
0001D7D0 ethod  has some 
0001D7E0 invalid paramete
0001D7F0 r.Cannot find me
0001D800 thod Used Missin
0001D810 g.Value for argu
0001D820 ment without def
0001D830 ault valueprovid
0001D840 edArgsOnly the f
0001D850 ield value can b
0001D860 e specified to s
0001D870 et a field value
0001D880 .Cannot find var
0001D890 iable This opera
0001D8A0 tion cannot be p
0001D8B0 erformed with th
0001D8C0 e specified dela
0001D8D0 gates.The reques
0001D8E0 ted feature is n
0001D8F0 ot implemented.O
0001D900 peration is not 
0001D910 supported.A null
0001D920  value was found
0001D930  where an object
0001D940  instance was re
0001D950 quired.nullableT
0001D960 ypeThe specified
0001D970  format 'The obj
0001D980 ect was used aft
0001D990 er being dispose
0001D9A0 d.ObjectName_pla
0001D9B0 tform_version_se
0001D9C0 rvicePackMicroso
0001D9D0 ft Windows NTMic
0001D9E0 rosoft Win32SMic
0001D9F0 rosoft Windows 9
0001DA00 8Microsoft Windo
0001DA10 ws CEUnixXBoxOSX
0001DA20 <unknown>Out of 
0001DA30 memory.Number ov
0001DA40 erflow.Max value
0001DA50  is less than mi
0001DA60 n value.Min valu
0001DA70 e is greater tha
0001DA80 n max value.Two 
0001DA90 arrays must have
0001DAA0  the same number
0001DAB0  of dimensions.M
0001DAC0 ethodObjA system
0001DAD0  exception has o
0001DAE0 ccurred.The time
0001DAF0 span is too big 
0001DB00 or too small.Res
0001DB10 ulting timespan 
0001DB20 is too big.Argum
0001DB30 ent has to be a 
0001DB40 TimeSpan.This Ti
0001DB50 meSpan value is 
0001DB60 MinValue so you 
0001DB70 cannot get the d
0001DB80 uration.Value ca
0001DB90 nnot be NaN.Outs
0001DBA0 ide range [MinVa
0001DBB0 lue,MaxValue]Thi
0001DBC0 s TimeSpan value
0001DBD0  is MinValue and
0001DBE0  cannot be negat
0001DBF0 ed.D2D7Invalid t
0001DC00 ime data.Invalid
0001DC10  format for Time
0001DC20 Span.Parse.dayli
0001DC30 ghtTimesCan't ge
0001DC40 t timezone name.
0001DC50 year is not in a
0001DC60  range between 1
0001DC70  and 9999.Can't 
0001DC80 get timezone dat
0001DC90 a for A type loa
0001DCA0 d exception has 
0001DCB0 occurred.TypeLoa
0001DCC0 dClassNameTypeLo
0001DCD0 adAssemblyNameCo
0001DCE0 uld not load typ
0001DCF0 e '{0}' from ass
0001DD00 embly '{1}'.Coul
0001DD10 d not load type 
0001DD20 '{0}'.TypeLoadMe
0001DD30 ssageArgTypeLoad
0001DD40 ResourceIDAccess
0001DD50  to the requeste
0001DD60 d resource is no
0001DD70 t authorized.Uni
0001DD80 tyTypeUnitySeria
0001DD90 lizationHolder d
0001DDA0 oes not support 
0001DDB0 this type.There 
0001DDC0 must be 2, 3 or 
0001DDD0 4 components in 
0001DDE0 the version stri
0001DDF0 ng.majorminorbui
0001DE00 ldrevisionArgume
0001DE10 nt to Version.Co
0001DE20 mpareTo must be 
0001DE30 a Version.TrackR
0001DE40 esurrectionTrack
0001DE50 edObjectnodeArra
0001DE60 y is multidimens
0001DE70 ionalnumber of i
0001DE80 tems exceeds cap
0001DE90 acityDataArrayli
0001DEA0 st modifiedshoul
0001DEB0 dnt happenelemen
0001DEC0 t already exists
0001DED0 The value "" isn
0001DEE0 't of type "" an
0001DEF0 d can't be used 
0001DF00 in this generic 
0001DF10 collection.Index
0001DF20  out of rangeCol
0001DF30 lection was modi
0001DF40 fied after the e
0001DF50 numerator was in
0001DF60 stantiated.Attem
0001DF70 pted lookup for 
0001DF80 a null key.Array
0001DF90  cannot be null.
0001DFA0 index is too lar
0001DFB0 geNot enough roo
0001DFC0 m in the arrayDu
0001DFD0 plicate key in a
0001DFE0 dd.The ListDicti
0001DFF0 onary's contents
0001E000  changed after t
0001E010 his enumerator w
0001E020 as instantiated.
0001E030 Enumerator is po
0001E040 sitioned before 
0001E050 the collection's
0001E060  first element o
0001E070 r after the last
0001E080  element.HashPro
0001E090 viderReadOnlyCou
0001E0A0 ntThe comparer i
0001E0B0 s nullkeys is nu
0001E0C0 llvalues is null
0001E0D0 Not enough room 
0001E0E0 from arrayIndex 
0001E0F0 to end of array 
0001E100 for this KeysCol
0001E110 lectionInvalid n
0001E120 umber of argumen
0001E130 ts for this cons
0001E140 tructorInstanceD
0001E150 escriptor only d
0001E160 escribes static 
0001E170 (VB.Net: shared)
0001E180  membersInvalid 
0001E190 number of argume
0001E1A0 nts for this met
0001E1B0 hodargumentsPara
0001E1C0 meter must be st
0001E1D0 aticField member
0001E1E0 s do not take an
0001E1F0 y argumentsParam
0001E200 eter must be rea
0001E210 dabledestination
0001E220 Type ArrayDefaul
0001E230 t0x0X is not a v
0001E240 alid value for M
0001E250 iscString {0} is
0001E260  not a valid Cha
0001E270 r: it has to be 
0001E280 less than or equ
0001E290 al to one char l
0001E2A0 ong.(Collection)
0001E2B0 {0} [{1}](Defaul
0001E2C0 t)Culture {0} ca
0001E2D0 nnot be converte
0001E2E0 d to a CultureIn
0001E2F0 fo or is not ava
0001E300 ilable in this e
0001E310 nvironment. is n
0001E320 ot a valid DateT
0001E330 ime value.yyyy-M
0001E340 M-ddComponentFor
0001E350 mDesignerToObjec
0001E360 tThe value '{0}'
0001E370  is not a valid 
0001E380 value for the en
0001E390 um '{1}'is not a
0001E3A0  valid GUID.(non
0001E3B0 e)is not valid f
0001E3C0 or a TimeSpan.Sy
0001E3D0 stem.Drawing.Des
0001E3E0 ign.ToolboxItem,
0001E3F0  System.Drawing,
0001E400  Version=
0001E410 , Culture=neutra
0001E420 l, PublicKeyToke
0001E430 n=b03f5f7f11d50a
0001E440 3a(null){0} cann
0001E450 ot convert from 
0001E460 {1}.'{0}' is una
0001E470 ble to convert '
0001E480 {1}' to '{2}'.Na
0001E490 tiveErrorCodecom
0001E4A0 pressedStreamFai
0001E4B0 led to initializ
0001E4C0 e zlib. You prob
0001E4D0 ably have an old
0001E4E0  zlib installed.
0001E4F0  Version
0001E500  or later is req
0001E510 uired.DisposeRea
0001E520 dInternalDestina
0001E530 tion array is nu
0001E540 ll.Stream does n
0001E550 ot support readi
0001E560 ng.Dest or count
0001E570  is negative.Wri
0001E580 teInternalsrc_of
0001E590 fsetUnknown erro
0001E5A0 rInternal errorC
0001E5B0 orrupted dataNot
0001E5C0  enough memoryIn
0001E5D0 ternal error (no
0001E5E0  progress possib
0001E5F0 le)Invalid argum
0001E600 ent(s)IO errorFl
0001E610 ushBuffer too sm
0001E620 all. count/offse
0001E630 t wrong.async_re
0001E640 sult\s*nameserve
0001E650 r\s+(?<address>.
0001E660 *)\s*search\s+(?
0001E670 <domain>.*)Darwi
0001E680 n/sys/class/net/
0001E690 operstateflagsge
0001E6A0 tifaddrs() faile
0001E6B0 dGot a bad hardw
0001E6C0 are address leng
0001E6D0 th for an AF_PAC
0001E6E0 KET {0} {1}wirel
0001E6F0 essunknownnotpre
0001E700 sentdownlowerlay
0001E710 erdowntestingdor
0001E720 mantuphuh? The c
0001E730 ollection is rea
0001E740 d-only.This stre
0001E750 am does not supp
0001E760 ort seek operati
0001E770 onsThis SslStrea
0001E780 m is already aut
0001E790 henticatedThis o
0001E7A0 peration is inva
0001E7B0 lid until it is 
0001E7C0 successfully aut
0001E7D0 henticatedifinde
0001E7E0 xmcintsocket is 
0001E7F0 nullSocket is no
0001E800 t of type Stream
0001E810 socketNot connec
0001E820 tedOperation not
0001E830  allowed on a no
0001E840 n-blocking socke
0001E850 t.offset exceeds
0001E860  the size of buf
0001E870 feroffset+size e
0001E880 xceeds the size 
0001E890 of bufferBeginRe
0001E8A0 ceive failureBeg
0001E8B0 inWrite failurea
0001E8C0 sync result is n
0001E8D0 ullEndRead failu
0001E8E0 reEndWrite failu
0001E8F0 reRead failureWr
0001E900 ite failurefamil
0001E910 yaddressesThis m
0001E920 ethod is only va
0001E930 lid for addresse
0001E940 s in the InterNe
0001E950 twork or InterNe
0001E960 tworkV6 families
0001E970 hostThis method 
0001E980 is valid only fo
0001E990 r sockets in the
0001E9A0  InterNetwork an
0001E9B0 d InterNetworkV6
0001E9C0  familiesoffset 
0001E9D0 must be >= 0size
0001E9E0  must be >= 0off
0001E9F0 set, sizeoffset 
0001EA00 + size exceeds t
0001EA10 he buffer length
0001EA20 local_endToo man
0001EA30 y sockets are bo
0001EA40 und, maximum cou
0001EA50 nt in the webpla
0001EA60 yer is resultEnd
0001EA70 ConnectEndReceiv
0001EA80 eEndReceiveFromE
0001EA90 ndSend can only 
0001EAA0 be called once p
0001EAB0 er asynchronous 
0001EAC0 operationListeni
0001EAD0 ng on TCP socket
0001EAE0 s is not allowed
0001EAF0  in the webplaye
0001EB00 rThrowing the fo
0001EB10 llowing security
0001EB20 exception: 'mode
0001EB30 ' parameter is n
0001EB40 ot valid.Operati
0001EB50 on timed out.Ope
0001EB60 ration timed out
0001EB70 Unable to connec
0001EB80 t, as no valid c
0001EB90 rossdomain polic
0001EBA0 y was foundSendT
0001EBB0 o request refuse
0001EBC0 d by Unity webpl
0001EBD0 ayer security mo
0001EBE0 delThrowing the 
0001EBF0 following securi
0001EC00 ty exception: op
0001EC10 tionValueA 'Ling
0001EC20 erOption' value 
0001EC30 must be specifie
0001EC40 d.A 'MulticastOp
0001EC50 tion' value must
0001EC60  be specified.A 
0001EC70 'IPv6MulticastOp
0001EC80 tion' value must
0001EC90  be specified.In
0001ECA0 valid value spec
0001ECB0 ified.CheckSocke
0001ECC0 tEndPointUnexpec
0001ECD0 ted error while 
0001ECE0 trying to CheckE
0001ECF0 ndPoint() : Unit
0001ED00 yEngine.UnityCro
0001ED10 ssDomainHelper, 
0001ED20 CrossDomainPolic
0001ED30 yParser, Version
0001ED40 =, Cultur
0001ED50 e=neutralCant fi
0001ED60 nd type UnityCro
0001ED70 ssDomainHelperCa
0001ED80 nt find remoteEP
0001ED90 Family must be I
0001EDA0 nterNetwork or I
0001EDB0 nterNetworkV6loc
0001EDC0 alEPmulticastAdd
0001EDD0 rasyncResult is 
0001EDE0 a null reference
0001EDF0 requestcredentia
0001EE00 lschallengebasic
0001EE10 Basic Basic2 CR 
0001EE20 foundchunk size 
0001EE30 too long.Missing
0001EE40  \nCannot parse 
0001EE50 chunk size.Expec
0001EE60 ting \rExpecting
0001EE70  \n...Error read
0001EE80 ing trailer (too
0001EE90  long).Error rea
0001EEA0 ding trailer.()<
0001EEB0 >@,;:\"/[]?={} .
0001EEC0 Name contains in
0001EED0 valid characters
0001EEE0 The 'Port'='' pa
0001EEF0 rt of the cookie
0001EF00  is invalid. Por
0001EF10 t must be enclos
0001EF20 ed by double quo
0001EF30 tes.' part of th
0001EF40 e cookie is inva
0001EF50 lid. Invalid val
0001EF60 ue: $Version=; ;
0001EF70  $Path=; $Path=/
0001EF80 ; $Domain=; $Por
0001EF90 t=cookieInvalid 
0001EFA0 cookie: nameInva
0001EFB0 lid cookie: valu
0001EFC0 erealmopaquenonc
0001EFD0 ealgorithmqopdig
0001EFE0 est {0}:{1}:{2}m
0001EFF0 d5-sess{0}:{1}au
0001F000 th-int{0}:{1}:{0
0001F010 }:{1}:{2}:digest
0001F020 Digest username=
0001F030 "{0}", realm="{0
0001F040 }", nonce="{0}",
0001F050  uri="{0}", algo
0001F060 rithm="{0}", res
0001F070 ponse="{0}", qop
0001F080 ="{0}", nc={0:X8
0001F090 }, cnonce="{0}",
0001F0A0  opaque="{0}", D
0001F0B0 igest0.0.0.0127.
0001F0C0 0.0.1hostNameOrA
0001F0D0 ddress::0Address
0001F0E0 es (IPv4
0001F0F0 ) and ::0 (IPv6)
0001F100  are unspecified
0001F110  addresses. You 
0001F120 cannot use them 
0001F130 as target addres
0001F140 s.addresshostNam
0001F150 eGETheadersproxy
0001F160 connectionGroupN
0001F170 amecontentLength
0001F180 fileAccesspreaut
0001F190 henticateThe Con
0001F1A0 tent-Length valu
0001F1B0 e must be greate
0001F1C0 r than or equal 
0001F1D0 to zero.Content-
0001F1E0 TypeCannot set n
0001F1F0 ull or blank met
0001F200 hods on request.
0001F210 Timeout can be o
0001F220 nly set to 'Syst
0001F230 em.Threading.Tim
0001F240 eout.Infinite' o
0001F250 r a value >= 0.H
0001F260 EADCONNECTCannot
0001F270  send a content-
0001F280 body with this v
0001F290 erb-type.This op
0001F2A0 eration cannot b
0001F2B0 e performed afte
0001F2C0 r the request ha
0001F2D0 s been submitted
0001F2E0 .Cannot re-call 
0001F2F0 start of asynchr
0001F300 onous method whi
0001F310 le a previous ca
0001F320 ll is still in p
0001F330 rogress.The requ
0001F340 est timed outCon
0001F350 tent-Lengthappli
0001F360 cation/octet-str
0001F370 eamresponseUriwe
0001F380 bHeadersServer c
0001F390 ommited a protoc
0001F3A0 ol violationoffs
0001F3B0 et+sizeInvalid a
0001F3C0 syncResultRead t
0001F3D0 imed out.Invalid
0001F3E0  asyncResult.RET
0001F420 Method string ca
0001F430 nnot be nullMeth
0001F440 od not supported
0001F450 IAABORAborted by
0001F460  requestCannot r
0001F470 e-call BeginGetR
0001F480 equestStream/Beg
0001F490 inGetResponse wh
0001F4A0 ile a previous c
0001F4B0 all is still in 
0001F4C0 progressAsyncRes
0001F4D0 ult cannot be nu
0001F4E0 ll!AsyncResult i
0001F4F0 s from another r
0001F500 equest!Transfer 
0001F510 timed out.Reques
0001F520 t abortedRequest
0001F530  timed outCannot
0001F540  resolve server 
0001F550 nameThe remote s
0001F560 erver name could
0001F570  not be resolved
0001F580 : TYPEftp://dumm
0001F590 y-hostCWDSupport
0001F5A0  for command {0}
0001F5B0  not implemented
0001F5C0  yetQUITRNFRBad 
0001F5D0 format for serve
0001F5E0 r response in yy
0001F5F0 yyMMddHHmmssRNTO
0001F600 There is a reque
0001F610 st currently in 
0001F620 progressUnable t
0001F630 o connect to rem
0001F640 ote serverOPTSut
0001F650 f8Error getting 
0001F660 current director
0001F670 y: Error getting
0001F680  current directo
0001F690 ry: PWD -> Canno
0001F6A0 t open passive d
0001F6B0 ata connectionSe
0001F6C0 rver returned an
0001F6D0  error: PASVCoul
0001F6E0 dn't open listen
0001F6F0 ing socket on cl
0001F700 ientPORTRESTServ
0001F710 er commited a pr
0001F720 otocol violation
0001F730 .anonymous@anony
0001F750 PASS..Write fail
0001F760 edInvalid respon
0001F770 se from serverAU
0001F780 THTLSCannot chan
0001F790 ge final stateSS
0001F7A0 L authentication
0001F7B0  error: requestU
0001F7C0 riactualUriallow
0001F7D0 AutoRedirectallo
0001F7E0 wBufferingcertif
0001F7F0 icatesconnection
0001F800 GroupkeepAlivema
0001F810 xAutoRedirectmed
0001F820 iaTypeinitialMet
0001F830 hodpipelinedsend
0001F840 Chunkedredirects
0001F860 Content-Length m
0001F870 ust be >= 0not a
0001F880  valid methodTra
0001F890 nsfer-EncodingUs
0001F8A0 er-AgentThe requ
0001F8B0 est was canceled
0001F8C0 .Cannot send dat
0001F8D0 a when method is
0001F8E0 : Content-Length
0001F8F0  not setSendChun
0001F900 ked should be tr
0001F910 ue.Method is nul
0001F920 l.Aborted.reques
0001F930 t startedAmbiguo
0001F940 us redirect.Loca
0001F950 tionProxy suppor
0001F960 t not available.
0001F970 Invalid status c
0001F980 ode: No Location
0001F990  header found fo
0001F9A0 r Invalid URL ({
0001F9B0 0}) for {1}chunk
0001F9C0 edExpect100-cont
0001F9D0 inueProxy-Connec
0001F9E0 tionConnectionke
0001F9F0 ep-alivecloseHos
0001FA00 tCookiegzipgzip,
0001FA10  deflatedeflateA
0001FA20 ccept-EncodingPr
0001FA30 oxy-Authorizatio
0001FA40 nAuthorizationEr
0001FA50 ror: Error: {0} 
0001FA60 ({1}){0}://{1}{2
0001FA70 }{0}://{1}:{2}{3
0001FA80 }{0} {1} HTTP/{2
0001FA90 }.{3}..Error get
0001FAA0 ting response st
0001FAB0 ream ({0}): {1}N
0001FAD0 AuthenticateWWW-
0001FAE0 AuthenticateThis
0001FAF0  request require
0001FB00 s buffering of d
0001FB10 ata for authenti
0001FB20 cation or redire
0001FB30 ction to be suce
0001FB40 ssful.The remote
0001FB50  server returned
0001FB60  an error: ({0})
0001FB70  {1}.Max. redire
0001FB80 ctions exceeded.
0001FB90 rddd, dd'-'MMM'-
0001FBA0 'yyyy HH':'mm':'
0001FBB0 ss 'GMT'ddd, dd'
0001FBC0 -'MMM'-'yy HH':'
0001FBD0 mm':'ss 'GMT'Con
0001FBE0 tent-Encodingcon
0001FBF0 tentTypestatusDe
0001FC00 scriptioncookieC
0001FC10 ollectionstatusC
0001FC20 odeSet-CookieSet
0001FC30 -Cookie2COMMENTC
0001FC80 invalid IP addre
0001FC90 ss was specified
0001FCA0 .
0001FCB0 ::1ipStringThe a
0001FCC0 ttempted operati
0001FCD0 on is not suppor
0001FCE0 ted for the type
0001FCF0  of object refer
0001FD00 encedInvalid por
0001FD10 tsocketAddressTh
0001FD20 e IPEndPoint was
0001FD30  created using  
0001FD40 AddressFamily bu
0001FD50 t SocketAddress 
0001FD60 contains  instea
0001FD70 d, please use th
0001FD80 e same type.addr
0001FD90 prefixLengthNot 
0001FDA0 a valid IPv6 add
0001FDB0 ressffff:{0:x}{0
0001FDC0 :X4}:{0:X4}Proxy
0001FDD0  scheme not supp
0001FDE0 orted.maximum nu
0001FDF0 mber of service 
0001FE00 points reached/S
0001FE10 ystem/Library/Fr
0001FE20 ameworks/Securit
0001FE30 y.framework/Secu
0001FE40 rityERROR buildi
0001FE50 ng certificate c
0001FE60 hain: {0}Please,
0001FE70  report this pro
0001FE80 blem to the Mono
0001FE90  team1.
0001FEA0 .
0001FEB0 .113730.4.12.16.
0001FEC0 840.1.113730.1.1
0001FED0 SSL Server Authe
0001FEE0 nticationERROR p
0001FEF0 rocessing certif
0001FF00 icate: {0}2.5.29
0001FF10 .17CN\s*=\s*([^,
0001FF20 ]*)size is too s
0001FF30 mall:{}Throwing 
0001FF40 this exception: 
0001FF50 CheckingSecurity
0001FF60 ForUrl: /crossdo
0001FF70 main.xmlGetSecur
0001FF80 ityPolicyForDotN
0001FF90 etWebRequestCant
0001FFA0  find GetSecurit
0001FFB0 yPolicyFromNonMa
0001FFC0 inThreadDownload
0001FFD0 PolicyCannot fin
0001FFE0 d method Downloa
0001FFF0 dPolicyWebreques
00020000 t was deniedUnex
00020010 pected error whi
00020020 le trying to cal
00020030 l method_GetSecu
00020040 rityPolicyBlocki
00020050 ng : SelectedCli
00020060 entCertificateSe
00020070 rverCertificateT
00020080 rustFailureCONNE
00020090 CT  HTTP/1.11.0.
000200A0 .Host: ..Proxy-A
000200B0 uthorization: ..
000200C0 ..The remote ser
000200D0 ver returned a {
000200E0 0} status code.R
000200F0 eadHeadersReadHe
00020100 aders2ReadDone1R
00020110 eadDone2ReadDone
00020120 3ReadDone4ReadDo
00020130 ne5ReadDone6Init
00020140 ReadHTTP/1.1chun
00020150 ked BeginReadInv
00020160 alid chunked dat
00020170 a.chunked EndRea
00020180 dRead errorchunk
00020190 ed Read1chunked 
000201A0 Read2Write: Trus
000201B0 t failureUser ab
000201C0 ortedThe operati
000201D0 on has timed out
000201E0 .this stream doe
000201F0 s not allow read
00020200 ingError writing
00020210  requestthis str
00020220 eam does not all
00020230 ow writing{0:X}.
00020240 .The number of b
00020250 ytes to be writt
00020260 en is greater th
00020270 an the specified
00020280  ContentLength.W
00020290 rite timed out.E
000202A0 rror writing req
000202B0 uest: Specified 
000202C0 Content-Length i
000202D0 s less than the 
000202E0 number of bytes 
000202F0 to write0....Can
00020300 not close the st
00020310 ream until all b
00020320 ytes are written
00020330 Request was canc
00020340 elled.kvacceptco
00020350 nnectioncontent-
00020360 lengthcontent-ty
00020370 pedateexpectif-m
00020380 odified-sinceran
00020390 gereferertransfe
000203A0 r-encodinguser-a
000203B0 gentproxy-connec
000203C0 tionaccept-chars
000203D0 etaccept-encodin
000203E0 gaccept-language
000203F0 accept-rangesall
00020400 owauthorizationc
00020410 ache-controlcont
00020420 ent-encodingcont
00020430 ent-languageif-m
00020440 atchif-none-matc
00020450 hproxy-authentic
00020460 atepublicupgrade
00020470 varyviawarningww
00020480 w-authenticatese
00020490 t-cookieset-cook
000204A0 ie2headerno colo
000204B0 n foundThis head
000204C0 er must be modif
000204D0 ied with the app
000204E0 ropiate property
000204F0 .invalid header 
00020500 name: headerName
00020510 invalid header v
00020520 alue: headerValu
00020530 eempty stringInv
00020540 alid character i
00020550 n headerrestrict
00020560 ed headerinvalid
00020570  header nameinva
00020580 lid header value
00020590 _ProxyAddress_By
000205A0 passOnLocal_Bypa
000205B0 ssList_UseDefaul
000205C0 tCredentialsloca
000205D0 lhostloopbackHtt
000205E0 pRequestCreatorF
000205F0 ileWebRequestCre
00020600 atorFtpRequestCr
00020610 eatorSystem.Net.
00020620 This method must
00020630  be implemented 
00020640 in derived class
00020650 esrequestUriStri
00020660 ng1.2.840.113549
00020670 .
00020680 040.4.1Cannot de
00020690 code public key 
000206A0 from unknown OID
000206B0  '{0}'.Missing D
000206C0 SA Y integer.Mis
000206D0 sing DSA paramet
000206E0 ers.Invalid DSA 
000206F0 parameters.Error
00020700  decoding the AS
00020710 N.1 structure.Mi
00020720 ssing RSA modulu
00020730 s and exponent.M
00020740 issing RSA modul
00020750 us.Missing RSA p
00020760 ublic exponent.e
00020770 ncodedDistinguis
00020780 hedNameBasic Con
00020790 straintspathLeng
000207A0 thConstraintBadl
000207B0 y encoded extens
000207C0 ion.asnEncodedDa
000207D0 taWrong type.Inf
000207E0 ormation Not Ava
000207F0 ilableUnknown Ke
00020800 y Usage ({0})Sub
00020810 ject Type=CAEnd 
00020820 EntityPath Lengt
00020830 h Constraint=Non
00020840 eUnable to decod
00020850 e public key.nam
00020860 eTypeSystem.Secu
00020870 rity.Cryptograph
00020880 y.X509Certificat
00020890 es.X509Certifica
000208A0 te2[Version]{0} 
000208B0  V{1}{0}{0}[Seri
000208C0 al Number]{0}  {
000208D0 1}{0}{0}[Thumbpr
000208E0 int]{0}  {1}{0}{
000208F0 0}[Signature Alg
00020900 orithm]{0}  {1}(
00020910 {2}){0}{0}[Publi
00020920 c Key]{0}  Algor
00020930 ithm: {0}  Lengt
00020940 h: {1}{0}  Key B
00020950 lob: {0}  Parame
00020960 ters: negative i
00020970 ndexindex >= Cou
00020980 ntcertificatefin
00020990 dValueInvalid fi
000209A0 nd value type '{
000209B0 0}', expected '{
000209C0 1}'.X509KeyUsage
000209D0 FlagsInvalid OID
000209E0  value '{0}'.X50
000209F0 9DateTimeInvalid
00020A00  find type '{0}'
00020A10 .
00020A20 alid revocation 
00020A30 mode.
00020A40 5.29.21Revocatio
00020A50 nModeEnhanced Ke
00020A60 y UsageencodedDa
00020A70 taInvalid ASN.1 
00020A80 TagServer Authen
00020A90 tication (Unknow
00020AA0 n Key Usage (Exp
00020AB0 ected a X509Exte
00020AC0 nsion instance.i
00020AD0 ndex >= array.Le
00020AE0 ngthKey UsageDig
00020AF0 ital SignatureNo
00020B00 n-RepudiationKey
00020B10  EnciphermentDat
00020B20 a EnciphermentKe
00020B30 y AgreementCerti
00020B40 ficate SigningOf
00020B50 f-line CRL Signi
00020B60 ng, CRL SigningE
00020B70 ncipher OnlyDeci
00020B80 pher OnlystoreNa
00020B90 mestoreLocationI
00020BA0 nvalid store nam
00020BB0 e (null or empty
00020BC0 ).RootTrustStore
00020BD0  {0} doesn't exi
00020BE0 sts.Subject Key 
00020BF0 Identifiersubjec
00020C00 tKeyIdentifierRF
00020C10 C822 Name=DNS Na
00020C20 me=Unknown ({0})
00020C30 =SSL Client Auth
00020C40 enticationSMIMEU
00020C50 nknown cert type
00020C70 gnature CA ({0})
00020C80 1.2.840.113549.1
00020C90 .
00020CB0 113549.1.9.5PKCS
00020CC0  7 DataContent T
00020CD0 ypeMessage Diges
00020CE0 tSigning Time3de
00020CF0 sSubject Alterna
00020D00 tive NameNetscap
00020D10 e Cert Typemd5sh
00020D20 a1Scan method mu
00020D30 st be implemente
00020D40 d in derived cla
00020D50 sseshowtoo many 
00020D60 matches'Current'
00020D70  called before '
00020D80 MoveNext()'Match
00020D90 Collection in in
00020DA0 valid state'Curr
00020DB0 ent' called afte
00020DC0 r 'MoveNext()' r
00020DD0 eturned falseinp
00020DE0 utstartatreplace
00020DF0 ment('', [])Isca
00020E00 n only truncate 
00020E10 the stackUnexpec
00020E20 ted end of patte
00020E30 rn.invalid state
00020E40 Too many | in (?
00020E50 ()|).Bad quantif
00020E60 ier.Too many )'s
00020E70 .Not enough )'s.
00020E80 Bad optionsBad g
00020E90 roup name.Bad ba
00020EA0 lancing group na
00020EB0 me.Bad condition
00020EC0 al.Unterminated 
00020ED0 (?#...) comment.
00020EE0 Bad grouping con
00020EF0 struct.character
00020F00  range cannot ha
00020F10 ve category \] r
00020F20 ange in reverse 
00020F30 order.Unterminat
00020F40 ed [] set.Illega
00020F50 l {x, y} - maxim
00020F60 um of 2147483647
00020F70 .Illegal {x, y} 
00020F80 with x > y.Incom
00020F90 plete \p{X} char
00020FA0 acter escape.Unk
00020FB0 nown property 'M
00020FC0 alformed \k<...>
00020FD0  named backrefer
00020FE0 ence.Parsing "{0
00020FF0 }" - Illegal \ a
00021000 t end of pattern
00021010 .Insufficient he
00021020 x digitsUnrecogn
00021030 ized control cha
00021040 racter.Reference
00021050  to undefined gr
00021060 oup number name 
00021070 parsing "" - ove
00021080 rlapping?Shouldn
00021090 't happenAbsolut
000210A0 eUriInvalid URI:
000210B0  The format of t
000210C0 he URI could not
000210D0  be determined.I
000210E0 nvalid URI: The 
000210F0 format of the UR
00021100 I could not be d
00021110 etermined becaus
00021120 e the parameter 
00021130 'uriString' repr
00021140 esents an absolu
00021150 te URI.Invalid U
00021160 riKind value '{0
00021170 }'.Invalid URI: 
00021180 The format of th
00021190 e URI could not 
000211A0 be determined: n
000211B0 et.pipenet.tcpba
000211C0 seUri.//..//..%2
000211D0 5%3FAbsolute URI
000211E0  is too shortURI
000211F0  scheme must sta
00021200 rt with a letter
00021210 .URI scheme must
00021220  start with a le
00021230 tter and must co
00021240 nsist of one of 
00021250 alphabet, digits
00021260 , '+', '-' or '.
00021270 ' character.Inva
00021280 lid URI: The Aut
00021290 hority/Host coul
000212A0 d not be parsed.
000212B0 Absolute URI whe
000212C0 n we expected a 
000212D0 relative oneInva
000212E0 lid URI: Invalid
000212F0  port numberInva
00021300 lid URI: The hos
00021310 tname could not 
00021320 be parsed. (stri
00021330 ngToEscapeUri is
00021340  longer than the
00021350  maximum {0} cha
00021360 racters.stringTo
00021370 UnescapeThis ope
00021380 ration is not su
00021390 pported for a re
000213A0 lative URI.Inval
000213B0 id URI format^((
000213C0 [^:/?#]+):)?(//(
000213D0 [^/?#]*))?([^?#]
000213E0 *)(\?([^#]*))?(#
000213F0 (.*))?^(([^@]+)@
00021400 )?(.*?)(:([0-9]+
00021410 ))?$The argument
00021420  Uri's scheme do
00021430 es not matchldap
00021440 sourceTypeCannot
00021450  convert from va
00021460 lue.Cannot conve
00021470 rt to destinatio
00021480 n type.1.2.840.1
00021490 13549.
000214A0 40.113549.1.1.41
000214B0 .2.840.113549.1.
000214D0 1.2.840.10040.4.
000214E0 31.2.840.113549.
000214F0 1.1.11Unsupporte
00021500 d hash algorithm
00021510 : aaUnknown Asym
00021520 metric Algorithm
00021530  crlInput data c
00021540 annot be coded a
00021550 s a valid CRL. [
00021560 Non-matching sig
00021570 nature algorithm
00021580 s in CRL]x509ser
00021590 ialNumberextensi
000215A0 on*.cer*.crlcert
000215B0 sInvalid Authori
000215C0 tyKeyIdentifier 
000215D0 extensionKeyID=I
000215E0 nvalid BasicCons
000215F0 traints extensio
00021600 nInvalid Extende
00021610 dKeyUsage extens
00021620 ion1.
00021630 .
00021650 .
00021670 . A
00021680 uthenticationCli
00021690 ent Authenticati
000216A0 onCode SigningEm
000216B0 ail ProtectionTi
000216C0 me StampingOCSP 
000216D0 Signing ({0}){1}
000216E0 Directory Addres
000216F0 s: URL=IP Addres
00021700 s=Invalid KeyUsa
00021710 ge extension , C
00021720 RL SigningEnciph
00021730 er Only Invalid 
00021740 NetscapeCertType
00021750  extensionObject
00021760  SigningObject S
00021770 igning CAInvalid
00021780  SubjectAltName 
00021790 extensionCannot 
000217A0 change key durin
000217B0 g hash operation
000217C0 .MD5SHA1The auth
000217D0 entication or de
000217E0 cryption has fai
000217F0 led.Unsupported 
00021800 security protoco
00021810 l type.Unsupport
00021820 ed security prot
00021830 ocol typeTLS_RSA
00021840 _WITH_AES_256_CB
00021860 H_AES_128_CBC_SH
00021870 ATLS_RSA_WITH_3D
00021890 S_RSA_WITH_RC4_1
000218A0 28_SHATLS_RSA_WI
000218B0 TH_RC4_128_MD5TL
000218E0 PORT_WITH_RC4_40
00021900 RT_WITH_RC2_CBC_
00021910 40_MD5TLS_RSA_EX
00021920 PORT_WITH_DES40_
00021940 XPORT_WITH_RC4_5
00021950 6_MD5TLS_RSA_EXP
00021960 ORT_WITH_RC2_CBC
00021970 _56_MD5TLS_RSA_E
00021990 BC_56_SHATLS_RSA
000219B0 _56_SHASSL_RSA_W
000219C0 ITH_AES_256_CBC_
00021A00 _128_SHASSL_RSA_
00021A10 WITH_RC4_128_MD5
00021A50 40_MD5SSL_RSA_EX
00021A70 C_40_MD5SSL_RSA_
00021AB0 _56_MD5SSL_RSA_E
00021AD0 BC_56_MD5SSL_RSA
00021AF0 _CBC_56_SHASSL_R
00021B10 C4_56_SHAUnknown
00021B20  client handshak
00021B30 e message type: 
00021B40 Unknown server h
00021B50 andshake message
00021B60  received ({0})M
00021B90 he session infor
00021BA0 mation were disp
00021BB0 osed.Incorrect p
00021BC0 rotocol version 
00021BD0 received from se
00021BE0 rverThe session 
00021BF0 is finished and 
00021C00 it's no longer v
00021C10 alid.Unknown rec
00021C20 ord received fro
00021C30 m server.Either 
00021C40 the provided asy
00021C50 nc result is nul
00021C60 l or was not cre
00021C70 ated by this Rec
00021C80 ordProtocol.buff
00021C90 er underrunRecei
00021CA0 ved 0 bytes from
00021CB0  stream. It must
00021CC0  be closed.Inval
00021CD0 id protocol vers
00021CE0 ion on message r
00021CF0 eceivedBad recor
00021D00 d MACSSL_TLS_Ins
00021D10 uficient Securit
00021D20 yRSA_WITH_RC4_12
00021D30 8_MD5RSA_EXPORT_
00021D40 WITH_RC4_40_MD5R
00021D60 C2_CBC_40_MD5The
00021D70  key is a null r
00021D80 eferenceThe hash
00021D90  algorithm is a 
00021DA0 null reference.T
00021DB0 he rgbHash param
00021DC0 eter is a null r
00021DD0 eference.Specfie
00021DE0 d key is not an 
00021DF0 RSA keytargetHos
00021E00 t is null or an 
00021E10 empty string.The
00021E20  server stopped 
00021E30 the handshake.BB
00021E40 CCCstream is nul
00021E50 l.stream is not 
00021E60 both readable an
00021E70 d writable.buffe
00021E80 r is a null refe
00021E90 rence.offset is 
00021EA0 less than 0.offs
00021EB0 et is greater th
00021EC0 an the length of
00021ED0  buffer.count is
00021EE0  less than 0.cou
00021EF0 nt is less than 
00021F00 the length of bu
00021F10 ffer minus the v
00021F20 alue of the offs
00021F30 et parameter.IO 
00021F40 exception during
00021F50  read.IO excepti
00021F60 on during Write.
00021F70 asyncResult is n
00021F80 ull or was not o
00021F90 btained by calli
00021FA0 ng BeginRead.Cou
00021FB0 ldn't complete E
00021FC0 ndReadasyncResul
00021FD0 t is null or was
00021FE0  not obtained by
00021FF0  calling BeginWr
00022000 ite.Couldn't com
00022010 plete EndWriteTh
00022020 e Stream is clos
00022030 ed.master secret
00022040 key expansioncli
00022050 ent write keyser
00022060 ver write keyIV 
00022070 block8 bytes max
00022080 imumRead operati
00022090 ons are not allo
000220A0 wed by this stre
000220B0 amWrite operatio
000220C0 ns are not allow
000220D0 ed by this strea
000220E0 mClient certific
000220F0 ate Private Key 
00022100 unavailable.clie
00022110 nt finished0x{0:
00022120 x}Invalid certif
00022130 icate received f
00022140 rom server. Erro
00022150 r code: Invalid 
00022160 certificate rece
00022170 ived from server
00022180 .Invalid ServerF
00022190 inished message 
000221A0 received.server 
000221B0 finishedInvalid 
000221C0 cipher suite rec
000221D0 eived from serve
000221E0 rData was not si
000221F0 gned with the se
00022200 rver certificate
00022210 .op_Trueop_False
00022220 Specified method
00022230  must return a v
00022240 alueMethod must 
00022250 be staticMust ha
00022260 ve only one para
00022270 metersleft-side 
00022280 argument type do
00022290 es not match exp
000222A0 ression typeinst
000222B0 anceType is not 
000222C0 assignable to th
000222D0 e declaring type
000222E0  of the methodop
000222F0 _Explicitop_Impl
00022300 icitexpressionde
00022310 legate must cont
00022320 ain an Invoke me
00022330 thodDifferent nu
00022340 mber of argument
00022350 s in delegate {0
00022360 }Can not assign 
00022370 a {0} to a {1}bo
00022380 dy type {0} can 
00022390 not be assigned 
000223A0 to {1}bodyCan no
000223B0 t used open gene
000223C0 ric methodsThe n
000223D0 umber of argumen
000223E0 ts doesn't match
000223F0  the number of p
00022400 arametersType ca
00022410 n't be voidEmit 
00022420 method is not im
00022430 plemented in exp
00022440 ression type {0}
00022450 HashSet have bee
00022460 n modified while
00022470  it was iterated
00022480  overPowInternal
00022490  error: BinaryEx
000224A0 pression contain
000224B0 s non-Binary nod
000224C0 etype {0}ValueNo
000224D0  support for con
000224E0 stants of type {
000224F0 0} yetlambda_met
00022500 hodget_HasValueg
00022510 et_ValueGetValue
00022520 OrDefaultGlobals
00022530 CreateDelegateCr
00022540 eateHoistedLocal
00022550 sLocalsParentIso
00022560 lateExpression{0
00022570 }( As {0})&&??^>
00022580 =<<<=!=||>>AndOr
00022590 | {0}  Is {0})nu
000225A0 llvalue(IIF(<par
000225B0 am>.{0}{0} =  = 
000225C0 { => new {0}( {n
000225D0 ew [] {Invoke(Un
000225E0 handled expressi
000225F0 on type: '{0}'Un
00022600 handled binding 
00022610 type '{0}'Parame
00022620 ter out of scope
00022630 selectorpredicat
00022640 efirstsecondkeyS
00022650 electorelementSe
00022660 lectorcollection
00022670 SelectorSystem.S
00022680 ecurity.Cryptogr
00022690 aphy.AesManaged,
000226A0  System.Core, Ve
000226B0 rsion=, C
000226C0 ulture=neutral, 
000226D0 PublicKeyToken=b
000226E0 77a5c561934e089S
000226F0 kipLastField can
00022700 not be called at
00022710  the end of a st
00022720 reamRefillBuffer
00022730 () called when b
00022740 uffer wasn't emp
00022750 ty.Stream.Read r
00022760 eturned a negati
00022770 ve countCodedOut
00022780 putStream was wr
00022790 iting to a flat 
000227A0 byte array and r
000227B0 an out of space.
000227C0 Completed readin
000227D0 g a message whil
000227E0 e more data was 
000227F0 available in the
00022800  stream.While pa
00022810 rsing a protocol
00022820  message, the in
00022830 put ended unexpe
00022840 ctedly in the mi
00022850 ddle of a field.
00022860   This could mea
00022870 n either than th
00022880 e input has been
00022890  truncated or th
000228A0 at an embedded m
000228B0 essage misreport
000228C0 ed its own lengt
000228D0 h.CodedInputStre
000228E0 am encountered a
000228F0 n embedded strin
00022900 g or message whi
00022910 ch claimed to ha
00022920 ve negative size
00022930 .CodedInputStrea
00022940 m encountered a 
00022950 malformed varint
00022960 .Protocol messag
00022970 e contained an i
00022980 nvalid tag (zero
00022990 ).Protocol messa
000229A0 ge had too many 
000229B0 levels of nestin
000229C0 g.  May be malic
000229D0 ious.  Use Coded
000229E0 InputStream.SetR
000229F0 ecursionLimit() 
00022A00 to increase the 
00022A10 depth limit.Prot
00022A20 ocol message was
00022A30  too large.  May
00022A40  be malicious.  
00022A50 Use CodedInputSt
00022A60 ream.SetSizeLimi
00022A70 t() to increase 
00022A80 the size limit.\
00022A90 u0000\u0001\u000
00022AA0 2\u0003\u0004\u0
00022AB0 005\u0006\u0007\
00022AC0 b\t\n\u000b\f\r\
00022AD0 u000e\u000f\u001
00022AE0 0\u0011\u0012\u0
00022AF0 013\u0014\u0015\
00022B00 u0016\u0017\u001
00022B10 8\u0019\u001a\u0
00022B20 01b\u001c\u001d\
00022B30 u001e\u001f\"\u0
00022B40 03c\u003e\u007f\
00022B50 u0080\u0081\u008
00022B60 2\u0083\u0084\u0
00022B70 085\u0086\u0087\
00022B80 u0088\u0089\u008
00022B90 a\u008b\u008c\u0
00022BA0 08d\u008e\u008f\
00022BB0 u0090\u0091\u009
00022BC0 2\u0093\u0094\u0
00022BD0 095\u0096\u0097\
00022BE0 u0098\u0099\u009
00022BF0 a\u009b\u009c\u0
00022C00 09d\u009e\u009fm
00022C10 essage{  }Invali
00022C20 d field typefals
00022C30 eUnable to forma
00022C40 t value of type 
00022C50 yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T
00022C60 'HH:mm:ssType re
00022C70 gistry has no de
00022C80 scriptor for typ
00022C90 e name '{0}'@typ
00022CA0 e@valuetype.goog
00022CB0 leapis.comInvali
00022CC0 d type url: {0}S
00022CD0 truct fields can
00022CE0 not have an empt
00022CF0 y key or a null 
00022D00 value.Value mess
00022D10 age must contain
00022D20  a value for the
00022D30  oneof.Unexpecte
00022D40 d case in struct
00022D50  field: [  ]Dict
00022D60 ionary has entry
00022D70  with null keyUn
00022D80 handled dictiona
00022D90 ry key type: Str
00022DA0 ing contains low
00022DB0  surrogate not f
00022DC0 ollowed by high 
00022DD0 surrogateString 
00022DE0 contains high su
00022DF0 rrogate not prec
00022E00 eded by low surr
00022E10 ogate\u012345678
00022E20 9abcdeftypeRegis
00022E30 tryallowNullValu
00022E40 esNon-nullable v
00022E50 alue types do no
00022E60 t support null v
00022E70 aluesKey already
00022E80  exists in mapen
00022E90 triesKey is null
00022EA0 Not enough space
00022EB0  in the arrayCiB
00022EC0 nb29nbGUvcHJvdG9
00022ED0 idWYvZGVzY3JpcHR
00022EE0 vci5wcm90bxIPZ29
00022EF0 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
00022F00 mIkcKEUZpbGVEZXN
00022F10 jcmlwdG9yU2V0EjI
00022F30 yJC5nb29nbGUucHJ
00022F40 vdG9idWYuRmlsZUR
00022F50 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
00022F60 0byLbAwoTRmlsZUR
00022F70 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
00022F80 0bxIMCgRuYW1lGAE
00022F90 gASgJEg8KB3BhY2t
00022FA0 hZ2UYAiABKAkSEgo
00022FB0 KZGVwZW5kZW5jeRg
00022FD0 saWNfZGVwZW5kZW5
00022FE0 jeRgKIAMoBRIXCg9
00022FF0 3ZWFrX2RlcGVuZGV
00023000 uY3kYCyADKAUSNgo
00023010 MbWVzc2FnZV90eXB
00023020 lGAQgAygLMiAuZ29
00023030 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
00023040 mLkRlc2NyaXB0b3J
00023050 Qcm90bxI3CgllbnV
00023060 tX3R5cGUYBSADKAs
00023070 yJC5nb29nbGUucHJ
00023080 vdG9idWYuRW51bUR
00023090 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
000230A0 0bxI4CgdzZXJ2aWN
000230B0 lGAYgAygLMicuZ29
000230C0 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
000230D0 mLlNlcnZpY2VEZXN
000230E0 jcmlwdG9yUHJvdG8
000230F0 SOAoJZXh0ZW5zaW9
00023100 uGAcgAygLMiUuZ29
00023110 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
00023120 mLkZpZWxkRGVzY3J
00023130 pcHRvclByb3RvEi0
00023140 KB29wdGlvbnMYCCA
00023150 BKAsyHC5nb29nbGU
00023160 ucHJvdG9idWYuRml
00023170 sZU9wdGlvbnMSOQo
00023180 Qc291cmNlX2NvZGV
00023190 faW5mbxgJIAEoCzI
000231A0 fLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
000231B0 0b2J1Zi5Tb3VyY2V
000231C0 Db2RlSW5mbxIOCgZ
000231D0 zeW50YXgYDCABKAk
000231E0 i8AQKD0Rlc2NyaXB
000231F0 0b3JQcm90bxIMCgR
00023200 uYW1lGAEgASgJEjQ
00023210 KBWZpZWxkGAIgAyg
00023220 LMiUuZ29vZ2xlLnB
00023230 yb3RvYnVmLkZpZWx
00023240 kRGVzY3JpcHRvclB
00023250 yb3RvEjgKCWV4dGV
00023260 uc2lvbhgGIAMoCzI
00023270 lLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
00023280 0b2J1Zi5GaWVsZER
00023290 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
000232A0 0bxI1CgtuZXN0ZWR
000232B0 fdHlwZRgDIAMoCzI
000232C0 gLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
000232D0 0b2J1Zi5EZXNjcml
000232E0 wdG9yUHJvdG8SNwo
000232F0 JZW51bV90eXBlGAQ
00023300 gAygLMiQuZ29vZ2x
00023310 lLnByb3RvYnVmLkV
00023320 udW1EZXNjcmlwdG9
00023330 yUHJvdG8SSAoPZXh
00023340 0ZW5zaW9uX3Jhbmd
00023350 lGAUgAygLMi8uZ29
00023360 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
00023370 mLkRlc2NyaXB0b3J
00023380 Qcm90by5FeHRlbnN
00023390 pb25SYW5nZRI5Cgp
000233A0 vbmVvZl9kZWNsGAg
000233B0 gAygLMiUuZ29vZ2x
000233C0 lLnByb3RvYnVmLk9
000233D0 uZW9mRGVzY3JpcHR
000233E0 vclByb3RvEjAKB29
000233F0 wdGlvbnMYByABKAs
00023400 yHy5nb29nbGUucHJ
00023410 vdG9idWYuTWVzc2F
00023420 nZU9wdGlvbnMSRgo
00023430 OcmVzZXJ2ZWRfcmF
00023440 uZ2UYCSADKAsyLi5
00023450 nb29nbGUucHJvdG9
00023460 idWYuRGVzY3JpcHR
00023470 vclByb3RvLlJlc2V
00023480 ydmVkUmFuZ2USFQo
00023490 NcmVzZXJ2ZWRfbmF
000234A0 tZRgKIAMoCRosCg5
000234B0 FeHRlbnNpb25SYW5
000234C0 nZRINCgVzdGFydBg
000234D0 BIAEoBRILCgNlbmQ
000234E0 YAiABKAUaKwoNUmV
00023500 NCgVzdGFydBgBIAE
00023510 oBRILCgNlbmQYAiA
00023520 BKAUivAUKFEZpZWx
00023530 kRGVzY3JpcHRvclB
00023540 yb3RvEgwKBG5hbWU
00023550 YASABKAkSDgoGbnV
00023560 tYmVyGAMgASgFEjo
00023570 KBWxhYmVsGAQgASg
00023580 OMisuZ29vZ2xlLnB
00023590 yb3RvYnVmLkZpZWx
000235A0 kRGVzY3JpcHRvclB
000235B0 yb3RvLkxhYmVsEjg
000235D0 yKi5nb29nbGUucHJ
000235E0 vdG9idWYuRmllbGR
000235F0 EZXNjcmlwdG9yUHJ
00023600 vdG8uVHlwZRIRCgl
00023610 0eXBlX25hbWUYBiA
00023620 BKAkSEAoIZXh0ZW5
00023630 kZWUYAiABKAkSFQo
00023640 NZGVmYXVsdF92YWx
00023650 1ZRgHIAEoCRITCgt
00023660 vbmVvZl9pbmRleBg
00023670 JIAEoBRIRCglqc29
00023680 uX25hbWUYCiABKAk
00023690 SLgoHb3B0aW9ucxg
000236A0 IIAEoCzIdLmdvb2d
000236B0 sZS5wcm90b2J1Zi5
000236C0 GaWVsZE9wdGlvbnM
000236D0 itgIKBFR5cGUSDwo
00023700 MT0FUEAISDgoKVFl
00023710 QRV9JTlQ2NBADEg8
00023730 0EAQSDgoKVFlQRV9
00023740 JTlQzMhAFEhAKDFR
00023750 ZUEVfRklYRUQ2NBA
00023760 GEhAKDFRZUEVfRkl
00023770 YRUQzMhAHEg0KCVR
00023780 ZUEVfQk9PTBAIEg8
00023790 KC1RZUEVfU1RSSU5
000237A0 HEAkSDgoKVFlQRV9
000237D0 LEg4KClRZUEVfQll
000237F0 FX1VJTlQzMhANEg0
00023820 JWEVEMzIQDxIRCg1
00023840 0EBASDwoLVFlQRV9
00023850 TSU5UMzIQERIPCgt
00023870 SIkMKBUxhYmVsEhI
00023880 KDkxBQkVMX09QVEl
000238D0 KFE9uZW9mRGVzY3J
000238E0 pcHRvclByb3RvEgw
00023900 ijAEKE0VudW1EZXN
00023910 jcmlwdG9yUHJvdG8
00023920 SDAoEbmFtZRgBIAE
00023930 oCRI4CgV2YWx1ZRg
00023940 CIAMoCzIpLmdvb2d
00023950 sZS5wcm90b2J1Zi5
00023960 FbnVtVmFsdWVEZXN
00023970 jcmlwdG9yUHJvdG8
00023980 SLQoHb3B0aW9ucxg
00023990 DIAEoCzIcLmdvb2d
000239A0 sZS5wcm90b2J1Zi5
000239B0 FbnVtT3B0aW9ucyJ
000239C0 sChhFbnVtVmFsdWV
000239D0 EZXNjcmlwdG9yUHJ
000239E0 vdG8SDAoEbmFtZRg
000239F0 BIAEoCRIOCgZudW1
00023A10 Hb3B0aW9ucxgDIAE
00023A20 oCzIhLmdvb2dsZS5
00023A30 wcm90b2J1Zi5FbnV
00023A40 tVmFsdWVPcHRpb25
00023A50 zIpABChZTZXJ2aWN
00023A60 lRGVzY3JpcHRvclB
00023A70 yb3RvEgwKBG5hbWU
00023A90 0aG9kGAIgAygLMiY
00023AA0 uZ29vZ2xlLnByb3R
00023AB0 vYnVmLk1ldGhvZER
00023AC0 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
00023AD0 0bxIwCgdvcHRpb25
00023AE0 zGAMgASgLMh8uZ29
00023AF0 vZ2xlLnByb3RvYnV
00023B00 mLlNlcnZpY2VPcHR
00023B10 pb25zIsEBChVNZXR
00023B20 ob2REZXNjcmlwdG9
00023B30 yUHJvdG8SDAoEbmF
00023B40 tZRgBIAEoCRISCgp
00023B50 pbnB1dF90eXBlGAI
00023B60 gASgJEhMKC291dHB
00023B70 1dF90eXBlGAMgASg
00023B80 JEi8KB29wdGlvbnM
00023B90 YBCABKAsyHi5nb29
00023BA0 nbGUucHJvdG9idWY
00023BB0 uTWV0aG9kT3B0aW9
00023BC0 ucxIfChBjbGllbnR
00023BD0 fc3RyZWFtaW5nGAU
00023BE0 gASgIOgVmYWxzZRI
00023BF0 fChBzZXJ2ZXJfc3R
00023C00 yZWFtaW5nGAYgASg
00023C10 IOgVmYWxzZSKqBQo
00023C20 LRmlsZU9wdGlvbnM
00023C30 SFAoMamF2YV9wYWN
00023C40 rYWdlGAEgASgJEhw
00023C50 KFGphdmFfb3V0ZXJ
00023C60 fY2xhc3NuYW1lGAg
00023C70 gASgJEiIKE2phdmF
00023C80 fbXVsdGlwbGVfZml
00023CA0 hbHNlEiwKHWphdmF
00023CB0 fZ2VuZXJhdGVfZXF
00023CC0 1YWxzX2FuZF9oYXN
00023CD0 oGBQgASgIOgVmYWx
00023CE0 zZRIlChZqYXZhX3N
00023CF0 0cmluZ19jaGVja19
00023D00 1dGY4GBsgASgIOgV
00023D10 mYWxzZRJGCgxvcHR
00023D20 pbWl6ZV9mb3IYCSA
00023D30 BKA4yKS5nb29nbGU
00023D40 ucHJvdG9idWYuRml
00023D50 sZU9wdGlvbnMuT3B
00023D60 0aW1pemVNb2RlOgV
00023D70 TUEVFRBISCgpnb19
00023D80 wYWNrYWdlGAsgASg
00023D90 JEiIKE2NjX2dlbmV
00023DA0 yaWNfc2VydmljZXM
00023DC0 lEiQKFWphdmFfZ2V
00023DD0 uZXJpY19zZXJ2aWN
00023DE0 lcxgRIAEoCDoFZmF
00023DF0 sc2USIgoTcHlfZ2V
00023E00 uZXJpY19zZXJ2aWN
00023E10 lcxgSIAEoCDoFZmF
00023E20 sc2USGQoKZGVwcmV
00023E30 jYXRlZBgXIAEoCDo
00023E40 FZmFsc2USHwoQY2N
00023E50 fZW5hYmxlX2FyZW5
00023E60 hcxgfIAEoCDoFZmF
00023E70 sc2USGQoRb2JqY19
00023E80 jbGFzc19wcmVmaXg
00023EA0 oYXJwX25hbWVzcGF
00023EB0 jZRglIAEoCRInCh9
00023EC0 qYXZhbmFub191c2V
00023ED0 fZGVwcmVjYXRlZF9
00023EE0 wYWNrYWdlGCYgASg
00023F00 wcmV0ZWRfb3B0aW9
00023F10 uGOcHIAMoCzIkLmd
00023F20 vb2dsZS5wcm90b2J
00023F30 1Zi5VbmludGVycHJ
00023F40 ldGVkT3B0aW9uIjo
00023F50 KDE9wdGltaXplTW9
00023F70 BEg0KCUNPREVfU0l
00023F90 fUlVOVElNRRADKgk
00023FA0 I6AcQgICAgAIi5gE
00023FB0 KDk1lc3NhZ2VPcHR
00023FC0 pb25zEiYKF21lc3N
00023FD0 hZ2Vfc2V0X3dpcmV
00023FE0 fZm9ybWF0GAEgASg
00023FF0 IOgVmYWxzZRIuCh9
00024000 ub19zdGFuZGFyZF9
00024010 kZXNjcmlwdG9yX2F
00024020 jY2Vzc29yGAIgASg
00024030 IOgVmYWxzZRIZCgp
00024040 kZXByZWNhdGVkGAM
00024050 gASgIOgVmYWxzZRI
00024060 RCgltYXBfZW50cnk
00024070 YByABKAgSQwoUdW5
00024080 pbnRlcnByZXRlZF9
00024090 vcHRpb24Y5wcgAyg
000240A0 LMiQuZ29vZ2xlLnB
000240B0 yb3RvYnVmLlVuaW5
000240C0 0ZXJwcmV0ZWRPcHR
000240D0 pb24qCQjoBxCAgIC
000240E0 AAiKYAwoMRmllbGR
000240F0 PcHRpb25zEjoKBWN
00024100 0eXBlGAEgASgOMiM
00024110 uZ29vZ2xlLnByb3R
00024120 vYnVmLkZpZWxkT3B
00024130 0aW9ucy5DVHlwZTo
00024140 GU1RSSU5HEg4KBnB
00024150 hY2tlZBgCIAEoCBI
00024160 /CgZqc3R5cGUYBiA
00024170 BKA4yJC5nb29nbGU
00024180 ucHJvdG9idWYuRml
00024190 lbGRPcHRpb25zLkp
000241A0 TVHlwZToJSlNfTk9
000241B0 STUFMEhMKBGxhenk
000241D0 lEhkKCmRlcHJlY2F
000241F0 hbHNlEhMKBHdlYWs
00024200 YCiABKAg6BWZhbHN
00024210 lEkMKFHVuaW50ZXJ
00024220 wcmV0ZWRfb3B0aW9
00024230 uGOcHIAMoCzIkLmd
00024240 vb2dsZS5wcm90b2J
00024250 1Zi5VbmludGVycHJ
00024260 ldGVkT3B0aW9uIi8
00024270 KBUNUeXBlEgoKBlN
00024280 UUklORxAAEggKBEN
000242A0 JTkdfUElFQ0UQAiI
000242B0 1CgZKU1R5cGUSDQo
000242D0 SDQoJSlNfU1RSSU5
000242F0 NQkVSEAIqCQjoBxC
00024300 AgICAAiKNAQoLRW5
00024310 1bU9wdGlvbnMSEwo
00024320 LYWxsb3dfYWxpYXM
00024340 wcmVjYXRlZBgDIAE
00024350 oCDoFZmFsc2USQwo
00024360 UdW5pbnRlcnByZXR
00024370 lZF9vcHRpb24Y5wc
00024380 gAygLMiQuZ29vZ2x
00024390 lLnByb3RvYnVmLlV
000243A0 uaW50ZXJwcmV0ZWR
000243B0 PcHRpb24qCQjoBxC
000243C0 AgICAAiJ9ChBFbnV
000243D0 tVmFsdWVPcHRpb25
000243E0 zEhkKCmRlcHJlY2F
00024400 hbHNlEkMKFHVuaW5
00024410 0ZXJwcmV0ZWRfb3B
00024420 0aW9uGOcHIAMoCzI
00024430 kLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
00024440 0b2J1Zi5VbmludGV
00024450 ycHJldGVkT3B0aW9
00024460 uKgkI6AcQgICAgAI
00024470 iewoOU2VydmljZU9
00024480 wdGlvbnMSGQoKZGV
00024490 wcmVjYXRlZBghIAE
000244A0 oCDoFZmFsc2USQwo
000244B0 UdW5pbnRlcnByZXR
000244C0 lZF9vcHRpb24Y5wc
000244D0 gAygLMiQuZ29vZ2x
000244E0 lLnByb3RvYnVmLlV
000244F0 uaW50ZXJwcmV0ZWR
00024500 PcHRpb24qCQjoBxC
00024510 AgICAAiJ6Cg1NZXR
00024520 ob2RPcHRpb25zEhk
00024530 KCmRlcHJlY2F0ZWQ
00024540 YISABKAg6BWZhbHN
00024550 lEkMKFHVuaW50ZXJ
00024560 wcmV0ZWRfb3B0aW9
00024570 uGOcHIAMoCzIkLmd
00024580 vb2dsZS5wcm90b2J
00024590 1Zi5VbmludGVycHJ
000245A0 ldGVkT3B0aW9uKgk
000245B0 I6AcQgICAgAIingI
000245C0 KE1VuaW50ZXJwcmV
000245D0 0ZWRPcHRpb24SOwo
000245E0 EbmFtZRgCIAMoCzI
000245F0 tLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
00024600 0b2J1Zi5VbmludGV
00024610 ycHJldGVkT3B0aW9
00024620 uLk5hbWVQYXJ0Ehg
00024630 KEGlkZW50aWZpZXJ
00024640 fdmFsdWUYAyABKAk
00024650 SGgoScG9zaXRpdmV
00024660 faW50X3ZhbHVlGAQ
00024670 gASgEEhoKEm5lZ2F
00024680 0aXZlX2ludF92YWx
00024690 1ZRgFIAEoAxIUCgx
000246A0 kb3VibGVfdmFsdWU
000246C0 yaW5nX3ZhbHVlGAc
000246D0 gASgMEhcKD2FnZ3J
000246E0 lZ2F0ZV92YWx1ZRg
000246F0 IIAEoCRozCghOYW1
00024700 lUGFydBIRCgluYW1
00024710 lX3BhcnQYASACKAk
00024720 SFAoMaXNfZXh0ZW5
00024730 zaW9uGAIgAigIItU
00024740 BCg5Tb3VyY2VDb2R
00024750 lSW5mbxI6Cghsb2N
00024760 hdGlvbhgBIAMoCzI
00024770 oLmdvb2dsZS5wcm9
00024780 0b2J1Zi5Tb3VyY2V
00024790 Db2RlSW5mby5Mb2N
000247A0 hdGlvbhqGAQoITG9
000247B0 jYXRpb24SEAoEcGF
000247D0 SEAoEc3BhbhgCIAM
000247F0 hZGluZ19jb21tZW5
00024800 0cxgDIAEoCRIZChF
00024810 0cmFpbGluZ19jb21
00024820 tZW50cxgEIAEoCRI
00024830 hChlsZWFkaW5nX2R
00024840 ldGFjaGVkX2NvbW1
00024850 lbnRzGAYgAygJQlg
00024860 KE2NvbS5nb29nbGU
00024870 ucHJvdG9idWZCEER
00024880 lc2NyaXB0b3JQcm9
00024890 0b3NIAVoKZGVzY3J
000248A0 pcHRvcqICA0dQQqo
000248B0 CGkdvb2dsZS5Qcm9
000248C0 0b2J1Zi5SZWZsZWN
000248D0 0aW9uFilePackage
000248E0 DependencyPublic
000248F0 DependencyWeakDe
00024900 pendencyMessageT
00024910 ypeEnumTypeServi
00024920 ceExtensionOptio
00024930 nsSourceCodeInfo
00024940 SyntaxNestedType
00024950 ExtensionRangeOn
00024960 eofDeclReservedR
00024970 angeReservedName
00024980 StartEndNumberLa
00024990 belExtendeeDefau
000249A0 ltValueOneofInde
000249B0 xJsonNameMethodI
000249C0 nputTypeOutputTy
000249D0 peClientStreamin
000249E0 gServerStreaming
000249F0 JavaPackageJavaO
00024A00 uterClassnameJav
00024A10 aMultipleFilesJa
00024A20 vaGenerateEquals
00024A30 AndHashJavaStrin
00024A40 gCheckUtf8Optimi
00024A50 zeForGoPackageCc
00024A60 GenericServicesJ
00024A70 avaGenericServic
00024A80 esPyGenericServi
00024A90 cesDeprecatedCcE
00024AA0 nableArenasObjcC
00024AB0 lassPrefixCsharp
00024AC0 NamespaceJavanan
00024AD0 oUseDeprecatedPa
00024AE0 ckageUninterpret
00024AF0 edOptionMessageS
00024B00 etWireFormatNoSt
00024B10 andardDescriptor
00024B20 AccessorMapEntry
00024B30 CtypePackedJstyp
00024B40 eLazyWeakAllowAl
00024B50 iasIdentifierVal
00024B60 uePositiveIntVal
00024B70 ueNegativeIntVal
00024B80 ueDoubleValueStr
00024B90 ingValueAggregat
00024BA0 eValueNamePart_I
00024BB0 sExtensionPathSp
00024BC0 anLeadingComment
00024BD0 sTrailingComment
00024BE0 sLeadingDetached
00024BF0 Comments" is alr
00024C00 eady defined (as
00024C10  something other
00024C20  than a package)
00024C30  in file ""." is
00024C40  already defined
00024C50 ." is already de
00024C60 fined in "" is a
00024C70 lready defined i
00024C80 n file "Missing 
00024C90 name." is not a 
00024CA0 valid identifier
00024CB0 .Field number ha
00024CC0 s already been u
00024CD0 sed in "" by fie
00024CE0 ld "" is not def
00024CF0 ined.^[_A-Za-z][
00024D00 _A-Za-z0-9]*$Enu
00024D10 ms must contain 
00024D20 at least one val
00024D30 ue.Field numbers
00024D40  must be positiv
00024D50 e integers.Field
00024D60 DescriptorProto.
00024D70 oneof_index is o
00024D80 ut of range for 
00024D90 type {0}Invalid 
00024DA0 type specifiedFi
00024DB0 eldDescriptors c
00024DC0 an only be compa
00024DD0 red to other Fie
00024DE0 ldDescriptors fo
00024DF0 r fields of the 
00024E00 same message typ
00024E10 e."{0}" is not a
00024E20  type."{0}" is n
00024E30 ot a message typ
00024E40 e.Messages can't
00024E50  have default va
00024E60 lues."{0}" is no
00024E70 t an enum type.F
00024E80 ield with primit
00024E90 ive type has typ
00024EA0 e_name.Field wit
00024EB0 h message or enu
00024EC0 m type missing t
00024ED0 ype_name.Message
00024EE0 Set format is no
00024EF0 t supported.Prop
00024F00 erty {0} not fou
00024F10 nd in {1}Invalid
00024F20  public dependen
00024F30 cy index.Invalid
00024F40  public dependen
00024F50 cy: Dependencies
00024F60  passed to FileD
00024F70 escriptor.BuildF
00024F80 rom() don't matc
00024F90 h those listed i
00024FA0 n the FileDescri
00024FB0 ptorProto.Depend
00024FC0 encies passed to
00024FD0  FileDescriptor.
00024FE0 BuildFrom() don'
00024FF0 t match those li
00025000 sted in the File
00025010 DescriptorProto.
00025020  Expected:  but 
00025030 was: Failed to p
00025040 arse protocol bu
00025050 ffer descriptor 
00025060 for generated co
00025070 de.Invalid embed
00025080 ded descriptor f
00025090 or "{0}".FileDes
000250A0 criptor for {0}S
000250B0 etValue is not i
000250C0 mplemented for m
000250D0 ap fieldsgoogle.
000250E0 protobufgoogle/p
000250F0 rotobuf/wrappers
00025100 .protogoogle/pro
00025110 tobuf/any.protog
00025120 oogle/protobuf/a
00025130 pi.protogoogle/p
00025140 rotobuf/duration
00025150 .protogoogle/pro
00025160 tobuf/empty.prot
00025170 ogoogle/protobuf
00025180 /timestamp.proto
00025190 google/protobuf/
000251A0 field_mask.proto
000251B0 google/protobuf/
000251C0 source_context.p
000251D0 rotogoogle/proto
000251E0 buf/struct.proto
000251F0 google/protobuf/
00025200 type.protoNo suc
00025210 h field number" 
00025220 is not a message
00025230  type.Cannot rea
00025240 d from propertyC
00025250 aseProperty {0}C
00025260 ase not found in
00025270  {1}ClearMethod 
00025280 Clear{0} not fou
00025290 nd in {1}argSetV
000252A0 alue is not impl
000252B0 emented for repe
000252C0 ated fieldsNot a
000252D0 ll required prop
000252E0 erties/methods a
000252F0 vailableChlnb29n
00025300 bGUvcHJvdG9idWYv
00025310 YW55LnByb3RvEg9n
00025320 b29nbGUucHJvdG9i
00025330 dWYiJgoDQW55EhAK
00025340 CHR5cGVfdXJsGAEg
00025350 ASgJEg0KBXZhbHVl
00025360 GAIgASgMQksKE2Nv
00025370 bS5nb29nbGUucHJv
00025380 dG9idWZCCEFueVBy
00025390 b3RvUAGgAQGiAgNH
000253A0 UEKqAh5Hb29nbGUu
000253B0 UHJvdG9idWYuV2Vs
000253C0 bEtub3duVHlwZXNi
000253D0 BnByb3RvMw==Type
000253E0 UrlCh5nb29nbGUvc
000253F0 HJvdG9idWYvZHVyY
00025400 XRpb24ucHJvdG8SD
00025410 2dvb2dsZS5wcm90b
00025420 2J1ZiIqCghEdXJhd
00025430 GlvbhIPCgdzZWNvb
00025440 mRzGAEgASgDEg0KB
00025450 W5hbm9zGAIgASgFQ
00025460 lAKE2NvbS5nb29nb
00025470 GUucHJvdG9idWZCD
00025480 UR1cmF0aW9uUHJvd
00025490 G9QAaABAaICA0dQQ
000254A0 qoCHkdvb2dsZS5Qc
000254B0 m90b2J1Zi5XZWxsS
000254C0 25vd25UeXBlc2IGc
000254D0 HJvdG8zSecondsNa
000254E0 nosCiBnb29nbGUvc
000254F0 HJvdG9idWYvZmllb
00025500 GRfbWFzay5wcm90b
00025510 xIPZ29vZ2xlLnByb
00025520 3RvYnVmIhoKCUZpZ
00025530 WxkTWFzaxINCgVwY
00025540 XRocxgBIAMoCUJRC
00025550 hNjb20uZ29vZ2xlL
00025560 nByb3RvYnVmQg5Ga
00025570 WVsZE1hc2tQcm90b
00025580 1ABoAEBogIDR1BCq
00025590 gIeR29vZ2xlLlByb
000255A0 3RvYnVmLldlbGxLb
000255B0 m93blR5cGVzYgZwc
000255C0 m90bzM=PathsChxn
000255D0 b29nbGUvcHJvdG9i
000255E0 dWYvc3RydWN0LnBy
000255F0 b3RvEg9nb29nbGUu
00025600 cHJvdG9idWYihAEK
00025610 BlN0cnVjdBIzCgZm
00025620 aWVsZHMYASADKAsy
00025630 Iy5nb29nbGUucHJv
00025640 dG9idWYuU3RydWN0
00025650 LkZpZWxkc0VudHJ5
00025660 GkUKC0ZpZWxkc0Vu
00025670 dHJ5EgsKA2tleRgB
00025680 IAEoCRIlCgV2YWx1
00025690 ZRgCIAEoCzIWLmdv
000256A0 b2dsZS5wcm90b2J1
000256B0 Zi5WYWx1ZToCOAEi
000256C0 6gEKBVZhbHVlEjAK
000256D0 Cm51bGxfdmFsdWUY
000256E0 ASABKA4yGi5nb29n
000256F0 bGUucHJvdG9idWYu
00025700 TnVsbFZhbHVlSAAS
00025710 FgoMbnVtYmVyX3Zh
00025720 bHVlGAIgASgBSAAS
00025730 FgoMc3RyaW5nX3Zh
00025740 bHVlGAMgASgJSAAS
00025750 FAoKYm9vbF92YWx1
00025760 ZRgEIAEoCEgAEi8K
00025770 DHN0cnVjdF92YWx1
00025780 ZRgFIAEoCzIXLmdv
00025790 b2dsZS5wcm90b2J1
000257A0 Zi5TdHJ1Y3RIABIw
000257B0 CgpsaXN0X3ZhbHVl
000257C0 GAYgASgLMhouZ29v
000257D0 Z2xlLnByb3RvYnVm
000257E0 Lkxpc3RWYWx1ZUgA
000257F0 QgYKBGtpbmQiMwoJ
00025800 TGlzdFZhbHVlEiYK
00025810 BnZhbHVlcxgBIAMo
00025820 CzIWLmdvb2dsZS5w
00025830 cm90b2J1Zi5WYWx1
00025840 ZSobCglOdWxsVmFs
00025850 dWUSDgoKTlVMTF9W
00025860 QUxVRRAAQk4KE2Nv
00025870 bS5nb29nbGUucHJv
00025880 dG9idWZCC1N0cnVj
00025890 dFByb3RvUAGgAQGi
000258A0 AgNHUEKqAh5Hb29n
000258B0 bGUuUHJvdG9idWYu
000258C0 V2VsbEtub3duVHlw
000258D0 ZXNiBnByb3RvMw==
000258E0 FieldsNullValueN
000258F0 umberValueBoolVa
00025900 lueStructValueLi
00025910 stValueKindCh9nb
00025920 29nbGUvcHJvdG9id
00025930 WYvdGltZXN0YW1wL
00025940 nByb3RvEg9nb29nb
00025950 GUucHJvdG9idWYiK
00025960 woJVGltZXN0YW1wE
00025970 g8KB3NlY29uZHMYA
00025980 SABKAMSDQoFbmFub
000259A0 29tLmdvb2dsZS5wc
000259B0 m90b2J1ZkIOVGltZ
000259C0 XN0YW1wUHJvdG9QA
000259D0 aABAaICA0dQQqoCH
000259E0 kdvb2dsZS5Qcm90b
000259F0 2J1Zi5XZWxsS25vd
00025A00 25UeXBlc2IGcHJvd
00025A10 G8zPlugin API  f
00025A20 ailed with Start
00025A30 ing DispatcherPr
00025A40 ocessing Event -
00025A50  Event not found
00025A60 Stopping Dispatc
00025A70 herProcessEvents
00025A80 GetIapStateGetPu
00025A90 rchaseResultRefr
00025AA0 eshSkusAndBalanc
00025AB0 esGetSkusAndBala
00025AC0 ncesInitializePu
00025AD0 rchaseItemIapApi
00025AE0 ClearCacheGetVie
00025AF0 wSetViewGetPosit
00025B00 ionGetWorldLocat
00025B10 ionSubscribeLaye
00025B20 rGetCurrentLocat
00025B30 ionUpdateTilesS2
00025B40 CacheUpdateVisib
00025B50 leCellsS2CacheSe
00025B60 tCellDataMapApij
00025B70 ava.lang.Systeml
00025B80 oadlibNianticLab
00025B90 sPlugin.socom.ni
00025BA0 anticlabs.nia.un
00025BB0 ity.UnityUtilini
00025BC0 tNianticPluginSe
00025BD0 tExecutionModeFl
00025BE0 ushExtLogsSetLog
00025BF0 LevelGetDeviceCo
00025C00 untryCodeOnPause
00025C10 OnResumeOnStartO
00025C20 nStopOnUpdateOnN
00025C30 ativeEventPlugin
00025C40 ApiRPC error ({0
00025C50 }): Unexpected p
00025C60 artial results f
00025C70 rom RPC: Cannot 
00025C80 call Send with n
00025C90 o requests!Inval
00025CA0 id RPC Id. The p
00025CB0 lugin may be mal
00025CC0 functioning.Igno
00025CD0 red RPC response
00025CE0 . rpcId not foun
00025CF0 d: Future isn't 
00025D00 readyFuture can 
00025D10 only be set once
00025D20 SetServerResetAu
00025D30 thTokenRefreshAu
00025D40 thTokenClearAuth
00025D50 TokenOnly one go
00025D60 ogle token can b
00025D70 e fetched at a t
00025D80 imeGetGoogleToke
00025D90 nRefreshGoogleTo
00025DA0 kenClearGoogleTo
00025DB0 kenProcessPendin
00025DC0 gRequestsHasResp
00025DD0 onseGetResponseP
00025DE0 ayloadsClearResp
00025DF0 onseSendServerAp
00025E00 iInvalid positio
00025E10 ngoogleCan't cal
00025E20 l Start in this 
00025E30 stateUnhandled e
00025E40 vent: {0}#bundle
00025E50 Nested bundle's 
00025E60 timestamp must b
00025E70 e >= than parent
00025E80  bundle's timest
00025E90 amp.Address must
00025EA0  start with /.In
00025EB0 t32Int64SingleDo
00025EC0 ubleStringByte[]
00025ED0 OscTimeTagCharCo
00025EE0 lorBooleanUnsupp
00025EF0 orted data type.
00025F00 Invalid timestam
00025F10 p.Multicast addr
00025F20 ess is not set!#
00025F30 #any##other##tar
00025F40 getNamespace##lo
00025F50 calMultiple spec
00025F60 ification of ##a
00025F70 ny was found.Mul
00025F80 tiple specificat
00025F90 ion of ##other w
00025FA0 as found.Multipl
00025FB0 e specification 
00025FC0 of ##targetNames
00025FD0 pace was found.M
00025FE0 ultiple specific
00025FF0 ation of ##local
00026000  was found.the n
00026010 amespace is not 
00026020 a valid anyURIMu
00026030 ltiple specifica
00026040 tion of '' was f
00026050 ound.##any if pr
00026060 esent must be th
00026070 e only namespace
00026080  attribute##othe
00026090 r if present mus
000260A0 t be the only na
000260B0 mespace attribut
000260C0 eThis wildcard d
000260D0 oes not allow th
000260E0 e namespace: Inv
000260F0 alid wildcard su
00026100 bset was found.'
00026110  is an invalid N
00026120 MTOKEN.Invalid n
00026130 ame token.' is a
00026140 n invalid name.'
00026150  is an invalid N
00026160 CName.Invalid en
00026170 titiy name.Integ
00026180 er contains poin
00026190 t number.name ta
000261A0 blenamespace man
000261B0 ageranyuri:HH:mm
000261C0 :ss.fHH:mm:ss.ff
000261D0 HH:mm:ss.fffHH:m
000261E0 m:ss.ffffHH:mm:s
000261F0 s.fffffHH:mm:ss.
00026200 ffffffHH:mm:ss.f
00026210 ffffffHH:mm:sszz
00026220 zHH:mm:ss.fzzzHH
00026230 :mm:ss.ffzzzHH:m
00026240 m:ss.fffzzzHH:mm
00026250 :ss.ffffzzzHH:mm
00026260 :ss.fffffzzzHH:m
00026270 m:ss.ffffffzzzHH
00026280 :mm:ss.fffffffzz
00026290 zHH:mm:ssZHH:mm:
000262A0 ss.fZHH:mm:ss.ff
000262B0 ZHH:mm:ss.fffZHH
000262C0 :mm:ss.ffffZHH:m
000262D0 m:ss.fffffZHH:mm
000262E0 :ss.ffffffZHH:mm
000262F0 :ss.fffffffZyyyy
00026300 -MM--MM-ddyyyy--
00026310 MM-----ddlist is
00026320  not allowed in 
00026330 blockDefault att
00026340 ributeunion is n
00026350 ot allowed in bl
00026360 ockDefault attri
00026370 butesubstitution
00026380  is not allowed 
00026390 in finalDefault 
000263A0 attributeThe tar
000263B0 getNamespace att
000263C0 ribute cannot ha
000263D0 ve have empty st
000263E0 ring as its valu
000263F0 e. is not a vali
00026400 d value for targ
00026410 etNamespace attr
00026420 ibute of schemai
00026430 s not a valid va
00026440 lue for version 
00026450 attribute of sch
00026460 emaObject of Typ
00026470 e {0} is not val
00026480 id in Item Prope
00026490 rty of SchemaObj
000264A0 ect of Type {0} 
000264B0 is not valid in 
000264C0 Includes Propert
000264D0 y of XmlSchemaCo
000264E0 uld not resolve 
000264F0 schema location 
00026500 URI: Redefinitio
00026510 n is only allowe
00026520 d to simpleType,
00026530  complexType, gr
00026540 oup and attribut
00026550 eGroup.Target na
00026560 mespace must be 
00026570 different from t
00026580 hat of included 
00026590 schema.Attribute
000265A0  namespace and i
000265B0 ts importing sch
000265C0 ema's target nam
000265D0 espace must be t
000265E0 he same.Target n
000265F0 amespace is requ
00026600 ired to include 
00026610 a schema which h
00026620 as its own targe
00026630 t namespaceschem
00026640 aThe root elemen
00026650 t must be schema
00026660 This should neve
00026670 r happen. XmlSch
00026680 ema.Read 1 The t
00026690 op level schema 
000266A0 must have namesp
000266B0 ace http://www.w
000266C0 3.org/2001/XMLSc
000266D0 hemaattributeFor
000266E0 mDefaultblockDef
000266F0 aultelementFormD
00026700 efaultfinalDefau
00026710 lttargetNamespac
00026720 e is not a valid
00026730  value for attri
00026740 buteFormDefault.
00026750  is not a valid 
00026760 value for elemen
00026770 tFormDefault.xml
00026780 nshttp://www.w3.
00026790 org/2001/XMLSche
000267A0 ma attribute is 
000267B0 not allowed in s
000267C0 chema elementUNR
000267E0 ACHED: Method: S
000267F0 chema.ReadConten
00026800 t, Should not ha
00026810 ppen :2: XmlSche
00026820 ma.Read, name=in
00026830 cludeimportredef
00026840 ineannotationsim
00026850 pleTypecomplexTy
00026860 peattributeGroup
00026870 attributenotatio
00026880 nmaxOccurs must 
00026890 be 1minOccurs mu
000268A0 st be 0 or 1The 
000268B0 {max occurs} of 
000268C0 all the elements
000268D0  of 'all' must b
000268E0 e 0 or 1. XmlSch
000268F0 emaAll can only 
00026900 contain Items of
00026910  type Element-al
00026920 l- group is limi
00026930 ted to be conten
00026940 t of a model gro
00026950 up, or that of a
00026960  complex type wi
00026970 th maxOccurs to 
00026980 be 1.MaxOccurs o
00026990 f a particle ins
000269A0 ide -all- compos
000269B0 itor must be eit
000269C0 her 0 or 1.Inval
000269D0 id -all- particl
000269E0 e derivation was
000269F0  found.Should no
00026A00 t happen :1: Xml
00026A10 SchemaAll.Read, 
00026A20 name=maxOccurs i
00026A30 s an invalid val
00026A40 ue for maxOccurs
00026A50 minOccurs is an 
00026A60 invalid value fo
00026A70 r minOccurs is n
00026A80 ot a valid attri
00026A90 bute for allShou
00026AA0 ld not happen :2
00026AB0 : XmlSchemaAll.R
00026AC0 ead, name=Should
00026AD0  not happen :1: 
00026AE0 XmlSchemaAnnotat
00026AF0 ion.Read, name= 
00026B00 is not a valid a
00026B10 ttribute for ann
00026B20 otationShould no
00026B30 t happen :2: Xml
00026B40 SchemaAnnotation
00026B50 .Read, name=,exp
00026B60 ected=appinfodoc
00026B70 umentationunboun
00026B80 dedInvalid parti
00026B90 cle derivation b
00026BA0 y restriction wa
00026BB0 s found.Ambiguou
00026BC0 s -any- particle
00026BD0  was found.anySh
00026BE0 ould not happen 
00026BF0 :1: XmlSchemaAny
00026C00 .Read, name=name
00026C10 spaceprocessCont
00026C20 ents is not a va
00026C30 lid value for pr
00026C40 ocessContents is
00026C50  not a valid att
00026C60 ribute for anySh
00026C70 ould not happen 
00026C80 :2: XmlSchemaAny
00026C90 .Read, name=anyA
00026CA0 ttributeShould n
00026CB0 ot happen :1: Xm
00026CC0 lSchemaAnyAttrib
00026CD0 ute.Read, name= 
00026CE0 is not a valid a
00026CF0 ttribute for any
00026D00 AttributeShould 
00026D10 not happen :2: X
00026D20 mlSchemaAnyAttri
00026D30 bute.Read, name=
00026D40 Should not happe
00026D50 n :1: XmlSchemaA
00026D60 ppInfo.Read, nam
00026D70 e= is not a vali
00026D80 d attribute for 
00026D90 appinforef must 
00026DA0 be absent in the
00026DB0  top level <attr
00026DC0 ibute>form must 
00026DD0 be absent in the
00026DE0  top level <attr
00026DF0 ibute>use must b
00026E00 e absent in the 
00026E10 top level <attri
00026E20 bute>name must b
00026E30 e absent if ref 
00026E40 is presentform m
00026E50 ust be absent if
00026E60  ref is presents
00026E70 impletype must b
00026E80 e absent if ref 
00026E90 is presenttype m
00026EA0 ust be absent if
00026EB0  ref is presentR
00026EC0 equired attribut
00026ED0 e name must be p
00026EE0 resentattribute 
00026EF0 name must be NCN
00026F00 ameattribute nam
00026F10 e must not be xm
00026F20 lnsattribute can
00026F30 't have both a t
00026F40 ype and <simpleT
00026F50 ype> content is 
00026F60 not a valid QNam
00026F70 eError: Should N
00026F80 ever Happen. ref
00026F90 name must be pre
00026FA0 senthttp://www.w
00026FB0 3.org/2001/XMLSc
00026FC0 hema-instancenil
00026FD0 schemaLocationno
00026FE0 NamespaceSchemaL
00026FF0 ocationtargetNam
00027000 espace can't be 
00027010 http://www.w3.or
00027020 g/2001/XMLSchema
00027030 -instancedefault
00027040  and fixed must 
00027050 not both be pres
00027060 ent in an Attrib
00027070 uteif default is
00027080  present, use mu
00027090 st be optionalAn
000270A0  attribute can't
000270B0  have complexTyp
000270C0 e ContentInvalid
000270D0  xml schema name
000270E0 space datatype w
000270F0 as specified.Ref
00027100 erenced schema t
00027110 ype  was not fou
00027120 nd in the corres
00027130 ponding schema.R
00027140 eferenced attrib
00027150 ute By the defec
00027160 tion of the W3C 
00027170 XML Schema speci
00027180 fication, it is 
00027190 impossible to su
000271A0 pply QName defau
000271B0 lt or fixed valu
000271C0 es.The Attribute
000271D0 's default value
000271E0  is invalid with
000271F0  its type defini
00027200 tion.The Attribu
00027210 te's fixed value
00027220  is invalid with
00027230  its type defini
00027240 tion.Should not 
00027250 happen :1: XmlSc
00027260 hemaAttribute.Re
00027270 ad, name=fixedfo
00027280 rm is not a vali
00027290 d value for form
000272A0  attribute is no
000272B0 t a valid value 
000272C0 for ref attribut
000272D0 e is not a valid
000272E0  value for type 
000272F0 attributeuse is 
00027300 not a valid valu
00027310 e for use attrib
00027320 ute is not a val
00027330 id attribute for
00027340  attributeShould
00027350  not happen :2: 
00027360 XmlSchemaAttribu
00027370 te.Read, name=Na
00027380 me is required i
00027390 n top level simp
000273A0 letypename attri
000273B0 bute of a simple
000273C0 Type must be NCN
000273D0 ameinvalid type 
000273E0 of object in Att
000273F0 ributes property
00027400 Should not happe
00027410 n :1: XmlSchemaA
00027420 ttributeGroup.Re
00027430 ad, name= is not
00027440  a valid attribu
00027450 te for attribute
00027460 Group in this co
00027470 ntextShould not 
00027480 happen :2: XmlSc
00027490 hemaAttributeGro
000274A0 up.Read, name=re
000274B0 f must be presen
000274C0 tref must be a v
000274D0 alid qnameShould
000274E0  not happen :1: 
000274F0 XmlSchemaAttribu
00027500 teGroupRef.Read,
00027510  name=Should not
00027520  happen :2: XmlS
00027530 chemaAttributeGr
00027540 oupRef.Read, nam
00027550 e=Empty choice i
00027560 s unsatisfiable 
00027570 if minOccurs not
00027580  equals to 0Inva
00027590 lid schema objec
000275A0 t was specified 
000275B0 in the particles
000275C0  of the choice m
000275D0 odel group.Inval
000275E0 id choice deriva
000275F0 tion by restrict
00027600 ion was found.ch
00027610 oiceShould not h
00027620 appen :1: XmlSch
00027630 emaChoice.Read, 
00027640 name= is not a v
00027650 alid attribute f
00027660 or choiceShould 
00027670 not happen :2: X
00027680 mlSchemaChoice.R
00027690 ead, name=sequen
000276A0 ceContent must b
000276B0 e present in a c
000276C0 omplexContentcom
000276D0 plexContent can'
000276E0 t have any value
000276F0  other than rest
00027700 riction or exten
00027710 tioncomplexConte
00027720 ntShould not hap
00027730 pen :1: XmlSchem
00027740 aComplexContent.
00027750 Read, name=mixed
00027760  is an invalid v
00027770 alue for mixed i
00027780 s not a valid at
00027790 tribute for comp
000277A0 lexContentShould
000277B0  not happen :2: 
000277C0 XmlSchemaComplex
000277D0 Content.Read, na
000277E0 me=restrictionba
000277F0 se must be prese
00027800 nt, as a QNameBa
00027810 seTypeName is no
00027820 t a valid XmlQua
00027830 lifiedName is no
00027840 t valid in this 
00027850 place::ComplexCo
00027860 netnetExtensionP
00027870 article of a res
00027880 triction is limi
00027890 ted only to grou
000278A0 p, sequence, cho
000278B0 ice and all.Shou
000278C0 ld not happen :1
000278D0 : XmlSchemaCompl
000278E0 exContentExtensi
000278F0 on.Read, name=ba
00027900 se is not a vali
00027910 d value for base
00027920  attribute is no
00027930 t a valid attrib
00027940 ute for extensio
00027950 nShould not happ
00027960 en :2: XmlSchema
00027970 ComplexContentEx
00027980 tension.Read, na
00027990 me= is not valid
000279A0  in this place::
000279B0 ComplexContentRe
000279C0 strictionShould 
000279D0 not happen :1: X
000279E0 mlSchemaComplexC
000279F0 ontentRestrictio
00027A00 n.Read, name= is
00027A10  not a valid att
00027A20 ribute for restr
00027A30 ictionShould not
00027A40  happen :2: XmlS
00027A50 chemaComplexCont
00027A60 entRestriction.R
00027A70 ead, name=anyTyp
00027A80 ename must be pr
00027A90 esent in a top l
00027AA0 evel complex typ
00027AB0 ename must be a 
00027AC0 NCNameInvalid bl
00027AD0 ock specificatio
00027AE0 n.Invalid final 
00027AF0 specification.ab
00027B00 stract must be f
00027B10 alse in a local 
00027B20 complex typename
00027B30  must be absent 
00027B40 in a local compl
00027B50 ex typefinal mus
00027B60 t be absent in a
00027B70  local complex t
00027B80 ypeblock must be
00027B90  absent in a loc
00027BA0 al complex typea
00027BB0 ttributes, parti
00027BC0 cles or anyattri
00027BD0 bute is not allo
00027BE0 wed if ContentMo
00027BF0 del is present i
00027C00 s not valid in t
00027C10 his place::Compl
00027C20 exTypeRedefiniti
00027C30 on base type was
00027C40  not found.Parti
00027C50 cle whose term i
00027C60 s -all- and cons
00027C70 ists of complex 
00027C80 type content par
00027C90 ticle must have 
00027CA0 maxOccurs = 1.Tw
00027CB0 o or more ID typ
00027CC0 ed attribute dec
00027CD0 larations in a c
00027CE0 omplex type are 
00027CF0 found.Referenced
00027D00  group Circular 
00027D10 definition of sc
00027D20 hema types was f
00027D30 ound.Specified d
00027D40 erivation is spe
00027D50 cified as final 
00027D60 by derived schem
00027D70 a type.If the ba
00027D80 se schema type i
00027D90 s a simple type,
00027DA0  then this type 
00027DB0 must be extensio
00027DC0 n.Referenced bas
00027DD0 e schema type is
00027DE0  XML Schema data
00027DF0 type.Referenced 
00027E00 base schema type
00027E10   was not comple
00027E20 x type or not fo
00027E30 und in the corre
00027E40 sponding schema.
00027E50 Base schema comp
00027E60 lex type of a si
00027E70 mple content mus
00027E80 t be simple cont
00027E90 ent type. Base t
00027EA0 ype is If a simp
00027EB0 le content is no
00027EC0 t an extension, 
00027ED0 base schema type
00027EE0  must be complex
00027EF0  type. Base type
00027F00  is Base complex
00027F10  type of a simpl
00027F20 e content restri
00027F30 ction must be te
00027F40 xt only.Not allo
00027F50 wed base type of
00027F60  a simple conten
00027F70 t restriction.De
00027F80 rivation type  i
00027F90 s prohibited by 
00027FA0 the base type.De
00027FB0 rived type's bas
00027FC0 e schema type is
00027FD0  anyType.Derivat
00027FE0 ion by extension
00027FF0  is prohibited.I
00028000 nvalid complex t
00028010 ype derivation b
00028020 y extension was 
00028030 found. Missing a
00028040 ttribute was fou
00028050 nd:  .Invalid co
00028060 mplex type deriv
00028070 ation by extensi
00028080 on was found. Ba
00028090 se complex type 
000280A0 does not have an
000280B0  attribute wildc
000280C0 ard.Base complex
000280D0  type has differ
000280E0 ent content type
000280F0  Invalid complex
00028100  content extensi
00028110 on was found.Ext
00028120 ension is prohib
00028130 ited by the base
00028140  type.To extend 
00028150 simple type, a c
00028160 omplex type must
00028170  have the same c
00028180 ontent type as t
00028190 he base type.Bas
000281A0 e schema type is
000281B0  not a complex t
000281C0 ype.Prohibited d
000281D0 erivation by res
000281E0 triction by base
000281F0  schema type.Inv
00028200 alid attribute d
00028210 erivation by res
00028220 triction was fou
00028230 nd for Invalid a
00028240 ttribute derivat
00028250 ion by restricti
00028260 on because of it
00028270 s type: Invalid 
00028280 attribute deriva
00028290 tion by restrict
000282A0 ion because of i
000282B0 ts fixed value c
000282C0 onstraint: Inval
000282D0 id attribute der
000282E0 ivation by restr
000282F0 iction because o
00028300 f attribute wild
00028310 card.Invalid con
00028320 tent type deriva
00028330 tion.Should not 
00028340 happen :1: XmlSc
00028350 hemaComplexType.
00028360 Read, name=abstr
00028370 act is invalid v
00028380 alue for abstrac
00028390 tblocksome inval
000283A0 id values for bl
000283B0 ock attribute we
000283C0 re foundfinalsom
000283D0 e invalid values
000283E0  for final attri
000283F0 bute were found 
00028400 is invalid value
00028410  for mixed is no
00028420 t a valid attrib
00028430 ute for complexT
00028440 ypeShould not ha
00028450 ppen :2: XmlSche
00028460 maComplexType.Re
00028470 ad, name=simpleC
00028480 ontenthttp://www
00028490 .w3.org/2003/11/
000284A0 xpath-datatypesa
000284B0 nyAtomicTypeunty
000284C0 pedAtomicdayTime
000284D0 DurationyearMont
000284E0 hDurationanySimp
000284F0 leTypenormalized
00028500 Stringtokenlangu
00028540 IESNOTATIONdecim
00028550 alintegerlongint
00028560 shortbytenonPosi
00028570 tiveIntegernegat
00028580 iveIntegernonNeg
00028590 ativeIntegerunsi
000285A0 gnedLongunsigned
000285B0 IntunsignedShort
000285C0 unsignedByteposi
000285D0 tiveIntegerfloat
000285E0 doublebase64Bina
000285F0 rybooleananyURId
00028600 urationdateTimeh
00028610 exBinaryQNamegYe
00028620 arMonthgMonthDay
00028630 gYeargMonthgDayS
00028640 hould not happen
00028650  :1: XmlSchemaDo
00028660 cumentation.Read
00028670 , name=xml:lang 
00028680 is not a valid a
00028690 ttribute for doc
000286A0 umentationboth d
000286B0 efault and fixed
000286C0  can't be presen
000286D0 tref must be abs
000286E0 entform must be 
000286F0 absentminOccurs 
00028700 must be absentma
00028710 xOccurs must be 
00028720 absentsome value
00028730 s for final are 
00028740 invalid in this 
00028750 contextboth sche
00028760 maType and conte
00028770 nt can't be pres
00028780 entonly simplety
00028790 pe or complextyp
000287A0 e is allowedSche
000287B0 maTypeName must 
000287C0 be an XmlQualifi
000287D0 edNameSubstituti
000287E0 onGroup must be 
000287F0 a valid XmlQuali
00028800 fiedNamesubstitu
00028810 tionGroup must b
00028820 e absentfinal mu
00028830 st be absentRefN
00028840 ame must be a Xm
00028850 lQualifiedNamena
00028860 me must not be p
00028870 resent when ref 
00028880 is presentkey, k
00028890 eyref and unique
000288A0  must be absentn
000288B0 illable must be 
000288C0 absentdefault mu
000288D0 st be absentfixe
000288E0 d must be nullbl
000288F0 ock must be abse
00028900 nttype must be a
00028910 bsentsimpleType 
00028920 or complexType m
00028930 ust be absentSom
00028940 e of the values 
00028950 for block are in
00028960 valid in this co
00028970 ntextInvalid sch
00028980 ema datatype was
00028990  specified.Refer
000289A0 enced element sc
000289B0 hema type Refere
000289C0 nced element Sub
000289D0 stituted element
000289E0  blocks substitu
000289F0 tion.Invalid der
00028A00 ivation was foun
00028A10 d. Substituted e
00028A20 lement prohibits
00028A30  this derivation
00028A40  method: Referen
00028A50 ced element type
00028A60  Element type is
00028A70  ID, which does 
00028A80 not allows defau
00028A90 lt or fixed valu
00028AA0 es.Invalid deriv
00028AB0 ation by restric
00028AC0 tion of particle
00028AD0  was found. Both
00028AE0  elements must h
00028AF0 ave the same nam
00028B00 e.Invalid elemen
00028B10 t derivation by 
00028B20 restriction of p
00028B30 article was foun
00028B40 d. Base element 
00028B50 is not nillable 
00028B60 and derived type
00028B70  is nillable.Inv
00028B80 alid element der
00028B90 ivation by restr
00028BA0 iction of partic
00028BB0 le was found. Bo
00028BC0 th fixed value m
00028BD0 ust be the same.
00028BE0 Invalid derivati
00028BF0 on by restrictio
00028C00 n of particle wa
00028C10 s found. Derived
00028C20  element must co
00028C30 ntain all of the
00028C40  base element's 
00028C50 block value.Inva
00028C60 lid element deri
00028C70 vation by restri
00028C80 ction of particl
00028C90 e was found. Bot
00028CA0 h primitive type
00028CB0 s differ.Ambiguo
00028CC0 us element label
00028CD0  was detected: A
00028CE0 mbiguous element
00028CF0  label which is 
00028D00 contained by -an
00028D10 y- particle was 
00028D20 detected: Ambigu
00028D30 ous element labe
00028D40 l '{0}' which is
00028D50  contained by -a
00028D60 ny- particle wit
00028D70 h ##other value 
00028D80 than '{1}' was d
00028D90 etected: Differe
00028DA0 nt types are spe
00028DB0 cified on the sa
00028DC0 me named element
00028DD0 s in the same se
00028DE0 quence. Element 
00028DF0 name is Element 
00028E00 content type mus
00028E10 t be simple type
00028E20  or mixed.The El
00028E30 ement's default 
00028E40 value is invalid
00028E50  with respect to
00028E60  its type defini
00028E70 tion.The Element
00028E80 's fixed value i
00028E90 s invalid with i
00028EA0 ts type definiti
00028EB0 on.Should not ha
00028EC0 ppen :1: XmlSche
00028ED0 maElement.Read, 
00028EE0 name= is an inva
00028EF0 lid value for fo
00028F00 rm attributenill
00028F10 ableis not a val
00028F20 id value for nil
00028F30 lablesubstitutio
00028F40 nGroup is not a 
00028F50 valid value for 
00028F60 substitutionGrou
00028F70 p attribute is n
00028F80 ot a valid attri
00028F90 bute for element
00028FA0 Should not happe
00028FB0 n :2: XmlSchemaE
00028FC0 lement.Read, nam
00028FD0 e=uniquekeyrefen
00028FE0 umerationShould 
00028FF0 not happen :1: X
00029000 mlSchemaEnumerat
00029010 ionFacet.Read, n
00029020 ame= is not a va
00029030 lid attribute fo
00029040 r enumerationSho
00029050 uld not happen :
00029060 2: XmlSchemaEnum
00029070 erationFacet.Rea
00029080 d, name=A schema
00029090  error occured.h
000290A0 asLineInfolineNu
000290B0 mberlinePosition
000290C0 sourceUrisourceO
000290D0 bjXmlSchema erro
000290E0 r:  XML {0} Line
000290F0  {1}, Position {
00029100 2}.URI: fraction
00029110 DigitsShould not
00029120  happen :1: XmlS
00029130 chemaFractionDig
00029140 itsFacet.Read, n
00029150 ame= is not a va
00029160 lid value for fi
00029170 xed attribute is
00029180  not a valid att
00029190 ribute for fract
000291A0 ionDigitsShould 
000291B0 not happen :2: X
000291C0 mlSchemaFraction
000291D0 DigitsFacet.Read
000291E0 , name=Particle 
000291F0 is requiredMaxOc
00029200 curs must not be
00029210  present when th
00029220 e Particle is a 
00029230 child of GroupMi
00029240 nOccurs must not
00029250  be present when
00029260  the Particle is
00029270  a child of Grou
00029280 pShould not happ
00029290 en :1: XmlSchema
000292A0 Group.Read, name
000292B0 = is not a valid
000292C0  attribute for g
000292D0 roupShould not h
000292E0 appen :2: XmlSch
000292F0 emaGroup.Read, n
00029300 ame=Invalid part
00029310 icle derivation 
00029320 by restriction w
00029330 as found. base p
00029340 article does not
00029350  contain particl
00029360 es.Invalid parti
00029370 cle derivation b
00029380 y restriction wa
00029390 s found. Cannot 
000293A0 be mapped to bas
000293B0 e particle.Inval
000293C0 id particle deri
000293D0 vation by restri
000293E0 ction was found.
000293F0  Invalid sub-par
00029400 ticle derivation
00029410  was found.Inval
00029420 id particle deri
00029430 vation by restri
00029440 ction was found.
00029450  Extraneous deri
00029460 ved particle was
00029470  found.Invalid p
00029480 article derivati
00029490 on by restrictio
000294A0 n was found. The
000294B0 re is a base par
000294C0 ticle which does
000294D0  not have mapped
000294E0  derived particl
000294F0 e and is not emp
00029500 tiable.RefName m
00029510 ust be a valid X
00029520 mlQualifiedNameG
00029530 roup reference t
00029540 o -all- particle
00029550  must have schem
00029560 a component {max
00029570 Occurs}=1.Circul
00029580 ar group referen
00029590 ce was found.Sho
000295A0 uld not happen :
000295B0 2: XmlSchemaGrou
000295C0 pRef.Read, name=
000295D0 There is already
000295E0  same named iden
000295F0 tity constraint 
00029600 in this namespac
00029610 e. Existing item
00029620  is at {0}({1},{
00029630 2})selector must
00029640  be presentatlea
00029650 st one field val
00029660 ue must be prese
00029670 ntObject of type
00029680   is invalid in 
00029690 the Fields Colle
000296A0 ctionShould not 
000296B0 happen :1: XmlSc
000296C0 hemaImport.Read,
000296D0  name= is not a 
000296E0 valid attribute 
000296F0 for importShould
00029700  not happen :2: 
00029710 XmlSchemaImport.
00029720 Read, name=Shoul
00029730 d not happen :1:
00029740  XmlSchemaInclud
00029750 e.Read, name= is
00029760  not a valid att
00029770 ribute for inclu
00029780 deShould not hap
00029790 pen :2: XmlSchem
000297A0 aInclude.Read, n
000297B0 ame=Should not h
000297C0 appen :1: XmlSch
000297D0 emaKey.Read, nam
000297E0 e= is not a vali
000297F0 d attribute for 
00029800 keyShould not ha
00029810 ppen :2: XmlSche
00029820 maKey.Read, name
00029830 =fieldselector m
00029840 ust be defined b
00029850 efore field decl
00029860 arationsrefer mu
00029870 st be presentRef
00029880 er is not a vali
00029890 d XmlQualifiedNa
000298A0 meTarget key was
000298B0  not found.Targe
000298C0 t identity const
000298D0 raint was keyref
000298E0 .Target identity
000298F0  constraint has 
00029900 different number
00029910  of fields.Shoul
00029920 d not happen :1:
00029930  XmlSchemaKeyref
00029940 .Read, name=refe
00029950 r is not a valid
00029960  value for refer
00029970  attribute is no
00029980 t a valid attrib
00029990 ute for keyrefSh
000299A0 ould not happen 
000299B0 :2: XmlSchemaKey
000299C0 ref.Read, name=S
000299D0 hould not happen
000299E0  :1: XmlSchemaLe
000299F0 ngthFacet.Read, 
00029A00 name=Should not 
00029A10 happen :2: XmlSc
00029A20 hemaLengthFacet.
00029A30 Read, name=maxEx
00029A40 clusiveShould no
00029A50 t happen :1: Xml
00029A60 SchemaMaxExclusi
00029A70 veFacet.Read, na
00029A80 me= is not a val
00029A90 id attribute for
00029AA0  maxExclusiveSho
00029AB0 uld not happen :
00029AC0 2: XmlSchemaMaxE
00029AD0 xclusiveFacet.Re
00029AE0 ad, name=maxIncl
00029AF0 usiveShould not 
00029B00 happen :1: XmlSc
00029B10 hemaMaxInclusive
00029B20 Facet.Read, name
00029B30 = is not a valid
00029B40  attribute for m
00029B50 axInclusiveShoul
00029B60 d not happen :2:
00029B70  XmlSchemaMaxInc
00029B80 lusiveFacet.Read
00029B90 , name=maxLength
00029BA0 Should not happe
00029BB0 n :1: XmlSchemaM
00029BC0 axLengthFacet.Re
00029BD0 ad, name=Should 
00029BE0 not happen :2: X
00029BF0 mlSchemaMaxLengt
00029C00 hFacet.Read, nam
00029C10 e=minExclusiveSh
00029C20 ould not happen 
00029C30 :1: XmlSchemaMin
00029C40 ExclusiveFacet.R
00029C50 ead, name= is no
00029C60 t a valid attrib
00029C70 ute for minExclu
00029C80 siveShould not h
00029C90 appen :2: XmlSch
00029CA0 emaMinExclusiveF
00029CB0 acet.Read, name=
00029CC0 minInclusiveShou
00029CD0 ld not happen :1
00029CE0 : XmlSchemaMinIn
00029CF0 clusiveFacet.Rea
00029D00 d, name= is not 
00029D10 a valid attribut
00029D20 e for minInclusi
00029D30 veShould not hap
00029D40 pen :2: XmlSchem
00029D50 aMinInclusiveFac
00029D60 et.Read, name=mi
00029D70 nLengthShould no
00029D80 t happen :1: Xml
00029D90 SchemaMinLengthF
00029DA0 acet.Read, name=
00029DB0  is not a valid 
00029DC0 attribute for mi
00029DD0 nLengthShould no
00029DE0 t happen :2: Xml
00029DF0 SchemaMinLengthF
00029E00 acet.Read, name=
00029E10 public must be p
00029E20 resentpublic mus
00029E30 t be anyURIsyste
00029E40 m must be presen
00029E50 t and of Type an
00029E60 yURIsystem is no
00029E70 t a valid attrib
00029E80 ute for notation
00029E90 Should not happe
00029EA0 n :2: XmlSchemaN
00029EB0 otation.Read, na
00029ED0 R: Parent object
00029EE0  is not set prop
00029EF0 erly : {0} ({1},
00029F00 {2})MinOccursStr
00029F10 ing must be a no
00029F20 n-negative numbe
00029F30 rMaxOccurs must 
00029F40 be a non-negativ
00029F50 e integerminOccu
00029F60 rs must be less 
00029F70 than or equal to
00029F80  maxOccursInvali
00029F90 d derivation occ
00029FA0 urence range was
00029FB0  found.Should no
00029FC0 t happen :1: Xml
00029FD0 SchemaPatternFac
00029FE0 et.Read, name= i
00029FF0 s not a valid at
0002A000 tribute for patt
0002A010 ernShould not ha
0002A020 ppen :2: XmlSche
0002A030 maPatternFacet.R
0002A040 ead, name= is in
0002A050 valid in this co
0002A060 ntext..The error
0002A070  occured on (Sho
0002A080 uld not happen :
0002A090 1: XmlSchemaRede
0002A0A0 fine.Read, name=
0002A0B0  is not a valid 
0002A0C0 attribute for re
0002A0D0 defineShould not
0002A0E0  happen :2: XmlS
0002A0F0 chemaRedefine.Re
0002A100 ad, name=Invalid
0002A110  schema object w
0002A120 as specified in 
0002A130 the particles of
0002A140  the sequence mo
0002A150 del group.Invali
0002A160 d sequence paric
0002A170 le derivation.In
0002A180 valid sequence p
0002A190 article derivati
0002A1A0 on by restrictio
0002A1B0 n from all.Base 
0002A1C0 element particle
0002A1D0  is mapped to th
0002A1E0 e derived elemen
0002A1F0 t particle in a 
0002A200 sequence two or 
0002A210 more times.In ba
0002A220 se -all- particl
0002A230 e, mapping-skipp
0002A240 ed base element 
0002A250 which is not emp
0002A260 tiable was found
0002A270 .Should not happ
0002A280 en :1: XmlSchema
0002A290 Sequence.Read, n
0002A2A0 ame= is not a va
0002A2B0 lid attribute fo
0002A2C0 r sequenceShould
0002A2D0  not happen :2: 
0002A2E0 XmlSchemaSequenc
0002A2F0 e.Read, name=nam
0002A300 eTableContent mu
0002A310 st be present in
0002A320  a simpleContent
0002A330 simpleContent ca
0002A340 n't have any val
0002A350 ue other than re
0002A360 striction or ext
0002A370 ention is not a 
0002A380 valid attribute 
0002A390 for simpleConten
0002A3A0 tShould not happ
0002A3B0 en :2: XmlSchema
0002A3C0 SimpleContent.Re
0002A3D0 ad, name=BaseTyp
0002A3E0 eName must be a 
0002A3F0 QName is not val
0002A400 id in this place
0002A410 ::SimpleConentEx
0002A420 tensionSpecified
0002A430  type is complex
0002A440  type which cont
0002A450 ains complex con
0002A460 tent.Invalid sch
0002A470 ema datatype nam
0002A480 e is specified. 
0002A490 is not a valid a
0002A4A0 ttribute for ext
0002A4B0 ension in this c
0002A4C0 ontextShould not
0002A4D0  happen :2: XmlS
0002A4E0 chemaSimpleConte
0002A4F0 ntExtension.Read
0002A500 , name= is not v
0002A510 alid in this pla
0002A520 ce::SimpleConten
0002A530 tRestrictionShou
0002A540 ld not happen :2
0002A550 : XmlSchemaSimpl
0002A560 eContentRestrict
0002A570 ion.Read, name=t
0002A580 otalDigitswhiteS
0002A590 paceName is proh
0002A5A0 ibited in a loca
0002A5B0 l simpletypeFina
0002A5C0 l is prohibited 
0002A5D0 in a local simpl
0002A5E0 etypeThe value o
0002A5F0 f final attribut
0002A600 e is not valid f
0002A610 or simpleTypeCon
0002A620 tent is required
0002A630  in a simpletype
0002A640 Circular type re
0002A650 ference was foun
0002A660 d.Specified deri
0002A670 vation is prohib
0002A680 ited by the base
0002A690  simple type.Lis
0002A6A0 t type must not 
0002A6B0 be derived from 
0002A6C0 another list typ
0002A6D0 e.Base schema ty
0002A6E0 pe is not either
0002A6F0  atomic type or 
0002A700 primitive type.D
0002A710 erivation by res
0002A720 triction is proh
0002A730 ibited by the ba
0002A740 se simple type.N
0002A750 ot allowed facet
0002A760  was found on th
0002A770 is simple type w
0002A780 hich derives lis
0002A790 t type.Specified
0002A7A0  derivation is p
0002A7B0 rohibited by the
0002A7C0  base type.Inval
0002A7D0 id simple type d
0002A7E0 erivation was fo
0002A7F0 und.some invalid
0002A800  values not a va
0002A810 lid value for fi
0002A820 nal is not a val
0002A830 id attribute for
0002A840  simpleTypeShoul
0002A850 d not happen :2:
0002A860  XmlSchemaSimple
0002A870 Type.Read, name=
0002A880 unionboth itemTy
0002A890 pe and simpletyp
0002A8A0 e can't be prese
0002A8B0 ntone of itemTyp
0002A8C0 e or simpletype 
0002A8D0 must be presentB
0002A8E0 aseTypeName must
0002A8F0  be a XmlQualifi
0002A900 edNameInvalid sc
0002A910 hema type name w
0002A920 as specified: Re
0002A930 ferenced base li
0002A940 st item schema t
0002A950 ype Should not h
0002A960 appen :1: XmlSch
0002A970 emaSimpleTypeLis
0002A980 t.Read, name=ite
0002A990 mType is not a v
0002A9A0 alid value for i
0002A9B0 temType attribut
0002A9C0 e is not a valid
0002A9D0  attribute for l
0002A9E0 istShould not ha
0002A9F0 ppen :2: XmlSche
0002AA00 maSimpleTypeList
0002AA10 .Read, name=both
0002AA20  base and simple
0002AA30 type can't be se
0002AA40 tone of basetype
0002AA50  or simpletype m
0002AA60 ust be presentOn
0002AA70 ly XmlSchemaFace
0002AA80 t objects are al
0002AA90 lowed for Facets
0002AAA0  property is not
0002AAB0  a valid facet f
0002AAC0 or this typeThis
0002AAD0  is a duplicate 
0002AAE0 '' facet.[\p{L}_
0002AAF0 ][^\p{L}_][\p{L}
0002AB00 \p{N}_\.\-:][^\p
0002AB10 {L}\p{N}_\.\-:]I
0002AB20 nvalid regular e
0002AB30 xpression patter
0002AB40 n was specified.
0002AB50 The value '{0}' 
0002AB60 is an invalid to
0002AB70 talDigits valueT
0002AB80 he value '{0}' i
0002AB90 s not a valid re
0002ABA0 striction of the
0002ABB0  base totalDigit
0002ABC0 s facet '{1}'The
0002ABD0  value '{0}' is 
0002ABE0 an invalid total
0002ABF0 Digits facet spe
0002AC00 cificationThe va
0002AC10 lue '{0}' is an 
0002AC20 invalid fraction
0002AC30 Digits valueThe 
0002AC40 value '{0}' is n
0002AC50 ot a valid restr
0002AC60 iction of the ba
0002AC70 se fractionDigit
0002AC80 s facet '{1}'The
0002AC90  value '{0}' is 
0002ACA0 an invalid fract
0002ACB0 ionDigits facet 
0002ACC0 specification{0}
0002ACD0  is not the same
0002ACE0  as fixed parent
0002ACF0  {1} facet.The v
0002AD00 alue '{0}' is no
0002AD10 t valid against 
0002AD20 the base type.It
0002AD30  is an error for
0002AD40  both length and
0002AD50  minLength or ma
0002AD60 xLength to be pr
0002AD70 esent.' is an in
0002AD80 valid length' is
0002AD90  an invalid leng
0002ADA0 th facet specifi
0002ADB0 cationThe value 
0002ADC0 '{0}' is not the
0002ADD0  same as the fix
0002ADE0 ed value '{1}' o
0002ADF0 n the base typeT
0002AE00 he value '{0}' i
0002AE10 s not a valid re
0002AE20 striction of the
0002AE30  value '{1}' on 
0002AE40 the base maxLeng
0002AE50 th facet' is an 
0002AE60 invalid maxLengt
0002AE70 hminLength is gr
0002AE80 eater than maxLe
0002AE90 ngth.' is an inv
0002AEA0 alid maxLength f
0002AEB0 acet specificati
0002AEC0 onThe value '{0}
0002AED0 ' is not a valid
0002AEE0  restriction of 
0002AEF0 the value '{1}' 
0002AF00 on the base minL
0002AF10 ength facet' is 
0002AF20 an invalid minLe
0002AF30 ngth' is an inva
0002AF40 lid minLength fa
0002AF50 cet specificatio
0002AF60 nShould not happ
0002AF70 en :1: XmlSchema
0002AF80 SimpleTypeRestri
0002AF90 ction.Read, name
0002AFA0 =Should not happ
0002AFB0 en :2: XmlSchema
0002AFC0 SimpleTypeRestri
0002AFD0 ction.Read, name
0002AFE0 =baseTypes can't
0002AFF0  have objects ot
0002B000 her than a simpl
0002B010 etypeInvalid mem
0002B020 bertypeAtleast o
0002B030 ne simpletype or
0002B040  membertype must
0002B050  be presentShoul
0002B060 d not happen :1:
0002B070  XmlSchemaSimple
0002B080 TypeUnion.Read, 
0002B090 name=memberTypes
0002B0A0 ' is not a valid
0002B0B0  memberType is n
0002B0C0 ot a valid attri
0002B0D0 bute for unionSh
0002B0E0 ould not happen 
0002B0F0 :2: XmlSchemaSim
0002B100 pleTypeUnion.Rea
0002B110 d, name=Should n
0002B120 ot happen :1: Xm
0002B130 lSchemaTotalDigi
0002B140 tsFacet.Read, na
0002B150 me= is not a val
0002B160 id attribute for
0002B170  totalDigitsShou
0002B180 ld not happen :2
0002B190 : XmlSchemaTotal
0002B1A0 DigitsFacet.Read
0002B1B0 , name=Should no
0002B1C0 t happen :1: Xml
0002B1D0 SchemaUnique.Rea
0002B1E0 d, name= is not 
0002B1F0 a valid attribut
0002B200 e for uniqueShou
0002B210 ld not happen :2
0002B220 : XmlSchemaUnion
0002B230 .Read, name=MONO
0002B250 IANTNamed item {
0002B260 0} was already c
0002B270 ontained in the 
0002B280 schema object ta
0002B290 ble.Named item {
0002B2A0 0} was already c
0002B2B0 ontained in the 
0002B2C0 schema object ta
0002B2D0 ble. {1}Consider
0002B2E0  setting MONO_ST
0002B300 T to 'yes' to mi
0002B310 mic MS implement
0002B320 ation. is not a 
0002B330 valid id attribu
0002B340 teDuplicate id a
0002B350 ttribute ##http:
0002B360 //schemas.xmlsoa
0002B370 p.org/wsdl/array
0002B380 Type#all. #all i
0002B390 f present must b
0002B3A0 e the only value
0002B3B0 substitutionis/a
0002B3C0 re not valid val
0002B3D0 ues for  is not 
0002B3E0 allowed in this 
0002B3F0 attribute. is al
0002B400 ready specified 
0002B410 in this attribut
0002B420 e.qualifiedunqua
0002B430 lifiedonly quali
0002B440 fied or unqulifi
0002B450 ed is a valid va
0002B460 luelaxstrictskip
0002B470 only lax , stric
0002B480 t or skip are va
0002B490 lid values for p
0002B4A0 rocessContentsop
0002B4B0 tionalprohibited
0002B4C0 requiredonly opt
0002B4D0 ional , prohibit
0002B4E0 ed or required a
0002B4F0 re valid values 
0002B500 for use is an in
0002B510 valid QName. Eit
0002B520 her name or name
0002B530 space is not a N
0002B540 CNameNamespace P
0002B550 refix 'could not
0002B560  be resolvedRefe
0002B570 renced attribute
0002B580  group Attribute
0002B590  group recursion
0002B5A0  was found: Dupl
0002B5B0 icate attributes
0002B5C0  was found for '
0002B5D0 {0}'Should not h
0002B5E0 appen :1: XmlSch
0002B5F0 emaWhiteSpaceFac
0002B600 et.Read, name= i
0002B610 s not a valid at
0002B620 tribute for whit
0002B630 eSpaceShould not
0002B640  happen :2: XmlS
0002B650 chemaWhiteSpaceF
0002B660 acet.Read, name=
0002B670 Empty xpath expr
0002B680 ession is specif
0002B690 iedSelector cann
0002B6A0 ot include attri
0002B6B0 bute axes.Invali
0002B6C0 d path format fo
0002B6D0 r a field.Specif
0002B6E0 ied prefix '' is
0002B6F0  not declared.Un
0002B700 expected xpath t
0002B710 oken after Attri
0002B720 bute NameTest.Un
0002B730 expected xpath t
0002B740 oken after NameT
0002B750 est.xpath is not
0002B760  a valid attribu
0002B770 te for Should no
0002B780 t happen :2: Xml
0002B790 SchemaXPath.Read
0002B7A0 , name=ItemGener
0002B7B0 ic type definiti
0002B7C0 on cannot be use
0002B7D0 d in serializati
0002B7E0 on. Only specifi
0002B7F0 c generic types 
0002B800 can be used.even
0002B810 tnewstructasexpl
0002B820 icitexternthisop
0002B830 eratorfinallyout
0002B840 overridetrycasep
0002B850 aramstypeofcatch
0002B860 forprivateforeac
0002B870 hprotectedchecke
0002B880 dgotouncheckedif
0002B890 readonlyunsafeco
0002B8A0 nstimplicitconti
0002B8B0 nueinusingvirtua
0002B8C0 linterfacesealed
0002B8D0 volatiledelegate
0002B8E0 internaldoiswhil
0002B8F0 elockstackalloce
0002B900 lsestaticenumobj
0002B910 ectbooluintcharu
0002B920 longushortsbytev
0002B930 oidpartialyieldw
0002B940 hereProperty Lis
0002B950 tItemType is not
0002B960  supported for c
0002B970 ustom types is n
0002B980 ot a collectionT
0002B990 he type {0} is n
0002B9A0 ot supported bec
0002B9B0 ause it implemen
0002B9C0 ts IDictionary.Y
0002B9D0 ou must implemen
0002B9E0 t a default acce
0002B9F0 ssor on  because
0002BA00  it inherits fro
0002BA10 m ICollectionAdd
0002BA20 ICollectionGetEn
0002BA30 umeratorSystem.C
0002BA40 ollections.IEnum
0002BA50 erable.GetEnumer
0002BA60 atorCurrentIEnum
0002BA70 erableTo be XML 
0002BA80 serializable, ty
0002BA90 pes which inheri
0002BAA0 t from {0} must 
0002BAB0 have an implemen
0002BAC0 tation of Add({1
0002BAD0 }) at all levels
0002BAE0  of their inheri
0002BAF0 tance hierarchy.
0002BB00  {2} does not im
0002BB10 plement Add({1})
0002BB20 .[0-9a-fA-F]{8}-
0002BB30 [0-9a-fA-F]{4}-[
0002BB40 0-9a-fA-F]{4}-[0
0002BB50 -9a-fA-F]{4}-[0-
0002BB60 9a-fA-F]{12}guid
0002BB70 XmlNodeXmlElemen
0002BB80 ttimePeriodmonth
0002BB90 base64Cannot con
0002BBA0 vert values of t
0002BBB0 ype '' to 'OfDat
0002BBC0 a type '' not su
0002BBD0 pportedArrayOfCa
0002BBE0 nnot parse WSDL 
0002BBF0 array type: Requ
0002BC00 ired entity was 
0002BC10 not found: {0}El
0002BC20 ement declaratio
0002BC30 n for {0} was al
0002BC40 ready added.Enti
0002BC50 ty declaration f
0002BC60 or {0} was alrea
0002BC70 dy added.Notatio
0002BC80 n declaration fo
0002BC90 r {0} was alread
0002BCA0 y added.Attribut
0002BCB0 e definition for
0002BCC0  {0} was already
0002BCD0  added at elemen
0002BCE0 t {1}.The total 
0002BCF0 amount of extern
0002BD00 al entities exce
0002BD10 eded the allowed
0002BD20  number.Entity r
0002BD30 ecursion was fou
0002BD40 nd.Nested entity
0002BD50  was found betwe
0002BD60 en {0} and {1}En
0002BD70 tity reference n
0002BD80 ame is missing.I
0002BD90 nvalid reference
0002BDA0  character '&' i
0002BDB0 s specified.INCL
0002BDC0 UDE section is n
0002BDD0 ot ended correct
0002BDE0 ly.Unexpected en
0002BDF0 d of stream.Synt
0002BE00 ax Error after '
0002BE10 <' character: Un
0002BE20 balanced end of 
0002BE40 ection.]>Syntax 
0002BE50 Error inside doc
0002BE60 typedecl markup 
0002BE70 : {0}({1})TITYWh
0002BE80 itespace is requ
0002BE90 ired after '<!EN
0002BEA0 TITY' in DTD ent
0002BEB0 ity declaration.
0002BEC0 expected name ch
0002BED0 aracterEMENTSynt
0002BEE0 ax Error after '
0002BEF0 <!E' (ELEMENT or
0002BF00  ENTITY must be 
0002BF10 found)TTLISTOTAT
0002BF30 ax Error after '
0002BF40 <!' characters.U
0002BF50 nexpected IGNORE
0002BF60  section end.IGN
0002BF70 ORE section is n
0002BF80 ot ended correct
0002BF90 ly.Whitespace is
0002BFA0  required betwee
0002BFB0 n '<!ELEMENT' an
0002BFC0 d name in DTD el
0002BFD0 ement declaratio
0002BFE0 n.Whitespace is 
0002BFF0 required between
0002C000  name and conten
0002C010 t in DTD element
0002C020  declaration.MPT
0002C030 YNY#PCDATAIncons
0002C040 istent choice ma
0002C050 rkup in sequence
0002C060  cp.Inconsistent
0002C070  sequence markup
0002C080  in choice cp.Co
0002C090 ntentSpec is mis
0002C0A0 sing.Element con
0002C0B0 tent must be uni
0002C0C0 que inside mixed
0002C0D0  content model.W
0002C0E0 hitespace is req
0002C0F0 uired after name
0002C100  in DTD paramete
0002C110 r entity declara
0002C120 tion.quotation c
0002C130 har was expected
0002C140 .unexpected end 
0002C150 of stream in ent
0002C160 ity value defini
0002C170 tion.Invalid cha
0002C180 racter was used 
0002C190 to define parame
0002C1A0 ter entity.Inval
0002C1B0 id reference mar
0002C1C0 kup.'{0}' is not
0002C1D0  a valid entity 
0002C1E0 reference name.I
0002C1F0 nvalid character
0002C200  was found in th
0002C210 e entity declara
0002C220 tion.Invalid num
0002C230 ber for a charac
0002C240 ter reference.Pa
0002C250 rameter entity i
0002C260 s not allowed in
0002C270  internal subset
0002C280  entity 'Paramet
0002C290 er entity '{0}' 
0002C2A0 not found.Parame
0002C2B0 ter entity  not 
0002C2C0 found.Parameter 
0002C2D0 entity reference
0002C2E0  is not allowed 
0002C2F0 inside internal 
0002C300 subset.Whitespac
0002C310 e is required be
0002C320 tween name and c
0002C330 ontent in DTD en
0002C340 tity declaration
0002C350 .NDATAWhitespace
0002C360  is required aft
0002C370 er NDATA.Paramet
0002C380 er entity is not
0002C390  allowed in inte
0002C3A0 rnal subset enti
0002C3B0 ty '{0}'unexpect
0002C3C0 ed end of stream
0002C3D0 .Whitespace is r
0002C3E0 equired between 
0002C3F0 ATTLIST and name
0002C400  in DTD attlist 
0002C410 declaration.Whit
0002C420 espace is requir
0002C430 ed between name 
0002C440 and content in n
0002C450 on-empty DTD att
0002C460 list declaration
0002C470 .AttList declara
0002C480 tion must not co
0002C490 ntain two or mor
0002C4A0 e ID attributes.
0002C4B0 Whitespace is re
0002C4C0 quired between N
0002C4D0 OTATION and name
0002C4E0  in DTD notation
0002C4F0  declaration.Whi
0002C500 tespace is requi
0002C510 red between publ
0002C520 ic id and system
0002C530  id.public or sy
0002C540 stem declaration
0002C550  required for "N
0002C560 OTATION" declara
0002C570 tion.Whitespace 
0002C580 is required betw
0002C590 een PUBLIC id an
0002C5A0 d SYSTEM id.SYST
0002C5B0 EMWhitespace is 
0002C5C0 required after '
0002C5D0 SYSTEM'.Unexpect
0002C5E0 ed end of stream
0002C5F0  in ExternalID.P
0002C600 UBLICWhitespace 
0002C610 is required afte
0002C620 r 'PUBLIC'.chara
0002C630 cter '{0}' not a
0002C640 llowed for PUBLI
0002C650 C IDa nmtoken di
0002C660 d not start with
0002C670  a legal charact
0002C680 er {0} ({1})a na
0002C690 me did not start
0002C6A0  with a legal ch
0002C6B0 aracter {0} ({1}
0002C6C0 )expected '{0}' 
0002C6D0 ({1:X}) but foun
0002C6E0 d '{2}' ({3:X})E
0002C6F0 xpected {0} but 
0002C700 found {1} [{2}].
0002C710 comments cannot 
0002C720 contain '--'Not 
0002C730 allowed characte
0002C740 r was found.Not 
0002C750 allowed processi
0002C760 ng instruction n
0002C770 ame which starts
0002C780  with 'X', 'M', 
0002C790 'L' was found.In
0002C7A0 valid processing
0002C7B0  instruction nam
0002C7C0 e was found.Text
0002C7D0  declaration can
0002C7E0 not appear in th
0002C7F0 is state.Invalid
0002C800  version declara
0002C810 tion inside text
0002C820  declaration.Inv
0002C830 alid version num
0002C840 ber inside text 
0002C850 declaration.Inva
0002C860 lid encoding dec
0002C870 laration inside 
0002C880 text declaration
0002C890 .Encoding declar
0002C8A0 ation is mandato
0002C8B0 ry in text decla
0002C8C0 ration.?>The num
0002C8D0 eric entity valu
0002C8E0 e is too largeNe
0002C8F0 sted inclusion i
0002C900 s not allowed: S
0002C910 pecified externa
0002C920 l entity not fou
0002C930 nd. Target URL i
0002C940 s The Index is o
0002C950 ut of range.http
0002C960 ://www.w3.org/20
0002C970 00/xmlns/Invalid
0002C980  attribute names
0002C990 pace for namespa
0002C9A0 ce declaration.h
0002C9B0 ttp://www.w3.org
0002C9C0 /XML/1998/namesp
0002C9D0 aceInvalid attri
0002C9E0 bute prefix.Inva
0002C9F0 lid attribute lo
0002CA00 cal name.This no
0002CA10 de is readonly.C
0002CA20 annot bind to th
0002CA30 e reserved names
0002CA40 pace.Attempt to 
0002CA50 modify a read-on
0002CA60 ly node.invalid 
0002CA70 construction for
0002CA80  XmlAttributeCol
0002CA90 lection.This att
0002CAA0 ribute collectio
0002CAB0 n is read-only.S
0002CAC0 pecified node is
0002CAD0  null.Specified 
0002CAE0 node is in a dif
0002CAF0 ferent document.
0002CB00 The specified at
0002CB10 tribute is not c
0002CB20 ontained in the 
0002CB30 element.this Att
0002CB40 ributeCollection
0002CB50  is read only.Th
0002CB60 is attribute is 
0002CB70 already set to a
0002CB80 nother element.#
0002CB90 cdata-section-'(
0002CBA0 )+,./:=?;!*#@$_%
0002CBB0 #commentyyyy-MM-
0002CBC0 ddTHH:mm:sszzzyy
0002CBD0 yy-MM-ddTHH:mm:s
0002CBE0 s.FFFFFFFzzzyyyy
0002CBF0 -MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ
0002CC00 yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm
0002CC10 :ss.FFFFFFFZyyyy
0002CC20 -MM-ddTHH:mm:ssy
0002CC30 yyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:
0002CC40 ss.FFFFFFFHH:mm:
0002CC50 ss.FFFFFFFHH:mm:
0002CC60 ss.FFFFFFFzzzHH:
0002CC70 mm:ss.FFFFFFFZyy
0002CC80 yy-MM-ddzzzyyyy-
0002CC90 MM-ddZyyyy-MMzzz
0002CCA0 yyyy-MMZyyyyzzzy
0002CCB0 yyyZ--MM-ddzzz--
0002CCC0 MM-ddZ---ddzzz--
0002CCD0 -ddZzzz_x003A__x
0002CCE0 {0:X4}__x005F_ i
0002CCF0 s not a valid bo
0002CD00 olean valueINF-I
0002CD10 NFInvalid Guid i
0002CD20 nput '{0}'PT0S-P
0002CD30 10675199DT2H48M5
0002CD40 .4775808S{0:0000
0002CD50 000}{0:000}Ryyyy
0002CD60 -MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.
0002CD70 FFFFFFFKInvalid 
0002CD80 format string fo
0002CD90 r duration schem
0002CDA0 a datatype.' is 
0002CDB0 not a valid XML 
0002CDC0 Namencname' is n
0002CDD0 ot a valid XML N
0002CDF0 encoding="{0}" s
0002CE00 tandalone="{0}"v
0002CE10 ersion="{0}"{1}{
0002CE20 2}Missing 'versi
0002CE30 on' specificatio
0002CE40 n.Invalid 'versi
0002CE50 on' specificatio
0002CE60 n.Invalid XML de
0002CE70 claration.Invali
0002CE80 d 'encoding' spe
0002CE90 cification.stand
0002CEA0 aloneInvalid 'st
0002CEB0 andalone' specif
0002CEC0 ication.Invalid 
0002CED0 standalone speci
0002CEE0 fication.CreateE
0002CEF0 lementCreateAttr
0002CF00 ibute#documentTh
0002CF10 e attribute loca
0002CF20 l name cannot be
0002CF30  empty.The local
0002CF40  name for elemen
0002CF50 ts or attributes
0002CF60  cannot be null 
0002CF70 or an empty stri
0002CF80 ng.Invalid white
0002CF90 space characters
0002CFA0 .version string 
0002CFB0 is not correct.s
0002CFC0 tandalone string
0002CFD0  is not correct.
0002CFE0 Null node cannot
0002CFF0  be imported.Doc
0002D000 ument cannot be 
0002D010 imported.Documen
0002D020 tType cannot be 
0002D030 imported.Illegal
0002D040  ImportNode call
0002D050  for NodeType.En
0002D060 dElementIllegal 
0002D070 ImportNode call 
0002D080 for NodeType.End
0002D090 EntityIllegal Im
0002D0A0 portNode call fo
0002D0B0 r NodeType.NoneC
0002D0C0 annot import spe
0002D0D0 cified node type
0002D0E0 : Node is read-o
0002D0F0 nly.bad position
0002D100  to read attribu
0002D110 te.Reference to 
0002D120 undeclared entit
0002D130 y was found.Unex
0002D140 pected node type
0002D150  {0} Line number
0002D160  = {1}, Inline p
0002D170 osition = {2}.#t
0002D180 ext#entity#docum
0002D190 ent-fragmentspac
0002D1A0 e#whitespacelang
0002D1B0 #significant-whi
0002D1C0 tespaceSpecified
0002D1D0  name is not a v
0002D1E0 alid NCName: Spe
0002D1F0 cified attribute
0002D200  is already an a
0002D210 ttribute of anot
0002D220 her element.This
0002D230  operation is no
0002D240 t supported.enti
0002D250 ty reference can
0002D260 not be set value
0002D270 .Xml_DefaultExce
0002D280 ptionXml_UserExc
0002D290 eptionres{0} {3}
0002D2A0  Line {1}, posit
0002D2B0 ion {2}.invalid 
0002D2C0 data.invalid enc
0002D2D0 oding specificat
0002D2E0 ion.?xmlncodingC
0002D2F0 annot add to Nod
0002D300 eMap.Prefix "xml
0002D310 " can only be bo
0002D320 und to the fixed
0002D330  namespace URI "
0002D340 {0}". "{1}" is i
0002D350 nvalid.Declaring
0002D360  prefix named "x
0002D370 mlns" is not all
0002D380 owed to any name
0002D390 space.Namespace 
0002D3A0 URI "{0}" cannot
0002D3B0  be declared wit
0002D3C0 h any namespace.
0002D3D0 This node does n
0002D3E0 ot have a valuep
0002D3F0 reserveNode cann
0002D400 ot be appended t
0002D410 o current node {
0002D420 0}.Cannot insert
0002D430  specified type 
0002D440 of node {0} as a
0002D450  child of this n
0002D460 ode {1}.Cannot i
0002D470 nsert specified 
0002D480 type of node as 
0002D490 a child of this 
0002D4A0 node.The node is
0002D4B0  readonly.Can't 
0002D4C0 append a node cr
0002D4D0 eated by another
0002D4E0  document.The re
0002D4F0 ference node is 
0002D500 not a child of t
0002D510 his node.multipl
0002D520 e document eleme
0002D530 nt not allowed.C
0002D540 annot insert a n
0002D550 ode or any ances
0002D560 tor of that node
0002D570  as a child of i
0002D580 tself.This {0} n
0002D590 ode cannot remov
0002D5A0 e its child.This
0002D5B0  {0} node is rea
0002D5C0 d only.The node 
0002D5D0 to be removed is
0002D5E0  not a child of 
0002D5F0 this node.The cu
0002D600 rrent node is no
0002D610 t an Entity Refe
0002D620 renceIndex out o
0002D630 f range.Should n
0002D640 ot happen.This o
0002D650 peration is not 
0002D660 allowed.Unexpect
0002D670 ed end of elemen
0002D680 t scope.This nod
0002D690 e is read-only.I
0002D6A0 nvalid qualified
0002D6B0  name.'{0}' is a
0002D6C0 n invalid node t
0002D6D0 ype.Unexpected e
0002D6E0 nd of the XML re
0002D6F0 ader.Expecting {
0002D700 0} tag from name
0002D710 space {1}, got {
0002D720 2} and {3} inste
0002D730 adEither baseUri
0002D740  or relativeUri 
0002D750 are required.htt
0002D760 p:https:ftp:file
0002D770 :%3C%3E%22i is s
0002D780 maller than Attr
0002D790 ibuteCountattrib
0002D7A0 ute index out of
0002D7B0  range.Document 
0002D7C0 element did not 
0002D7D0 appear.Offset mu
0002D7E0 st be non-negati
0002D7F0 ve integer.Lengt
0002D800 h must be non-ne
0002D810 gative integer.b
0002D820 uffer length is 
0002D830 smaller than the
0002D840  sum of offset a
0002D850 nd length.XmlTex
0002D860 tReader cannot r
0002D870 esolve external 
0002D880 entities.NodeTyp
0002D890 e {0} is not all
0002D8A0 owed to create X
0002D8B0 mlTextReader.une
0002D8C0 xpected end of f
0002D8D0 ile. Current dep
0002D8E0 th is Standalone
0002D8F0  document must n
0002D900 ot contain any r
0002D910 eferences to an 
0002D920 non-internally d
0002D930 eclared entity.R
0002D940 eference to any 
0002D950 unparsed entitie
0002D960 s is not allowed
0002D970  here.Multiple d
0002D980 ocument element 
0002D990 was detected.doc
0002D9A0 ument has termin
0002D9B0 ated, cannot ope
0002D9C0 n new elementEmp
0002D9D0 ty namespace URI
0002D9E0  cannot be mappe
0002D9F0 d to non-empty p
0002DA00 refix.Attribute 
0002DA10 name and qualifi
0002DA20 ed name must be 
0002DA30 identical.'{0}' 
0002DA40 is undeclared na
0002DA50 mespace.Invalid 
0002DA60 xml:space value:
0002DA70  {0}End tag cann
0002DA80 ot appear in thi
0002DA90 s state.closing 
0002DAA0 element without 
0002DAB0 matching opening
0002DAC0  elementText nod
0002DAD0 e cannot appear 
0002DAE0 in this state.In
0002DAF0 side text conten
0002DB00 t, character seq
0002DB10 uence ']]>' is n
0002DB20 ot allowed.inval
0002DB30 id hexadecimal d
0002DB40 igit: {0} (#x{1:
0002DB50 X})invalid decim
0002DB60 al digit: {0} (#
0002DB70 x{1:X})Reference
0002DB80 d character was 
0002DB90 not allowed in X
0002DBA0 ML. Normalizatio
0002DBB0 n is , checkChar
0002DBC0 acters = Unexpec
0002DBD0 ted token. Name 
0002DBE0 is required here
0002DBF0 .an attribute va
0002DC00 lue was not quot
0002DC10 edattribute valu
0002DC20 es cannot contai
0002DC30 n '<'unexpected 
0002DC40 end of file in a
0002DC50 n attribute valu
0002DC60 eInvalid charact
0002DC70 er was found.Ref
0002DC80 erenced entity '
0002DC90 {0}' does not ex
0002DCA0 ist.Reference to
0002DCB0  external entiti
0002DCC0 es is not allowe
0002DCD0 d in the value o
0002DCE0 f an attribute.R
0002DCF0 eference to exte
0002DD00 rnal entities is
0002DD10  not allowed in 
0002DD20 the internal sub
0002DD30 set.Attribute mu
0002DD40 st not contain c
0002DD50 haracter '<' eit
0002DD60 her directly or 
0002DD70 indirectly by wa
0002DD80 y of entity refe
0002DD90 rences.XML decla
0002DDA0 ration cannot ap
0002DDB0 pear in this sta
0002DDC0 te.'version' is 
0002DDD0 expected.'encodi
0002DDE0 ng' must be a va
0002DDF0 lid IANA encodin
0002DE00 g name.Only 'yes
0002DE10 ' or 'no' is all
0002DE20 ow for 'standalo
0002DE30 ne'Unexpected to
0002DE40 ken: '{0}''?' is
0002DE50  expected.'=' is
0002DE60  expected after 
0002DE70 {0}'"' or ''' is
0002DE80  expected.xml Pr
0002DE90 ocessing instruc
0002DEA0 tion name must n
0002DEB0 ot be character 
0002DEC0 sequence 'X' 'M'
0002DED0  'L' with case i
0002DEE0 nsensitivity.--C
0002DEF0 DATA[Unexpected 
0002DF00 declaration mark
0002DF10 up was found.CDA
0002DF20 TA section canno
0002DF30 t appear in this
0002DF40  state.Document 
0002DF50 Type Declaration
0002DF60  (DTD) is prohib
0002DF70 ited in this XML
0002DF80 .Document type c
0002DF90 annot appear in 
0002DFA0 this state.unexp
0002DFB0 ected end of fil
0002DFC0 e at DTD.unexpec
0002DFD0 ted token '<!E'.
0002DFE0 unexpected '<{0}
0002DFF0 '.unexpected tok
0002E000 en '>'Parameter 
0002E010 Entity Reference
0002E020  cannot appear a
0002E030 s a part of mark
0002E040 updecl (see XML 
0002E050 spec 2.8).EOF'{0
0002E060 }' is expectedEx
0002E070 pected {0}, but 
0002E080 found {1} [{2}]U
0002E090 nexpected end of
0002E0A0  xml.Reference t
0002E0B0 o undeclared ent
0002E0C0 ity '{0}'.Genera
0002E0D0 l entity '{0}' h
0002E0E0 as an invalid re
0002E0F0 cursive referenc
0002E100 e to itself.writ
0002E110 erThe Namespace 
0002E120 cannot be empty.
0002E130 XmlDeclarationWr
0002E140 iteStartDocument
0002E150  cannot be calle
0002E160 d when Conforman
0002E170 ceLevel is Fragm
0002E180 ent.<?xml versio
0002E190 n= encoding= sta
0002E1A0 ndalone=DocType<
0002E1C0   SYSTEM StartTa
0002E1D0 gNamespace is di
0002E1E0 sabled in this X
0002E1F0 mlTextWriter.Nam
0002E200 espace prefix is
0002E210  disabled in thi
0002E220 s XmlTextWriter.
0002E230 Namespace URI mu
0002E240 st not be null w
0002E250 hen prefix is no
0002E260 t an empty strin
0002E270 g.A prefix canno
0002E280 t be equivalent 
0002E290 to "xml" in case
0002E2A0 -insensitive mat
0002E2B0 ch. xmlns: xmlns
0002E2C0 EndElementThere 
0002E2D0 is no more open 
0002E2E0 element. />Attri
0002E2F0 buteThe 'xmlns' 
0002E300 attribute is bou
0002E310 nd to the reserv
0002E320 ed namespace '{0
0002E330 }'d{0}p{1}End of
0002E340  attributeNon-em
0002E350 pty prefix must 
0002E360 be mapped to non
0002E370 -empty namespace
0002E380  URI.Cannot rede
0002E390 fine the namespa
0002E3A0 ce for prefix '{
0002E3B0 0}' used at curr
0002E3C0 ent elementInval
0002E3D0 id value for xml
0002E3E0 :space.textAn in
0002E3F0 put string to Wr
0002E400 iteComment metho
0002E410 d must not end w
0002E420 ith '-'. Escape 
0002E430 it with '&#2D;'.
0002E440 An XML comment c
0002E450 annot end with "
0002E460 -".Comment<!----
0002E470 >A processing in
0002E480 struction name m
0002E490 ust be a valid X
0002E4A0 ML name.Processi
0002E4B0 ng instruction c
0002E4C0 annot contain "?
0002E4D0 >" as its value.
0002E4E0 ProcessingInstru
0002E4F0 ction<?WriteWhit
0002E500 espace method ac
0002E510 cepts only white
0002E520 spaces.Whitespac
0002E530 eCData]]>CDATA s
0002E540 ection must not 
0002E550 contain ']]>'.<!
0002E560 [CDATA[TextArgum
0002E570 ent name must be
0002E580  a valid XML nam
0002E590 e.Entity referen
0002E5A0 celocalNamePrefi
0002E5B0 x 'xmlns' is res
0002E5C0 erved and cannot
0002E5D0  be overriden.lo
0002E5E0 calName must be 
0002E5F0 a valid NCName.N
0002E600 amespace '{0}' i
0002E610 s not declared.I
0002E620 nput contains in
0002E630 valid character 
0002E640 at {0} : &#x{1:X
0002E650 };&#xamp;lt;gt;a
0002E660 pos;quot;&#xD;&#
0002E670 xA;This XmlWrite
0002E680 r does not accep
0002E690 t {0} at this st
0002E6A0 ate {1}.This obj
0002E6B0 ect type is not 
0002E6C0 supported.uri mu
0002E6D0 st be absolute.a
0002E6E0 bsoluteUriUnexpe
0002E6F0 cted node  of ty
0002E700 pe end-of-filePA
0002E7B0 ngLiteralNumberL
0002E7C0 iteralDateLitera
0002E7D0 lIdentifierFunct
0002E7E0 ionNameUMINUSMON
0002E800 SSIONSExpression
0002E810  '{0}' is invali
0002E820 d.[illegal][unkn
0002E830 own]syntax error
0002E840 irrecoverable sy
0002E850 ntax errorirreco
0002E860 verable syntax e
0002E870 rror at end-of-f
0002E880 ile$accept : Exp
0002E890 rExpr : BoolExpr
0002E8A0 Expr : ArithExpr
0002E8B0 BoolExpr : PAROP
0002E8C0 EN BoolExpr PARC
0002E8D0 LOSEBoolExpr : B
0002E8E0 oolExpr AND Bool
0002E8F0 ExprBoolExpr : B
0002E900 oolExpr OR BoolE
0002E910 xprBoolExpr : NO
0002E920 T BoolExprBoolEx
0002E930 pr : PredicatePr
0002E940 edicate : CompPr
0002E950 edicatePredicate
0002E960  : IsPredicatePr
0002E970 edicate : LikePr
0002E980 edicatePredicate
0002E990  : InPredicateCo
0002E9A0 mpPredicate : Ar
0002E9B0 ithExpr CompOp A
0002E9C0 rithExprCompOp :
0002E9D0  EQCompOp : NECo
0002E9E0 mpOp : LTCompOp 
0002E9F0 : GTCompOp : LEC
0002EA00 ompOp : GELE : L
0002EA20  : GT EQArithExp
0002EA30 r : PAROPEN Arit
0002EA40 hExpr PARCLOSEAr
0002EA50 ithExpr : ArithE
0002EA60 xpr MUL ArithExp
0002EA70 rArithExpr : Ari
0002EA80 thExpr DIV Arith
0002EA90 ExprArithExpr : 
0002EAA0 ArithExpr MOD Ar
0002EAB0 ithExprArithExpr
0002EAC0  : ArithExpr PLU
0002EAD0 S ArithExprArith
0002EAE0 Expr : ArithExpr
0002EAF0  MINUS ArithExpr
0002EB00 ArithExpr : MINU
0002EB10 S ArithExprArith
0002EB20 Expr : FunctionA
0002EB30 rithExpr : Value
0002EB40 Value : LiteralV
0002EB50 alueValue : Sing
0002EB60 leColumnValueLit
0002EB70 eralValue : Stri
0002EB80 ngLiteralLiteral
0002EB90 Value : NumberLi
0002EBA0 teralLiteralValu
0002EBB0 e : DateLiteralL
0002EBC0 iteralValue : Bo
0002EBD0 olLiteralBoolLit
0002EBE0 eral : TRUEBoolL
0002EBF0 iteral : FALSESi
0002EC00 ngleColumnValue 
0002EC10 : LocalColumnVal
0002EC20 ueSingleColumnVa
0002EC30 lue : ParentColu
0002EC40 mnValueMultiColu
0002EC50 mnValue : LocalC
0002EC60 olumnValueMultiC
0002EC70 olumnValue : Chi
0002EC80 ldColumnValueLoc
0002EC90 alColumnValue : 
0002ECA0 ColumnNameParent
0002ECB0 ColumnValue : PA
0002ECC0 RENT DOT ColumnN
0002ECD0 ameParentColumnV
0002ECE0 alue : PARENT PA
0002ECF0 ROPEN RelationNa
0002ED10 ColumnNameChildC
0002ED20 olumnValue : CHI
0002ED30 LD DOT ColumnNam
0002ED40 eChildColumnValu
0002ED60 N RelationName P
0002ED80 mnNameColumnName
0002ED90  : IdentifierCol
0002EDA0 umnName : Column
0002EDB0 Name DOT Identif
0002EDC0 ierRelationName 
0002EDD0 : IdentifierFunc
0002EDE0 tion : CalcFunct
0002EDF0 ionFunction : Ag
0002EE00 gFunctionFunctio
0002EE10 n : StringFuncti
0002EE20 onAggFunction : 
0002EE30 AggFunctionName 
0002EE40 PAROPEN MultiCol
0002EE50 umnValue PARCLOS
0002EE60 EAggFunctionName
0002EE70  : COUNTAggFunct
0002EE80 ionName : SUMAgg
0002EE90 FunctionName : A
0002EEA0 VGAggFunctionNam
0002EEB0 e : MAXAggFuncti
0002EEC0 onName : MINAggF
0002EED0 unctionName : ST
0002EEE0 DEVAggFunctionNa
0002EEF0 me : VARStringEx
0002EF00 pr : PAROPEN Str
0002EF10 ingExpr PARCLOSE
0002EF20 StringExpr : Sin
0002EF30 gleColumnValueSt
0002EF40 ringExpr : Strin
0002EF50 gLiteralStringEx
0002EF60 pr : StringFunct
0002EF70 ionStringFunctio
0002EF90  StringExpr PARC
0002EFA0 LOSEStringFuncti
0002EFC0 AROPEN StringExp
0002EFD0 r COMMA ArithExp
0002EFE0 r COMMA ArithExp
0002EFF0 r PARCLOSEString
0002F000 Function : Strin
0002F010 gExpr PLUS Strin
0002F020 gExprCalcFunctio
0002F030 n : IIF PAROPEN 
0002F040 Expr COMMA Expr 
0002F050 COMMA Expr PARCL
0002F060 OSECalcFunction 
0002F080  Expr COMMA Expr
0002F090  PARCLOSECalcFun
0002F0A0 ction : LEN PARO
0002F0C0 ECalcFunction : 
0002F0E0 Expr COMMA TypeS
0002F0F0 pecifier PARCLOS
0002F100 ETypeSpecifier :
0002F110  StringLiteralTy
0002F120 peSpecifier : Id
0002F130 entifierIsPredic
0002F140 ate : ArithExpr 
0002F150 IS NULLIsPredica
0002F160 te : ArithExpr I
0002F170 S NOT NULLLikePr
0002F180 edicate : String
0002F190 Expr LIKE String
0002F1A0 ExprLikePredicat
0002F1B0 e : StringExpr N
0002F1C0 OT_LIKE StringEx
0002F1D0 prInPredicate : 
0002F1E0 ArithExpr IN InP
0002F1F0 redicateValueInP
0002F200 redicate : Arith
0002F210 Expr NOT_IN InPr
0002F220 edicateValueInPr
0002F230 edicateValue : P
0002F240 AROPEN InValueLi
0002F250 st PARCLOSEInVal
0002F260 ueList : Literal
0002F270 ValueInValueList
0002F280  : InValueList C
0002F290 OMMA LiteralValu
0002F2A0 epush.state .val
0002F2B0 ue lex.state .re
0002F2C0 ading shift.from
0002F2D0  state . left to
0002F2E0  recover.on erro
0002F2F0 rpop.state disca
0002F300 rd.state .token 
0002F310 reduce.state .un
0002F320 cover .rule () g
0002F330 oto.from state a
0002F340 ccept.value erro
0002F350 r.rejectThe tabl
0002F360 e [{0}] is invol
0002F370 ved in more than
0002F380  one relation.Yo
0002F390 u must explicitl
0002F3A0 y mention a rela
0002F3B0 tion name.Cannot
0002F3C0  find column [{0
0002F3D0 }].Cannot handle
0002F3E0  data type found
0002F3F0  in column '{0}'
0002F400 .Not a Boolean E
0002F410 xpressionColumnN
0002F420 ameCannot perfor
0002F430 m compare operat
0002F440 ion on {0} and {
0002F450 1}.Invalid type 
0002F460 name '{0}'.Type 
0002F470 '{0}' cannot be 
0002F480 converted to '{1
0002F490 }'.[[0]][%][[1]]
0002F4A0 Pattern '{0}' is
0002F4B0  invalid.[[][]]F
0002F4C0 unction'{0}' can
0002F4D0  be applied only
0002F4E0  to strings.pare
0002F4F0 ntnot inlikenot 
0002F500 likesumavgmaxmin
0002F510 stdevvariifsubst
0002F520 ringisnulllentri
0002F530 mconvertInvalid 
0002F540 escape sequence:
0002F550  '\{0}'.invalid 
0002F560 string at {0}{1}
0002F570 <--invalid token
0002F580 : 'Object is not
0002F590  of type DataCol
0002F5A0 umnMappingThere 
0002F5B0 is no such eleme
0002F5C0 nt in collection
0002F5D0 .There is no ele
0002F5E0 ment in collecti
0002F5F0 on.Cannot set co
0002F600 lumn ''. The val
0002F610 ue violates the 
0002F620 MaxLength limit 
0002F630 of this column.T
0002F640 he object passed
0002F650  in was not a Da
0002F660 taTableMapping o
0002F670 bject.Expecting 
0002F680  value(s) for th
0002F690 e key being inde
0002F6A0 xed, but receive
0002F6B0 d  value(s).The 
0002F6C0 property contain
0002F6D0 s Null.Value is 
0002F6E0 not a System.Dat
0002F6F0 a.SqlTypes.SqlBi
0002F700 naryNullSqlBinar
0002F710 y(The property i
0002F720 s set to null.Va
0002F730 lue is not a Sys
0002F740 tem.Data.SqlType
0002F750 s.SqlBooleanValu
0002F760 e is not a Syste
0002F770 m.Data.SqlTypes.
0002F780 SqlByteValue is 
0002F790 not a System.Dat
0002F7A0 a.SqlTypes.SqlDa
0002F7B0 teTimeInvalid sc
0002F7C0 aleInvalid presi
0002F7D0 cion/scale combi
0002F7E0 nation.Invalid p
0002F7F0 recision/scale c
0002F800 ombination.Can't
0002F810  convert to SqlD
0002F820 ecimal, Out of r
0002F830 ange Value is no
0002F840 t a System.Data.
0002F850 SqlTypes.SqlDeci
0002F860 malValue is not 
0002F870 a System.Data.Sq
0002F880 lTypes.SqlDouble
0002F890 Value is not a S
0002F8A0 ystem.Data.SqlTy
0002F8B0 pes.SqlGuidValue
0002F8C0  is not a System
0002F8D0 .Data.SqlTypes.S
0002F8E0 qlInt16Value is 
0002F8F0 not a System.Dat
0002F900 a.SqlTypes.SqlIn
0002F910 t32Value is not 
0002F920 a System.Data.Sq
0002F930 lTypes.SqlInt64V
0002F940 alue is not a Sy
0002F950 stem.Data.SqlTyp
0002F960 es.SqlMoneyNData
0002F970  is Null. This m
0002F980 ethod or propert
0002F990 y cannot be call
0002F9A0 ed on Null value
0002F9B0 s.SqlNullValueEx
0002F9C0 ceptionMessageVa
0002F9D0 lue is not a Sys
0002F9E0 tem.Data.SqlType
0002F9F0 s.SqlSingleValue
0002FA00  is not a System
0002FA10 .Data.SqlTypes.S
0002FA20 qlStringTwo stri
0002FA30 ngs to be compar
0002FA40 ed have differen
0002FA50 t collationThis 
0002FA60 value is being t
0002FA70 runcatedSqlTrunc
0002FA80 ateExceptionMess
0002FA90 ageA sql excepti
0002FAA0 on has occured.S
0002FAB0 qlTypeExceptionM
0002FAC0 essageFailed to 
0002FAD0 enable constrain
0002FAE0 ts. One or more 
0002FAF0 rows contain val
0002FB00 ues violating no
0002FB10 n-null, unique, 
0002FB20 or foreign-key c
0002FB30 onstraints.Const
0002FB40 raintName cannot
0002FB50  be set to null 
0002FB60 or empty after a
0002FB70 dding it to a Co
0002FB80 nstraintCollecti
0002FB90 on.Constraint na
0002FBA0 me already exist
0002FBB0 s.ConstraintCan 
0002FBC0 not add null.Hmm
0002FBD0  .. Failed to Ad
0002FBE0 d to collectionC
0002FBF0 onstraint alread
0002FC00 y belongs to thi
0002FC10 s collection.Con
0002FC20 straint already 
0002FC30 belongs to anoth
0002FC40 er collection.Co
0002FC50 nstraint matches
0002FC60  contraint named
0002FC70  '' already in c
0002FC80 ollectionThis op
0002FC90 eration violates
0002FCA0  a constraintdat
0002FCB0 aType{0}. Couldn
0002FCC0 't store <{1}> i
0002FCD0 n Column named '
0002FCE0 {2}'. Expected t
0002FCF0 ype is {3}.The D
0002FD00 ateTimeMode can 
0002FD10 be set only on D
0002FD20 ataColumns of ty
0002FD30 pe DateTime.The 
0002FD40 {0} enumeration 
0002FD50 value, {1}, is i
0002FD60 nvalidCannot cha
0002FD70 nge DateTimeMode
0002FD80  from '{0}' to '
0002FD90 {1}' once the ta
0002FDA0 ble has data.Col
0002FDB0 umn '' has null 
0002FDC0 values in it.Can
0002FDD0  not Auto Increm
0002FDE0 ent a computed c
0002FDF0 olumn.Can not se
0002FE00 t AutoIncrement 
0002FE10 while default va
0002FE20 lue exists for t
0002FE30 his column.Colum
0002FE40 nName is require
0002FE50 d when it is par
0002FE60 t of a DataTable
0002FE70 .The column alre
0002FE80 ady has data sto
0002FE90 red.Cannot chang
0002FEA0 e datatype when 
0002FEB0 column is part o
0002FEC0 f a relationCan 
0002FED0 not set default 
0002FEE0 value while Auto
0002FEF0 Increment is tru
0002FF00 e on this column
0002FF10 .Default Value o
0002FF20 f type '{0}' is 
0002FF30 not compatible w
0002FF40 ith column type 
0002FF50 '{1}'Cannot crea
0002FF60 te an expression
0002FF70  on a column tha
0002FF80 t has AutoIncrem
0002FF90 ent or Unique.Ca
0002FFA0 nnot set Express
0002FFB0 ion property on 
0002FFC0 column {0}, beca
0002FFD0 use it is a part
0002FFE0  of a constraint
0002FFF0 .Cannot set Expr
00030000 ession property 
00030010 due to circular 
00030020 reference in the
00030030  expression.Cann
00030040 ot set MaxLength
00030050  property on '{0
00030060 }' column which 
00030070 is mapped to Sim
00030080 pleContent.Canno
00030090 t change Unique 
000300A0 property for the
000300B0  expression colu
000300C0 mn. + The column
000300D0  already belongs
000300E0  to a different 
000300F0 tableSystem.Data
00030100 .SqlTypesColumnC
00030110 olumn0Column1Col
00030120 umn2Column3Colum
00030130 n4Column5Column6
00030140 Column7Column8Co
00030150 lumn9Cannot find
00030160  column A DataCo
00030170 lumn named '' al
00030180 ready belongs to
00030190  this DataTable.
000301A0 column'column' a
000301B0 rgument cannot b
000301C0 e null.' already
000301D0  belongs to this
000301E0  or another Data
000301F0 Table.There is n
00030200 o match for '' i
00030210 n the same case 
00030220 and there are mu
00030230 ltiple matches i
00030240 n different case
00030250 .A Data exceptio
00030260 n has occurredpa
00030270 rentColumnschild
00030280 ColumnsParentCol
00030290 umns and ChildCo
000302A0 lumns should be 
000302B0 the same lengthP
000302C0 arent Columns an
000302D0 d Child Columns 
000302E0 don't have match
000302F0 ing column types
00030300 RelationA DataRe
00030310 lation named '' 
00030320 already belongs 
00030330 to this DataSet.
00030340 A relation alrea
00030350 dy exists for th
00030360 ese child column
00030370 sThere is no mat
00030380 ch for the name 
00030390 in the same case
000303A0  and there are m
000303B0 ultiple matches 
000303C0 in different cas
000303D0 e.DataSet.Relati
000303E0 onsCannot find r
000303F0 elation {0}.Cann
00030400 ot add a relatio
00030410 n to this table'
00030420 s ParentRelation
00030430 s where this tab
00030440 le is not the Ch
00030450 ild table.Cannot
00030460  add a relation 
00030470 to this table's 
00030480 ChildRelations w
00030490 here this table 
000304A0 is not the Paren
000304B0 t table.The colu
000304C0 mn '' does not b
000304D0 elong to the tab
000304E0 le : The column 
000304F0 '{0}' does not b
00030500 elong to the tab
00030510 le : {1}.Canot s
00030520 et column '' to 
00030530 be null. Please 
00030540 use DBNull inste
00030550 ad.' does not al
00030560 low nulls.This r
00030570 ow has been remo
00030580 ved from a table
00030590  and does not ha
000305A0 ve any data.  Be
000305B0 ginEdit() will a
000305C0 llow creation of
000305D0  new data in thi
000305E0 s row.Deleted ro
000305F0 w information ca
00030600 nnot be accessed
00030610  through the row
00030620 .Version must be
00030630  Original, Curre
00030640 nt, or Proposed.
00030650 There is no {0} 
00030660 data to accces.C
00030670 annot perform th
00030680 is operation on 
00030690 a row not in the
000306A0  table.Cannot ca
000306B0 ll BeginEdit ins
000306C0 ide an OnRowChan
000306D0 ging event.Canno
000306E0 t change this ro
000306F0 w because constr
00030700 aints are enforc
00030710 ed on relation ,
00030720  and changing th
00030730 is row will stra
00030740 nd child rows.Ca
00030750 nnot delete this
00030760  row because con
00030770 straints are enf
00030780 orced on relatio
00030790 n , and deleting
000307A0  this row will s
000307B0 trand child rows
000307C0 .Cannot call End
000307D0 Edit inside an O
000307E0 nRowChanging eve
000307F0 nt.GetChildRow r
00030800 equires a row wh
00030810 ose Table is , b
00030820 ut the specified
00030830  row's table is 
00030840 Column '{0}' doe
00030850 s not belong to 
00030860 table {1}.GetPar
00030870 entRows requires
00030880  a row whose Tab
00030890 le is row'row' i
000308A0 s the same as th
000308B0 is objectThere i
000308C0 s no row at posi
000308D0 tion 'row' argum
000308E0 ent cannot be nu
000308F0 ll.This row alre
00030900 ady belongs to a
00030910 nother table.Thi
00030920 s row already be
00030930 longs to this ta
00030940 ble.Table doesn'
00030950 t have a primary
00030960  key. value(s) f
00030970 or the key being
00030980  indexed, but re
00030990 ceived 0 value(s
000309A0 ).The row insert
000309B0  position  is in
000309C0 valid.The given 
000309D0 datarow is not i
000309E0 n the current Da
000309F0 taRowCollection.
00030A00 NewDataSetXmlSch
00030A10 emadataSetmissin
00030A20 gSchemaActionNam
00030A30 espacePrefix '' 
00030A40 is not valid, be
00030A50 cause it contain
00030A60 s special charac
00030A70 ters.PrefixrowSt
00030A80 atesurn:schemas-
00030A90 microsoft-com:xm
00030AA0 l-diffgram-v1dif
00030AB0 fgrbeforediffgra
00030AC0 mSchemaSerializa
00030AD0 tionMode.DataSet
00030AE0 XmlDiffGramCanno
00030AF0 t serialize the 
00030B00 DataTable. DataT
00030B10 able name is not
00030B20  set.urn:schemas
00030B30 -microsoft-com:x
00030B40 ml-msdatamsdatar
00030B50 owOrdermodifiedi
00030B60 nsertedhasChange
00030B70 sThere may only 
00030B80 be one simple co
00030B90 ntent elementDat
00030BA0 aSet.RemotingVer
00030BB0 sionDataSet.Remo
00030BC0 tingFormatDataSe
00030BD0 t.DataSetNameDat
00030BE0 aSet.NamespaceDa
00030BF0 taSet.PrefixData
00030C00 Set.CaseSensitiv
00030C10 eDataSet.LocaleL
00030C20 CIDDataSet.Enfor
00030C30 ceConstraintsDat
00030C40 aSet.ExtendedPro
00030C50 pertiesDataSet.T
00030C60 ables.CountDataS
00030C70 et.Tables_DataTa
00030C80 ble_.DataColumn_
00030C90 .Expression.Null
00030CA0 Bits.Records.Row
00030CB0 States.Constrain
00030CC0 ts^((\[(?<ColNam
00030CD0 e>.+)\])|(?<ColN
00030CE0 ame>\S+))([ ]+(?
00030CF0 <Order>ASC|DESC)
00030D00 )?$Cannot change
00030D10  CaseSensitive o
00030D20 r Locale propert
00030D30 y. This change w
00030D40 ould lead to at 
00030D50 least one DataRe
00030D60 lation or Constr
00030D70 aint to have dif
00030D80 ferent Locale or
00030D90  CaseSensitive s
00030DA0 ettings between 
00030DB0 its related tabl
00030DC0 es.PrimaryKey co
00030DD0 lumns do not bel
00030DE0 ong to this tabl
00030DF0 e.Column '{0}' d
00030E00 oes not allow DB
00030E10 Null.Value.tmpDa
00030E20 taSetDataTable.D
00030E30 ataColumn_DataTa
00030E40 ble_0.Input arra
00030E50 y is longer than
00030E60  the number of c
00030E70 olumns in this t
00030E80 able.DataTable d
00030E90 oes not support 
00030EA0 schema inference
00030EB0  from XMLDataTab
00030EC0 le '{0}' does no
00030ED0 t match to any D
00030EE0 ataTable in sour
00030EF0 ceDocumentElemen
00030F00 tFUDataTable.Tab
00030F10 leNameDataTable.
00030F20 NamespaceDataTab
00030F30 le.PrefixDataTab
00030F40 le.CaseSensitive
00030F50 DataTable.Locale
00030F60 LCIDDataTable.Ex
00030F70 tendedProperties
00030F80 DataTable.Minimu
00030F90 mCapacityDataTab
00030FA0 le.Columns.Count
00030FB0 CaptionDataTypeA
00030FC0 llowDBNullAutoIn
00030FD0 crementAutoIncre
00030FE0 mentStepAutoIncr
00030FF0 ementSeedMaxLeng
00031000 thExtendedProper
00031010 tiesDateTimeMode
00031020 ColumnMappingExp
00031030 ressionConstrain
00031040 tsNullBitsRecord
00031050 sRowStatesRowErr
00031060 orsDataTable.Rem
00031070 otingVersionData
00031080 Table.RemotingFo
00031090 rmatDataTable.ca
000310A0 seSensitiveAmbie
000310B0 ntDataTable.Nest
000310C0 edInDataSetDataT
000310D0 able.RepeatableE
000310E0 lement.ColumnNam
000310F0 e.Namespace.Capt
00031100 ion.Prefix.DataT
00031110 ype.DefaultValue
00031120 .AllowDBNull.Aut
00031130 oIncrement.AutoI
00031140 ncrementStep.Aut
00031150 oIncrementSeed.R
00031160 eadOnly.MaxLengt
00031170 h.ExtendedProper
00031180 ties.DateTimeMod
00031190 e.ColumnMapping.
000311A0 SimpleType.AutoI
000311B0 ncrementCurrent.
000311C0 XmlDataTypeDataT
000311D0 able.TypeNameRow
000311E0 s.CountRecords.C
000311F0 ountColumnErrors
00031200 Cannot find tabl
00031210 e {0}DataTable a
00031220 lready belongs t
00031230 o this DataSet.D
00031240 ataTable already
00031250  belongs to anot
00031260 her DataSetA Dat
00031270 aTable named 'Ta
00031280 bleTable  does n
00031290 ot belong to thi
000312A0 s DataSet.Cannot
000312B0  remove a table 
000312C0 that has existin
000312D0 g relations. Rem
000312E0 ove relations fi
000312F0 rst.Cannot remov
00031300 e table {0}, bec
00031310 ause it is refer
00031320 enced in Foreign
00031330 KeyConstraint {1
00031340 }. Remove the co
00031350 nstraint first.'
00031360 tableNamespace' 
00031370 argument cannot 
00031380 be null.tableNam
00031390 espaceThe given 
000313A0 name '' matches 
000313B0 atleast two name
000313C0 sin the collecti
000313D0 on object with d
000313E0 ifferent namespa
000313F0 cesInternal Erro
00031400 r: inconsistent 
00031410 DataTableThis Da
00031420 taRow has been d
00031430 eletedThere is a
00031440  database object
00031450  with the same n
00031460 ameThis expressi
00031470 on cannot be eva
00031480 luatedNeither Pa
00031490 rentColumns or C
000314A0 hildColumns can'
000314B0 t be zero length
000314C0 .Parent columns 
000314D0 and child column
000314E0 s must be the sa
000314F0 me length.All co
00031500 lumns must belon
00031510 g to a table. Co
00031520 lumnName:  does 
00031530 not belong to a 
00031540 table.Parent col
00031550 umns must all be
00031560 long to the same
00031570  table.Child col
00031580 umns must all be
00031590 long to the same
000315A0  table.Cannot cr
000315B0 eate a constrain
000315C0 t based on Expre
000315D0 ssion column {0}
000315E0 .Parent column a
000315F0 nd child column 
00031600 must belong to t
00031610 ables that belon
00031620 g to the same Da
00031630 taSet.Parent col
00031640 umn is not type 
00031650 compatible with 
00031660 it's child colum
00031670 n.Property not a
00031680 ccessible becaus
00031690 e 'ParentKey and
000316A0  ChildKey are id
000316B0 entical.'.Parent
000316C0 Columns can't be
000316D0  nullProperty no
000316E0 t accessible bec
000316F0 ause 'Object ref
00031700 erence not set t
00031710 o an instance of
00031720  an object'This 
00031730 constraint canno
00031740 t be added since
00031750  ForeignKey does
00031760 n't belong to ta
00031770 ble This constra
00031780 int cannot be en
00031790 abled as not all
000317A0  values have cor
000317B0 responding paren
000317C0 t values.Foreign
000317D0 KeyConstraint {0
000317E0 } requires the c
000317F0 hild key values 
00031800 ({1}) to exist i
00031810 n the parent tab
00031820 le.ForeignKeyCon
00031830 straint  require
00031840 s the child key 
00031850 values () to exi
00031860 st in the parent
00031870  table.Cannot En
00031880 dEdit within a R
00031890 owChanging event
000318A0 Cannot access or
000318B0  create this rel
000318C0 ationThis Expres
000318D0 sion is invalidt
000318E0 argetSetsourceSe
000318F0 tsourceTableTarg
00031900 et DataSet missi
00031910 ng Target DataSe
00031920 t mising definit
00031930 ion for Relation
00031940   cannot be merg
00031950 ed, because keys
00031960  have mismatch c
00031970 olumns.Column  d
00031980 oes not belong t
00031990 o table Target D
000319A0 ataSet missing d
000319B0 efinition for Ta
000319C0 rget table  miss
000319D0 ing definition f
000319E0 or column <targe
000319F0 t>.PrimaryKey an
00031A00 d <source>.Prima
00031A10 ryKey have diffe
00031A20 rent Length.Mism
00031A30 atch columns in 
00031A40 the PrimaryKey :
00031A50  <target>. versu
00031A60 s <source>.<targ
00031A70 et>. and <source
00031A80 >. have conflict
00031A90 ing properties: 
00031AA0 DataType  proper
00031AB0 ty mismatch.This
00031AC0  table has no pr
00031AD0 imary keyCannot 
00031AE0 insert a NULL va
00031AF0 lueCannot change
00031B00  a value in a re
00031B10 ad-only columnTh
00031B20 is DataRow is no
00031B30 t in this DataTa
00031B40 bleThere is a sy
00031B50 ntax error in th
00031B60 is ExpressionMus
00031B70 t be at least on
00031B80 e column.Columns
00031B90  must be from th
00031BA0 e same table.Obj
00031BB0 ect reference no
00031BC0 t set to an inst
00031BD0 ance of an objec
00031BE0 t.Column must be
00031BF0 long to a table.
00031C00 ConstraintCollec
00031C10 tion can't be nu
00031C20 ll.newPrimaryKey
00031C30  must belong to 
00031C40 collection.Colle
00031C50 ction can't be n
00031C60 ull.These column
00031C70 s don't point to
00031C80  this table.Uniq
00031C90 ue constraint al
00031CA0 ready exists for
00031CB0  these columns. 
00031CC0 Existing Constra
00031CD0 intName is These
00031CE0  columns don't c
00031CF0 urrently have un
00031D00 ique values.Colu
00031D10 mn '{0}' is cons
00031D20 trained to be un
00031D30 ique.  Value '{1
00031D40 }' is already pr
00031D50 esent.Cannot rem
00031D60 ove unique const
00031D70 raint since it's
00031D80  the primary key
00031D90  of a table.Cann
00031DA0 ot remove unique
00031DB0  constraint '{0}
00031DC0 '.Remove foreign
00031DD0  key constraint 
00031DE0 '{1}' first.' is
00031DF0  constrained to 
00031E00 be unique.  Valu
00031E10 e '' is already 
00031E20 present.en-USDat
00031E30 aSet is not desi
00031E40 gned to handle X
00031E50 ML Schema as dat
00031E60 a content. Pleas
00031E70 e use ReadXmlSch
00031E80 ema method inste
00031E90 ad of InferXmlSc
00031EA0 hema method._IdP
00031EB0 arent table was 
00031EC0 not found : Chil
00031ED0 d table was not 
00031EE0 found : Parent c
00031EF0 olumn was not fo
00031F00 und :Child colum
00031F10 n was not found 
00031F20 :Column {0} is a
00031F30 lready mapped to
00031F40  {1}._Column_Tex
00031F50 tThe table '{0}'
00031F60  is already allo
00031F70 cated as a child
00031F80  of another tabl
00031F90 e '{1}'. Cannot 
00031FA0 set table '{2}' 
00031FB0 as parent table.
00031FC0 There are alread
00031FD0 y another column
00031FE0  that has differ
00031FF0 ent mapping type
00032000 . Column is {0},
00032010  existing mappin
00032020 g type is {1}err
00032030 orsCannot load d
00032040 iffGram. Table '
00032050 ' is missing in 
00032060 the destination 
00032070 datasetErrorurn:
00032080 schemas-microsof
00032090 t-com:xml-msprop
000320A0 hasErrorsInvalid
000320B0  row change stat
000320C0 efoobarIsDataSet
000320D0 Value {0} is inv
000320E0 alid for attribu
000320F0 te 'IsDataSet'.U
00032100 seCurrentLocaleL
00032110 ocale_textOrdina
00032120 lNested element 
00032130 must not have th
00032140 e same name as D
00032150 ataSet's name.Th
00032160 ere is already p
00032170 rimary key colum
00032180 ns in the table 
00032190 "{0}".{0}_{1}Dat
000321A0 aSet does not su
000321B0 port 'list' nor 
000321C0 'union' simple t
000321D0 ype.ConstraintNa
000321E0 mePrimaryKeyInva
000321F0 lid XPath select
00032200 ion inside selec
00032210 tor. Cannot find
00032220 : {0}Invalid XPa
00032230 th selection ins
00032240 ide field. Canno
00032250 t find: {0}The X
00032260 Path specified a
00032270 ttribute field, 
00032280 but mapping type
00032290  is not attribut
000322A0 e.The XPath spec
000322B0 ified simple ele
000322C0 ment field, but 
000322D0 mapping type is 
000322E0 not simple eleme
000322F0 nt.IsNestedConst
00032300 raintOnlyTarget 
00032310 identity constra
00032320 int was not foun
00032330 d: RelationshipD
00032340 ataSourceurn:sch
00032350 emas-microsoft-c
00032360 om:xml-msdatasou
00032370 rceTablesBaseCla
00032380 ssGeneratorDataC
00032390 omponentClassNam
000323A0 eDataAccessorNam
000323B0 eMainSourceSourc
000323C0 esMappingsGenera
000323D0 teShortCommandsG
000323E0 enerateMethodsGe
000323F0 tMethodNameGetMe
00032400 thodModifierPubl
00032410 icScalarCallRetv
00032420 alQueryTypeFillM
00032430 ethodNameFillMet
00032440 hodModifierModif
00032450 ierSelectCommand
00032460 InsertCommandUpd
00032470 ateCommandDelete
00032480 CommandCommandTy
00032490 peCommandTextPar
000324A0 ametersStoredPro
000324B0 cedureAllowDbNul
000324C0 lParameterNamePr
000324D0 oviderTypeDbType
000324E0 DirectionPrecisi
000324F0 onScaleSizeSourc
00032500 eColumnSourceCol
00032510 umnNullMappingSo
00032520 urceVersionDataS
00032530 etColumnparentke
00032540 ychildkeymstnsxs
00032550 mspropATTENTION:
00032560  This schema con
00032570 tains references
00032580  to other import
00032590 ed schemasMainDa
000325A0 taTable.//app.xs
000325B0 dUnexpected toke
000325C0 n when writing B
000325D0 SON: {0}An Objec
000325E0 tId must be 12 b
000325F0 ytesThe reader's
00032600  MaxDepth of {0}
00032610  has been exceed
00032620 ed.Unexpected to
00032630 ken when reading
00032640  bytes: {0}.Unex
00032650 pected end when 
00032660 reading bytes.Er
00032670 ror reading byte
00032680 s. Unexpected to
00032690 ken: {0}.Could n
000326A0 ot convert strin
000326B0 g to decimal: {0
000326C0 }.Error reading 
000326D0 decimal. Unexpec
000326E0 ted token: {0}.C
000326F0 ould not convert
00032700  string to integ
00032710 er: {0}.Error re
00032720 ading integer. U
00032730 nexpected token:
00032740  {0}.Error readi
00032750 ng string. Unexp
00032760 ected token: {0}
00032770 .Could not conve
00032780 rt string to Dat
00032790 eTime: {0}.Error
000327A0  reading date. U
000327B0 nexpected token:
000327C0  {0}.$typeSystem
000327D0 .Byte[]$valueJso
000327E0 nToken {0} is no
000327F0 t valid for clos
00032800 ing JsonType {1}
00032810 .While setting t
00032820 he reader state 
00032830 back to current 
00032840 object an unexpe
00032850 cted JsonType wa
00032860 s encountered: {
00032870 0}Not a valid cl
00032880 ose JsonToken: {
00032890 0}Invalid state:
000328A0  DateTokenTypeUn
000328B0 expected token t
000328C0 ype.Unexpected e
000328D0 nd when reading 
000328E0 date constructor
000328F0 .Unexpected toke
00032900 n when reading d
00032910 ate constructor.
00032920  Expected Intege
00032930 r, got Unexpecte
00032940 d token when rea
00032950 ding date constr
00032960 uctor. Expected 
00032970 EndConstructor, 
00032980 got Unexpected t
00032990 ype when writing
000329A0  end: No close t
000329B0 oken for type: N
000329C0 o token to close
000329D0 .Unknown JsonTyp
000329E0 e: Token {0} in 
000329F0 state {1} would 
00032A00 result in an inv
00032A10 alid JSON object
00032A20 .Unsupported typ
00032A30 e: {0}. Use the 
00032A40 JsonSerializer c
00032A50 lass to get the 
00032A60 object's JSON re
00032A70 presentation.Can
00032A80 not write JSON c
00032A90 omment as BSON.C
00032AA0 annot write JSON
00032AB0  constructor as 
00032AC0 BSON.Cannot writ
00032AD0 e raw JSON as BS
00032AE0 ON.Error writing
00032AF0  {0} value. BSON
00032B00  must start with
00032B10  an Object or Ar
00032B20 ray.Value is too
00032B30  large to fit in
00032B40  a signed 32 bit
00032B50  integer. BSON d
00032B60 oes not support 
00032B70 unsigned values.
00032B80 Value is too lar
00032B90 ge to fit in a s
00032BA0 igned 64 bit int
00032BB0 eger. BSON does 
00032BC0 not support unsi
00032BD0 gned values.An o
00032BE0 bject id must be
00032BF0  12 bytesUnexpec
00032C00 ted value type w
00032C10 hen writing bina
00032C20 ry: {0}Cannot co
00032C30 nvert null value
00032C40  to {0}.Unexpect
00032C50 ed token parsing
00032C60  binary. Expecte
00032C70 d String or Star
00032C80 tArray, got {0}.
00032C90 Unexpected objec
00032CA0 t type when writ
00032CB0 ing binary: {0}U
00032CC0 nexpected token 
00032CD0 when reading byt
00032CE0 es: {0}Expected 
00032CF0 Bytes but got {0
00032D00 }.Unexpected end
00032D10  when reading Da
00032D20 taSet.Unexpected
00032D30  JSON token when
00032D40  reading DataTab
00032D50 le. Expected Sta
00032D60 rtArray, got {0}
00032D70 .Unexpected JSON
00032D80  token when read
00032D90 ing DataTable: {
00032DA0 0}Unexpected end
00032DB0  when reading Da
00032DC0 taTable.Cannot c
00032DD0 onvert null valu
00032DE0 e to KeyValuePai
00032DF0 r.Unexpected end
00032E00  when reading Ke
00032E10 yValuePair.uPatt
00032E20 ernUnexpected to
00032E30 ken when reading
00032E40  Regex.Unexpecte
00032E50 d end when readi
00032E60 ng Regex.Error d
00032E70 eserializing Reg
00032E80 ex. No pattern f
00032E90 ound.['Path '{0}
00032EA0 ', line {0}, pos
00032EB0 ition {1}underly
00032EC0 ingTypeattribute
00032ED0 ProviderDeserial
00032EE0 ized JSON: Seria
00032EF0 lized JSON: yyyy
00032F00 -yyyy-MM-yyyy-MM
00032F10 -ddTHHHH:HH:mm:-
00032F20 zzresultSelector
00032F30 func{{ First = {
00032F40 0}, Second = {1}
00032F50  }}Cannot access
00032F60  child value on 
00032F70 {0}.The parent i
00032F80 s missing.Can no
00032F90 t convert {0} to
00032FA0  Boolean.Can not
00032FB0  convert {0} to 
00032FC0 Int64.Can not co
00032FD0 nvert {0} to Dat
00032FE0 eTime.Can not co
00032FF0 nvert {0} to Dec
00033000 imal.Can not con
00033010 vert {0} to Doub
00033020 le.Can not conve
00033030 rt {0} to Char.C
00033040 an not convert {
00033050 0} to Int32.Can 
00033060 not convert {0} 
00033070 to Int16.Can not
00033080  convert {0} to 
00033090 UInt16.Can not c
000330A0 onvert {0} to By
000330B0 te.Can not conve
000330C0 rt {0} to SByte.
000330D0 Can not convert 
000330E0 {0} to Single.Ca
000330F0 n not convert {0
00033100 } to UInt32.Can 
00033110 not convert {0} 
00033120 to UInt64.Can no
00033130 t convert {0} to
00033140  String.Can not 
00033150 convert {0} to G
00033160 uid.Can not conv
00033170 ert {0} to TimeS
00033180 pan.Can not conv
00033190 ert {0} to Uri.o
000331A0 jsonSerializerCo
000331B0 uld not convert 
000331C0 '{0}' to {1}.rea
000331D0 derError reading
000331E0  JToken from Jso
000331F0 nReader.Error re
00033200 ading JToken fro
00033210 m JsonReader. Un
00033220 expected token: 
00033230 {0}Object must b
00033240 e of type byte[]
00033250 .Object must be 
00033260 of type Guid.Obj
00033270 ect must be of t
00033280 ype Uri.Object m
00033290 ust be of type T
000332A0 imeSpan.valueTyp
000332B0 eUnexpected valu
000332C0 e type: {0}Could
000332D0  not determine J
000332E0 SON object type 
000332F0 for type {0}.The
00033300  DefaultReferenc
00033310 eResolver can on
00033320 ly be used inter
00033330 nally.Value must
00033340  be an XML objec
00033350 t.http://james.n
00033360 ewtonking.com/pr
00033370 ojects/json!Unex
00033380 pected XmlNodeTy
00033390 pe when getting 
000333A0 node name: Array
000333B0 @version@encodin
000333C0 g@standalone@nam
000333D0 e@public@system@
000333E0 internalSubsetUn
000333F0 expected XmlNode
00033400 Type when serial
00033410 izing nodes: Xml
00033420 NodeConverter on
00033430 ly supports dese
00033440 rializing XmlDoc
00033450 umentsUnexpected
00033460  type when conve
00033470 rting XML: XmlNo
00033480 deConverter can 
00033490 only convert JSO
000334A0 N that begins wi
000334B0 th an object.!DO
000334C0 CTYPEXmlNodeConv
000334D0 erter cannot con
000334E0 vert JSON with a
000334F0 n empty property
00033500  name to XML.Can
00033510 not get an XML s
00033520 tring value from
00033530  token type '{0}
00033540 '.json:Arrayjson
00033550 xmlns:Unexpected
00033560  JsonToken: Unex
00033570 pected property 
00033580 name encountered
00033590  while deseriali
000335A0 zing XmlDeclarat
000335B0 ion: JSON root o
000335C0 bject has multip
000335D0 le properties. T
000335E0 he root object m
000335F0 ust have a singl
00033600 e property in or
00033610 der to create a 
00033620 valid XML docume
00033630 nt. Consider spe
00033640 cifing a Deseria
00033650 lizeRootElementN
00033660 ame.Unexpected J
00033670 sonToken when de
00033680 serializing node
00033690 : Additional tex
000336A0 t encountered af
000336B0 ter finished rea
000336C0 ding JSON conten
000336D0 t: {0}.Unexpecte
000336E0 d state: {0}.Unt
000336F0 erminated string
00033700 . Expected delim
00033710 iter: {0}.Bad JS
00033720 ON escape sequen
00033730 ce: {0}.Unexpect
00033740 ed end while par
00033750 sing unicode cha
00033760 racter.Unexpecte
00033770 d character enco
00033780 untered while pa
00033790 rsing number: {0
000337A0 }.After parsing 
000337B0 a value an unexp
000337C0 ected character 
000337D0 was encountered:
000337E0  {0}.Invalid pro
000337F0 perty identifier
00033800  character: {0}.
00033810 Invalid characte
00033820 r after parsing 
00033830 property name. E
00033840 xpected ':' but 
00033850 got: {0}.Unexpec
00033860 ted end while pa
00033870 rsing unquoted p
00033880 roperty name.Inv
00033890 alid JavaScript 
000338A0 property identif
000338B0 ier character: {
000338C0 0}.Unexpected ch
000338D0 aracter encounte
000338E0 red while parsin
000338F0 g value: {0}.Une
00033900 xpected end.Unex
00033910 pected end while
00033920  parsing constru
00033930 ctor.Unexpected 
00033940 character while 
00033950 parsing construc
00033960 tor: {0}.Unexpec
00033970 ted content whil
00033980 e parsing JSON.I
00033990 nput string '{0}
000339A0 ' is not a valid
000339B0  integer.JSON in
000339C0 teger {0} is too
000339D0  large or small 
000339E0 for an Int32.Inp
000339F0 ut string '{0}' 
00033A00 is not a valid d
00033A10 ecimal.Input str
00033A20 ing '{0}' is not
00033A30  a valid number.
00033A40 JSON integer {0}
00033A50  is too large or
00033A60  small for an In
00033A70 t64.Unexpected e
00033A80 nd while parsing
00033A90  comment.Error p
00033AA0 arsing comment. 
00033AB0 Expected: *, got
00033AC0  {0}.Error parsi
00033AD0 ng boolean value
00033AE0 .Error parsing n
00033AF0 ull value.Error 
00033B00 parsing undefine
00033B10 d value.Cannot r
00033B20 ead -Infinity as
00033B30  a decimal.Error
00033B40  parsing negativ
00033B50 e infinity value
00033B60 .Cannot read Inf
00033B70 inity as a decim
00033B80 al.Error parsing
00033B90  positive infini
00033BA0 ty value.Cannot 
00033BB0 read NaN as a de
00033BC0 cimal.Error pars
00033BD0 ing NaN value.te
00033BE0 xtWriterInvalid 
00033BF0 JsonToken: /**/.
00033C00 0Delimiter must 
00033C10 be a single or d
00033C20 ouble quote.deli
00033C30 miterundefinedRe
00033C40 ference resolver
00033C50  cannot be null.
00033C60 Serialization bi
00033C70 nder cannot be n
00033C80 ull.jsonWriterCa
00033C90 nnot change {0} 
00033CA0 during a collect
00033CB0 ion change event
00033CC0 .Index must be w
00033CD0 ithin the bounds
00033CE0  of the List.Ind
00033CF0 ex is less than 
00033D00 0.Index is equal
00033D10  to or greater t
00033D20 han Count.arrayI
00033D30 ndex is less tha
00033D40 n 0.arrayIndex i
00033D50 s equal to or gr
00033D60 eater than the l
00033D70 ength of array.T
00033D80 he number of ele
00033D90 ments in the sou
00033DA0 rce JObject is g
00033DB0 reater than the 
00033DC0 available space 
00033DD0 from arrayIndex 
00033DE0 to the end of th
00033DF0 e destination ar
00033E00 ray.Can not add 
00033E10 {0} to {1}.Error
00033E20  reading {0} fro
00033E30 m JsonReader.Une
00033E40 xpected end of c
00033E50 ontent while loa
00033E60 ding {0}.The Jso
00033E70 nReader should n
00033E80 ot be on a token
00033E90  of type {0}.Arg
00033EA0 ument is not a J
00033EB0 Token.Error read
00033EC0 ing JConstructor
00033ED0  from JsonReader
00033EE0 .Error reading J
00033EF0 Constructor from
00033F00  JsonReader. Cur
00033F10 rent JsonReader 
00033F20 item is not a co
00033F30 nstructor: {0}en
00033F40 umerableCan not 
00033F50 add property {0}
00033F60  to {1}. Propert
00033F70 y with the same 
00033F80 name already exi
00033F90 sts on object.pr
00033FA0 opertyNameError 
00033FB0 reading JObject 
00033FC0 from JsonReader.
00033FD0 Error reading JO
00033FE0 bject from JsonR
00033FF0 eader. Current J
00034000 sonReader item i
00034010 s not an object:
00034020  {0}Error readin
00034030 g JArray from Js
00034040 onReader.Error r
00034050 eading JArray fr
00034060 om JsonReader. C
00034070 urrent JsonReade
00034080 r item is not an
00034090  array: {0}Unexp
000340A0 ected JContainer
000340B0  type.Unexpected
000340C0  JTokenType.Cann
000340D0 ot add or remove
000340E0  items from {0}.
000340F0 {0} cannot have 
00034100 multiple values.
00034110 Error reading JP
00034120 roperty from Jso
00034130 nReader.Error re
00034140 ading JProperty 
00034150 from JsonReader.
00034160  Current JsonRea
00034170 der item is not 
00034180 a property: {0}M
00034190 ultiple construc
000341A0 tors with the Js
000341B0 onConstructorAtt
000341C0 ribute.Invalid a
000341D0 ttribute. Both '
000341E0 {0}' and '{1}' i
000341F0 n type '{2}' hav
00034200 e '{3}'.Invalid 
00034210 Callback. Method
00034220  '{3}' in type '
00034230 {2}' has both '{
00034240 0}' and '{1}'.Vi
00034250 rtual Method '{0
00034260 }' of type '{1}'
00034270  cannot be marke
00034280 d with '{2}' att
00034290 ribute.Serializa
000342A0 tion Callback '{
000342B0 1}' in type '{0}
000342C0 ' must return vo
000342D0 id.Serialization
000342E0  Error Callback 
000342F0 '{1}' in type '{
00034300 0}' must have tw
00034310 o parameters of 
00034320 type '{2}' and '
00034330 {3}'.Serializati
00034340 on Callback '{1}
00034350 ' in type '{0}' 
00034360 must have a sing
00034370 le parameter of 
00034380 type '{2}'.Null 
00034390 collection of se
000343A0 ralizable member
000343B0 s returned.Shoul
000343C0 dSerializeSpecif
000343D0 iedInvalid exten
000343E0 sion data attrib
000343F0 ute on '{0}'. Me
00034400 mber '{1}' must 
00034410 have a getter.In
00034420 valid extension 
00034430 data attribute o
00034440 n '{0}'. Member 
00034450 '{1}' type must 
00034460 implement IDicti
00034470 onary<string, JT
00034480 oken>.Cannot set
00034490  value onto exte
000344A0 nsion data membe
000344B0 r '{0}'. The ext
000344C0 ension data coll
000344D0 ection is null a
000344E0 nd it cannot be 
000344F0 set.Could not lo
00034500 ad assembly '{0}
00034510 '.Could not find
00034520  type '{0}' in a
00034530 ssembly '{1}'.me
00034540 mberInfoError se
00034550 tting value to '
00034560 {0}' on '{1}'.Er
00034570 ror getting valu
00034580 e from '{0}' on 
00034590 '{1}'.serializer
000345A0 contractValue is
000345B0  not a JToken.A 
000345C0 member with the 
000345D0 name '{0}' alrea
000345E0 dy exists on '{1
000345F0 }'. Use the Json
00034600 PropertyAttribut
00034610 e to specify ano
00034620 ther name.Insuff
00034630 icient permissio
00034640 ns. Creating an 
00034650 uninitialized '{
00034660 0}' type require
00034670 s full trust.A d
00034680 ifferent value a
00034690 lready has the I
000346A0 d '{0}'.A differ
000346B0 ent Id has alrea
000346C0 dy been assigned
000346D0  for value '{0}'
000346E0 .Current error c
000346F0 ontext error is 
00034700 different to req
00034710 uested error.Cou
00034720 ld not clear err
00034730 or context. Erro
00034740 r context is alr
00034750 eady null.Error 
00034760 deserializingErr
00034770 or serializing. 
00034780 No JSON content 
00034790 found and type '
000347A0 {0}' is not null
000347B0 able.Additional 
000347C0 text found in JS
000347D0 ON string after 
000347E0 finishing deseri
000347F0 alizing object.U
00034800 nexpected end wh
00034810 en deserializing
00034820  object.Unexpect
00034830 ed token while d
00034840 eserializing obj
00034850 ect: JSON object
00034860  (e.g. {"name":"
00034870 value"})JSON arr
00034880 ay (e.g. [1,2,3]
00034890 )JSON primitive 
000348A0 value (e.g. stri
000348B0 ng, number, bool
000348C0 ean, null)JSON s
000348D0 tring valueUnexp
000348E0 ected token when
000348F0  deserializing p
00034900 rimitive value: 
00034910 Cannot preserve 
00034920 reference to rea
00034930 donly dictionary
00034940 , or dictionary 
00034950 created from a n
00034960 on-default const
00034970 ructor: {0}.Cann
00034980 ot call OnSerial
00034990 izing on readonl
000349A0 y dictionary, or
000349B0  dictionary crea
000349C0 ted from a non-d
000349D0 efault construct
000349E0 or: {0}.Cannot c
000349F0 all OnError on r
00034A00 eadonly list, or
00034A10  dictionary crea
00034A20 ted from a non-d
00034A30 efault construct
00034A40 or: {0}.Cannot d
00034A50 eserialize reado
00034A60 nly or fixed siz
00034A70 e dictionary: {0
00034A80 }.Cannot deseria
00034A90 lize the current
00034AA0  JSON object (e.
00034AB0 g. {{"name":"val
00034AC0 ue"}}) into type
00034AD0  '{0}' because t
00034AE0 he type requires
00034AF0  a {1} to deseri
00034B00 alize correctly.
00034B10 To fix this erro
00034B20 r either change 
00034B30 the JSON to a {1
00034B40 } or change the 
00034B50 deserialized typ
00034B60 e so that it is 
00034B70 a normal .NET ty
00034B80 pe (e.g. not a p
00034B90 rimitive type li
00034BA0 ke integer, not 
00034BB0 a collection typ
00034BC0 e like an array 
00034BD0 or List<T>) that
00034BE0  can be deserial
00034BF0 ized from a JSON
00034C00  object. JsonObj
00034C10 ectAttribute can
00034C20  also be added t
00034C30 o the type to fo
00034C40 rce it to deseri
00034C50 alize from a JSO
00034C60 N object.$refJSO
00034C70 N reference {0} 
00034C80 property must ha
00034C90 ve a string or n
00034CA0 ull value.Additi
00034CB0 onal content fou
00034CC0 nd in JSON refer
00034CD0 ence object. A J
00034CE0 SON reference ob
00034CF0 ject should only
00034D00  have a {0} prop
00034D10 erty.Resolved ob
00034D20 ject reference '
00034D30 {0}' to {1}.$id$
00034D40 valuesError reso
00034D50 lving type speci
00034D60 fied in JSON '{0
00034D70 }'.Type specifie
00034D80 d in JSON '{0}' 
00034D90 was not resolved
00034DA0 .Resolved type '
00034DB0 {0}' to {1}.Type
00034DC0  specified in JS
00034DD0 ON '{0}' is not 
00034DE0 compatible with 
00034DF0 '{1}'.Could not 
00034E00 resolve type '{0
00034E10 }' to a JsonCont
00034E20 ract.Cannot dese
00034E30 rialize the curr
00034E40 ent JSON array (
00034E50 e.g. [1,2,3]) in
00034E60 to type '{0}' be
00034E70 cause the type r
00034E80 equires a {1} to
00034E90  deserialize cor
00034EA0 rectly.To fix th
00034EB0 is error either 
00034EC0 change the JSON 
00034ED0 to a {1} or chan
00034EE0 ge the deseriali
00034EF0 zed type to an a
00034F00 rray or a type t
00034F10 hat implements a
00034F20  collection inte
00034F30 rface (e.g. ICol
00034F40 lection, IList) 
00034F50 like List<T> tha
00034F60 t can be deseria
00034F70 lized from a JSO
00034F80 N array. JsonArr
00034F90 ayAttribute can 
00034FA0 also be added to
00034FB0  the type to for
00034FC0 ce it to deseria
00034FD0 lize from a JSON
00034FE0  array.Cannot pr
00034FF0 eserve reference
00035000  to array or rea
00035010 donly list, or l
00035020 ist created from
00035030  a non-default c
00035040 onstructor: {0}.
00035050 Cannot call OnSe
00035060 rializing on an 
00035070 array or readonl
00035080 y list, or list 
00035090 created from a n
000350A0 on-default const
000350B0 ructor: {0}.Cann
000350C0 ot call OnError 
000350D0 on an array or r
000350E0 eadonly list, or
000350F0  list created fr
00035100 om a non-default
00035110  constructor: {0
00035120 }.Cannot deseria
00035130 lize readonly or
00035140  fixed size list
00035150 : {0}.Cannot pop
00035160 ulate list type 
00035170 {0}.Error conver
00035180 ting value {0} t
00035190 o type '{1}'.IsS
000351A0 pecified for pro
000351B0 perty '{0}' on {
000351C0 1} set to true.R
000351D0 ead object refer
000351E0 ence Id '{0}' fo
000351F0 r {1}.Error read
00035200 ing object refer
00035210 ence '{0}'.Canno
00035220 t create and pop
00035230 ulate list type 
00035240 {0}.Could not cr
00035250 eate an instance
00035260  of type {0}. Ty
00035270 pe is an interfa
00035280 ce or abstract c
00035290 lass and cannot 
000352A0 be instantiated.
000352B0 Unable to find a
000352C0  constructor to 
000352D0 use for type {0}
000352E0 .Unable to find 
000352F0 a default constr
00035300 uctor to use for
00035310  type {0}.Starte
00035320 d deserializing 
00035330 {0}Finished dese
00035340 rializing {0}Cou
00035350 ld not convert s
00035360 tring '{0}' to d
00035370 ictionary key ty
00035380 pe '{1}'. Create
00035390  a TypeConverter
000353A0  to convert from
000353B0  the string to t
000353C0 he key type obje
000353D0 ct.Unexpected to
000353E0 ken when deseria
000353F0 lizing object: I
00035400 nfinite loop det
00035410 ected from error
00035420  handling.Unexpe
00035430 cted token when 
00035440 deserializing mu
00035450 ltidimensional a
00035460 rray: Unexpected
00035470  end when deseri
00035480 alizing array.Ty
00035490 pe '{0}' impleme
000354A0 nts ISerializabl
000354B0 e but cannot be 
000354C0 deserialized usi
000354D0 ng the ISerializ
000354E0 able interface b
000354F0 ecause the curre
00035500 nt application i
00035510 s not fully trus
00035520 ted and ISeriali
00035530 zable can expose
00035540  secure data.To 
00035550 fix this error e
00035560 ither change the
00035570  environment to 
00035580 be fully trusted
00035590 , change the app
000355A0 lication to not 
000355B0 deserialize the 
000355C0 type, add JsonOb
000355D0 jectAttribute to
000355E0  the type or cha
000355F0 nge the JsonSeri
00035600 alizer setting C
00035610 ontractResolver 
00035620 to use a new Def
00035630 aultContractReso
00035640 lver with Ignore
00035650 SerializableInte
00035660 rface set to tru
00035670 e.Deserializing 
00035680 {0} using ISeria
00035690 lizable construc
000356A0 tor.Unexpected e
000356B0 nd when setting 
000356C0 {0}'s value.ISer
000356D0 ializable type '
000356E0 {0}' does not ha
000356F0 ve a valid const
00035700 ructor. To corre
00035710 ctly implement I
00035720 Serializable a c
00035730 onstructor that 
00035740 takes Serializat
00035750 ionInfo and Stre
00035760 amingContext par
00035770 ameters should b
00035780 e present.creato
00035790 rDeserializing {
000357A0 0} using creator
000357B0  with parameters
000357C0 : {1}.Started de
000357D0 serializing {0} 
000357E0 with converter {
000357F0 1}.Finished dese
00035800 rializing {0} wi
00035810 th converter {1}
00035820 .Could not find 
00035830 member '{0}' on 
00035840 {1}.Could not fi
00035850 nd member '{0}' 
00035860 on object of typ
00035870 e '{1}'Unable to
00035880  find a construc
00035890 tor to use for t
000358A0 ype {0}. A class
000358B0  should either h
000358C0 ave a default co
000358D0 nstructor, one c
000358E0 onstructor with 
000358F0 arguments or a c
00035900 onstructor marke
00035910 d with the JsonC
00035920 onstructor attri
00035930 bute.Could not f
00035940 ind member '{0}'
00035950  on {1}Error set
00035960 ting value in ex
00035970 tension data for
00035980  type '{0}'.Requ
00035990 ired property '{
000359A0 0}' not found in
000359B0  JSON.Required p
000359C0 roperty '{0}' ex
000359D0 pects a value bu
000359E0 t got null.Self 
000359F0 referencing loop
00035A00  detected for pr
00035A10 operty '{0}' wit
00035A20 h type '{0}'.. S
00035A30 kipping serializ
00035A40 ing self referen
00035A50 ced value.. Seri
00035A60 alizing self ref
00035A70 erenced value.Wr
00035A80 iting object ref
00035A90 erence to Id '{0
00035AA0 }' for {1}.Error
00035AB0  writing object 
00035AC0 reference for '{
00035AD0 0}'.Started seri
00035AE0 alizing {0}Finis
00035AF0 hed serializing 
00035B00 {0}Cannot write 
00035B10 a null value for
00035B20  property '{0}'.
00035B30  Property requir
00035B40 es a value.Writi
00035B50 ng object refere
00035B60 nce Id '{0}' for
00035B70  {1}.Writing typ
00035B80 e name '{0}' for
00035B90  {1}.Started ser
00035BA0 ializing {0} wit
00035BB0 h converter {1}.
00035BC0 Finished seriali
00035BD0 zing {0} with co
00035BE0 nverter {1}.Type
00035BF0  '{0}' implement
00035C00 s ISerializable 
00035C10 but cannot be se
00035C20 rialized using t
00035C30 he ISerializable
00035C40  interface becau
00035C50 se the current a
00035C60 pplication is no
00035C70 t fully trusted 
00035C80 and ISerializabl
00035C90 e can expose sec
00035CA0 ure data.ShouldS
00035CB0 erialize result 
00035CC0 for property '{0
00035CD0 }' on {1}: {2}Is
00035CE0 Specified result
00035CF0  for property '{
00035D00 0}' on {1}: {2}s
00035D10 erializerReaders
00035D20 erializerWriterN
00035D30 o matching param
00035D40 eterized constru
00035D50 ctor found for '
00035D60 {0}'.No paramete
00035D70 rless constructo
00035D80 r defined for '{
00035D90 0}'.Error creati
00035DA0 ng '{0}'.Could n
00035DB0 ot create getter
00035DC0  for {0}.Could n
00035DD0 ot create setter
00035DE0  for {0}.Could n
00035DF0 ot get construct
00035E00 or for {0}.GetPr
00035E10 operty '{0}' doe
00035E20 s not have a get
00035E30 ter.SetpropertyI
00035E40 nfofieldInfoExpe
00035E50 cted a single me
00035E60 mber with the na
00035E70 me '{0}'.Unexpec
00035E80 ted member type 
00035E90 '{0}' for member
00035EA0  '{1}'.Duplicate
00035EB0  item already ex
00035EC0 ists for '{0}'.i
00035ED0 nitialValueCould
00035EE0  not cast or con
00035EF0 vert from {0} to
00035F00  {1}.{null}Unsup
00035F10 ported INullable
00035F20  type: {0}^[A-Fa
00035F30 -f0-9]{8}-([A-Fa
00035F40 -f0-9]{4}-){3}[A
00035F50 -Fa-f0-9]{12}$Wr
00035F60 apped ICollectio
00035F70 n<T> does not su
00035F80 pport IndexOf.Wr
00035F90 apped ICollectio
00035FA0 n<T> does not su
00035FB0 pport RemoveAt.W
00035FC0 rapped ICollecti
00035FD0 on<T> does not s
00035FE0 upport Insert.Wr
00035FF0 apped ICollectio
00036000 n<T> does not su
00036010 pport indexer.Th
00036020 e value '{0}' is
00036030  not of type '{1
00036040 }' and cannot be
00036050  used in this ge
00036060 neric collection
00036070 .Unexpected Date
00036080 TimeKind value.I
00036090 nvalid date time
000360A0  handling value.
000360B0 /Date()/\/Date()
000360C0 \/Enum name '{0}
000360D0 ' already exists
000360E0  on enum '{1}'.'
000360F0  is not an enum.
00036100 \u2028\u2029\'in
00036110 itialCannot dese
00036120 rialize non-cubi
00036130 cal array as mul
00036140 tidimensional ar
00036150 ray.Actual value
00036160  was {0}.generic
00036170 InterfaceDefinit
00036180 ion'{0}' is not 
00036190 a generic interf
000361A0 ace definition.g
000361B0 enericClassDefin
000361C0 ition'{0}' is no
000361D0 t a generic clas
000361E0 s definition.Typ
000361F0 e {0} is not a c
00036200 ollection.Type {
00036210 0} is not a dict
00036220 ionary.MemberInf
00036230 o must be of typ
00036240 e FieldInfo, Pro
00036250 pertyInfo, Event
00036260 Info or MethodIn
00036270 fopropertyMember
00036280 Info '{0}' has i
00036290 ndex parametersM
000362A0 emberInfo '{0}' 
000362B0 is not of type F
000362C0 ieldInfo or Prop
000362D0 ertyInfoMemberIn
000362E0 fo '{0}' must be
000362F0  of type FieldIn
00036300 fo or PropertyIn
00036310 fovalueSelector'
00036320 {0}' cannot be e
00036330 mpty./tuio/2Dblb
00036340 setalivefseq/tui
00036350 o/2Dcur/tuio/2Do
00036360 bjThe input asse
00036370 t name cannot be
00036380  null.The input 
00036390 asset name canno
000363A0 t be empty.The i
000363B0 nput type cannot
000363C0  be null.Null ca
000363D0 llback specified
000363E0 .RectOffset (l:{
000363F0 0} r:{1} t:{2} b
00036400 :{3})not impleme
00036410 ntedlayerNamesIn
00036420 valid Vector2 in
00036430 dex!({0:F1}, {1:
00036440 F1})Invalid Vect
00036450 or3 index!({0:F1
00036460 }, {1:F1}, {2:F1
00036470 })RGBA({0}, {1},
00036480  {2}, {3})Invali
00036490 d Quaternion ind
000364A0 ex!({0:F1}, {1:F
000364B0 1}, {2:F1}, {3:F
000364C0 1})(x:{0:F2}, y:
000364D0 {1:F2}, width:{2
000364E0 :F2}, height:{3:
000364F0 F2})Invalid matr
00036500 ix index!{0:F5}.
00036510 {1:F5}.{2:F5}.{3
00036520 :F5}.{4:F5}.{5:F
00036530 5}.{6:F5}.{7:F5}
00036540 .{8:F5}.{9:F5}.{
00036550 10:F5}.{11:F5}.{
00036560 12:F5}.{13:F5}.{
00036570 14:F5}.{15:F5}.C
00036580 enter: {0}, Exte
00036590 nts: {1}Invalid 
000365A0 Vector4 index!Or
000365B0 igin: {0}, Dir: 
000365C0 {1}Not yet imple
000365D0 mentedNo Network
000365E0 View is assigned
000365F0  to this Network
00036600 MessageInfo obje
00036610 ct. Note that th
00036620 is is expected i
00036630 n OnNetworkInsta
00036640 ntiate().Calling
00036650  GetLocalCorners
00036660  with an array t
00036670 hat is null or h
00036680 as less than 4 e
00036690 lements.Calling 
000366A0 GetWorldCorners 
000366B0 with an array th
000366C0 at is null or ha
000366D0 s less than 4 el
000366E0 ements._Color_Ma
000366F0 inTexWWW is not 
00036700 finished downloa
00036710 ding yetWWW is n
00036720 ot ready downloa
00036730 ding yetCONTENT-
00036740 TYPEcharsetUnsup
00036750 ported encoding:
00036760  'input was null
00036770  to ParseHTTPHea
00036780 derStringHTTPSTA
00036790 TUSThe thing you
000367A0  want to instant
000367B0 iate is null.Par
000367C0 ent of RectTrans
000367D0 form is being se
000367E0 t with parent pr
000367F0 operty. Consider
00036800  using the SetPa
00036810 rent method inst
00036820 ead, with the wo
00036830 rldPositionStays
00036840  argument set to
00036850  false. This wil
00036860 l retain local o
00036870 rientation and s
00036880 cale rather than
00036890  world orientati
000368A0 on and scale, wh
000368B0 ich can prevent 
000368C0 common UI scalin
000368D0 g issues.Could n
000368E0 ot store prefere
000368F0 nce valueJNI: In
00036900 it'd AndroidJava
00036910 Object with null
00036920  ptr!<null>(") =
00036930  Creating Androi
00036940 dJavaObject from
00036950  JNI: Unknown re
00036960 turn type 'JNI: 
00036970 Unknown field ty
00036980 pe 'forNamejava/
00036990 lang/ClassJNI: I
000369A0 nit'd AndroidJav
000369B0 aClass with null
000369C0  ptr!Creating An
000369D0 droidJavaClass f
000369E0 rom Playable is 
000369F0 nullIndex must b
00036A00 e greater than 0
00036A10 inputIndex  is g
00036A20 reater than the 
00036A30 number of availa
00036A40 ble inputs ().Th
00036A50 e scene is inval
00036A60 id.The scene is 
00036A70 not loaded.One s
00036A80 hot audioAnimati
00036A90 onEvent was not 
00036AA0 fired by Animati
00036AB0 on component, yo
00036AC0 u shouldn't use 
00036AD0 AnimationEvent.a
00036AE0 nimationStateAni
00036AF0 mationEvent was 
00036B00 not fired by Ani
00036B10 mator component,
00036B20  you shouldn't u
00036B30 se AnimationEven
00036B40 t.animatorStateI
00036B50 nfoAnimationEven
00036B60 t was not fired 
00036B70 by Animator comp
00036B80 onent, you shoul
00036B90 dn't use Animati
00036BA0 onEvent.animator
00036BB0 ClipInfoFont siz
00036BC0 e and style over
00036BD0 rides are only s
00036BE0 upported for dyn
00036BF0 amic fonts.BestF
00036C00 it is only suppo
00036C10 rted for dynamic
00036C20  fonts.[0][1][2]
00036C30 [3][4][5][6][7][
00036C40 8][9][.][/][-][+
00036C50 ][=][equals][ent
00036C60 er]leftrightinse
00036C70 rthomeendpguppag
00036C80 e uppgdownpage d
00036C90 ownbackspacedele
00036CA0 tetabf1f2f3f4f5f
00036CB0 6f7f8f9f10f11f12
00036CC0 f13f14f15[esc]Un
00036CD0 able to find key
00036CE0  name that match
00036CF0 es '{0}'Event:{0
00036D00 }   Character:\0
00036D10    Modifiers:{1}
00036D20    KeyCode:{2}Ev
00036D30 ent:   Character
00036D40 :   Modifiers:  
00036D50  KeyCode:Event: 
00036D60 {0}   Position: 
00036D70 {1} Modifiers: {
00036D80 2}Event: {0}  "{
00036D90 1}"BoxrepeatButt
00036DA0 onToggleButtonGr
00036DB0 idSliderBeginGro
00036DC0 upscrollViewnull
00036DD0  texture passed 
00036DE0 to GUI.DrawTextu
00036DF0 rethumbleftbutto
00036E00 nrightbuttonupbu
00036E10 ttondownbuttonGU
00036E20 ILayout.EndScrol
00036E30 lViewLayoutType 
00036E40 needs to be of t
00036E50 ype GUILayoutGro
00036E60 upGUILayout: Mis
00036E70 matched LayoutGr
00036E80 oup.{1}-{0} (x:{
00036E90 2}-{3}, y:{4}-{5
00036EA0 })   -   W: , H:
00036EB0  Getting control
00036EC0  's position in 
00036ED0 a group with onl
00036EE0 y  controls when
00036EF0  doing .Aborting
00036F00  Margins:  {..cu
00036F10 stom styles is n
00036F20 ullbuttontogglel
00036F30 abelwindowtextfi
00036F40 eldtextareahoriz
00036F50 ontalsliderhoriz
00036F60 ontalsliderthumb
00036F70 verticalsliderve
00036F80 rticalsliderthum
00036F90 bhorizontalscrol
00036FA0 lbarhorizontalsc
00036FB0 rollbarthumbhori
00036FC0 zontalscrollbarl
00036FD0 eftbuttonhorizon
00036FE0 talscrollbarrigh
00036FF0 tbuttonverticals
00037000 crollbarvertical
00037010 scrollbarthumbve
00037020 rticalscrollbaru
00037030 pbuttonverticals
00037040 crollbardownbutt
00037050 onscrollviewUnab
00037060 le to find style
00037070  '' in skin '' G
00037080 UISkin is NULLSt
00037090 yle.Draw may not
000370A0  be called with 
000370B0 GUIContent that 
000370C0 is null.GUIStyle
000370D0  '{0}'Unable to 
000370E0 use a named GUIS
000370F0 tyle without a c
00037100 urrent skin. Mos
00037110 t likely you nee
00037120 d to move your G
00037130 UIStyle initiali
00037140 zation code to O
00037150 nGUIYou can only
00037160  call GUI functi
00037170 ons from inside 
00037180 OnGUI.Unimplemen
00037190 ted: #left#right
000371A0 #up#down#backspa
000371B0 ceMac^left^right
000371C0 &left&right&up&d
000371D0 own%left%right%u
000371E0 p%down#home#end#
000371F0 ^left#^right#^up
00037200 #^down#&left#&ri
00037210 ght#&up#&down#%l
00037220 eft#%right#%up#%
00037230 down%a%x%c%v^d^h
00037240 ^b^f^a^e&delete&
00037250 backspace%backsp
00037260 ace^up^down^dele
00037270 te^backspace^x^c
00037280 ^v#delete^insert
00037290 #insertjava/lang
000372A0 /RunnableNo such
000372B0  proxy method: c
000372C0 om/unity3d/playe
000372D0 r/ReflectionHelp
000372E0 ergetConstructor
000372F0 ID(Ljava/lang/Cl
00037300 ass;Ljava/lang/S
00037310 tring;)Ljava/lan
00037320 g/reflect/Constr
00037330 uctor;getMethodI
00037340 D(Ljava/lang/Cla
00037350 ss;Ljava/lang/St
00037360 ring;Ljava/lang/
00037370 String;Z)Ljava/l
00037380 ang/reflect/Meth
00037390 od;getFieldID(Lj
000373A0 ava/lang/Class;L
000373B0 java/lang/String
000373C0 ;Ljava/lang/Stri
000373D0 ng;Z)Ljava/lang/
000373E0 reflect/Field;ne
000373F0 wProxyInstance(I
00037400 Ljava/lang/Class
00037410 ;)Ljava/lang/Obj
00037420 ect;JNI; Unknown
00037430  argument type '
00037440 java/lang/reflec
00037450 t/ArraygetClassg
00037460 etComponentTypeg
00037470 etNamegetLengthI
00037480 sPrimitiveZBCjav
00037490 a.lang.Stringjav
000374A0 a.lang.Classgetj
000374B0 ava.lang.Integer
000374C0 intValuejava.lan
000374D0 g.Booleanboolean
000374E0 Valuejava.lang.B
000374F0 ytebyteValuejava
00037500 .lang.Shortshort
00037510 Valuejava.lang.L
00037520 onglongValuejava
00037530 .lang.Floatfloat
00037540 Valuejava.lang.D
00037550 oubledoubleValue
00037560 java.lang.Charac
00037570 tercharValuetoSt
00037580 ringisArrayjava/
00037590 lang/Stringjava/
000375A0 lang/ObjectJNI; 
000375B0 Unknown array ty
000375C0 pe 'JNI: Unknown
000375D0  generic array t
000375E0 ype '<init>Ljava
000375F0 /lang/Object;Lja
00037600 va/lang/String;L
00037610 Ljava/lang/Runna
00037620 ble;Ljava/lang/C
00037630 lass;JNI: System
00037640 .Array in n dime
00037650 nsions is not al
00037660 lowedJNI: Unknow
00037670 n signature for 
00037680 type '' (obj = e
00037690 qual)Vjava/lang/
000376A0 Throwableandroid
000376B0 /util/Log()Ljava
000376C0 /lang/String;get
000376D0 StackTraceString
000376E0 (Ljava/lang/Thro
000376F0 wable;)Ljava/lan
00037700 g/String;RGBA({0
00037710 :F3}, {1:F3}, {2
00037720 :F3}, {3:F3})Ret
00037730 urn value addres
00037740 s cannot be 0.re
00037750 turnValueAddress
00037760 {0} x {1} @ {2}H
00037770 zOnMouseDownOnMo
00037780 useUpAsButtonOnM
00037790 ouseUpOnMouseDra
000377A0 gOnMouseOverOnMo
000377B0 useExitOnMouseEn
000377C0 terUnityEditor.U
000377D0 nityEngine.Syste
000377E0 m.UnityScript.La
000377F0 ng.Boo.Lang.Unit
00037800 yEngine.SetupCor
00037810 outineExtractStr
00037820 ingFromException
00037830 Internal called 
00037840 with null except
00037850 ionExtractString
00037860 FromExceptionInt
00037870 ernal called wit
00037880 h an exceptoin t
00037890 hat was not of t
000378A0 ype System.Excep
000378B0 tionRethrow as i
000378C0 n (unmanaged)Uni
000378D0 tyEditor.EditorG
000378E0 UIUtility:Render
000378F0 GameViewCameras 
00037900 (at(wrapper mana
00037910 ged-to-native)(w
00037920 rapper delegate-
00037930 invoke)at <0x000
00037940 00> <unknown met
00037950 hod>at [0x  in <
00037960 filename unknown
00037970 >:0  in  (at Deb
00037980 ugUnityEngineLog
00037990 gerDebugLogHandl
000379A0 erAssertUnityEng
000379B0 ine.AssertionsA 
000379C0 Unity Runtime er
000379D0 ror occurred!fun
000379E0 ctionPassed argu
000379F0 ment 'args[0]' i
00037A00 s of the wrong t
00037A10 ype. Type:{0} Ex
00037A20 pected:{1}Passed
00037A30  argument 'args'
00037A40  is invalid size
00037A50 . Expected size 
00037A60 is 1{0}Attemptin
00037A70 g to select whil
00037A80 e already select
00037A90 ing an object.<b
00037AA0 >Selected:</b>No
00037AB0  moduleInvalid t
00037AC0 ype: {0} passed 
00037AD0 to event expecti
00037AE0 ng {1}Type {0} e
00037AF0 xpected {1} rece
00037B00 ived.Results arr
00037B10 ay is nullresult
00037B20 sName: .module: 
00037B30 .module camera: 
00037B40 .distance: .inde
00037B50 x: .depth: .worl
00037B60 dNormal: .worldP
00037B70 osition: .screen
00037B80 Position: .modul
00037B90 e.sortOrderPrior
00037BA0 ity: .module.ren
00037BB0 derOrderPriority
00037BC0 : .sortingLayer:
00037BD0  .sortingOrder: 
00037BE0 <b>Position</b>:
00037BF0  <b>delta</b>: <
00037C00 b>eligibleForCli
00037C10 ck</b>: <b>point
00037C20 erEnter</b>: <b>
00037C30 pointerPress</b>
00037C40 : <b>lastPointer
00037C50 Press</b>: <b>po
00037C60 interDrag</b>: <
00037C70 b>Use Drag Thres
00037C80 hold</b>: <b>Cur
00037C90 rent Rayast:</b>
00037CA0 <b>Press Rayast:
00037CB0 </b><b>Pointer I
00037CC0 nput Module of t
00037CD0 ype: </b><B>Poin
00037CE0 ter:</b> Horizon
00037CF0 talVerticalSubmi
00037D00 tCancelInput: Fa
00037D10 kedInput: Touch.
00037D20 eventCamera: .so
00037D30 rtOrderPriority:
00037D40  .renderOrderPri
00037D50 ority: Coroutine
00037D60  container not c
00037D70 onfigured... did
00037D80  you forget to c
00037D90 all Init?NormalH
00037DA0 ighlightedPresse
00037DB0 dDisabledTrying 
00037DC0 to add {0} for g
00037DD0 raphic rebuild w
00037DE0 hile we are alre
00037DF0 ady inside a gra
00037E00 phic rebuild loo
00037E10 p. This is not s
00037E20 upported.Trying 
00037E30 to remove {0} fr
00037E40 om rebuild list 
00037E50 while we are alr
00037E60 eady inside a re
00037E70 build loop. This
00037E80  is not supporte
00037E90 d.PanelButtonNew
00037EA0  TextImageRawIma
00037EB0 geBackgroundFill
00037EC0  AreaFillHandle 
00037ED0 Slide AreaHandle
00037EE0 ScrollbarSliding
00037EF0  AreaCheckmarkIn
00037F00 putFieldPlacehol
00037F10 derEnter text...
00037F20 DropdownArrowTem
00037F30 plateViewportCon
00037F40 tentItem Backgro
00037F50 undItem Checkmar
00037F60 kItem LabelOptio
00037F70 n AOption BOptio
00037F80 n CScroll ViewSc
00037F90 rollbar Horizont
00037FA0 alScrollbar Vert
00037FB0 icalThe dropdown
00037FC0  template is not
00037FD0  assigned. The t
00037FE0 emplate needs to
00037FF0  be assigned and
00038000  must have a chi
00038010 ld GameObject wi
00038020 th a Toggle comp
00038030 onent serving as
00038040  the item.The dr
00038050 opdown template 
00038060 is not valid. Th
00038070 e template must 
00038080 have a child Gam
00038090 eObject with a T
000380A0 oggle component 
000380B0 serving as the i
000380C0 tem.The dropdown
000380D0  template is not
000380E0  valid. The chil
000380F0 d GameObject wit
00038100 h a Toggle compo
00038110 nent (the item) 
00038120 must have a Rect
00038130 Transform on its
00038140  parent.The drop
00038150 down template is
00038160  not valid. The 
00038170 Item Text must b
00038180 e on the item Ga
00038190 meObject or chil
000381A0 dren of it.The d
000381B0 ropdown template
000381C0  is not valid. T
000381D0 he Item Image mu
000381E0 st be on the ite
000381F0 m GameObject or 
00038200 children of it.D
00038210 ropdown ListBloc
00038220 kerItem Shared U
00038230 I MeshUsing clic
00038240 kAlphaThreshold 
00038250 lower than 1 on 
00038260 Image whose spri
00038270 te texture canno
00038280 t be read.  Also
00038290  make sure to di
000382A0 sable sprite pac
000382B0 king for this sp
000382C0 rite.SelectAll I
000382D0 nput Caret!#$%&'
000382E0 *+-/=?^_`{|}~Att
000382F0 empting to use a
00038300  stencil mask wi
00038310 th depth > 8_Ste
00038320 ncilMaterial  do
00038330 esn't have _Sten
00038340 cil property_Ste
00038350 ncilOp doesn't h
00038360 ave _StencilOp p
00038370 roperty_StencilC
00038380 omp doesn't have
00038390  _StencilComp pr
000383A0 operty_StencilRe
000383B0 adMask doesn't h
000383C0 ave _StencilRead
000383D0 Mask property do
000383E0 esn't have _Sten
000383F0 cilWriteMask pro
00038400 perty_ColorMask 
00038410 doesn't have _Co
00038420 lorMask property
00038430 Stencil Id:{0}, 
00038440 Op:{1}, Comp:{2}
00038450 , WriteMask:{3},
00038460  ReadMask:{4}, C
00038470 olorMask:{5} Alp
00038480 haClip:{6} ({7})
00038490 _StencilWriteMas
000384A0 k_UseAlphaClipUN
000384C0 Toggle {0} is no
000384D0 t part of Toggle
000384E0 Group {1}(Layout
000384F0  Rebuilder for) 
00038500 Random Insertion
00038510  is semantically
00038520  invalid, since 
00038530 this structure d
00038540 oes not guarante
00038550 e ordering.Inter
00038560 nal error. Tryin
00038570 g to destroy obj
00038580 ect that is alre
00038590 ady released to 
000385A0 pool.Mesh can no
000385B0 t have more than
000385C0  65000 vertices_
000385D0 Blend_RampTex_Ma
000385E0 skTex_RampOffset
000385F0 _MaskOffValue_Ma
00038600 skOnValue_Wipe_F
00038610 eather_EdgeThres
00038620 holdMin_EdgeThre
00038630 shold_EdgeSharpn
00038640 ess_OffsetScale_
00038650 BlurRadius_Offse
00038660 ts_Threshhold_Ti
00038670 ntColor_Saturati
00038680 on_StretchWidth_
00038690 Intensity_ColorB
000386A0 uffercolorAcolor
000386B0 BcolorCcolorDoff
000386C0 sets_thresholdti
000386D0 ntColorstretchWi
000386E0 dththresholduseS
000386F0 rcAlphaAsMaskvig
00038700 netteIntensity_P
00038710 arameter_BloomiP
00038720 hone5_InvViewPro
00038730 j_PrevViewProj_T
00038740 oPrevViewProjCom
00038750 bined_MaxVelocit
00038760 y_MaxRadiusOrKIn
00038770 Paper_MinVelocit
00038780 y_VelocityScale_
00038790 Jitter_NoiseTex_
000387A0 VelTex_Neighbour
000387B0 MaxTex_TileTexDe
000387C0 bug_BlurDirectio
000387D0 nPacked_DisplayV
000387E0 elocityScale_Sof
000387F0 tZDistance_Motio
00038800 nBlurTmpCam_RgbT
00038810 ex_ZCurve_RgbDep
00038820 thTexselColortar
00038830 getColorThe give
00038840 n 2D texture  ca
00038850 nnot be used as 
00038860 a 3D LUT.Couldn'
00038870 t color correct 
00038880 with 3D LUT text
00038890 ure. Image Effec
000388A0 t will be disabl
000388B0 ed._Scale_Offset
000388C0 _ClutTex_MainTex
000388D0 Blurredintensity
000388E0 threshhold_Adapt
000388F0 Tex_CurTex_Adapt
00038900 Params_HrDepthTe
00038910 x_LrDepthTex_FgO
00038920 verlap_CurvePara
00038930 ms_BlurredColor_
00038940 SpawnHeuristic_B
00038950 okehParams_FgCoc
00038960 MaskpointBuffer_
00038970 Screen_LowRez_Fo
00038980 regroundBlurExtr
00038990 ude_InvRenderTar
000389A0 getSize_TapLow_T
000389B0 apMedium_TapLowB
000389C0 ackground_TapLow
000389D0 Foreground_TapHi
000389E0 gh_Source_ArScal
000389F0 e_Sensitivity_Bg
00038A00 Fade_SampleDista
00038A10 nce_BgColor_Expo
00038A20 nent_Threshold_F
00038A30 rustumCornersWS_
00038A40 CameraWS_HeightP
00038A50 arams_DistancePa
00038A60 rams_SceneFogPar
00038A70 ams_SceneFogMode
00038A80 _RotationMatrix_
00038A90 CenterRadius_Ang
00038AA0 le_AccumOrigNois
00038AB0 e & Grain effect
00038AC0  failing as nois
00038AD0 e texture is not
00038AE0  assigned. pleas
00038AF0 e assign._DX11No
00038B00 iseTime_NoisePer
00038B10 Channel_MidGrey_
00038B20 NoiseAmount_Nois
00038B30 eTilingPerChanne
00038B40 lNoise shaders a
00038B50 re not set up! D
00038B60 isabling noise e
00038B70 ffect._GrainTex_
00038B80 ScratchTex_Grain
00038B90 OffsetScale_Scra
00038BA0 tchOffsetScaleMi
00038BB0 ssing shader in 
00038BC0 The shader  on e
00038BD0 ffect  is not su
00038BE0 pported on this 
00038BF0 platform!CheckRe
00038C00 sources () for  
00038C10 should be overwr
00038C20 itten.The image 
00038C30 effect  has been
00038C40  disabled as it'
00038C50 s not supported 
00038C60 on the current p
00038C70 latform. is not 
00038C80 part of the Unit
00038C90 y 3.2+ effects s
00038CA0 uite anymore. Fo
00038CB0 r best performan
00038CC0 ce and quality, 
00038CD0 please ensure yo
00038CE0 u are using the 
00038CF0 latest Standard 
00038D00 Assets Image Eff
00038D10 ects (Pro only) 
00038D20 package.OnRender
00038D30 Image in Helper 
00038D40 called ..._UV_Tr
00038D50 ansform_Overlay_
00038D60 ProjInfo_Project
00038D70 ionInv_Rand_Radi
00038D80 us_Radius2_BlurF
00038D90 ilterDistance_Ax
00038DA0 is_AOTex_RandomT
00038DB0 exture_FarCorner
00038DC0 _NoiseScale_Para
00038DD0 ms_TexelOffsetSc
00038DE0 ale_SSAO_BlurRad
00038DF0 ius4_SunPosition
00038E00 _SunThreshold_Sk
00038E10 ybox_SunColor_Bl
00038E20 urSize_BlurArea_
00038E30 Blurred_RangeSca
00038E40 le_Curve_Exposur
00038E50 eAdjustment_Adap
00038E60 tionSpeed_HdrPar
00038E70 ams_SmallTexNo v
00038E80 alid adaptive to
00038E90 nemapper type fo
00038EA0 und!_Blur_Vignet
00038EB0 teTex_ChromaticA
00038EC0 berration_AxialA
00038ED0 berration_BlurDi
00038EE0 stance_Luminance
00038EF0 PAUSEPLAY5750bac
00038F00 0-483c-4131-80fd
00038F10 -6b047b2ca7b4nia
00038F20 nticptcABCDEFGHI
00038F40 Zabcdefghijklmno
00038F50 pqrstuvwxyz01234
00038F60 56789-_.~https:/
00038F70 /sso.pokemon.com
00038F80 /sso/oauth2.0/au
00038F90 thorize?client_i
00038FA0 d=mobile-app_pok
00038FB0 emon-go&redirect
00038FC0 _uri=https%3A%2F
00038FD0 %2Fwww.nianticla
00038FE0 bs.com%2Fpokemon
00038FF0 go%2Ferrorhttps:
00039000 //sso.pokemon.co
00039010 m/sso/login?serv
00039020 ice=https%3A%2F%
00039030 2Fsso.pokemon.co
00039040 m%2Fsso%2Foauth2
00039050 .0%2FcallbackAut
00039060 horizeInvalid re
00039070 sponsehttps://ss
00039080 o.pokemon.com/ss
00039090 o/login?service=
000390A0 http%3A%2F%2Fsso
000390B0 .pokemon.com%2Fs
000390C0 so%2Foauth2.0%2F
000390D0 callbackAuthoriz
000390E0 elt=&execution=&
000390F0 _eventId=submit&
00039100 username=&passwo
00039110 rd=application/x
00039120 -www-form-urlenc
00039130 odedticket=([^&]
00039140 +)https://sso.po
00039150 kemon.com/sso/oa
00039160 uth2.0/accessTok
00039170 enw8ScCUXJQc6kXK
00039180 w8FiOhd8Fixzht18
00039190 Dq3PEVkUCP5ZPxtg
000391A0 yWsbTvWHFLm2wNY0
000391B0 JRclient_id=mobi
000391C0 le-app_pokemon-g
000391D0 o&redirect_uri=h
000391E0 ttps%3A%2F%2Fwww
000391F0 .nianticlabs.com
00039200 %2Fpokemongo%2Fe
00039210 rror&client_secr
00039220 et=&grant_type=r
00039230 efresh_token&cod
00039240 e=access_token=(
00039250 [^&]+)expires=([
00039260 ^&]+)Unable to p
00039270 arse access toke
00039280 nhttps://sso.pok
00039290 emon.com/sso/oau
000392A0 th2.0/profileacc
000392B0 ess_token=&clien
000392C0 t_id=mobile-app_
000392D0 pokemon-go"birth
000392E0 date":"([0-9]+)-
000392F0 ([0-9]+)-([0-9]+
00039300 )"customization_
00039310 not_setExpecting
00039320  at least 2 opti
00039330 ons per customiz
00039340 ation slot, only
00039350  found {0}Unexpe
00039360 cted customizati
00039370 on slot: Blink_S
00039380 canlinesspeed_pl
00039390 ayerPosition_out
000393A0 lineEmpty MeshFi
000393B0 lter. Error?Outl
000393C0 iner recursed mo
000393D0 re than 65536, b
000393E0 ailing outUnable
000393F0  to find any mes
00039400 hes in the selec
00039410 tiontriangleIndi
00039420 cies must be a n
00039430 on null array wi
00039440 th a length that
00039450 's a multiple of
00039460  threeResourcesN
00039470 etwork_lodAssetL
00039480 oader<{0}/{1}>Pr
00039490 efabs/Characters
000394A0 /Failed to load 
000394B0 AssetBundle "{0}
000394C0 "Failed to load 
000394D0 Asset "{0}" from
000394E0  AssetBundle "{1
000394F0 }"com.unity3d.pl
00039500 ayer.UnityPlayer
00039510 currentActivityr
00039520 unOnUiThreadgetW
00039530 indowgetDecorVie
00039540 wsetSystemUiVisi
00039550 bilitysetFlagsse
00039560 tStatusBarColors
00039570 etNavigationBarC
00039580 olorCan't set St
00039590 ereoScreen: Rend
000395A0 erTextures are n
000395B0 ot supported.Bui
000395C0 lt-in distortion
000395D0  correction disa
000395E0 bled. Causes: [B
000395F0 uilt-in UI layer
00039600  disabled. Cause
00039610 s: [Cardboard SD
00039620 K object should 
00039630 be a singleton.E
00039640 ndOfFrameMatrix 
00039650 / vector dimensi
00039660 on mismatchOnly 
00039670 2 coefficients s
00039680 upported.Cannot 
00039690 access ActivityE
000396A0 xception while c
000396B0 onnecting to the
000396C0  Activity: Excep
000396D0 tion getting cla
000396E0 ss Exception cre
000396F0 ating object Obj
00039700 ect is null when
00039710  calling static 
00039720 method Exception
00039730  calling static 
00039740 method Object is
00039750  null when calli
00039760 ng method Except
00039770 ion calling meth
00039780 od Debug overrid
00039790 eRenderTexture (
000397A0 Unity Pro featur
000397B0 e) is unavailabl
000397C0 eUnity 4.5+ is n
000397D0 eeded for UnityR
000397E0 enderEvent(\d+\.
000397F0 \d+)\..*$14.5Una
00039800 ble to determine
00039810  Unity version f
00039820 rom: Creating ne
00039830 w default cardbo
00039840 ard screen textu
00039850 re com.google.vr
00039860 .platform.unity.
00039870 UnityVrActivityL
00039880 istenergetDispla
00039890 yMetricssetVRMod
000398A0 eEnabledsetSetti
000398B0 ngsButtonEnabled
000398C0 setAlignmentMark
000398D0 erEnabledsetVRBa
000398E0 ckButtonEnableds
000398F0 etShowVrBackButt
00039900 onOnlyInVRsetTap
00039910 IsTriggersetTouc
00039920 hCoordinateslaun
00039930 chConfigureActiv
00039940 ityinjectSingleT
00039950 apinjectKeyPress
00039960 setUnityApplicat
00039970 ionStatecom.crit
00039980 tercism.app.Crit
00039990 tercismCritterci
000399A0 smAndroid is alr
000399B0 eady initialized
000399C0 .Initializing Cr
000399D0 ittercism with a
000399E0 pp id Crittercis
000399F0 mAndroid failed 
00039A00 to initialize.  
00039A10 Unable to find c
00039A20 lass initialize 
00039A30 : _logHandledExc
00039A40 eption_logCrashE
00039A50 xceptiongetOptOu
00039A60 tStatussetOptOut
00039A70 StatussetUsernam
00039A80 eCrittercism.Set
00039A90 Metadata given a
00039AA0 rrays of differe
00039AB0 nt lengthsorg.js
00039AC0 on.JSONObjectput
00039AD0 setMetadataleave
00039AE0 BreadcrumbbeginT
00039AF0 ransactionendTra
00039B00 nsactionfailTran
00039B10 sactionsetTransa
00039B20 ctionValuegetTra
00039B30 nsactionValueLog
00039B40 ged: ..atcom.cri
00039B50 ttercism.app.Cri
00039B60 ttercismConfigge
00039B70 tCustomVersionNa
00039B80 mesetCustomVersi
00039B90 onNameisLogcatRe
00039BA0 portingEnabledse
00039BB0 tLogcatReporting
00039BC0 Enabled5644ec0f8
00039BD0 d4d8c0a00d081f1B
00039BE0 readcrumb: {0}Th
00039BF0 e data () and li
00039C00 stItemSizes () c
00039C10 ounts are not eq
00039C20 ualItem_ [ passg
00039C30 reenfailred - Fi
00039C40 nal Report: ____
00039C50 ________________
00039C60 _ PASSED:  FAILE
00039C70 D: Too many test
00039C80 s for a final re
00039C90 port! set LeanTe
00039CA0 st.expected = <b
00039CB0 ></b><color=</co
00039CC0 lor>x: y: width:
00039CD0  height:LeanTwee
00039CE0 n - When passing
00039CF0  values for a ve
00039D00 ctor path, you m
00039D10 ust pass four or
00039D20  more values!Lea
00039D30 nTween - When pa
00039D40 ssing values for
00039D50  a vector path, 
00039D60 they must be in 
00039D70 sets of four: co
00039D80 ntrolPoint1, con
00039D90 trolPoint2, endP
00039DA0 oint2, controlPo
00039DB0 int2, controlPoi
00039DC0 nt2...gameObject
00039DD0 :gameObject:null
00039DE0  toggle: passed:
00039DF0  time: delay: fr
00039E00 om: to: type: ea
00039E10 se: useEstimated
00039E20 Time: id: hasIni
00039E30 tiliazed:~LeanTw
00039E40 eenerror this fu
00039E50 nction is no lon
00039E60 ger usedLeanTwee
00039E70 n - You have run
00039E80  out of availabl
00039E90 e spaces for twe
00039EA0 ening. To avoid 
00039EB0 this error incre
00039EC0 ase the number o
00039ED0 f spaces to avai
00039EE0 lable for tweeni
00039EF0 ng when you init
00039F00 ialize the LeanT
00039F10 ween class ex: L
00039F20 eanTween.init(  
00039F30 );You ran out of
00039F40  areas to add li
00039F50 steners, conside
00039F60 r increasing INI
00039F80  ex: LeanTween.I
00039FA0 X = Your GUI nor
00039FB0 mal color has an
00039FC0  alpha of zero, 
00039FD0 and will not be 
00039FE0 rendered.You ran
00039FF0  out of GUI Elem
0003A000 ent spaces0.0.8b
0003A010 https://raw.gith
0003A020 ubusercontent.co
0003A030 m/SpaceMadness/l
0003A040 unar-unity-conso
0003A050 le/master/Builde
0003A060 r/updater.jsonLu
0003A070 narConsoleLunar 
0003A080 Mobile ConsoleAs
0003A090 sets/Extern//Scr
0003A0A0 ipts/.cscom.upsi
0003A0B0 ght.android.unit
0003A0C0 y.UpsightPluginU
0003A0D0 nityEditor-Token
0003A0E0 getAppTokenUnity
0003A0F0 Editor-KeygetPub
0003A100 licKeygetSidsetL
0003A110 oggerLevelUnityE
0003A120 ditorgetPluginVe
0003A130 rsionsetUserAttr
0003A140 ibutesStringsetU
0003A150 serAttributesFlo
0003A160 atsetUserAttribu
0003A170 tesIntsetUserAtt
0003A180 ributesBoolgetUs
0003A190 erAttributesStri
0003A1A0 nggetUserAttribu
0003A1B0 tesFloatgetUserA
0003A1C0 ttributesIntgetU
0003A1D0 serAttributesBoo
0003A1E0 lgetManagedStrin
0003A1F0 ggetManagedFloat
0003A200 getManagedIntget
0003A210 ManagedBoolsetLo
0003A220 cationpurgeLocat
0003A230 ionrecordAnalyti
0003A240 csEventrecordMil
0003A250 estoneEventisCon
0003A260 tentReadyForBill
0003A270 boardWithScopepr
0003A280 epareBillboardde
0003A290 stroyBillboardre
0003A2A0 cordMonetization
0003A2B0 EventrecordGoogl
0003A2C0 ePlayPurchasereg
0003A2D0 isterForPushNoti
0003A2E0 ficationsunregis
0003A2F0 terForPushNotifi
0003A300 cationssetShould
0003A310 SynchronizeManag
0003A320 edVariablesUpsig
0003A330 htManagerIt look
0003A340 s like you have 
0003A350 the UpsightManag
0003A360 er on a GameObje
0003A370 ct in your scene
0003A380 . Please remove 
0003A390 the script from 
0003A3A0 your scene.{}[],
0003A3B0 :"[UpsightPurcha
0003A3C0 se] productIdent
0003A3D0 ifier: {0}, quan
0003A3E0 tity: {1}, billb
0003A3F0 oardScope: {2}pr
0003A400 oductIdentifierq
0003A410 uantitysignature
0003A420 DatabillboardSco
0003A430 pe[UpsightReward
0003A440 ] productIdentif
0003A450 ier: {0}, quanti
0003A460 ty: {1}, signatu
0003A470 reData: {2}, bil
0003A480 lboardScope: {3}
0003A490 MapBootInvalid a
0003A4A0 uth state: {0}bo
0003A4B0 ot_initgeneral_e
0003A4C0 rrorerr_get_play
0003A4D0 ererr_get_digest
0003A4E0 <!> Failed to bo
0003A4F0 ot stepboot_fina
0003A500 lizeboot_pluginb
0003A510 oot_player_servi
0003A520 ceConnection est
0003A530 ablishedboot_pla
0003A540 yer_profile<!> F
0003A550 ailed to get pla
0003A560 yerboot_safety_w
0003A570 arningboot_remot
0003A580 e_config<i> GetR
0003A590 emoteConfigVersi
0003A5A0 ons {0}s<!> Fail
0003A5B0 ed to get remote
0003A5C0  config versions
0003A5D0 GetRemoteConfigV
0003A5E0 ersions RPC fail
0003A5F0 edboot_asset_dig
0003A600 estboot_game_mas
0003A610 terInvalid Subst
0003A620 ate{0} transitio
0003A630 ned to child sta
0003A640 te {1}{0} collap
0003A650 sed itself{0} re
0003A660 placed itself wi
0003A670 th {1}{0} cleare
0003A680 d child stategen
0003A690 eralpokemonitems
0003A6A0 movesconversatio
0003A6B0 nsuser_tasksForm
0003A6C0 at exception for
0003A6D0  key <{0}>:.{1}_
0003A6E0 name_descpokemon
0003A6F0 _name_D4pokemon_
0003A700 desc_pokemon_cat
0003A710 egory_move_name_
0003A720 move_desc_Failed
0003A730  to read header 
0003A740 from TSV file fo
0003A750 r {0}, {1}.The f
0003A760 irst column must
0003A770  be "Key" {0}, {
0003A780 1}.The table {0}
0003A790  must contain En
0003A7A0 glish.The table 
0003A7B0 {0} does not con
0003A7C0 tain {1}, fallba
0003A7D0 ck to English.Th
0003A7E0 e key {0} @{1}:{
0003A7F0 2} does not cont
0003A800 ain {3}, fallbac
0003A810 k to English.The
0003A820  key {0} @{1}:{2
0003A830 } does not conta
0003A840 in {3}.google_au
0003A850 th_failedAuthent
0003A860 ication failed s
0003A870 tate: {0}ptc_aut
0003A880 h_failedNo PTC l
0003A890 ogin URLs found 
0003A8A0 for language {0}
0003A8B0 , defaulting to 
0003A8C0 English.80a6f7e6
0003A8D0 -1a8d-442e-bd95-
0003A8E0 74c795242b3fClea
0003A8F0 ring cached age 
0003A900 gate submission.
0003A910 onboard_done_cus
0003A920 tomizationCharac
0003A930 terSetAvatar RPC
0003A940  failedonboard_a
0003A950 vatar_already_se
0003A960 tFailed to set a
0003A970 vatarUnexpected 
0003A980 SetAvatar respon
0003A990 se: {0}Character
0003A9A0  CameraSkybox Ca
0003A9B0 meraHidden/Maske
0003A9C0 dGrayscale^[A-Za
0003A9D0 -z0-9\-]*$onboar
0003A9E0 d_name_invalid_c
0003A9F0 haracters_erroro
0003AA00 nboard_name_too_
0003AA10 short_erroronboa
0003AA20 rd_name_too_long
0003AA30 _erroronboard_na
0003AA40 me_are_you_sureo
0003AA50 nboard_change_na
0003AA60 meonboard_caught
0003AA70 _pokemononboard_
0003AA80 name_registeredv
0003AA90 isit_a_pokestopo
0003AAA0 nboard_name_not_
0003AAB0 availableonboard
0003AAC0 _name_not_valido
0003AAD0 nboard_name_owne
0003AAE0 donboard_name_ca
0003AAF0 nnot_changeonboa
0003AB00 rd_name_failonbo
0003AB10 ard_are_you_sure
0003AB20 _decline_tosUnha
0003AB30 ndled language (
0003AB40 {0}), showing En
0003AB50 glish text sourc
0003AB60 e.Text line long
0003AB70 er than maximum 
0003AB80 supported charac
0003AB90 tersonboard_welc
0003ABA0 ome_screenFadeIn
0003ABB0 FadeOutError cap
0003ABC0 turing pokemon {
0003ABD0 0}first_time_enc
0003ABE0 ounter[Onboardin
0003ABF0 g] Respawning be
0003AC00 cause player wal
0003AC10 ked away from th
0003AC20 e starter pokemo
0003AC30 n {0} time(s)Onb
0003AC40 oardingCompleted
0003AC50  without being i
0003AC60 n the WorldMapSt
0003AC70 ateauthenticatio
0003AC80 n_revoked_errorF
0003ACA0 AndroidSfidaConn
0003ACB0 ectioncom.nianti
0003ACC0 cproject.holohol
0003ACD0 o.sfida.unity.Sf
0003ACE0 idaUnityPluginge
0003ACF0 tInstanceconnect
0003AD00 disconnectreleas
0003AD10 eSfidaoneShotVib
0003AD20 ratenotifyCancel
0003AD30 notifyReachedPok
0003AD40 estopnotifyRewar
0003AD50 dItemsnotifySpaw
0003AD60 nedPokemonnotify
0003AD70 SpawnedUncaughtP
0003AD80 okemonnotifySpaw
0003AD90 nedLegendaryPoke
0003ADA0 monnotifyReadyFo
0003ADB0 rThrowPokeballno
0003ADC0 tifyNoPokeballno
0003ADD0 tifyPokeballShak
0003ADE0 eAndBrokennotify
0003ADF0 PokemonCaughtnot
0003AE00 ifyStartDowserno
0003AE10 tifyProximityDow
0003AE20 sernotifyCancelD
0003AE30 owsernotifyFound
0003AE40 DowsernotifyErro
0003AE50 rSFIDA clickedRe
0003AE60 ceive UnitySendM
0003AE70 essage OnSfidaCo
0003AE80 nnected()Receive
0003AE90  UnitySendMessag
0003AEA0 e OnSfidaDisconn
0003AEB0 ected()Receive U
0003AEC0 nitySendMessage 
0003AED0 HackPokestop()Re
0003AEE0 ceive UnitySendM
0003AEF0 essage EnterEnco
0003AF00 unterState()Rece
0003AF10 ive UnitySendMes
0003AF20 sage ThrowPokeba
0003AF30 ll()[Dowser] Set
0003AF40 TargetPokemon() 
0003AF50 : {0}[Dowser] Fo
0003AF60 und![Dowser] Pro
0003AF70 ximity5![Dowser]
0003AF80  Proximity4![Dow
0003AF90 ser] Proximity3!
0003AFA0 [Dowser] Proximi
0003AFB0 ty2![Dowser] Pro
0003AFC0 ximity1![Dowser]
0003AFD0  Missing!NextSta
0003AFE0 te : Connect to 
0003AFF0 SFIDA: {0}Discon
0003B000 nect from SFIDAS
0003B010 earchPokestop() 
0003B020 :  is not active
0003B030 . no available p
0003B040 ortal.FortSearch
0003B050  RPC failedEncou
0003B060 nter RPC failedp
0003B070 okestop_pokestop
0003B080 _is_too_farpokes
0003B090 top_item_invento
0003B0A0 ry_fullpokestop_
0003B0B0 no_items_founden
0003B0C0 counter_pokemon_
0003B0D0 ran_awayencounte
0003B0E0 r_pokemon_was_ca
0003B0F0 ughtMapPokemon w
0003B100 as destroyed dur
0003B110 ing the Approach
0003B120  animation, bail
0003B130 ing outar_encoun
0003B140 ter_no_gyro_errs
0003B150 tatusmap_pokemon
0003B160 _typepokemon_idc
0003B170 pweightheightbal
0003B180 ltypehitcurvemis
0003B190 s_percentaction.
0003B1A0 catch_pokemonPok
0003B1B0 emon fled: {0}Ca
0003B1C0 ught pokemon: {0
0003B1D0 }JumpShrinkExpan
0003B1E0 dIdleUnknown bal
0003B1F0 l type: Monsterb
0003B200 allNumShakesSpaw
0003B210 nOriginIsDraggin
0003B220 gFlyCloseClosedD
0003B230 ropBreakoutMonst
0003B240 erball/Originenc
0003B250 ounter_wild_poke
0003B260 mon_appearedenco
0003B270 unter_gotchaenco
0003B280 unter_pokemon_br
0003B290 oke_freeencounte
0003B2A0 r_excellent_thro
0003B2B0 wencounter_great
0003B2C0 _throwencounter_
0003B2D0 nice_throw<b>{0}
0003B2E0 </b>Visibleencou
0003B2F0 nter_berry_alrea
0003B300 dy_usedFleeMultC
0003B310 aptureMultStopAt
0003B320 tackStopMovement
0003B330 TargetMaxTargetS
0003B340 lowShowUseAction
0003B350 OpenTopMenuOpenu
0003B360 sage.map.click_m
0003B370 ain_menuActionCl
0003B380 oseTopMenuCloseh
0003B390 ttps://pokemongo
0003B3A0 .zendesk.com/hcu
0003B3B0 sage.map.click_i
0003B3C0 tem_bagusage.map
0003B3D0 .click_shopusage
0003B3E0 .map.click_poked
0003B3F0 exusage.map.clic
0003B400 k_pokemon_invent
0003B410 oryusage.map.cli
0003B420 ck_settingssetti
0003B430 ngs_are_you_sure
0003B440 _support_promptB
0003B450 uttonDeselectedB
0003B460 uttonSelectedAct
0003B470 ionSelectedusage
0003B480 .map.click_profi
0003B490 lePulsegym_level
0003B4A0 gym_deploy_confi
0003B4B0 rmationSend depl
0003B4C0 oyment of pokemo
0003B4D0 n {0} to serverD
0003B4E0 eploy returned w
0003B4F0 ith status: {0}p
0003B500 okemon_cpgym_idg
0003B510 ym_prestigegym_p
0003B520 okemon_countacti
0003B530 on.deploy_pokemo
0003B540 ngym_gym_is_too_
0003B550 farRemainOpenpic
0003B560 k_team_confirmat
0003B570 ionpick_team_rej
0003B580 ectionfirst_time
0003B590 _gym_low_levelfi
0003B5A0 rst_time_gym_tea
0003B5B0 m_introYellowSli
0003B5C0 deInteam_yellow_
0003B5D0 introYellowGoBeh
0003B5E0 indBlueSlideInte
0003B5F0 am_blue_introBlu
0003B600 eGoBehindRedSlid
0003B610 eInteam_red_intr
0003B620 oRedGoBehindgene
0003B630 ral_cpScale {0} 
0003B640 to {1}Sink {0} t
0003B650 o {1}, but sinki
0003B660 ng is not implem
0003B670 ented.Squish {0}
0003B680  for {1}Spin {0}
0003B690  for {1}, but sp
0003B6A0 inning is not im
0003B6B0 plemented._Envir
0003B6C0 onmentColorOnFli
0003B6D0 ckIgnoring new B
0003B6E0 attleLog as batt
0003B6F0 le has already c
0003B700 ompleted with st
0003B710 atus {0}Changing
0003B720  active Pokemon 
0003B730 to {0}Action sta
0003B740 rt: {0}, Attacke
0003B750 r: {1}, Type: {2
0003B760 }, ActivePokemon
0003B770 Id: {3}, Duratio
0003B780 n: {4}Error retu
0003B790 rned sending Att
0003B7A0 ackGymCallback.R
0003B7B0 eceived AttackGy
0003B7C0 mOutProto for mi
0003B7D0 smatched battleI
0003B7E0 d.Error starting
0003B7F0  battle: {0}{0}/
0003B800 {1}not_very_effe
0003B810 ctivesuper_effec
0003B820 tiveattack_dodge
0003B830 seq_introseq_fai
0003B840 ntseq_returnseq_
0003B850 dingseq_outrocom
0003B860 pleteui-syncbatt
0003B870 le_special_toast
0003B880 Seq: {0}, name: 
0003B890 {1}, stage: {2}S
0003B8A0 eq defaultatk-mo
0003B8B0 veVFX: {0}, mod:
0003B8C0  {1}, actor: {2}
0003B8D0 , action: {3}Seq
0003B8E0 : Invalid wait t
0003B8F0 ime: '{0}'Attack
0003B900 DamageSounds/VFX
0003B910  at joint {0} an
0003B920 d joint {1}VFX a
0003B930 t pos {0}, rot {
0003B940 1}, f2f {2}, obj
0003B950  {3}No effector 
0003B960 for face to face
0003B970  vfxface to face
0003B980  vfx problem: no
0003B990  headface to fac
0003B9A0 e vfx no head on
0003B9B0  targetJawHeadWa
0003B9C0 istpokeball_exit
0003B9D0 Ending battle wi
0003B9E0 th status: {0}Er
0003B9F0 ror starting ini
0003BA00 tial battle: {0}
0003BA10 Error starting s
0003BA20 uccessive battle
0003BA30 : {0}ToastFadeIn
0003BA40 OutLetterboxReti
0003BA50 cleOnDodgebattle
0003BA60 _round_victorySh
0003BA70 owUsernamesbattl
0003BA80 e_round_numberF0
0003BA90 isActivebattle_s
0003BAA0 urrender_confirm
0003BAB0 ationNot executi
0003BAC0 ng Highlight Fx 
0003BAD0 because attackAf
0003BAE0 fector not FOUND
0003BAF0  {0}gym_results_
0003BB00 pokemon_defeated
0003BB10 gym_results_xp_a
0003BB20 warded+#;-#;0gym
0003BB30 _results_prestig
0003BB40 e_changegym_resu
0003BB50 lts_victorygym_r
0003BB60 esults_defeatgym
0003BB70 _results_timed_o
0003BB80 utPlayNo picture
0003BB90  found for Gym {
0003BBA0 0}. Lat: {1}, Lo
0003BBB0 ng: {2}User fail
0003BBC0 ed to start a Gy
0003BBD0 m Battle at {0}(
0003BBE0 no FortId)Instan
0003BBF0 tChangeSwapLogoT
0003BC00 ierTransitionSpe
0003BC10 edGymLevel[First
0003BC20 Level: {0}, Last
0003BC30 Level: {1}, GymP
0003BC40 ointsStart: {2},
0003BC50  GymPointsEnd: {
0003BC60 3}, LevelNumber:
0003BC70  {4}, TierNumber
0003BC80 : {5}]common_emp
0003BC90 tyTeaminRange{0}
0003BCA0  / {1}gym_points
0003BCB0 gym_teamgym_inra
0003BCC0 ngeusage.map.cli
0003BCD0 ck_gymClearing t
0003BCE0 he map cell cach
0003BCF0 e.Updated S2 cel
0003BD00 l contains delet
0003BD10 ed spawn point: 
0003BD20 {0}Cell {0}: Upd
0003BD30 ating encounter:
0003BD40  {1}Removing cel
0003BD50 l {0}mismatch be
0003BD60 tween the cells 
0003BD70 and timestamps c
0003BD80 ountFailed getti
0003BD90 ng mapObject cel
0003BDA0 ls: {0}MapConten
0003BDB0 tHandlerRetryCon
0003BDC0 textGot mapObjec
0003BDD0 t cells: {0}igno
0003BDE0 ring GetMapObjec
0003BDF0 tsOutProto map c
0003BE00 ell with no AsOf
0003BE10 TimeMsignoring G
0003BE20 etMapObjectsOutP
0003BE30 roto map cellwit
0003BE40 h old AsOfTimeMs
0003BE50 : {0}Cannot lock
0003BE60  spawn points tw
0003BE70 ice on the same 
0003BE80 cell.MapEntityCe
0003BE90 ll-{0}usage.map.
0003BEA0 updatenearby_pok
0003BEB0 emon_countcellId
0003BEC0 Unexpected Poi.F
0003BED0 ortTypeUpdateMap
0003BEE0 Pokemon : Adding
0003BEF0  wild pokemon: {
0003BF00 0}encounter_too_
0003BF10 many_pokemongene
0003BF20 ral_okshop_inven
0003BF30 tory_full_go_to_
0003BF40 upgradesgeneral_
0003BF50 pokemon_inventor
0003BF60 y_fullencounter_
0003BF70 typeaction.encou
0003BF80 nterAttempting e
0003BF90 ncounter: {0}Pok
0003BFA0 emon is not in r
0003BFB0 angeencounter_po
0003BFC0 kemon_not_in_ran
0003BFD0 geFailed to star
0003BFE0 t encounter, inv
0003BFF0 entory is full.E
0003C000 ncounter error.M
0003C010 issing field: Po
0003C020 kemonMissing fie
0003C030 ld: WildPokemon.
0003C040 SpawnPointIdMiss
0003C050 ing field: WildP
0003C060 okemon.PokemonEn
0003C070 counter status: 
0003C080 {0}wildSuccessfu
0003C090 lly encountering
0003C0A0  wild pokemon: {
0003C0B0 0}Map ObjectsHid
0003C0C0 den/DepthOnlyBui
0003C0D0 ldingDepthOnly-C
0003C0E0 loneParkRoadRoad
0003C0F0  OutlineWaterSpa
0003C100 wn PointsTile_{0
0003C110 }Map tile is mis
0003C120 sing {0}NO BUILD
0003C140 ER: pokestop_dis
0003C150 k_activate_error
0003C160 _already_has_dis
0003C170 kpokestop_disk_e
0003C180 rror_out_of_rang
0003C190 epokestop_disk_a
0003C1A0 ctivate_errorpok
0003C1B0 estop_disk_empty
0003C1C0 _titlepokestop_d
0003C1D0 isk_empty_descx{
0003C1E0 0}No listeners s
0003C1F0 ubscribed to cli
0003C200 ck.inventory_egg
0003C210 _cDiffactiveisMo
0003C220 ddedExpireZoomed
0003C230 InUnexpected tim
0003C240 e of day setting
0003C250 MainAttempted to
0003C260  create an item 
0003C270 that wasn't inst
0003C280 alled in the Ite
0003C290 msInstallererr_l
0003C2A0 ocation_not_meas
0003C2B0 uredSuccessfully
0003C2C0  encountering in
0003C2D0 cense Pokemon: {
0003C2E0 0}Failed to star
0003C2F0 t incense encoun
0003C300 ter, inventory i
0003C310 s full.Failed to
0003C320  encounter incen
0003C330 se pokemon: {0}i
0003C340 ncensebuff_alrea
0003C350 dy_applied{0}:{1
0003C360 :D2}Successfully
0003C370  encountering di
0003C380 sk Pokemon: {0}D
0003C390 isk Pokemon is n
0003C3A0 ot in rangeFaile
0003C3B0 d to start disk 
0003C3C0 encounter, inven
0003C3D0 tory is full.Alr
0003C3E0 eady encountered
0003C3F0  disk pokemon: {
0003C400 0}Failed to enco
0003C410 unter disk pokem
0003C420 on: {0}troy_disk
0003C430 Sorry, there's a
0003C440 lready a predict
0003C450 ion for this GUI
0003C460 DSorry, there's 
0003C470 already a predic
0003C480 tion for key: Th
0003C490 ere's no predict
0003C4A0 ion to roll back
0003C4B0  for key The pre
0003C4C0 diction for key 
0003C4D0  wasn't a deleti
0003C4E0 on. wasn't an up
0003C4F0 date.{0} items i
0003C500 n inventory delt
0003C510 a: {1} -> {2}Unk
0003C520 nown key in full
0003C530  inventory refre
0003C540 sh. Item might b
0003C550 e new on the ser
0003C560 verServer error:
0003C570  inventory item 
0003C580 doesn't have a t
0003C590 imestampItem's t
0003C5A0 imestamp  is old
0003C5B0 er than latest i
0003C5C0 nventory timesta
0003C5D0 mp; ignoringUnkn
0003C5E0 own key in inven
0003C5F0 tory delta. Item
0003C600  might be new on
0003C610  the serverAreaW
0003C620 ideLinesTileMap 
0003C630 tile is missingc
0003C640 atch_a_pokemon_s
0003C650 hort_titlevisit_
0003C660 a_pokestop_short
0003C670 _titleGetPgpStat
0003C680 eIsGoPlusInstall
0003C690 edStartScanningS
0003C6A0 topScanningGetSc
0003C6B0 annedResultsInte
0003C6C0 rnalStartSession
0003C6D0 StopSessionPgpAp
0003C6E0 ilibPgpLibPlugin
0003C6F0 .soPokemonGoPlus
0003C700 .PluginThere is 
0003C710 no local game ma
0003C720 ster data, pleas
0003C730 e run Custom -> 
0003C740 Create GameMaste
0003C750 r Blob and resta
0003C760 rt the sceneGetC
0003C770 achedOrDownloadG
0003C780 ameMasterClientT
0003C790 emplates RPC fai
0003C7A0 ledmockspawnidLe
0003C7B0 vel: {0}.Tier: {
0003C7C0 3}.Prestige: {1}
0003C7D0 .Animation: {2}S
0003C7E0 teveTheGymLoadin
0003C7F0 g...bulbasaurven
0003C800 usaurcharmanderc
0003C810 harizardsquirtle
0003C820 blastoisepikachu
0003C830 raichucaterpiebu
0003C840 tterfreeweedlebe
0003C850 edrillpidgeypidg
0003C860 eotrattataratica
0003C870 tespearowfearowe
0003C880 kansarboksandshr
0003C890 ewsandslashnidor
0003C8A0 annidoqueenclefa
0003C8B0 iryclefablevulpi
0003C8C0 xninetalestextFi
0003C8D0 eld1textField2im
0003C8E0 g1img2prog1Error
0003C8F0  MessageOK or CA
0003C900 NCEL what is it 
0003C910 gonna be?!Test d
0003C920 ialog with only 
0003C930 1 button (Instan
0003C940 ce)PFAi$;]G7Rg>k
0003C950 z4wjavax.crypto.
0003C960 CipherAES/CBC/PK
0003C970 CS5Paddingjavax.
0003C980 crypto.spec.IvPa
0003C990 rameterSpecjavax
0003C9A0 .crypto.spec.Sec
0003C9B0 retKeySpecAESdoF
0003C9C0 inalGot exceptio
0003C9D0 n: {0}Asset bund
0003C9E0 le {0} is corrup
0003C9F0 t.Decode asset g
0003CA00 ot exception: {0
0003CA10 }bundlespm{0:000
0003CA20 0}Request AssetB
0003CA30 undle<{0}>.bundl
0003CA40 eCreating asset 
0003CA50 directory: {0}Cl
0003CA60 eaning AssetBund
0003CA70 le cache.Unable 
0003CA80 to delete file {
0003CA90 0}: {1}Clearing 
0003CAA0 full disk asset 
0003CAB0 cache.AssetBundl
0003CAC0 e<{0}> is not lo
0003CAD0 nger requestedFa
0003CAE0 iled to load ass
0003CAF0 et after {0} tri
0003CB00 als.readAsset {0
0003CB10 }: Failed to cre
0003CB20 ate assetAsset {
0003CB30 0}: Failed to do
0003CB40 wnload.Asset {0}
0003CB50 : Broken asset, 
0003CB60 wrong CRC_*.bund
0003CB70 leRemove old ass
0003CB80 et file: {0}Fail
0003CB90 ed to download {
0003CBA0 0}.URL {1}.Error
0003CBB0 : {2}Attempting 
0003CBC0 to play a NULL A
0003CBD0 udioSourceAttemp
0003CBE0 ting to play a N
0003CBF0 ULL AudioClipOne
0003CC00  Shot AudioThis 
0003CC10 button is missin
0003CC20 g an AudioClip.E
0003CC30 arthquakeMediumS
0003CC40 ideToSideSideToS
0003CC50 ideDecayUpDownUp
0003CC60 DownDecayBubbleB
0003CC70 eamDragonBreathF
0003CC80 lamethrowerDrill
0003CC90 RunPokeballSmash
0003CCA0 Camera Shake is 
0003CCB0 missing argument
0003CCC0 sShake:  impact:
0003CCD0  suf:  damp:  us
0003CCE0 er damp:Could no
0003CCF0 t find Shake Com
0003CD00 pleted Shake  & 
0003CD10 Setting camera  
0003CD20 step  ang: trg: 
0003CD30 move: wait: inte
0003CD40 rp: vertctr: for
0003CD50  pokemon dir: ()
0003CD60  => () top/bot=b
0003CD70 attlewaitBattle 
0003CD80 Cameras not avai
0003CD90 lableBattle Came
0003CDA0 ra called withou
0003CDB0 t a valid nameBa
0003CDC0 ttle Camera not 
0003CDD0 recognized:Map P
0003CDE0 okemonCharacters
0003CDF0 {0} Missing Poke
0003CE00 monModel : {1}Ho
0003CE10 loCharacterPrefa
0003CE20 bs/Eggs/Egg{0:00
0003CE30 00}Prefabs/Incub
0003CE40 ator/Incubator{0
0003CE50 :0000}Failed to 
0003CE60 load asset: {0} 
0003CE70 / {1}Joint {0} c
0003CE80 ould not be foun
0003CE90 d for placing vf
0003CEA0 x {1}Failed to c
0003CEB0 reate particle :
0003CEC0  {0}Failed to cr
0003CED0 eate particle " 
0003CEE0 {0} "fx/{0}Load 
0003CEF0 Prefab: failed t
0003CF00 o load {0}waitB0
0003CF10 1Idle2Transition
0003CF20 AnimAttackEvent:
0003CF30  Unable to set i
0003CF40 d for Origin/Wai
0003CF50 stOrigin/Waist/H
0003CF60 eadOrigin/Waist/
0003CF70 Neck/HeadOrigin/
0003CF80 Waist/Neck1/Neck
0003CF90 2/Neck3/HeadOrig
0003CFA0 in/Waist/Spine/H
0003CFB0 eadOrigin/Waist/
0003CFC0 Spine1/Spine2/He
0003CFD0 adOrigin/Waist/S
0003CFE0 pine1/Spine2/Nec
0003CFF0 k/HeadOrigin/Wai
0003D000 st/Spine1/Spine2
0003D010 /Neck1/Neck2/Hea
0003D020 dOrigin/Waist/Sp
0003D030 ine1/Spine2/Neck
0003D040 1/Neck2/Neck3/He
0003D050 adOrigin/Waist/S
0003D060 pine1/Spine2/Spi
0003D070 ne3/Neck1/Neck2/
0003D080 HeadOrigin/Waist
0003D090 /Spine1/Spine2/S
0003D0A0 pine3/Spine4/Spi
0003D0B0 ne5/Spine6/Spine
0003D0C0 7/HeadOrigin/Wai
0003D0D0 st/Spine1/Spine2
0003D0E0 /Spine3/Spine4/S
0003D0F0 pine5/Neck/Head/
0003D100 UpperBeak/TeethO
0003D110 rigin/Waist/RFee
0003D120 lerA/RFeelerB/RF
0003D130 eelerCOrigin/Wai
0003D140 st/RHandOrigin/W
0003D150 aist/RArm/RForeA
0003D160 rm/RHandOrigin/W
0003D170 aist/Spine/RArm/
0003D180 RForeArm/RHandOr
0003D190 igin/Waist/Spine
0003D1A0 1/Spine2/RArm/RF
0003D1B0 oreArm/RHandOrig
0003D1C0 in/Waist/Spine/R
0003D1D0 Shoulder/RArm/RF
0003D1E0 oreArm/RHandOrig
0003D1F0 in/Waist/Spine1/
0003D200 Spine2/RShoulder
0003D210 /RArm/RForeArm/R
0003D220 HandOrigin/Waist
0003D230 /Spine1/Spine2/R
0003D240 Shoulder2/RArm2/
0003D250 RForeArm2/RHand2
0003D260 MainCameraFailed
0003D270  to create parti
0003D280 cleCreateParticl
0003D290 e: Failed to fin
0003D2A0 d MainCameraFail
0003D2B0 ed to find child
0003D2C0  fx/{0}{1}_{0:00
0003D2D0 00}Load Prefab: 
0003D2E0 Load Prefab: fai
0003D2F0 led to load  for
0003D300  particle effect
0003D310  _CharacterColor
0003D320 BRB_CHAR_FX_OsNo
0003D330 rmalMap_rlIris_l
0003D340 tIris_rtIris{0} 
0003D350 : Unable to set 
0003D360 id for {1}_uv0_u
0003D370 v1_uv2#2271FFFF#
0003D380 E63838FF#FFE556F
0003D390 F#5F5F5FFFMouse 
0003D3A0 XUnknown Item en
0003D3B0 um in inventory.
0003D3C0  This might be n
0003D3D0 ew on the server
0003D3E0 Error extracting
0003D3F0  key from game i
0003D400 tem. The client 
0003D410 doesn't know abo
0003D420 ut an item type.
0003D430 Side channel fro
0003D440 m failed RPC: ca
0003D450 pacity must be p
0003D460 ositive.Cannot d
0003D470 equeue when List
0003D480 Queue is empty.C
0003D490 annot peek when 
0003D4A0 ListQueue is emp
0003D4B0 ty.comparerQueue
0003D4C0  is emptyelement
0003D4D0  is outside of t
0003D4E0 he bounds of the
0003D4F0  quadtreeThis pl
0003D500 atform doesn't h
0003D510 ave an app store
0003D520  urlerr_update_n
0003D530 owerr_taking_you
0003D540 _to_app_storeExp
0003D550 ected a Required
0003D560 ClientVersion in
0003D570  the globalSetti
0003D580 ngsProto, but no
0003D590 ne was founderr_
0003D5A0 no_interneterr_g
0003D5B0 ps_silentEvolveN
0003D5C0 ewSpeciesEggHatc
0003D5D0 hInvisibledefend
0003D5E0 er_bonus_nothing
0003D5F0 _deployeddefende
0003D600 r_bonus_collect_
0003D610 now{0:c}Problem 
0003D620 collecting daily
0003D630  defender bonus:
0003D640  {0}defender_bon
0003D650 us_headerError w
0003D660 hile attempting 
0003D670 to install Facto
0003D680 ry, {0} does not
0003D690  inherit from In
0003D6A0 stalledPrefabFac
0003D6B0 toryPrefabDepend
0003D6C0 ency[RefType={0}
0003D6D0 , BindingTypes={
0003D6E0 1}]InstallPrefab
0003D6F0  is only support
0003D700 ed on MonoBehavi
0003D710 our and Array fi
0003D720 elds.DI System R
0003D730 equest for Unkno
0003D740 wn Type: {0}_Mai
0003D750 nTex_MatrixEncou
0003D760 nterIntroDrop Ca
0003D770 mera IdleDrop Ca
0003D780 mera{0} radius: 
0003D790 {1} / {2}% => re
0003D7A0 lative width: {3
0003D7B0 } and height: {4
0003D7C0 } => .          
0003D7D0 using {5}% of th
0003D7E0 e width and a pi
0003D7F0 tch of {6} degre
0003D800 esGyroscope is n
0003D810 ot available.enc
0003D820 ounter_unknown_c
0003D830 pgeneral_xpencou
0003D840 nter_score_curve
0003D850 ballencounter_sc
0003D860 ore_excellent_th
0003D870 rowencounter_sco
0003D880 re_great_throwen
0003D890 counter_score_ni
0003D8A0 ce_throwencounte
0003D8B0 r_score_first_ca
0003D8C0 tchencounter_sco
0003D8D0 re_one_shotencou
0003D8E0 nter_score_miles
0003D8F0 toneencounter_sc
0003D900 ore_new_pokemone
0003D910 ncounter_score_p
0003D920 okemon_caughtenc
0003D930 ounter_score_tot
0003D940 al_expNo localiz
0003D950 ation string for
0003D960  activity: /mnt/
0003D970 sdcard/Pictures/
0003D980 PokemonGO/IMG_{0
0003D990 :yyyy-MM-dd-HHmm
0003D9A0 ssff}.pngDirecto
0003D9B0 ry not found: {0
0003D9C0 }Promise.Then th
0003D9D0 rew an exception
0003D9E0 Promise.Finally 
0003D9F0 threw an excepti
0003DA00 onPromise.Error 
0003DA10 threw an excepti
0003DA20 onPromise<T>.The
0003DA30 n threw an excep
0003DA40 tionPromise<T>.T
0003DA50 hen<T> threw an 
0003DA60 exceptionPromise
0003DA70 <T>.Finally thre
0003DA80 w an exceptionPr
0003DA90 omise<T>.Error t
0003DAA0 hrew an exceptio
0003DAB0 nPromise<T, U>.W
0003DAC0 hen threw an exc
0003DAD0 eptionPromise<T,
0003DAE0  U>.Then threw a
0003DAF0 n exceptionPromi
0003DB00 se<T, U>.Finally
0003DB10  threw an except
0003DB20 ionPromise<T, U>
0003DB30 .Error threw an 
0003DB40 exception({0}, {
0003DB50 1})({0}, {1}, {2
0003DB60 })({0}, {1}, {2}
0003DB70 , {3}) dl url : 
0003DB80 not sent from RP
0003DB90 CService dl url 
0003DBA0 : not in entries
0003DBB0 did not find exp
0003DBC0 ected asset ID C
0003DBD0 loudURL refresh 
0003DBE0 FAILED, No more 
0003DBF0 automatic retrie
0003DC00 scould not find 
0003DC10 expected cloud U
0003DC20 RL entry for Ass
0003DC30 etDigest refresh
0003DC40  : No update,  m
0003DC50 inutes between l
0003DC60 ast refreshAsset
0003DC70 Digest refresh :
0003DC80  not sent from R
0003DC90 PCServiceAssetDi
0003DCA0 gest refresh : F
0003DCB0 AILED, No more a
0003DCC0 utomatic retries
0003DCD0 GetCachedOrDownl
0003DCE0 oadAssetDigest R
0003DCF0 PC failedAssetDi
0003DD00 gest refresh : n
0003DD10 ull response fro
0003DD20 m RPCServiceAsse
0003DD30 tDigest refresh 
0003DD40 : invalid entry 
0003DD50 proto AssetDiges
0003DD60 t refresh : no n
0003DD70 ew digestGetDown
0003DD80 loadURL RPC fail
0003DD90 ed dl url : null
0003DDA0  response from R
0003DDB0 PCService dl url
0003DDC0  : missing url f
0003DDD0 rom RPCServiceCo
0003DDE0 uld not find exp
0003DDF0 ected cloud URL 
0003DE00 entry for assetI
0003DE10 d Raycast firedR
0003DE20 aycast hit somet
0003DE30 hing0.29.0waitA0
0003DE40 1land01buturi01t
0003DE50 okusyu01damageS0
0003DE60 1down01loop01Pre
0003DE70 fabs/Items/it{0:
0003DE80 0000}<!> GameMas
0003DE90 ter : null respo
0003DEA0 nse from RPCServ
0003DEB0 icesequence_came
0003DEC0 ra_GameMasterDat
0003DED0 a not sent from 
0003DEE0 RPCServiceGameMa
0003DEF0 sterData receive
0003DF00 d null response 
0003DF10 from RPCServiceR
0003DF20 eceived new sett
0003DF30 ings: {0}Failed 
0003DF40 to get settings 
0003DF50 from the server:
0003DF60 .{0}GetRemoteCon
0003DF70 figVersions RPC 
0003DF80 failed: Sent RPC
0003DF90 ({0}) {1}action.
0003DFA0 use_itemtotalact
0003DFB0 ion.search_pokes
0003DFC0 topRecv RPC({0})
0003DFD0  {1}RPC error re
0003DFE0 turned from acti
0003DFF0 on {0}, Status: 
0003E000 {1} RPC ({0}) {1
0003E010 } failed: {2}Pla
0003E020 yerServiceNo pla
0003E030 yer stats was fo
0003E040 und in the inven
0003E050 tory.player_leve
0003E060 lplayer_xpplayer
0003E070 _avatarGetHatche
0003E080 dEggs RPC failed
0003E090 : CheckAwaredBad
0003E0A0 ges RPC failed: 
0003E0B0 Error setting pl
0003E0C0 ayer team.remote
0003E0D0 _config_cache/<i
0003E0E0 > RPC request CA
0003E0F0 CHE {0}<i> RPC r
0003E100 equest NETWORK {
0003E110 0}RPC request co
0003E120 nfigType cache {
0003E130 0}RPC request se
0003E140 rvice {0}*.*<!> 
0003E150  : no bytes to w
0003E160 rite{0:X16}_{1} 
0003E170 : wrote synchron
0003E180 ously : failed t
0003E190 o write to disk<
0003E1A0 !> Failed to loa
0003E1B0 dGetAssetDigest 
0003E1C0 RPC failedGetGam
0003E1D0 eMasterClientTem
0003E1E0 plates RPC faile
0003E1F0 dSeqInfo Load: f
0003E200 ailed to convert
0003E210  sequence Sounds
0003E220 /Characters/pv{0
0003E230 :000}UnityEditor
0003E240 .GameView,UnityE
0003E250 ditorGetSizeOfMa
0003E260 inGameViewInvali
0003E270 d Move ID n2Info
0003E280  about 'Enabled 
0003E290   NO PARENT!Pos 
0003E2A0       {0}, {1}, 
0003E2B0 {2}.Scale     {0
0003E2C0 }, {1}, {2}.anch
0003E2D0 orMin {0}, {1}.a
0003E2E0 nchorMax {0}, {1
0003E2F0 }.Child     '   
0003E300 Component  'osxw
0003E310 indowsiosandroid
0003E320 noneiconsicons/p
0003E330 okemon_icon_{0:0
0003E340 00}.pngCapturing
0003E350  screen of pokem
0003E360 on Loading pokem
0003E370 on Complete!Send
0003E380 ing request to u
0003E390 se item {0} on P
0003E3A0 okemon {1}Cannot
0003E3B0  use potion on P
0003E3C0 okemon at max st
0003E3D0 amina.Cannot use
0003E3E0  revive on non-f
0003E3F0 ainted Pokemon.C
0003E400 annot use  on Po
0003E410 kemon.Sending en
0003E420 counter use requ
0003E430 est for item {0}
0003E440  in encounter.Se
0003E450 nding recyle req
0003E460 uest for item {0
0003E470 }update.item_bag
0003E480 item_countFailed
0003E490  to use potion: 
0003E4A0 {0}Failed to use
0003E4B0  revive: {0}Fail
0003E4C0 ed to use item {
0003E4D0 0} in encounterR
0003E4E0 ecycle item fail
0003E4F0 ed {0}PlayerAtte
0003E500 mpting to releas
0003E510 e a Pokemon that
0003E520  is not in the P
0003E530 okemon bag.Sendi
0003E540 ng release reque
0003E550 st for Pokemon {
0003E560 0}Attempting to 
0003E570 evolve a Pokemon
0003E580  that is not in 
0003E590 the Pokemon bag.
0003E5A0 Sending evolve r
0003E5B0 equest for Pokem
0003E5C0 on {0}Attempting
0003E5D0  to nickname a P
0003E5E0 okemon that is n
0003E5F0 ot in the Pokemo
0003E600 n bag.Sending ni
0003E610 ckname request f
0003E620 or Pokemon {0}, 
0003E630 {1}Attempting to
0003E640  favorite a Poke
0003E650 mon that is not 
0003E660 in the Pokemon b
0003E670 ag.Sending favor
0003E680 ite request for 
0003E690 Pokemon {0}, {1}
0003E6A0 pokemon_countupd
0003E6B0 ate.pokemon_inve
0003E6C0 ntoryaction.rele
0003E6D0 ase_pokemonFaile
0003E6E0 d to release Pok
0003E6F0 emon {0}: {1}pok
0003E700 emon_id_evolvedp
0003E710 okemon_cp_evolve
0003E720 daction.evolve_p
0003E730 okemonFailed to 
0003E740 evolve Pokemon {
0003E750 0}: {1}nicknamea
0003E760 ction.nickname_p
0003E770 okemonPokemon ni
0003E780 ckname failed {0
0003E790 }favoriteaction.
0003E7A0 favorite_pokemon
0003E7B0 Pokemon favorite
0003E7C0  failed {0}item_
0003E7D0 bag_irrelevantNe
0003E7E0 wSpeciesCaughtLe
0003E7F0 velUpstyle=featu
0003E800 re:landscape|col
0003E810 or:0x8fef84&styl
0003E820 e=feature:road|e
0003E830 lement:geometry.
0003E840 fill|color:0x61a
0003E850 493&style=featur
0003E860 e:road|element:g
0003E870 eometry.stroke|c
0003E880 olor:0xf2ff8b|we
0003E890 ight:2&style=fea
0003E8A0 ture:water|color
0003E8B0 :0x5bc6ff&style=
0003E8C0 feature:poi|elem
0003E8D0 ent:labels.icon|
0003E8E0 visibility:off&s
0003E8F0 tyle=feature:poi
0003E900 .park|color:0x0b
0003E910 b190&style=featu
0003E920 re:road|element:
0003E930 labels.icon&styl
0003E940 e=element:labels
0003E950 .text.fill|color
0003E960 :0xffffff&style=
0003E970 element:labels.t
0003E980 ext.stroke|color
0003E990 :0x707070API Key
0003E9A0  not found{0}/st
0003E9B0 aticmap?key={1}&
0003E9C0 center={2:F3},{3
0003E9D0 :F3}&size={4}x{5
0003E9E0 }&zoom={6}&langu
0003E9F0 age={7}&region={
0003EA00 8}&{9}https://ma
0003EA10 ps.googleapis.co
0003EA20 m/maps/apiFailed
0003EA30  to resolve addr
0003EA40 essFailed to dow
0003EA50 nload the map.{0
0003EA60 :F3},{1:F3}{0}/g
0003EA70 eocode/json?key=
0003EA80 {1}&latlng={2}&r
0003EA90 esult_type=local
0003EAA0 ity&location_typ
0003EAB0 e=approximate&la
0003EAC0 nguage={3}&regio
0003EAD0 n={4}Map CameraC
0003EAE0 onstructing Nati
0003EAF0 veLocationProvid
0003EB00 erData/BuildNote
0003EB10 sinitKey5a4d0a56
0003EB20 -e3e1-4e72-b1fd-
0003EB30 8dd550a1cb030992
0003EB40 9d1d-4109-4e04-8
0003EB50 929-6e368e8ebf9d
0003EB60 584eb9ef-6c9b-49
0003EB70 d4-a548-d6b48101
0003EB80 f76c0fdd0e25-9cd
0003EB90 d-4cd8-826d-a8ea
0003EBA0 fb1fed521e4ad837
0003EBB0 -1e93-42be-92f5-
0003EBC0 585e20104c62f228
0003EBD0 cd90-6d28-4cb3-8
0003EBE0 b74-682637d21a02
0003EBF0 a48ae148-2b06-49
0003EC00 e2-b7af-fd102e35
0003EC10 26c816d91881-cd9
0003EC20 a-425c-99d4-de53
0003EC30 58d774deMaxteam_
0003EC40 name_teamA Bezie
0003EC50 r requires at le
0003EC60 ast 2 controlPoi
0003EC70 ntsOnly Closed B
0003EC80 eziers can be Tr
0003EC90 iangulatedFaderI
0003ECA0 nFaderOut_Opacit
0003ECB0 yVertex Lit / No
0003ECC0  Eye Shading - d
0003ECD0 irectional + amb
0003ECE0 ient and rimPixe
0003ECF0 l Lit - THERE AR
0003ED00 E 4 LIGHTS + amb
0003ED10 ient and rimNorm
0003ED20 al Maps or Specu
0003ED30 lar Pixel Lit - 
0003ED40 4 LIGHTS + ambie
0003ED50 nt and rimSpecul
0003ED60 ar with Normal M
0003ED70 aps - 4 LIGHTS +
0003ED80  ambient and rim
0003ED90 Save the screens
0003EDA0 hot to {0}androi
0003EDB0 d.net.Uriandroid
0003EDC0 .content.Intenta
0003EDD0 ndroid.intent.ac
0003EE00 esendBroadcastCa
0003EE10 pture screenSnap
0003EE20 shotPreviewExitS
0003EE30 aveSnapshotPrevi
0003EE40 ewExitDiscardapp
0003EE50 lication/jsonhtt
0003EE60 ps://www.googlea
0003EE70 pis.com/tile/v1/
0003EE80 streetview/metad
0003EE90 ata?session=&lat
0003EEA0 =&lng=&radius=50
0003EEB0 &key=AIzaSyBsF0X
0003EEC0 UO1q445riJNFTGgI
0003EED0 rOAV2vMk8dsYRequ
0003EEE0 est metadata [ht
0003EEF0 tps://www.google
0003EF00 apis.com/tile/v1
0003EF10 /streetview/pano
0003EF20 Ids?key={0}&sess
0003EF30 ion={1}AIzaSyBsF
0003EF40 0XUO1q445riJNFTG
0003EF50 gIrOAV2vMk8dsYht
0003EF60 tps://www.google
0003EF70 apis.com/tile/v1
0003EF80 /createSession?k
0003EF90 ey=AIzaSyBsF0XUO
0003EFA0 1q445riJNFTGgIrO
0003EFB0 AV2vMk8dsY{ 'map
0003EFC0 Type': 'streetvi
0003EFD0 ew' }https://www
0003EFE0 .googleapis.com/
0003EFF0 tile/v1/streetvi
0003F000 ew/tiles/?panoId
0003F010 =&session=&key=A
0003F020 IzaSyBsF0XUO1q44
0003F030 5riJNFTGgIrOAV2v
0003F040 Mk8dsYRequest ti
0003F050 le [StreetView r
0003F060 equest time out.
0003F070 Failed to create
0003F080  a session:  url
0003F090 : response text:
0003F0A0  Request failed:
0003F0B0  BlockingInputLa
0003F0C0 yerNo localizati
0003F0D0 on string found 
0003F0E0 for: {0}Columns 
0003F0F0 =   Resize = Pag
0003F100 e http://https:/
0003F110 /No available We
0003F120 bCam found.No av
0003F130 ailable back cam
0003F140 era, fall back t
0003F150 o the front came
0003F160 raUnknown camera
0003F170  resolutionReque
0003F180 sting WebCamText
0003F190 ure width:{0} he
0003F1A0 ight:{1} fps:{2}
0003F1B0 Actual WebCamTex
0003F1C0 ture width:{0} h
0003F1D0 eight:{1}Failed 
0003F1E0 to initialize We
0003F1F0 bCam due to perm
0003F200 ission errorCame
0003F210 ra is not availa
0003F220 bleFound {0} Web
0003F230  Cams{0:0.0}Clic
0003F240 ked Item [{0}]Te
0003F250 xt component is 
0003F260 missing, failed 
0003F270 to set text: "{0
0003F280 }"848232511240-7
0003F290 so421jotr2609rmq
0003F2A0 akceuu1luuq0ptb.
0003F2B0 apps.googleuserc
0003F2C0 ontent.come12a21
0003F2D0 6a-121e-11e6-a14
0003F2E0 8-3e1d05defe78b7
0003F2F0 cde183-53c5-416e
0003F300 -9814-43d911e70b
0003F310 7f60b01025-c1ea-
0003F320 422c-9b0e-d70bf4
0003F330 89de7fUnsupporte
0003F340 d cached token p
0003F350 rovider.ResetSce
0003F360 neClearing all c
0003F370 ached auth data.
0003F380  This should onl
0003F390 y be called when
0003F3A0  testing.users.l
0003F3B0 ogin.activation_
0003F3C0 requiredusers.lo
0003F3D0 gin.missing_term
0003F3E0 sscreen.service.
0003F3F0 errorscreen.serv
0003F400 ice.sso.errorscr
0003F410 een.errorptc_err
0003F420 or_activation_re
0003F430 quiredAuthorizat
0003F440 ion failed.Initi
0003F450 al PTC login fai
0003F490 SIESSEGB{0}-{1}a
0003F4A0 fareubybgcazhcsd
0003F4B0 anlenfofifrdeeli
0003F4C0 whuitlvplptrorus
0003F4D0 hskslessvthtrukv
0003F4E0 iSubstituting de
0003F4F0 bug language Sub
0003F500 stituting debug 
0003F510 country code Nia
0003F520 ntic/BRDF/UBER :
0003F530  vtxMask, uvAnim
0003F540 ations, EyeShade
0003F570 ON : {0} : {1} {
0003F580 2}{0}  TRANSFORM
0003F5A0  : {1} {2} {0}  
0003F5C0 TROLLER : {1} I 
0003F5D0 Don't Have Anima
0003F5E0 tor: {0} : anima
0003F5F0 torController : 
0003F600 {1}{0} DEFAULT A
0003F610 NIMATOR CLIP : {
0003F620 1} Clip Length {
0003F630 0}Clip Exists{0}
0003F660 ND SHADER : {0} 
0003F670 : {1} {2} {0} : 
0003F680 MATERIAL : {1} S
0003F690 HADER : {2}FOUND
0003F6A0  SHADER : {0} : 
0003F6B0 {1} {2} {3}.test
0003F6C0 GameObjects have
0003F6D0  been sorted alp
0003F6E0 habetically..tes
0003F6F0 tMaterials have 
0003F700 been sorted alph
0003F710 abetically.TUIOT
0003F720 ouchObjectAngleW
0003F730 idthHeightRotati
0003F740 onVelocityRotati
0003F750 onAccelerationOb
0003F760 jectIdTouch id: 
0003F770 Id: Tags: TouchP
0003F780 roxy must be on 
0003F790 an UI element!in
0003F7A0 active touchTouc
0003F7B0 hVisualizer must
0003F7C0  be on an UI ele
0003F7D0 ment!Unknown Dev
0003F7E0 ice^(.*mobile.*|
0003F7F0 intel hd graphic
0003F800 s.*|.*m\s*(serie
0003F810 s)?\s*(opengl en
0003F820 gine)?)$ (Laptop
0003F830 )GestureManager 
0003F840 InstanceGesture 
0003F850 {0} erroneously 
0003F860 tried to enter s
0003F870 tate {1} from st
0003F880 ate {2}OnTransfo
0003F890 rmStartOnTransfo
0003F8A0 rmOnTransformCom
0003F8B0 pleteOnGestureSt
0003F8C0 ateChangeNo Touc
0003F8D0 hManager found! 
0003F8E0 Please add an in
0003F8F0 stance of TouchM
0003F900 anager to the sc
0003F910 ene!No GesturehM
0003F920 anager found! Pl
0003F930 ease add an inst
0003F940 ance of Gestureh
0003F950 Manager to the s
0003F960 cene!OnGestureCa
0003F970 ncelwaitOnLongPr
0003F980 essOnTouchBeganO
0003F990 nTouchMovedOnTou
0003F9A0 chEndedOnTouchCa
0003F9B0 ncelledOnPressOn
0003F9C0 ReleaseOnTapTouc
0003F9D0 hManager instanc
0003F9E0 e is required![T
0003F9F0 ouchScript] Mobi
0003FA00 leInput is depre
0003FA10 cated! Please us
0003FA20 e StandardInput 
0003FA30 instead.Mouse[To
0003FA40 uchScript] Mouse
0003FA50 Input is depreca
0003FA60 ted! Please use 
0003FA70 StandardInput in
0003FA80 stead.Pen[TouchS
0003FA90 cript] Initializ
0003FAA0 ed Unity mouse i
0003FAB0 nput.[TouchScrip
0003FAC0 t] Initialized U
0003FAD0 nity touch input
0003FAE0 .No Camera found
0003FAF0  for CameraLayer
0003FB00  'Global Fullscr
0003FB10 eenFullscreen @ 
0003FB20 No Main camera f
0003FB30 ound!Layer[Touch
0003FB40 Script] Only one
0003FB50  instance of UIL
0003FB60 ayer should exis
0003FB70 t in a scene. De
0003FB80 stroying.UI Laye
0003FB90 rTouchManager In
0003FBA0 stance[TouchScri
0003FBB0 pt] No camera la
0003FBC0 yer found, addin
0003FBD0 g CameraLayer fo
0003FBE0 r the main camer
0003FBF0 a. (this message
0003FC00  is harmless)[To
0003FC10 uchScript] No in
0003FC20 put source found
0003FC30 , adding Standar
0003FC40 dInput. (this me
0003FC50 ssage is harmles
0003FC60 s)TouchScript|{0
0003FC70 }No conversation
0003FC80  found for key: 
0003FC90 {0}pgp_log_pokem
0003FCA0 on_caughtpgp_log
0003FCB0 _pokemon_fledpgp
0003FCC0 _log_received_it
0003FCD0 emsgpokemon_info
0003FCE0 _stardust_labeli
0003FCF0 ncubator_selecto
0003FD00 r_infinite_usesi
0003FD10 ncubator_selecto
0003FD20 r_uses_left{0}xU
0003FD30 nknown item type
0003FD40 : {0}Item not cu
0003FD50 rrently usable: 
0003FD60 {0}recycle_dialo
0003FD70 g_prefixrecycle_
0003FD80 dialog_suffix_ti
0003FD90 tle_value_format
0003FDA0 N0{0:D} / {1:D}u
0003FDB0 sage.profile.cli
0003FDC0 ck_shopusage.pro
0003FDD0 file.click_log{0
0003FDE0 :N1}pokedex_deta
0003FDF0 ils_weight_not_c
0003FE00 aughtpokedex_det
0003FE10 ails_height_not_
0003FE20 caughtpokedex_de
0003FE30 tails_type_not_c
0003FE40 aughtp-imgArena 
0003FE50 Camerap-descpoke
0003FE60 dex_details_cate
0003FE70 gory_not_caughtp
0003FE80 -evoechain-echai
0003FE90 n-nonePokedex: l
0003FEA0 oading Prefabs/U
0003FEB0 I/Inventory/{0}p
0003FEC0 okedex_page_name
0003FED0 _not_seenechain-
0003FEE0 {0}-{1}-{2}Poked
0003FEF0 ex Detail: inval
0003FF00 id evolution cha
0003FF10 inechain_nonepok
0003FF20 emon_nickname_er
0003FF30 ror{0:0.##}{0:0.
0003FF40 #}egg_detail_hat
0003FF50 ch_walkegg_detai
0003FF60 l_put_in_incubat
0003FF70 orProblem incuba
0003FF80 ting egg: {0}XLX
0003FF90 Spokemon_info_ev
0003FFA0 olution_confirma
0003FFB0 tionpokemon_info
0003FFC0 _powerup_confirm
0003FFD0 ationpokemon_inf
0003FFE0 o_evolution_fail
0003FFF0 edpokemon_info_t
00040000 ransfer_to_profe
00040010 ssor_confirmatio
00040020 npokemon_info_tr
00040030 ansfer_to_profes
00040040 sor_resultReleas
00040050 ing Pokemon: {0}
00040060 , {1}pokemon_inf
00040070 o_transfer_faile
00040080 dusage.pokemonin
00040090 fo.click_favorit
000400A0 epokemon_favorit
000400B0 e_errorpokemon_u
000400C0 nfavorite_error+
000400D0 {0}pokemon_info_
000400E0 candy_labelpokem
000400F0 on_info_powerup_
00040100 need_candiespoke
00040110 mon_info_powerup
00040120 _need_stardustsp
00040130 okemon_info_powe
00040140 rup_pokemon_depl
00040150 oyedpokemon_info
00040160 _powerup_player_
00040170 lv_too_lowpokemo
00040180 n_info_evolve_ne
00040190 ed_candiespokemo
000401A0 n_info_evolve_po
000401B0 kemon_deployed{0
000401C0 :0.0} / {1:0.0}i
000401D0 ncubator_choose_
000401E0 eggError using i
000401F0 ncubator: {0}pok
00040200 emon_thumbnailde
00040210 ployed_imagegym_
00040220 logofavorite_ima
00040230 genew_pokemon_im
00040240 agepokemon_nameh
00040250 p_sliderHealgene
00040260 ral_sign_out_con
00040270 firmsettings_are
00040280 _you_sure_report
00040290 _prompthelp_cent
000402A0 er_linkreport_is
000402B0 sues_linkshop_fu
000402C0 lly_upgraded{0}_
000402D0 title{0}_descrip
000402E0 tionshop_invento
000402F0 ry_fullshop_need
00040300 _more_coinsshop_
00040310 something_went_w
00040320 rongpokecoinskuc
00040330 ategoryiap.purch
00040340 aseAlready check
00040350 ed daily bonusPO
00040370 expected currenc
00040380 y name: {0}CATEG
00040390 ORYSORTUnexpecte
000403A0 d presentation t
000403B0 ype name: {0}ITE
000403D0 DESUnexpected Ca
000403E0 tegory: {0}ITEM_
00040590 E_UPGRADEUnexpec
000405A0 ted item type: {
000405B0 0}shop_daily_bon
000405C0 us_amountProblem
000405D0  receiving daily
000405E0  bonus: {0}shop_
000405F0 coming_soonfeedb
00040600 ack_added_xpRemo
00040610 ved stale image 
00040620 from cache: {0:f
00040630 2}mb freedImage 
00040640 Downloaded: {0},
00040650  {1:f2}mb.Textur
00040660 e Cache Limit: {
00040670 2}mb.Cache {3:f1
00040680 }% full[ImageDow
00040690 nloadService] Er
000406A0 ror downloading 
000406B0 image {0} : {1}E
000406C0 rror downloading
000406D0  image: {0}: Gui
000406E0 Controller canva
000406F0 ses are managed 
00040700 automatically an
00040710 d should not hav
00040720 e a sorting orde
00040730 r set manually.{
00040740 0}: GuiControlle
00040750 r canvases are m
00040760 anaged automatic
00040770 ally and should 
00040780 not have a sorti
00040790 ng layer set man
000407A0 ually.{0}: GuiCo
000407B0 ntroller canvase
000407C0 s are managed au
000407D0 tomatically and 
000407E0 should not have 
000407F0 a camera set man
00040800 ually.Gui alread
00040810 y dismissedgener
00040820 al_cancelgeneral
00040830 _yesgeneral_noFo
00040840 rtDetails RPC fa
00040850 iledFailed to ge
00040860 t POI details fo
00040870 r GymGetGymDetai
00040880 ls RPC Failed: {
00040890 0}Cannot initial
000408A0 ize POI inspecti
000408B0 on GUI for unexp
000408C0 ected PoiType.Ca
000408D0 nnot return to p
000408E0 revious inspecti
000408F0 on GUI mode: {0}
00040900 POI {0} has no N
00040910 ame setPOI {0} h
00040920 as no ImageUrl s
00040930 etgym_level_too_
00040940 lowFailed to ret
00040950 rieve details fo
00040960 r POI {0}Recycle
00040970 rElement_{0}Only
00040980  Vertical and Gr
00040990 id layout types 
000409A0 are supportedNo 
000409B0 Text is bound to
000409C0  {0}No RawImage 
000409D0 is bound to {0}C
000409E0 heckRequestsCann
000409F0 ot call Play() o
00040A00 n running transi
00040A10 tion {0}LetterSp
00040A20 acing: Missing T
00040A30 ext component{0}
00040A40 , line {1} ({2})
00040A50 More than one re
00040A60 fence to compare
00040A70 r found. This sh
00040A80 ouldn't happenCh
00040A90 eckPeriodicallyA
00040AA0 ssetsCreated in 
00040AB0 0.######## asser
00040AC0 tion failed..( f
00040AD0 ailed. Value:  a
00040AE0 ssertion failed.
00040AF0 . failed. Expect
00040B00 ed:  Actual: Nul
00040B10 l was passed to 
00040B20 a value-type arg
00040B30 umentInvalid pat
00040B40 h part \sIntegra
00040B50 tionTest PassInt
00040B60 egrationTest Fai
00040B70 lTestComponent.u
00040B80 nity is test a g
00040B90 roupNo test left
00040BA0 Sent New TestFai
00040BB0 led to load type
00040BC0 s from: All test
00040BD0  succeeded tests
00040BE0  failed!<b><size
00040BF0 =18></size></b>.
00040C00  not found. Skip
00040C10 ping.Multiple Ga
00040C20 meObjects refer 
00040C30 to StateMachineT
00040C40 est run interrup
00040C50 ted (crash?)Inte
00040C60 grationTest Run 
00040C70 interruptedInteg
00040C80 rationTest Start
00040C90 edIntegrationTes
00040CA0 t FinishedIntegr
00040CB0 ationTest was ex
00040CC0 pected.Passed:  
00040CD0 Failed: Failed t
00040CE0 ests:  Ignored: 
00040CF0 Ignored tests:  
00040D00 is excluded on t
00040D10 his platformTest
00040D20 RunnerCreated Te
00040D30 st RunnerUnityEd
00040D40 itorInternal.Int
00040D50 ernalEditorUtili
00040D60 ty, UnityEditor,
00040D70  Version=
00040D80 , Culture=neutra
00040D90 l, PublicKeyToke
00040DA0 n=nullinBatchMod
00040DB0 eIntegrationTest
00040DC0  FailedIntegrati
00040DD0 onTest Failed wi
00040DE0 th exceptionInte
00040DF0 grationTest Time
00040E00 outIntegrationTe
00040E10 st Ignorednetwor
00040E20 kconfig.txtbatch
00040E30 run.txttestscene
00040E40 s.txtpreviousSce
00040E50 nes.txtCouldn't 
00040E60 connect to the s
00040E70 erver: Unable to
00040E80  create abstract
00040E90  type '{0}' in F
00040EA0 actoryNull prefa
00040EB0 b provided to Bi
00040EC0 ndIFactory< {0} 
00040ED0 >().ToPrefabShou
00040EE0 ld not use ToTra
00040EF0 nsient for Monob
00040F00 ehaviours (when 
00040F10 binding type '{0
00040F20 }'), you probabl
00040F30 y want either To
00040F40 Lookup or ToTran
00040F50 sientFromPrefabS
00040F60 hould not use To
00040F70 Single for Monob
00040F80 ehaviours (when 
00040F90 binding type '{0
00040FA0 }'), you probabl
00040FB0 y want either To
00040FC0 Lookup or ToSing
00040FD0 lePrefab or ToSi
00040FE0 ngleGameObjectIn
00040FF0 valid type given
00041000  during bind com
00041010 mand.  Expected 
00041020 type '{0}' to de
00041030 rive from type '
00041040 {1}'Should not u
00041050 se ToSingle for 
00041060 Monobehaviours (
00041070 when binding typ
00041080 e '{0}' to '{1}'
00041090 ), you probably 
000410A0 want either ToLo
000410B0 okup or ToSingle
000410C0 Prefab or ToSing
000410D0 lePrefabResource
000410E0  or ToSingleGame
000410F0 ObjectExpected t
00041100 ype '{0}' to der
00041110 ive from UnityEn
00041120 gine.ComponentRe
00041130 ceived null pref
00041140 ab while binding
00041150  type '{0}'Expec
00041160 ted UnityEngine.
00041170 Component derive
00041180 d type when bind
00041190 ing type '{0}'In
000411A0 valid type given
000411B0  during bind com
000411C0 mand.  Expected 
000411D0 type '{0}' to de
000411E0 rive from UnityE
000411F0 ngine.ComponentR
00041200 eceived null ins
00041210 tance during Bin
00041220 d command with t
00041230 ype '{0}'Receive
00041240 d null instance 
00041250 during Bind comm
00041260 and when binding
00041270  type '{0}' to '
00041280 {1}'Received nul
00041290 l singleton inst
000412A0 ance during Bind
000412B0  command with ty
000412C0 pe '{0}'Received
000412D0  null singleton 
000412E0 instance during 
000412F0 Bind command whe
00041300 n binding type '
00041310 {0}' to '{1}'Exp
00041320 ected type '{0}'
00041330  to derive from 
00041340 '{1}'Expected fa
00041350 llback type '{0}
00041360 ' to derive from
00041370  '{1}'Found dupl
00041380 icate values in 
00041390 KeyedFactory: {0
000413A0 }Could not find 
000413B0 instance for key
000413C0  '{0}'Null prefa
000413D0 b given to facto
000413E0 ry create method
000413F0  when instantiat
00041400 ing object with 
00041410 type '{0}'.Null 
00041420 or empty prefab 
00041430 resource name gi
00041440 ven to factory c
00041450 reate method whe
00041460 n instantiating 
00041470 object with type
00041480  '{0}'.Found mul
00041490 tiple 'Inject' a
000414A0 ttributes on typ
000414B0 e parameter '{0}
000414C0 ' of type '{1}'.
000414D0   Parameter shou
000414E0 ld only have one
000414F0 Found multiple '
00041500 Inject' attribut
00041510 es on type field
00041520  '{0}' of type '
00041530 {1}'.  Field sho
00041540 uld only contain
00041550 er one Inject at
00041560 tributeAssert hi
00041570 t!Expected type 
00041580 '{0}' to derive 
00041590 from or be equal
000415A0  to '{1}'Assert 
000415B0 Hit! Wrong type 
000415C0 found. Expected 
000415D0 '' but found ''.
000415E0  Expected to rec
000415F0 eive exception o
00041600 f type '{0}' but
00041610  nothing was thr
00041620 own<NULL>Assert 
00041630 Hit! Expected ''
00041640  to differ from 
00041650 'Assert Hit! Exp
00041660 ected null point
00041670 er but instead f
00041680 ound 'Assert Hit
00041690 ! Found null poi
000416A0 nter when value 
000416B0 was expectedAsse
000416C0 rt Hit! Found nu
000416D0 ll pointer when 
000416E0 value was expect
000416F0 ed. ': Assert hi
00041700 t! Wrong type wh
00041710 en creating gene
00041720 ric list, expect
00041730 ed something ass
00041740 ignable from '',
00041750  but found '`{0}
00041760 []VoidByteDecima
00041770 lInt16Instantiat
00041780 eDefaultParentFo
00041790 und duplicate si
000417A0 ngleton binding 
000417B0 for contract '{0
000417C0 }' and id '{1}'T
000417D0 ried to unregist
000417E0 er provider that
000417F0  was not registe
00041800 redInvalid sourc
00041810 e typeCould not 
00041820 find required de
00041830 pendency with ty
00041840 pe '' .Object gr
00041850 aph:.Tried to in
00041860 stall a null ins
00041870 tallerInstallers
00041880 /Potential infin
00041890 ite loop detecte
000418A0 d while installi
000418B0 ng '{0}'Tried in
000418C0 stalling install
000418D0 er '{0}' twiceEr
000418E0 ror occurred whi
000418F0 le running insta
00041900 ller '{0}'Found 
00041910 multiple matches
00041920  when only one w
00041930 as expected for 
00041940 type '{0}'{1}. .
00041950 Object graph:. {
00041960 2} while buildin
00041970 g object with ty
00041980 pe '{0}'Unable t
00041990 o resolve type '
000419A0 {0}'{1}. .Object
000419B0  graph:.{2} with
000419C0  ID 'Circular de
000419D0 pendency detecte
000419E0 d! .Object graph
000419F0 :. {0}Error occu
00041A00 rred while insta
00041A10 ntiating object 
00041A20 of type '{0}'. I
00041A30 nstantiator shou
00041A40 ld not be used t
00041A50 o create new mon
00041A60 o behaviours.  M
00041A70 ust use Instanti
00041A80 atePrefabForComp
00041A90 onent, Instantia
00041AA0 tePrefab, Instan
00041AB0 tiateComponentOn
00041AC0 NewGameObject, I
00041AD0 nstantiateGameOb
00041AE0 ject, or Instant
00041AF0 iateComponent.  
00041B00 You may also wan
00041B10 t to use GameObj
00041B20 ectFactory class
00041B30  or plain old Ga
00041B40 meObject.Instant
00041B50 iate.More than o
00041B60 ne (or zero) con
00041B70 structors found 
00041B80 for type '{0}' w
00041B90 hen creating dep
00041BA0 endencies.  Use 
00041BB0 one [Inject] att
00041BC0 ribute to specif
00041BD0 y which to use.E
00041BE0 rror occurred wh
00041BF0 ile instantiatin
00041C00 g object with ty
00041C10 pe '{0}'Passed u
00041C20 nnecessary param
00041C30 eters when injec
00041C40 ting into type '
00041C50 {0}'. .Extra Par
00041C60 ameters: {1}.Obj
00041C70 ect graph:.{2}Us
00041C80 e InjectGameObje
00041C90 ct to Inject gam
00041CA0 e objects instea
00041CB0 d of Inject meth
00041CC0 odCould not find
00041CD0  prefab at resou
00041CE0 rce location '{0
00041CF0 }'Null prefab fo
00041D00 und when instant
00041D10 iating game obje
00041D20 ctFound multiple
00041D30  matches with ty
00041D40 pe '{0}' when in
00041D50 stantiating new 
00041D60 game object from
00041D70  prefab '{1}'Fou
00041D80 nd null componen
00041D90 t while instanti
00041DA0 ating prefab '{0
00041DB0 }'.  Possible mi
00041DC0 ssing script.Cou
00041DD0 ld not find comp
00041DE0 onent with type 
00041DF0 '{0}' when insta
00041E00 ntiating new gam
00041E10 e objectNull val
00041E20 ue given to fact
00041E30 ory constructor 
00041E40 arguments when i
00041E50 nstantiating obj
00041E60 ect with type '{
00041E70 0}'. In order to
00041E80  use null use In
00041E90 stantiateExplici
00041EA0 tNull value give
00041EB0 n to factory con
00041EC0 structor argumen
00041ED0 ts when instanti
00041EE0 ating object wit
00041EF0 h type '{0}'. In
00041F00  order to use nu
00041F10 ll use Instantia
00041F20 tePrefabForCompo
00041F30 nentExplicitNull
00041F40  value given to 
00041F50 factory construc
00041F60 tor arguments wh
00041F70 en instantiating
00041F80  object with typ
00041F90 e '{0}'. In orde
00041FA0 r to use null us
00041FB0 e InstantiateCom
00041FC0 ponentOnNewGameO
00041FD0 bjectExplicitNul
00041FE0 l value given to
00041FF0  injection argum
00042000 ent list. In ord
00042010 er to use null y
00042020 ou must provide 
00042030 a List<TypeValue
00042040 Pair> and not ju
00042050 st a list of obj
00042060 ectsDeprecated u
00042070 sage of Bind<IIn
00042080 staller>, use In
00042090 stall<IInstaller
000420A0 > insteadNull pr
000420B0 efab provided to
000420C0  BindGameObjectF
000420D0 actory for type 
000420E0 '{0}'Found provi
000420F0 der implementing
00042100  both IValidatab
00042110 le and IValidata
00042120 bleFactory.  Thi
00042130 s is not allowed
00042140 .Circular depend
00042150 ency detected! T
00042160 his shouldn't ha
00042170 ppen because Jon
00042180 agill is disabli
00042190 ng it. .Object g
000421A0 raph:. {0}Found 
000421B0 multiple matches
000421C0  when only one w
000421D0 as expected for 
000421E0 dependency with 
000421F0 type '{0}'{1} .O
00042200 bject graph:.{2}
00042210  when injecting 
00042220 into '{0}'Could 
00042230 not find depende
00042240 ncy with type 'L
00042250 ist(0)'{1}.  If 
00042260 the empty list i
00042270 s also valid, yo
00042280 u can allow this
00042290  by using the [I
000422A0 njectOptional] a
000422B0 ttribute.' .Obje
000422C0 ct graph:.{2}Cou
000422D0 ld not find requ
000422E0 ired dependency 
000422F0 with type '{0}'{
00042300 1} .Object graph
00042310 :.{2}Expected co
00042320 ntract type '{0}
00042330 ' to be non-abst
00042340 ractFound unnece
00042350 ssary extra para
00042360 meters passed wh
00042370 en injecting int
00042380 o '{0}' with typ
00042390 es '{1}'.  .Obje
000423A0 ct graph:.{2}Glo
000423B0 bal Composition 
000423C0 RootZenjectGloba
000423D0 lCompositionRoot
000423E0 ZenjectGlobalIns
000423F0 tallersNo instal
00042400 lers found while
00042410  initializing Sc
00042420 eneCompositionRo
00042430 otCannot use bot
00042440 h '{0}' and '{1}
00042450 ' for the same t
00042460 ype/concreteIden
00042470 tifier!Found dup
00042480 licate IDisposab
00042490 le with type '{0
000424A0 }'Error occurred
000424B0  while disposing
000424C0  IDisposable wit
000424D0 h type '{0}'Expe
000424E0 cted type '{0}' 
000424F0 to derive from I
00042500 Tickable, IIniti
00042510 alizable, or IDi
00042520 sposableExpected
00042530  type '{0}' to d
00042540 erive from IFixe
00042550 dTickableFixedFo
00042560 und duplicate II
00042570 nitializable wit
00042580 h type '{0}'Erro
00042590 r occurred while
000425A0  initializing II
000425B0 nitializable wit
000425C0 h type '{0}'Expe
000425D0 cted type '{0}' 
000425E0 to derive from I
000425F0 LateTickableLate
00042600 Duplicate task a
00042610 dded to kernel w
00042620 ith name 'Tried 
00042630 to remove task t
00042640 wice, task = Exp
00042650 ected type '{0}'
00042660  to drive from I
00042670 FixedTickable wh
00042680 ile checking pri
00042690 orities in Ticka
000426A0 bleHandlerExpect
000426B0 ed type '{0}' to
000426C0  drive from ITic
000426D0 kable while chec
000426E0 king priorities 
000426F0 in TickableHandl
00042700 erExpected type 
00042710 '{0}' to drive f
00042720 rom ILateTickabl
00042730 e while checking
00042740  priorities in T
00042750 ickableHandlerMo
00042760 use ScrollWheelU
00042770 nable to load le
00042780 vel '{0}'LoadSce
00042790 neAdditiveWithCo
000427A0 ntainer does not
000427B0  expect a contai
000427C0 ner to exist in 
000427D0 the loaded scene
000427E0 Attempted to use
000427F0  'ToTransientPre
00042800 fab' with the sa
00042810 me type ('{0}') 
00042820 that is already 
00042830 marked with '{1}
00042840 'Attempted to us
00042850 e 'ToInstance' w
00042860 ith the same typ
00042870 e ('{0}') that i
00042880 s already marked
00042890  with '{1}'Metho
000428A0 d provider retur
000428B0 ned null when lo
000428C0 oking up type '{
000428D0 0}'. .Object gra
000428E0 ph:.{1}Could not
000428F0  find resource a
00042900 t path '{0}' wit
00042910 h type '{1}'Fail
00042920 ed to instantiat
00042930 e type '{0}' in 
00042940 FactorySingleton
00042950 LazyCreatorCanno
00042960 t use 'ToSingleI
00042970 nstance' with mu
00042980 ltiple different
00042990  instances!Unabl
000429A0 e to instantiate
000429B0  type '{0}' in S
000429C0 ingletonLazyCrea
000429D0 torCannot use 'T
000429E0 oSingleMethod' w
000429F0 ith multiple dif
00042A00 ferent methods!T
00042A10 ried to instanti
00042A20 ate a MonoBehavi
00042A30 our with type '{
00042A40 0}' during valid
00042A50 ation. Object gr
00042A60 aph: {1}Attempte
00042A70 d to use multipl
00042A80 e different Game
00042A90  Objects with To
00042AA0 SingleMonoBehavi
00042AB0 our using the sa
00042AC0 me type/identifi
00042AD0 er: '{0}' / '{1}
00042AE0 'Could not find 
00042AF0 component with t
00042B00 ype '{0}' in giv
00042B10 en singleton pre
00042B20 fabCould not fin
00042B30 d component of t
00042B40 ype '{0}' in pre
00042B50 fab with name '{
00042B60 1}' .Object grap
00042B70 h:.{2}Attempted 
00042B80 to use multiple 
00042B90 different prefab
00042BA0 s with ToSingleP
00042BB0 refab using the 
00042BC0 same type/identi
00042BD0 fier: '{0}' / '{
00042BE0 1}'Could not fin
00042BF0 d prefab at reso
00042C00 urce path '{0}'C
00042C10 ould not find co
00042C20 mponent of type 
00042C30 '{0}' in prefab 
00042C40 with resource pa
00042C50 th '{1}' .Object
00042C60  graph:.{2}Attem
00042C70 pted to use mult
00042C80 iple different r
00042C90 esource paths wi
00042CA0 th ToSinglePrefa
00042CB0 bResource using 
00042CC0 the same type/id
00042CD0 entifier: '{0}' 
00042CE0 / '{1}'Attempted
00042CF0  to use 'ToTrans
00042D00 ient' with the s
00042D10 ame type ('{0}')
00042D20  that is already
00042D30  marked with '{1
00042D40 }'You cannot use
00042D50  AutoBindInstall
00042D60 er from within a
00042D70  global installe
00042D80 rFound null inst
00042D90 aller in composi
00042DA0 tion root{ Pair 
00042DB0 = , Distance = .
00042DC0 mscorlib..NULL."
00042DD0 \x0\x24\x0\x0\x4
00042DE0 \x80\x0\x0\x94\x
00042DF0 0\x0\x0\x6\x2\x0
00042E00 \x0\x0\x24\x0\x0
00042E10 \x52\x53\x41\x31
00042E20 \x0\x4\x0\x0\x1\
00042E30 x0\x1\x0\x8D\x56
00042E40 \xC7\x6F\x9E\x86
00042E50 \x49\x38\x30\x49
00042E60 \xF3\x83\xC4\x4B
00042E70 \xE0\xEC\x20\x41
00042E80 \x81\x82\x2A\x6C
00042E90 \x31\xCF\x5E\xB7
00042EA0 \xEF\x48\x69\x44
00042EB0 \xD0\x32\x18\x8E
00042EC0 \xA1\xD3\x92\x7\
00042ED0 x63\x71\x2C\xCB\
00042EE0 x12\xD7\x5F\xB7\
00042EF0 x7E\x98\x11\x14\
00042F00 x9E\x61\x48\xE5\
00042F10 xD3\x2F\xBA\xAB\
00042F20 x37\x61\x1C\x18\
00042F30 x78\xDD\xC1\x9E\
00042F40 x20\xEF\x13\x5D\
00042F50 xC\xB2\xCF\xF2\x
00042F60 BF\xEC\x3D\x11\x
00042F70 58\x10\xC3\xD9\x
00042F80 6\x96\x38\xFE\x4
00042F90 B\xE2\x15\xDB\xF
00042FA0 7\x95\x86\x19\x2
00042FB0 0\xE5\xAB\x6F\x7
00042FC0 D\xB2\xE2\xCE\xE
00042FD0 F\x13\x6A\xC2\x3
00042FE0 D\x5D\xD2\xBF\x3
00042FF0 \x17\x0\xAE\xC2\
00043000 x32\xF6\xC6\xB1\
00043010 xC7\x85\xB4\x30\
00043020 x5C\x12\x3B\x37\
00043030 xAB".mscorlib.dl
00043040 l.<Module>.Objec
00043050 t.System..ctor.o
00043060 bj.Equals.objA.o
00043070 bjB.Finalize.Get
00043080 HashCode.GetType
00043090 .MemberwiseClone
000430A0 .ToString.Refere
000430B0 nceEquals.o.Inte
000430C0 rnalGetHashCode.
000430D0 ValueType.o1.o2.
000430E0 fields.InternalE
000430F0 quals.DefaultEqu
00043100 als.Attribute.ge
00043110 t_TypeId.element
00043120 .attributeType.C
00043130 heckParameters.G
00043140 etCustomAttribut
00043150 e.inherit.GetCus
00043160 tomAttributes.ty
00043170 pe.IsDefaultAttr
00043180 ibute.IsDefined.
00043190 TypeId._Attribut
000431A0 e.System.Runtime
000431B0 .InteropServices
000431C0 .Int32.provider.
000431D0 System.IConverti
000431E0 ble.ToBoolean.Sy
000431F0 stem.IConvertibl
00043200 e.ToByte.System.
00043210 IConvertible.ToC
00043220 har.System.IConv
00043230 ertible.ToDateTi
00043240 me.System.IConve
00043250 rtible.ToDecimal
00043260 .System.IConvert
00043270 ible.ToDouble.Sy
00043280 stem.IConvertibl
00043290 e.ToInt16.System
000432A0 .IConvertible.To
000432B0 Int32.System.ICo
000432C0 nvertible.ToInt6
000432D0 4.System.IConver
000432E0 tible.ToSByte.Sy
000432F0 stem.IConvertibl
00043300 e.ToSingle.targe
00043310 tType.System.ICo
00043320 nvertible.ToType
00043330 .System.IConvert
00043340 ible.ToUInt16.Sy
00043350 stem.IConvertibl
00043360 e.ToUInt32.Syste
00043370 m.IConvertible.T
00043380 oUInt64.value.Co
00043390 mpareTo.tryParse
000433A0 .s.position.exc.
000433B0 ProcessTrailingW
000433C0 hitespace.result
000433D0 .Parse.style.Che
000433E0 ckStyle.pos.repo
000433F0 rtError.JumpOver
00043400 White.nfi.foundS
00043410 ign.negative.Fin
00043420 dSign.foundCurre
00043430 ncy.FindCurrency
00043440 .exponent.FindEx
00043450 ponent.other.Fin
00043460 dOther.e.allowHe
00043470 x.ValidDigit.Get
00043480 FormatException.
00043490 fp.TryParse.form
000434A0 at.GetTypeCode.M
000434B0 axValue.MinValue
000434C0 .m_value.IFormat
000434D0 table.formatProv
000434E0 ider.IConvertibl
000434F0 e.ToBoolean.ToBy
00043500 te.ToChar.ToDate
00043510 Time.ToDecimal.T
00043520 oDouble.ToInt16.
00043530 ToInt32.ToInt64.
00043540 ToSByte.ToSingle
00043550 .conversionType.
00043560 ToType.ToUInt16.
00043570 ToUInt32.ToUInt6
00043580 4.IComparable.IC
00043590 omparable`1.T.Se
000435A0 rializableAttrib
000435B0 ute.AttributeUsa
000435C0 geAttribute.vali
000435D0 dOn.get_AllowMul
000435E0 tiple.set_AllowM
000435F0 ultiple.get_Inhe
00043600 rited.set_Inheri
00043610 ted.valid_on.all
00043620 ow_multiple.inhe
00043630 rited.AllowMulti
00043640 ple.Inherited.Co
00043650 mVisibleAttribut
00043660 e.visibility.Vis
00043670 ible.IEquatable`
00043680 1.Int64.UInt32.C
00043690 LSCompliantAttri
000436A0 bute.isCompliant
000436B0 .is_compliant.UI
000436C0 nt64.Byte.SByte.
000436D0 Int16.UInt16.IEn
000436E0 umerator.System.
000436F0 Collections.get_
00043700 Current.MoveNext
00043710 .Reset.Current.I
00043720 Enumerable.GetEn
00043730 umerator.IDispos
00043740 able.Dispose.IEn
00043750 umerator`1.Syste
00043760 m.Collections.Ge
00043770 neric.Char..ccto
00043780 r.category_data.
00043790 numeric_data.num
000437A0 eric_data_values
000437B0 .to_lower_data_l
000437C0 ow.to_lower_data
000437D0 _high.to_upper_d
000437E0 ata_low.to_upper
000437F0 _data_high.GetDa
00043800 taTablePointers.
00043810 c.GetUnicodeCate
00043820 gory.IsDigit.ind
00043830 ex.IsHighSurroga
00043840 te.IsLetter.IsLe
00043850 tterOrDigit.IsLo
00043860 wer.IsLowSurroga
00043870 te.IsNumber.IsSu
00043880 rrogate.IsUpper.
00043890 IsWhiteSpace.Che
000438A0 ckParameter.ToLo
000438B0 wer.ToLowerInvar
000438C0 iant.culture.ToU
000438D0 pper.ToUpperInva
000438E0 riant.String.sta
000438F0 rtIndex.length.c
00043900 ount.System.Coll
00043910 ections.Generic.
00043920 IEnumerable<char
00043930 >.GetEnumerator.
00043940 System.Collectio
00043950 ns.IEnumerable.G
00043960 etEnumerator.a.b
00043970 .get_Chars.Clone
00043980 .sourceIndex.des
00043990 tination.destina
000439A0 tionIndex.CopyTo
000439B0 .ToCharArray.sep
000439C0 arator.Split.opt
000439D0 ions.Substring.S
000439E0 ubstringUnchecke
000439F0 d.Trim.trimChars
00043A00 .TrimStart.TrimE
00043A10 nd.target.change
00043A20 .FindNotWhiteSpa
00043A30 ce.table.FindNot
00043A40 InTable.strA.str
00043A50 B.Compare.ignore
00043A60 Case.indexA.inde
00043A70 xB.comparisonTyp
00043A80 e.CompareOrdinal
00043A90 .lenA.lenB.Compa
00043AA0 reOrdinalUncheck
00043AB0 ed.CompareOrdina
00043AC0 lCaseInsensitive
00043AD0 Unchecked.EndsWi
00043AE0 th.anyOf.IndexOf
00043AF0 Any.IndexOfAnyUn
00043B00 checked.IndexOf.
00043B10 IndexOfOrdinal.I
00043B20 ndexOfOrdinalUnc
00043B30 hecked.IndexOfOr
00043B40 dinalIgnoreCaseU
00043B50 nchecked.IndexOf
00043B60 Unchecked.LastIn
00043B70 dexOfAny.LastInd
00043B80 exOfAnyUnchecked
00043B90 .LastIndexOf.Las
00043BA0 tIndexOfUnchecke
00043BB0 d.Contains.IsNul
00043BC0 lOrEmpty.totalWi
00043BD0 dth.paddingChar.
00043BE0 PadRight.StartsW
00043BF0 ith.oldChar.newC
00043C00 har.Replace.oldV
00043C10 alue.newValue.Re
00043C20 placeUnchecked.t
00043C30 estedCount.Repla
00043C40 ceFallback.Remov
00043C50 e.arg0.Format.ar
00043C60 g1.arg2.args.For
00043C70 matHelper.Concat
00043C80 .str0.str1.str2.
00043C90 str3.values.Conc
00043CA0 atInternal.Inser
00043CB0 t.Join.JoinUnche
00043CC0 cked.get_Length.
00043CD0 str.ptr.n.width.
00043CE0 left_align.Parse
00043CF0 FormatSpecifier.
00043D00 ParseDecimal.idx
00043D10 .val.InternalSet
00043D20 Char.newLength.I
00043D30 nternalSetLength
00043D40 .GetCaseInsensit
00043D50 iveHashCode.Crea
00043D60 teString.enc.des
00043D70 t.src.size.memcp
00043D80 y4.memcpy2.memcp
00043D90 y1.memcpy.CharCo
00043DA0 py.CharCopyRever
00043DB0 se.targetIndex.s
00043DC0 ource.InternalSp
00043DD0 lit.InternalAllo
00043DE0 cateStr.op_Equal
00043DF0 ity.op_Inequalit
00043E00 y.start_char.Emp
00043E10 ty.WhiteChars.Ch
00043E20 ars.Length.IClon
00043E30 eable.IEnumerabl
00043E40 e`1.Single.f.IsI
00043E50 nfinity.IsNaN.Is
00043E60 NegativeInfinity
00043E70 .IsPositiveInfin
00043E80 ity.Epsilon.NaN.
00043E90 PositiveInfinity
00043EA0 .NegativeInfinit
00043EB0 y.MaxValueEpsilo
00043EC0 n.Double.d.start
00043ED0 .end.TryParseStr
00043EE0 ingConstant.byte
00043EF0 _ptr.ParseImpl.S
00043F00 tate_AllowSign.S
00043F10 tate_Digits.Stat
00043F20 e_Decimal.State_
00043F30 ExponentSign.Sta
00043F40 te_Exponent.Stat
00043F50 e_ConsumeWhiteSp
00043F60 ace.State_Exit.D
00043F70 ecimal.lo.mid.hi
00043F80 .isNegative.scal
00043F90 e.GetBits.Negate
00043FA0 .d1.d2.Add.Subtr
00043FB0 act.u64.s64.IsZe
00043FC0 ro.IsNegative.Fl
00043FD0 oor.Truncate.dec
00043FE0 imals.Round.mode
00043FF0 .Multiply.Divide
00044000 .Remainder.Throw
00044010 AtPos.ThrowInval
00044020 idExp.decPos.exp
00044030 Flag.exp.throwex
00044040 .stripStyles.res
00044050 .PerformParse.de
00044060 cimal2UInt64.dec
00044070 imal2Int64.decim
00044080 alIncr.sDigits.s
00044090 ign.string2decim
000440A0 al.decimalSetExp
000440B0 onent.decimal2do
000440C0 uble.floorFlag.d
000440D0 ecimalFloorAndTr
000440E0 unc.pd1.pd2.deci
000440F0 malMult.pc.pa.pb
00044100 .decimalDiv.deci
00044110 malCompare.op_Ad
00044120 dition.op_Increm
00044130 ent.op_Subtracti
00044140 on.op_UnaryNegat
00044150 ion.op_Multiply.
00044160 op_Division.op_M
00044170 odulus.op_Explic
00044180 it.op_Implicit.o
00044190 p_GreaterThan.op
000441A0 _GreaterThanOrEq
000441B0 ual.op_LessThan.
000441C0 op_LessThanOrEqu
000441D0 al.MinusOne.One.
000441E0 MaxValueDiv10.fl
000441F0 ags.Boolean.Fals
00044200 eString.TrueStri
00044210 ng.IntPtr.info.c
00044220 ontext.System.Ru
00044230 ntime.Serializat
00044240 ion.ISerializabl
00044250 e.GetObjectData.
00044260 get_Size.ToPoint
00044270 er.value1.value2
00044280 .Zero.Size.ISeri
00044290 alizable.System.
000442A0 Runtime.Serializ
000442B0 ation.GetObjectD
000442C0 ata.UIntPtr._poi
000442D0 nter.MulticastDe
000442E0 legate.DynamicIn
000442F0 vokeImpl.GetInvo
00044300 cationList.follo
00044310 w.CombineImpl.Ba
00044320 seEquals.needle.
00044330 haystack.tail.KP
00044340 M.RemoveImpl.pre
00044350 v.kpm_next.Deleg
00044360 ate.get_Method.g
00044370 et_Target.throwO
00044380 nBindFailure.Cre
00044390 ateDelegate_inte
000443A0 rnal.SetMulticas
000443B0 tInvoke.delArgTy
000443C0 pe.argType.arg_t
000443D0 ype_match.delRet
000443E0 urnType.returnTy
000443F0 pe.return_type_m
00044400 atch.firstArgume
00044410 nt.method.Create
00044420 Delegate.bflags.
00044430 GetCandidateMeth
00044440 od.DynamicInvoke
00044450 .Combine.delegat
00044460 es.method_ptr.in
00044470 voke_impl.m_targ
00044480 et.delegate_tram
00044490 poline.method_co
000444A0 de.method_info.o
000444B0 riginal_method_i
000444C0 nfo.data.Method.
000444D0 Target.Enum.get_
000444E0 value.get_Value.
000444F0 enumType.GetValu
00044500 es.FindPosition.
00044510 GetName.get_unde
00044520 rlying_type.GetU
00044530 nderlyingType.na
00044540 me_hash.names.na
00044550 me.FindName.type
00044560 Code.GetValue.co
00044570 mpare_value_to.T
00044580 oObject.get_hash
00044590 code.upper.Forma
000445A0 tSpecifier_X.For
000445B0 matFlags.split_c
000445C0 har.Value.Array.
000445D0 System.Collectio
000445E0 ns.IList.get_Ite
000445F0 m.System.Collect
00044600 ions.IList.set_I
00044610 tem.System.Colle
00044620 ctions.IList.Add
00044630 .System.Collecti
00044640 ons.IList.Clear.
00044650 System.Collectio
00044660 ns.IList.Contain
00044670 s.System.Collect
00044680 ions.IList.Index
00044690 Of.System.Collec
000446A0 tions.IList.Inse
000446B0 rt.System.Collec
000446C0 tions.IList.Remo
000446D0 ve.System.Collec
000446E0 tions.IList.Remo
000446F0 veAt.System.Coll
00044700 ections.ICollect
00044710 ion.get_Count.In
00044720 ternalArray__ICo
00044730 llection_get_Cou
00044740 nt.InternalArray
00044750 __ICollection_ge
00044760 t_IsReadOnly.Int
00044770 ernalArray__IEnu
00044780 merable_GetEnume
00044790 rator.InternalAr
000447A0 ray__ICollection
000447B0 _Clear.item.Inte
000447C0 rnalArray__IColl
000447D0 ection_Add.Inter
000447E0 nalArray__IColle
000447F0 ction_Remove.Int
00044800 ernalArray__ICol
00044810 lection_Contains
00044820 .array.InternalA
00044830 rray__ICollectio
00044840 n_CopyTo.Interna
00044850 lArray__Insert.I
00044860 nternalArray__Re
00044870 moveAt.InternalA
00044880 rray__IndexOf.In
00044890 ternalArray__get
000448A0 _Item.InternalAr
000448B0 ray__set_Item.Ge
000448C0 tGenericValueImp
000448D0 l.SetGenericValu
000448E0 eImpl.get_LongLe
000448F0 ngth.get_Rank.Ge
00044900 tRank.dimension.
00044910 GetLength.GetLon
00044920 gLength.GetLower
00044930 Bound.indices.Se
00044940 tValue.GetValueI
00044950 mpl.SetValueImpl
00044960 .source_idx.dest
00044970 _idx.FastCopy.el
00044980 ementType.length
00044990 s.bounds.CreateI
000449A0 nstanceImpl.get_
000449B0 IsSynchronized.g
000449C0 et_SyncRoot.get_
000449D0 IsFixedSize.get_
000449E0 IsReadOnly.GetUp
000449F0 perBound.index1.
00044A00 index2.index3.Cr
00044A10 eateInstance.len
00044A20 gth1.length2.len
00044A30 gth3.lowerBounds
00044A40 .GetIntArray.Bin
00044A50 arySearch.compar
00044A60 er.DoBinarySearc
00044A70 h.Clear.ClearInt
00044A80 ernal.sourceArra
00044A90 y.destinationArr
00044AA0 ay.Copy.Initiali
00044AB0 ze.get_swapper.R
00044AC0 everse.Sort.keys
00044AD0 .items.i.j.int_s
00044AE0 wapper.obj_swapp
00044AF0 er.slow_swapper.
00044B00 double_swapper.g
00044B10 ap.new_gap.swap_
00044B20 items.combsort.l
00044B30 ow0.high0.qsort.
00044B40 swap.compare.TKe
00044B50 y.TValue.compari
00044B60 son.K.V.newSize.
00044B70 Resize.match.Tru
00044B80 eForAll.action.F
00044B90 orEach.converter
00044BA0 .ConvertAll.TInp
00044BB0 ut.TOutput.FindL
00044BC0 astIndex.FindInd
00044BD0 ex.FindAll.Exist
00044BE0 s.AsReadOnly.Fin
00044BF0 d.FindLast.Const
00044C00 rainedCopy.Syste
00044C10 m.Collections.IL
00044C20 ist.Item.System.
00044C30 Collections.ICol
00044C40 lection.Count.Lo
00044C50 ngLength.Rank.Is
00044C60 Synchronized.Syn
00044C70 cRoot.IsFixedSiz
00044C80 e.IsReadOnly.Int
00044C90 ernalEnumerator`
00044CA0 1.System.Collect
00044CB0 ions.IEnumerator
00044CC0 .Reset.System.Co
00044CD0 llections.IEnume
00044CE0 rator.get_Curren
00044CF0 t.System.Collect
00044D00 ions.IEnumerator
00044D10 .Current.SimpleE
00044D20 numerator.arrayT
00044D30 oEnumerate.enume
00044D40 ratee.currentpos
00044D50 .ArrayReadOnlyLi
00044D60 st`1.get_Item.se
00044D70 t_Item.get_Count
00044D80 .RemoveAt.ReadOn
00044D90 lyError.Item.Cou
00044DA0 nt.<GetEnumerato
00044DB0 r>c__Iterator0.S
00044DC0 ystem.Collection
00044DD0 s.Generic.IEnume
00044DE0 rator<T>.get_Cur
00044DF0 rent.<i>__0.$PC.
00044E00 $current.<>f__th
00044E10 is.System.Collec
00044E20 tions.Generic.IE
00044E30 numerator<T>.Cur
00044E40 rent.Swapper.obj
00044E50 ect.Invoke.callb
00044E60 ack.BeginInvoke.
00044E70 EndInvoke.IColle
00044E80 ction.IList.ILis
00044E90 t`1.ICollection`
00044EA0 1.arrayIndex.Voi
00044EB0 d.Type.riid.rgsz
00044EC0 Names.cNames.lci
00044ED0 d.rgDispId.Syste
00044EE0 m.Runtime.Intero
00044EF0 pServices._Type.
00044F00 GetIDsOfNames.iT
00044F10 Info.ppTInfo.Sys
00044F20 tem.Runtime.Inte
00044F30 ropServices._Typ
00044F40 e.GetTypeInfo.pc
00044F50 TInfo.System.Run
00044F60 time.InteropServ
00044F70 ices._Type.GetTy
00044F80 peInfoCount.disp
00044F90 IdMember.wFlags.
00044FA0 pDispParams.pVar
00044FB0 Result.pExcepInf
00044FC0 o.puArgErr.Syste
00044FD0 m.Runtime.Intero
00044FE0 pServices._Type.
00044FF0 Invoke.m.filterC
00045000 riteria.FilterNa
00045010 me_impl.FilterNa
00045020 meIgnoreCase_imp
00045030 l.FilterAttribut
00045040 e_impl.get_Assem
00045050 bly.get_Assembly
00045060 QualifiedName.ge
00045070 t_Attributes.get
00045080 _BaseType.get_De
00045090 claringType.get_
000450A0 DefaultBinder.ge
000450B0 t_FullName.get_G
000450C0 UID.get_HasEleme
000450D0 ntType.get_IsAbs
000450E0 tract.get_IsAnsi
000450F0 Class.get_IsArra
00045100 y.get_IsAutoClas
00045110 s.get_IsAutoLayo
00045120 ut.get_IsByRef.g
00045130 et_IsClass.get_I
00045140 sCOMObject.get_I
00045150 sContextful.get_
00045160 IsEnum.get_IsExp
00045170 licitLayout.get_
00045180 IsImport.get_IsI
00045190 nterface.get_IsL
000451A0 ayoutSequential.
000451B0 get_IsMarshalByR
000451C0 ef.get_IsNestedA
000451D0 ssembly.get_IsNe
000451E0 stedFamANDAssem.
000451F0 get_IsNestedFami
00045200 ly.get_IsNestedF
00045210 amORAssem.get_Is
00045220 NestedPrivate.ge
00045230 t_IsNestedPublic
00045240 .get_IsNotPublic
00045250 .get_IsPointer.g
00045260 et_IsPrimitive.g
00045270 et_IsPublic.get_
00045280 IsSealed.get_IsS
00045290 erializable.get_
000452A0 IsSpecialName.ge
000452B0 t_IsUnicodeClass
000452C0 .get_IsValueType
000452D0 .get_MemberType.
000452E0 get_Module.get_N
000452F0 amespace.get_Ref
00045300 lectedType.get_T
00045310 ypeHandle.get_Ty
00045320 peInitializer.ge
00045330 t_UnderlyingSyst
00045340 emType.EqualsInt
00045350 ernal.handle.int
00045360 ernal_from_handl
00045370 e.throwOnError.i
00045380 nternal_from_nam
00045390 e.typeName.GetTy
000453A0 peArray.GetTypeC
000453B0 odeInternal.clsi
000453C0 d.GetTypeFromCLS
000453D0 ID.server.GetTyp
000453E0 eFromHandle.prog
000453F0 ID.GetTypeFromPr
00045400 ogID.GetTypeHand
00045410 le.check_interfa
00045420 ces.type_is_subt
00045430 ype_of.type_is_a
00045440 ssignable_from.I
00045450 sSubclassOf.filt
00045460 er.FindInterface
00045470 s.GetInterface.t
00045480 .iface.targets.m
00045490 ethods.GetInterf
000454A0 aceMapData.inter
000454B0 faceType.GetInte
000454C0 rfaceMap.GetInte
000454D0 rfaces.IsAssigna
000454E0 bleFrom.IsInstan
000454F0 ceOfType.GetArra
00045500 yRank.GetElement
00045510 Type.GetEvent.bi
00045520 ndingAttr.GetEve
00045530 nts.GetField.Get
00045540 Fields.GetMember
00045550 .GetMembers.GetM
00045560 ethod.types.modi
00045570 fiers.binder.cal
00045580 lConvention.GetM
00045590 ethodImpl.GetMet
000455A0 hodImplInternal.
000455B0 fromNoninstancia
000455C0 ted.GetConstruct
000455D0 or.GetMethods.Ge
000455E0 tNestedType.GetN
000455F0 estedTypes.GetPr
00045600 operties.GetProp
00045610 erty.GetProperty
00045620 Impl.GetProperty
00045630 ImplInternal.Get
00045640 ConstructorImpl.
00045650 GetAttributeFlag
00045660 sImpl.HasElement
00045670 TypeImpl.IsArray
00045680 Impl.IsByRefImpl
00045690 .IsCOMObjectImpl
000456A0 .IsPointerImpl.I
000456B0 sPrimitiveImpl.I
000456C0 sValueTypeImpl.I
000456D0 sContextfulImpl.
000456E0 IsMarshalByRefIm
000456F0 pl.GetConstructo
00045700 rs.GetDefaultMem
00045710 bers.memberType.
00045720 FindMembers.invo
00045730 keAttr.InvokeMem
00045740 ber.namedParamet
00045750 ers.get_IsSystem
00045760 Type.GetGenericA
00045770 rguments.get_Con
00045780 tainsGenericPara
00045790 meters.get_IsGen
000457A0 ericTypeDefiniti
000457B0 on.GetGenericTyp
000457C0 eDefinition_impl
000457D0 .GetGenericTypeD
000457E0 efinition.get_Is
000457F0 GenericType.gt.M
00045800 akeGenericType.t
00045810 ypeArguments.get
00045820 _IsGenericParame
00045830 ter.get_IsNested
00045840 .get_IsVisible.G
00045850 etGenericParamet
00045860 erPosition.get_G
00045870 enericParameterP
00045880 osition.GetGener
00045890 icParameterAttri
000458A0 butes.get_Generi
000458B0 cParameterAttrib
000458C0 utes.GetGenericP
000458D0 arameterConstrai
000458E0 nts_impl.GetGene
000458F0 ricParameterCons
00045900 traints.get_Decl
00045910 aringMethod.rank
00045920 .make_array_type
00045930 .MakeArrayType.m
00045940 ake_byref_type.M
00045950 akeByRefType.Mak
00045960 ePointerType.thr
00045970 owIfNotFound.Ref
00045980 lectionOnlyGetTy
00045990 pe.packing.GetPa
000459A0 cking.get_Struct
000459B0 LayoutAttribute.
000459C0 GetPseudoCustomA
000459D0 ttributes.get_Is
000459E0 UserType.Default
000459F0 BindingFlags._im
00045A00 pl.Delimiter.Emp
00045A10 tyTypes.FilterAt
00045A20 tribute.FilterNa
00045A30 me.FilterNameIgn
00045A40 oreCase.Missing.
00045A50 Assembly.Assembl
00045A60 yQualifiedName.A
00045A70 ttributes.BaseTy
00045A80 pe.DeclaringType
00045A90 .DefaultBinder.F
00045AA0 ullName.GUID.Has
00045AB0 ElementType.IsAb
00045AC0 stract.IsAnsiCla
00045AD0 ss.IsArray.IsAut
00045AE0 oClass.IsAutoLay
00045AF0 out.IsByRef.IsCl
00045B00 ass.IsCOMObject.
00045B10 IsContextful.IsE
00045B20 num.IsExplicitLa
00045B30 yout.IsImport.Is
00045B40 Interface.IsLayo
00045B50 utSequential.IsM
00045B60 arshalByRef.IsNe
00045B70 stedAssembly.IsN
00045B80 estedFamANDAssem
00045B90 .IsNestedFamily.
00045BA0 IsNestedFamORAss
00045BB0 em.IsNestedPriva
00045BC0 te.IsNestedPubli
00045BD0 c.IsNotPublic.Is
00045BE0 Pointer.IsPrimit
00045BF0 ive.IsPublic.IsS
00045C00 ealed.IsSerializ
00045C10 able.IsSpecialNa
00045C20 me.IsUnicodeClas
00045C30 s.IsValueType.Me
00045C40 mberType.Module.
00045C50 Namespace.Reflec
00045C60 tedType.TypeHand
00045C70 le.TypeInitializ
00045C80 er.UnderlyingSys
00045C90 temType.IsSystem
00045CA0 Type.ContainsGen
00045CB0 ericParameters.I
00045CC0 sGenericTypeDefi
00045CD0 nition.IsGeneric
00045CE0 Type.IsGenericPa
00045CF0 rameter.IsNested
00045D00 .IsVisible.Gener
00045D10 icParameterPosit
00045D20 ion.GenericParam
00045D30 eterAttributes.D
00045D40 eclaringMethod.S
00045D50 tructLayoutAttri
00045D60 bute.IsUserType.
00045D70 MemberInfo.Syste
00045D80 m.Reflection.Sys
00045D90 tem.Runtime.Inte
00045DA0 ropServices._Mem
00045DB0 berInfo.GetIDsOf
00045DC0 Names.System.Run
00045DD0 time.InteropServ
00045DE0 ices._MemberInfo
00045DF0 .GetTypeInfo.Sys
00045E00 tem.Runtime.Inte
00045E10 ropServices._Mem
00045E20 berInfo.GetTypeI
00045E30 nfoCount.System.
00045E40 Runtime.InteropS
00045E50 ervices._MemberI
00045E60 nfo.Invoke.get_N
00045E70 ame.get_Metadata
00045E80 Token.System.Run
00045E90 time.InteropServ
00045EA0 ices._MemberInfo
00045EB0 .GetType.Name.Me
00045EC0 tadataToken.ICus
00045ED0 tomAttributeProv
00045EE0 ider._MemberInfo
00045EF0 .GetIDsOfNames.G
00045F00 etTypeInfo.GetTy
00045F10 peInfoCount.IRef
00045F20 lect._Type.Excep
00045F30 tion.message.inn
00045F40 erException.get_
00045F50 InnerException.g
00045F60 et_HResult.set_H
00045F70 Result.get_Class
00045F80 Name.get_Message
00045F90 .get_Source.get_
00045FA0 StackTrace.sb.mi
00045FB0 .GetFullNameForS
00045FC0 tackTrace.trace_
00045FD0 ips.inner_except
00045FE0 ion.help_link.cl
00045FF0 ass_name.stack_t
00046000 race._remoteStac
00046010 kTraceString.rem
00046020 ote_stack_index.
00046030 hresult._data.In
00046040 nerException.HRe
00046050 sult.ClassName.M
00046060 essage.Source.St
00046070 ackTrace._Except
00046080 ion.RuntimeField
00046090 Handle.v.Runtime
000460A0 TypeHandle.Param
000460B0 ArrayAttribute.O
000460C0 utAttribute.Obso
000460D0 leteAttribute.er
000460E0 ror._message._er
000460F0 ror.DllImportAtt
00046100 ribute.dllName.C
00046110 allingConvention
00046120 .CharSet.Dll.Ent
00046130 ryPoint.ExactSpe
00046140 lling.PreserveSi
00046150 g.SetLastError.B
00046160 estFitMapping.Th
00046170 rowOnUnmappableC
00046180 har.MarshalAsAtt
00046190 ribute.unmanaged
000461A0 Type.utype.Array
000461B0 SubType.MarshalC
000461C0 ookie.MarshalTyp
000461D0 e.MarshalTypeRef
000461E0 .SizeConst.SizeP
000461F0 aramIndex.InAttr
00046200 ibute.Conditiona
00046210 lAttribute.Syste
00046220 m.Diagnostics.co
00046230 nditionString.my
00046240 Condition.GuidAt
00046250 tribute.guid.gui
00046260 dValue.AssemblyC
00046270 ultureAttribute.
00046280 get_Culture.Cult
00046290 ure.AssemblyVers
000462A0 ionAttribute.ver
000462B0 sion.get_Version
000462C0 .Version.ComImpo
000462D0 rtAttribute.Opti
000462E0 onalAttribute.Co
000462F0 mpilerGeneratedA
00046300 ttribute.System.
00046310 Runtime.Compiler
00046320 Services.Interna
00046330 lsVisibleToAttri
00046340 bute.assemblyNam
00046350 e.all_visible.Ru
00046360 ntimeCompatibili
00046370 tyAttribute.set_
00046380 WrapNonException
00046390 Throws.wrap_non_
000463A0 exception_throws
000463B0 .WrapNonExceptio
000463C0 nThrows.Debugger
000463D0 HiddenAttribute.
000463E0 DefaultMemberAtt
000463F0 ribute.memberNam
00046400 e.get_MemberName
00046410 .member_name.Mem
00046420 berName.DecimalC
00046430 onstantAttribute
00046440 .low.layoutKind.
00046450 Pack.lkind.Field
00046460 OffsetAttribute.
00046470 offset.RuntimeAr
00046480 gumentHandle.Asy
00046490 ncCallback.ar.IA
000464A0 syncResult.get_A
000464B0 syncState.get_As
000464C0 yncWaitHandle.ge
000464D0 t_IsCompleted.As
000464E0 yncState.AsyncWa
000464F0 itHandle.IsCompl
00046500 eted.TypedRefere
00046510 nce.klass.ArgIte
00046520 rator.sig.next_a
00046530 rg.num_args.Mars
00046540 halByRefObject.g
00046550 et_ObjectIdentit
00046560 y.set_ObjectIden
00046570 tity.requestedTy
00046580 pe.CreateObjRef.
00046590 InitializeLifeti
000465A0 meService._ident
000465B0 ity.ObjectIdenti
000465C0 ty.Nullable`1.ge
000465D0 t_HasValue.GetVa
000465E0 lueOrDefault.def
000465F0 aultValue.has_va
00046600 lue.HasValue.Run
00046610 timeHelpers.fldH
00046620 andle.Initialize
00046630 Array.get_Offset
00046640 ToStringData.Off
00046650 setToStringData.
00046660 Locale.msg.GetTe
00046670 xt.fmt.MonoTODOA
00046680 ttribute.comment
00046690 .MonoDocumentati
000466A0 onNoteAttribute.
000466B0 MonoLimitationAt
000466C0 tribute.SafeHand
000466D0 leZeroOrMinusOne
000466E0 IsInvalid.Micros
000466F0 oft.Win32.SafeHa
00046700 ndles.ownsHandle
00046710 .get_IsInvalid.I
00046720 sInvalid.SafeWai
00046730 tHandle.existing
00046740 Handle.ReleaseHa
00046750 ndle.CodePointIn
00046760 dexer.Mono.Globa
00046770 lization.Unicode
00046780 .starts.ends.def
00046790 aultIndex.defaul
000467A0 tCP.cp.ToIndex.r
000467B0 anges.TotalCount
000467C0 .TableRange.inde
000467D0 xStart.Start.End
000467E0 .IndexStart.Inde
000467F0 xEnd.TailoringIn
00046800 fo.tailoringInde
00046810 x.tailoringCount
00046820 .frenchSort.LCID
00046830 .TailoringIndex.
00046840 TailoringCount.F
00046850 renchSort.Contra
00046860 ction.replacemen
00046870 t.sortkey.Replac
00046880 ement.SortKey.Co
00046890 ntractionCompare
000468A0 r.Instance.Level
000468B0 2Map.replace.Lev
000468C0 el2MapComparer.M
000468D0 SCompatUnicodeTa
000468E0 ble.GetTailoring
000468F0 Info.contraction
00046900 s.diacriticals.B
00046910 uildTailoringTab
00046920 les.cjkIndexer.c
00046930 atTable.lv1Table
00046940 .lv2Indexer.lv2T
00046950 able.SetCJKRefer
00046960 ences.Category.L
00046970 evel1.Level2.Lev
00046980 el3.flag.IsIgnor
00046990 able.IsIgnorable
000469A0 NonSpacing.ToKan
000469B0 aTypeInsensitive
000469C0 .ToWidthCompat.H
000469D0 asSpecialWeight.
000469E0 IsHalfWidthKana.
000469F0 IsHiragana.IsJap
00046A00 aneseSmallLetter
00046A10 .get_IsReady.Get
00046A20 Resource.raw.UIn
00046A30 t32FromBytePtr.F
00046A40 illCJK.cjkLv2Ind
00046A50 exer.FillCJKCore
00046A60 .MaxExpansionLen
00046A70 gth.ignorableFla
00046A80 gs.categories.le
00046A90 vel1.level2.leve
00046AA0 l3.cjkCHScategor
00046AB0 y.cjkCHTcategory
00046AC0 .cjkJAcategory.c
00046AD0 jkKOcategory.cjk
00046AE0 CHSlv1.cjkCHTlv1
00046AF0 .cjkJAlv1.cjkKOl
00046B00 v1.cjkKOlv2.tail
00046B10 oringArr.tailori
00046B20 ngInfos.forLock.
00046B30 isReady.<>f__swi
00046B40 tch$map2.<>f__sw
00046B50 itch$map3.<>f__s
00046B60 witch$map4.IsRea
00046B70 dy.MSCompatUnico
00046B80 deTableUtil.Igno
00046B90 rable.CjkCHS.Cjk
00046BA0 .SimpleCollator.
00046BB0 SetCJKTable.GetN
00046BC0 eutralCulture.ex
00046BD0 t.opt.IsHalfKana
00046BE0 .GetContraction.
00046BF0 clist.GetTailCon
00046C00 traction.FilterO
00046C10 ptions.GetExtend
00046C20 erType.ToDashTyp
00046C30 eValue.FilterExt
00046C40 ender.IsSafe.Get
00046C50 SortKey.buf.Fill
00046C60 SortKeyRaw.FillS
00046C70 urrogateSortKeyR
00046C80 aw.s1.idx1.len1.
00046C90 s2.idx2.len2.sou
00046CA0 rceConsumed.targ
00046CB0 etConsumed.immed
00046CC0 iateBreakup.Comp
00046CD0 areQuick.Compare
00046CE0 OrdinalIgnoreCas
00046CF0 e.buffer.ClearBu
00046D00 ffer.end1.end2.Q
00046D10 uickCheckPossibl
00046D20 e.skipHeadingExt
00046D30 enders.ctx.Compa
00046D40 reInternal.b1.b2
00046D50 .CompareFlagPair
00046D60 .IsPrefix.IsSuff
00046D70 ix.testWasUnable
00046D80 .QuickIndexOf.In
00046D90 dexOfOrdinalIgno
00046DA0 reCase.ti.noLv4.
00046DB0 IndexOfSortKey.t
00046DC0 argetSortKey.Las
00046DD0 tIndexOfOrdinal.
00046DE0 LastIndexOfOrdin
00046DF0 alIgnoreCase.org
00046E00 Start.LastIndexO
00046E10 fSortKey.Matches
00046E20 Forward.ct.Match
00046E30 esForwardCore.si
00046E40 .MatchesPrimitiv
00046E50 e.MatchesBackwar
00046E60 d.MatchesBackwar
00046E70 dCore.QuickCheck
00046E80 Disabled.invaria
00046E90 nt.textInfo.cjkC
00046EA0 atTable.cjkLv1Ta
00046EB0 ble.cjkLv2Table.
00046EC0 level2Maps.unsaf
00046ED0 eFlags.Context.a
00046EE0 lwaysMatchFlags.
00046EF0 neverMatchFlags.
00046F00 buffer1.buffer2.
00046F10 prev1.quickCheck
00046F20 Possible.Option.
00046F30 NeverMatchFlags.
00046F40 AlwaysMatchFlags
00046F50 .Buffer1.Buffer2
00046F60 .PrevCode.PrevSo
00046F70 rtKey.PreviousIn
00046F80 fo.dummy.Code.Es
00046F90 cape.Index.Optio
00046FA0 nal.ExtenderType
00046FB0 .value__.None.Si
00046FC0 mple.Voiced.Cond
00046FD0 itional.Buggy.Sy
00046FE0 stem.Globalizati
00046FF0 on.lv1Length.lv2
00047000 Length.lv3Length
00047010 .kanaSmallLength
00047020 .markTypeLength.
00047030 katakanaLength.k
00047040 anaWidthLength.i
00047050 dentLength.sortk
00047060 ey1.sortkey2.get
00047070 _OriginalString.
00047080 get_KeyData.key.
00047090 OriginalString.K
000470A0 eyData.SortKeyBu
000470B0 ffer.lv1msb.lv1l
000470C0 sb.AppendCJKExte
000470D0 nsion.category.l
000470E0 v1.lv2.lv3.isSma
000470F0 llKana.markType.
00047100 isKatakana.isHal
00047110 fWidth.AppendKan
00047120 a.AppendNormal.A
00047130 ppendLevel5.bidx
00047140 .AppendBufferPri
00047150 mitive.GetResult
00047160 AndReset.len.Get
00047170 OptimizedLength.
00047180 GetResult.l1.l2.
00047190 l3.l4s.l4t.l4k.l
000471A0 4w.l5.l1b.l2b.l3
000471B0 b.l4sb.l4tb.l4kb
000471C0 .l4wb.l5b.proces
000471D0 sLevel2.frenchSo
000471E0 rted.PrimeGenera
000471F0 torBase.Mono.Mat
00047200 h.Prime.Generato
00047210 r.get_Confidence
00047220 .get_PrimalityTe
00047230 st.get_TrialDivi
00047240 sionBounds.bits.
00047250 GenerateNewPrime
00047260 .Confidence.Prim
00047270 alityTest.TrialD
00047280 ivisionBounds.Se
00047290 quentialSearchPr
000472A0 imeGeneratorBase
000472B0 .GenerateSearchB
000472C0 ase.bi.IsPrimeAc
000472D0 ceptable.Confide
000472E0 nceFactor.Mono.M
000472F0 ath.Prime.ExtraL
00047300 ow.Low.Medium.Hi
00047310 gh.ExtraHigh.Pro
00047320 vable.PrimalityT
00047330 ests.confidence.
00047340 GetSPPRounds.Tes
00047350 t.RabinMillerTes
00047360 t.SmallPrimeSppT
00047370 est.BigInteger.M
00047380 ono.Math.inData.
00047390 ui.get_Rng.rng.G
000473A0 enerateRandom.Ra
000473B0 ndomize.BitCount
000473C0 .bitNum.TestBit.
000473D0 SetBit.LowestSet
000473E0 Bit.GetBytes.rad
000473F0 ix.characterSet.
00047400 Normalize.modulu
00047410 s.ModInverse.Mod
00047420 Pow.IsProbablePr
00047430 ime.GeneratePseu
00047440 doPrime.Incr2.bi
00047450 1.bi2.shiftVal.o
00047460 p_LeftShift.op_R
00047470 ightShift.smallP
00047480 rimes.Rng.Sign.N
00047490 egative.Positive
000474A0 .ModulusRing.x.B
000474B0 arrettReduction.
000474C0 Difference.k.Pow
000474D0 .mod.constant.Ke
000474E0 rnel.AddSameSign
000474F0 .big.small.Minus
00047500 Eq.PlusEq.Single
00047510 ByteDivideInPlac
00047520 e.DwordMod.Dword
00047530 DivMod.multiByte
00047540 Divide.LeftShift
00047550 .RightShift.Mult
00047560 iplyByDword.xOff
00047570 set.xLen.y.yOffs
00047580 et.yLen.dOffset.
00047590 yOffest.Multiply
000475A0 Mod2p32pmod.modI
000475B0 nverse.CryptoCon
000475C0 vert.Mono.Securi
000475D0 ty.Cryptography.
000475E0 bytes.ToInt32LE.
000475F0 ToUInt32LE.GetBy
00047600 tesLE.blob.FromC
00047610 apiPrivateKeyBlo
00047620 b.rsa.ToCapiPriv
00047630 ateKeyBlob.FromC
00047640 apiPublicKeyBlob
00047650 .ToCapiPublicKey
00047660 Blob.FromCapiKey
00047670 Blob.includePriv
00047680 ateKey.ToCapiKey
00047690 Blob.input.ToHex
000476A0 .FromHexChar.hex
000476B0 .FromHex.KeyBuil
000476C0 der.Key.IV.Block
000476D0 Processor.transf
000476E0 orm.blockSize.rg
000476F0 b.Core.ib.cb.Fin
00047700 al.block.blockCo
00047710 unt.DSAManaged.d
00047720 wKeySize.add_Key
00047730 Generated.remove
00047740 _KeyGenerated.Ge
00047750 nerate.GenerateK
00047760 eyPair.add.keyLe
00047770 ngth.GeneratePar
00047780 ams.get_Random.g
00047790 et_KeySize.get_P
000477A0 ublicOnly.Normal
000477B0 izeArray.include
000477C0 PrivateParameter
000477D0 s.ExportParamete
000477E0 rs.parameters.Im
000477F0 portParameters.r
00047800 gbHash.CreateSig
00047810 nature.rgbSignat
00047820 ure.VerifySignat
00047830 ure.disposing.ke
00047840 ypairGenerated.m
00047850 _disposed.p.q.g.
00047860 seed.counter.j_m
00047870 issing.KeyGenera
00047880 ted.Random.KeySi
00047890 ze.PublicOnly.Ke
000478A0 yGeneratedEventH
000478B0 andler.sender.Ke
000478C0 yPairPersistence
000478D0 .keyPair.get_Fil
000478E0 ename.get_KeyVal
000478F0 ue.set_KeyValue.
00047900 Load.Save.get_Us
00047910 erPath.get_Machi
00047920 nePath.root._Can
00047930 Secure.path._Pro
00047940 tectUser._Protec
00047950 tMachine._IsUser
00047960 Protected._IsMac
00047970 hineProtected.Ca
00047980 nSecure.ProtectU
00047990 ser.ProtectMachi
000479A0 ne.IsUserProtect
000479B0 ed.IsMachineProt
000479C0 ected.get_CanCha
000479D0 nge.get_UseDefau
000479E0 ltKeyContainer.g
000479F0 et_UseMachineKey
00047A00 Store.get_Contai
00047A10 nerName.xml.From
00047A20 Xml.ToXml._userP
00047A30 athExists._userP
00047A40 ath._machinePath
00047A50 Exists._machineP
00047A60 ath._params._key
00047A70 value._filename.
00047A80 _container.locko
00047A90 bj.Filename.KeyV
00047AA0 alue.UserPath.Ma
00047AB0 chinePath.CanCha
00047AC0 nge.UseDefaultKe
00047AD0 yContainer.UseMa
00047AE0 chineKeyStore.Co
00047AF0 ntainerName.MACA
00047B00 lgorithm.algorit
00047B10 hm.algo.PKCS1.ar
00047B20 ray1.array2.I2OS
00047B40 ASP1.RSAVP1.M.En
00047B50 crypt_v15.hash.h
00047B60 ashValue.Sign_v1
00047B70 5.signature.Veri
00047B80 fy_v15.tryNonSta
00047B90 ndardEncoding.em
00047BA0 Length.Encode_v1
00047BB0 5.emptySHA1.empt
00047BC0 ySHA256.emptySHA
00047BD0 384.emptySHA512.
00047BE0 PKCS8.PrivateKey
00047BF0 Info.get_Private
00047C00 Key.Decode.bigIn
00047C10 t.RemoveLeadingZ
00047C20 ero.keypair.Deco
00047C30 deRSA.privateKey
00047C40 .dsaParameters.D
00047C50 ecodeDSA._versio
00047C60 n._algorithm._ke
00047C70 y._list.PrivateK
00047C80 ey.EncryptedPriv
00047C90 ateKeyInfo.get_A
00047CA0 lgorithm.get_Enc
00047CB0 ryptedData.get_S
00047CC0 alt.get_Iteratio
00047CD0 nCount._salt._it
00047CE0 erations.Algorit
00047CF0 hm.EncryptedData
00047D00 .Salt.IterationC
00047D10 ount.RSAManaged.
00047D20 keySize.DecryptV
00047D30 alue.EncryptValu
00047D40 e.ToXmlString.ge
00047D50 t_IsCrtPossible.
00047D60 GetPaddedValue.i
00047D70 sCRTpossible.key
00047D80 Blinding.dp.dq.q
00047D90 Inv.IsCrtPossibl
00047DA0 e.SymmetricTrans
00047DB0 form.symmAlgo.en
00047DC0 cryption.rgbIV.S
00047DD0 ystem.IDisposabl
00047DE0 e.Dispose.get_Ca
00047DF0 nTransformMultip
00047E00 leBlocks.get_Can
00047E10 ReuseTransform.g
00047E20 et_InputBlockSiz
00047E30 e.get_OutputBloc
00047E40 kSize.output.Tra
00047E50 nsform.ECB.CBC.C
00047E60 FB.OFB.CTS.input
00047E70 Buffer.inputOffs
00047E80 et.inputCount.Ch
00047E90 eckInput.outputB
00047EA0 uffer.outputOffs
00047EB0 et.TransformBloc
00047EC0 k.get_KeepLastBl
00047ED0 ock.InternalTran
00047EE0 sformBlock.paddi
00047EF0 ng.ThrowBadPaddi
00047F00 ngException.Fina
00047F10 lEncrypt.FinalDe
00047F20 crypt.TransformF
00047F30 inalBlock.encryp
00047F40 t.BlockSizeByte.
00047F50 temp.temp2.workB
00047F60 uff.workout.Feed
00047F70 BackByte.FeedBac
00047F80 kIter.lastBlock.
00047F90 _rng.CanTransfor
00047FA0 mMultipleBlocks.
00047FB0 CanReuseTransfor
00047FC0 m.InputBlockSize
00047FD0 .OutputBlockSize
00047FE0 .KeepLastBlock.S
00047FF0 afeBag.Mono.Secu
00048000 rity.X509.bagOID
00048010 .asn1.get_BagOID
00048020 .get_ASN1._bagOI
00048030 D._asn1.BagOID.A
00048040 SN1.PKCS12.passw
00048050 ord.set_Password
00048060 .set_IterationCo
00048070 unt.get_Certific
00048080 ates.get_RNG.exp
00048090 ected.actual.alg
000480A0 orithmOid.salt.i
000480B0 terationCount.Ge
000480C0 tSymmetricAlgori
000480D0 thm.encryptedDat
000480E0 a.Decrypt.ed.Enc
000480F0 rypt.found.GetEx
00048100 istingParameters
00048110 .pki.AddPrivateK
00048120 ey.safeBag.ReadS
00048130 afeBag.x509.attr
00048140 ibutes.Certifica
00048150 teSafeBag.iterat
00048160 ions.MAC.safeBag
00048170 s.EncryptedConte
00048180 ntInfo.cert.AddC
00048190 ertificate.Remov
000481A0 eCertificate.att
000481B0 rs.get_MaximumPa
000481C0 sswordLength.rec
000481D0 ommendedIteratio
000481E0 nCount._password
000481F0 ._keyBags._secre
00048200 tBags._certs._ke
00048210 yBagsChanged._se
00048220 cretBagsChanged.
00048230 _certsChanged._s
00048240 afeBags.password
00048250 _max_length.<>f_
00048260 _switch$map8.<>f
00048270 __switch$map9.<>
00048280 f__switch$mapA.<
00048290 >f__switch$mapB.
000482A0 <>f__switch$mapF
000482B0 .Password.Certif
000482C0 icates.RNG.Maxim
000482D0 umPasswordLength
000482E0 .DeriveBytes.set
000482F0 _HashName.set_Sa
00048300 lt.aOff.Adjust.d
00048310 iversifier.Deriv
00048320 e.DeriveKey.Deri
00048330 veIV.DeriveMAC.k
00048340 eyDiversifier.iv
00048350 Diversifier.macD
00048360 iversifier._hash
00048370 Name.HashName.X5
00048380 01.seq.reversed.
00048390 quotes.entry.App
000483A0 endEntry.country
000483B0 Name.organizatio
000483C0 nName.organizati
000483D0 onalUnitName.com
000483E0 monName.locality
000483F0 Name.stateOrProv
00048400 inceName.streetA
00048410 ddress.domainCom
00048420 ponent.userid.em
00048430 ail.dnQualifier.
00048440 title.surname.gi
00048450 venName.initial.
00048460 X509Certificate.
00048470 integer.GetUnsig
00048480 nedBigInteger.ge
00048490 t_DSA.get_Issuer
000484A0 Name.get_KeyAlgo
000484B0 rithmParameters.
000484C0 get_PublicKey.ge
000484D0 t_RawData.get_Su
000484E0 bjectName.get_Va
000484F0 lidFrom.get_Vali
00048500 dUntil.GetIssuer
00048510 Name.GetSubjectN
00048520 ame.PEM.decoder.
00048530 m_encoded